Happy Birthday, Baby, From Keri – And Zig

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“Your birthday in a few days sweetheart,” Keri smiled. “No sex until then and I might have a surprise for you as well as me. One of my girlfriends runs an agency and has arranged a new man for us to pay some of her debt. Let’s make a date for two-thirty Saturday afternoon.”At the appointed time we were both naked under our short black silk dressing gowns.Part of Keri’s excitement was that she had no idea what the new man would look like. She expects and enjoys a second man in her sex life at least once a month. Her girlfriend had assured her that he was very gifted ‘both ways’, would not be possessive or too curious about her or her man and absolute discretion was the key note.“We don’t send ugly men, but their looks are only secondary. The point is they can get it up and keep it up, they can really perform,” her girlfriend had told her. ‘We are talking about special talent, well worth the fee, though in your case it is a contra deal. They are all young or they couldn’t do it. Let’s face it, we know they are worth it. Our client list says so as well. I will send Zig for you. He is very talented both ways.Trust me I know, I auditioned him. And wait until you see his cock.”A quick glance was all that Keri needed to feel pleased as her man opened the door. As her new man, Zig, walked in, she sized him up. He had a healthy tan, short black hair and broad shoulders. He wore casual clothes and an open neck shirt.As the door closed Keri starting speaking a trifle nervously. “You are here to do only what I ask you or tell almanbahis you to do. You cannot ask any questions. None at all. I expect you to please and pleasure both me and my man.” The tone of her voice left no doubt that she meant what she said.Keri decided to take absolute control. “Take off all your clothes,” she commanded sitting in the only chair with me standing behind her, both of watching as he obeyed her, almost stumbling as he shook his feet out of his trousers and flung them to the floor. “Now stand with your back to the door and look straight ahead. Don’t look at me. Just look at my man.”Ignoring his surprised face Keri thoughtfully studied his tanned naked, body. The hair of his chest and thighs was fairly abundant and the same black hair as the hair on his head. He was powerfully built, all of his muscles were unusually well developed, and his cock, dangling heavily between his legs, was considerably shorter than average but, Keri was pleased to observe twice as thick.As she sat impassively, betraying nothing but a steady calm interest, she could feel her rising excitement at the sight of this desirable younger man – a stud, she mused. “Walk over to me,” Keri commanded.“I am very pleasantly surprised at the extended size of your cock,” she smiled as she moved her hand up and down it. “From the feel of it it must be eight or nine inches,” she mused – “and it feels like three inches in diameter.”“Keep touching it,” Zig groaned as Keri took her hand away. She smiled briefly, “There is a new book just out. almanbahis yeni giriş One of the interesting points it makes is that a good gauge of physical attraction is would you like to give oral sex to that person for twenty minutes.“We have a proposition. It is my man’s birthday today. I want him to experience very special sexual pleasure. Very special. I want you to suck his cock. I want you to give him a mind blowing orgasm. I want to enjoy watching. I am going to time you. Then I will suck your cock for fifty percent longer while my man watches and talks to us. He will probably tease you at the same time. I am very good at it, I promise.” “I have made my man abstain from sex for days. You are a surprise birthday present for him. Show us both what you can do to please and pleasure another man. Then I will pleasure you. Before you start on my man you might enjoy some foreplay from me,” Keri smiled as she stood behind Zig.“Hold still, part your feet.” She worked her hand slowly between his thighs and made herself master of his balls. For minutes, while he stood shuddering with the effort not to move, she grasped them, weighing them in her fingers, pleased with their ponderous heaviness, exploring the thickness of the coarse hair at the root of his by now hugely swollen, and a pleasant surprise, no longer at all a short cock. “Now you can start on my man,” she said as she opened my dressing gown so Zig could see my cock for the first time. “Put your cock ring ring on for both of us. Show us how you fit almanbahis giriş it on. I like watching you do it, and the effect it has on you. And it looks good. He is rock hard for you now Zig. He has a thick cock but not in your league. You can sit in the chair and we will stand up. He always says an orgasm while standing is the best. I will stand behind him and tease his nipples and offer encouragement for both of you.”“Tease his nipples before I do Zig. He will enjoy that. Lick the sides of his cock. He likes that. “Now put his cock in your mouth.” And he does, teasing my cock with the tips of two fingers as he slowly sucks and licks and eases more of my cock into his mouth.“Happy birthday sweetheart,” Keri smirks, “Is that special? I love watching another man suck my man’s cock to orgasm.” I can’t remember the last time I saw it done. “Especially a well hung man like this one. And I can’t wait to have him after he services you. “Hang on for twenty minutes sweetheart. I am timing you.”“And I am watching his technique, I might learn something. He really does have a good technique when I look at the pleasure on your face. Is he better than me? Dig your fingernails into his arse cheeks Zig.”“Like that sweetheart? Does it hurt?”“Yes it does. Do it harder. I like it. Pinch my nipples.”“Can I have that as well?” Zig asks as he stops sucking momentarily and stands up.Keri moves behind him and rakes her fingernails along his arse cheeks. “Like that Zig. Want more?”That heightens my arousal. Zig’s technique is heaven on my cock. He stops, blows, licks both sides and then sucks as only a man can.“You are very talented Zig, very,” Keri says. “I am learning while I enjoy watching. And you have had a raging hard on since before you even started on him.”

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