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Her ThoughtsNot sure about this one. Comments welcome. Not mostly about sex but here it is for your thoughts:So this shouldn’t be so hard, should it? I had told my girlfriend I had been sleeping with this guy behind my husband’s back and when she finally met him she was, well, unimpressed. “Why him?” was the question. If I was going to cheat why would it be with this man.This man… I mean I can see my friend’s point from her perspective. His is about a dozen years older than me. He is not in particularly good shape when you first see him. Although he is polite and smart, you don’t always see how funny he is right away. He is kind of quiet around new people.But you know, that is where he first got me. We were at a diner at the same time and one of us said something and we kind of bantered back and forth. He was a little funny and a little cute about it but what got me was that he was IN the conversation. Not creepy or anything. He was just in the moment talking to me. This could easily have just been one of a dozen random conversations with strangers I have a day but he was in that conversation. I bumped into him twice at the same place and he said “We should stop doing this by accident. Would you like to grab a drink with me at [not telling where we drink] tomorrow night?” It was summer, he was so laid back, I didn’t even think about my husband. I just said yes.And that’s when it started. He stood anadolu yakası escort up from his seat when he saw me crossing the bar. I mean, who does that anymore? He watched me cross the room, a little smile on his face, and pulled a chair out for me. He made my stomach flutter while we talked even though he kept things light. He listened, he made good eye contact with out being weird, I started to realize how funny he was, and how I liked his eyes, and how strong his hands looked…oh my god, I realized that I was sitting here on what was definitely a date getting definitely turned on my this man I had only talked to a couple times. I don’t know if I realized this the first night or later but he did something else that first date that I had not felt in a long time. This is going to sound corny but he made me feel like I was the only woman in the room. He never looked at another women in the bar. There were women all around, some even I thought were sexy and some I figured any man would at least look at. If he so much as peeked at them, I never saw it. He was there for me and my being there was exactly what he wanted.And that’s how it started. He paid attention to me. Real attention. He didn’t want a quick fuck. He didn’t want to know about me just to get in my pants. He wanted to really get to know me. And as he found out more and more about me, he wanted to pendik escort know more and more still. It was flattering, it was, frankly, intoxicating. And as I found out more and more about him I realized he was really into so many things; genuinely excited to learn about new topics—it didn’t matter what. He really liked when we disagreed about things and could have a real conversation about them. He never made fun of any of my opinions and even if we don’t agree we always enjoyed the discussion because, he said, he was finding out about me.Of course, what I haven’t talked about yet is our sex. We only kissed that first night but I can barely tell you how great just was. I was a puddle in his arms. He was there, big and powerful and all around me and he wanted me, me, me. His arms, and his chest, and strong body and that firm promise of things to come. When we finally made our way to a hotel room a couple weeks later, he just made the whole world go away. There was only the two of us in the whole galaxy. I wanted to please him, to make him want me and I soon realized I had it all backwards. He was all THERE: he wanted every inch of me, every ounce of my attention, my passion. He MADE me his, over and over again…softly, fiercely, with a fun laugh and with an a****l growl that would have terrified me if I hadn’t felt like making the exact same noise. His dick wasn’t the longest tuzla escort or the fattest but it was good and thick and always right where I wanted it. I think we only had six hours together and we must have spent all but a panicked quick shower at the end, naked and wrapped in each other. He was all there, he was all mine and more than that he was so fucking ALIVE. Our time together made him so happy he would laugh and smile over and over. Every hour was was fun and sexy and so damn hot. I don’t know when my husband stopped being alive but next to this man my husband is a zombie, a shadow. And when I am with my man, I feel more alive than ever and I feel that way for days after. I think my husband is starting to catch some of that passion, starting to wake up a little. I have certainly tried to wake him up. If you had told me I could come back from an afternoon of fucking my other man and still want to jump my husband when he comes home, I would not have believed you but that is what has happened. At first, my hubby resisted but I think he is starting to learn that that is a mistake. I think I shocked him the other night when I pushed him onto his knees and made him eat me out for 20 minutes but god damn it, that is what I WANTED right then and if I my man has taught me anything it is that I am worth the attention, worth the love and worth the passion. All I have to do is take it.So here I am, two men, one a machine that fires me up white hot and another waking up to what we can become together now that we are done being “comfortable.” I don’t know what is going to happen or how it is going to work out and part of me just doesn’t care. As long as I can keep living this way.

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