Holiday Surprises

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It was a glorious evening to take a stroll. A warm Mediterranean breeze flowed around me; an arm of air sneaking up my light wraparound skirt to gently caress my naked, freshly shaved mound and send excited shivers through me. To be without knickers these days is very daring of me. I don’t really know why: when I was younger I did it all the time, and thought nothing of it. We were on holiday so, what the hell, I was going to have a “no panty rule” for a couple of weeks. I wanted to feel naughty and sexy, wanted the thrill I get from other people sneaking a look if I’m daring enough to ‘accidentally’ expose myself. To see a bulge grow in a guy’s trousers and know that I caused it, always turned me on so much. I used to do that a lot but the years of family life have dulled my sexy side. I’m only forty-five but I’ve become used to wearing business outfits and attending meeting after meeting with stuffy people. I was never a stuffy person but, looking at me at work, you would be forgiven for thinking I was boring and sexless. Hmm… I’m now thinking of going without knickers under my business suit. Yes, I will do just that at my next meeting. My older inhibitions have been frustrating me for ages. Sex on a Friday or Saturday, never during the week, always too busy for “us” time. Both John, my husband of twenty-five years, and myself (I’m Jane, by the way) have been taken over by life but we have vowed to make an effort this holiday. We’ve pledged to find the ‘us’ we used to be, the sexy couple who flirted and shagged all the time. Don’t get me wrong, we still have regular good sex. We still love each other as much as ever but, like a lot of couples, careers and family have made us predictable and, although I hate to admit it, a bit boring.Previously, I was always the exhibitionist. John let me take the lead and was happy to share my turn on when I flashed someone. When I flashed my tits, I would get wet and tingly and, if I managed to flash my pussy, bent over so a guy had a view of my peach… well, I needed John’s cock in it as soon as possible. That’s how incredibly horny it used to make me feel. So, on our first holiday in three years – the promise of two glorious weeks of relaxation, fun and sexiness – it took only two days before we were both in the mood. * * * Strolling alone in the early evening warmth while John prepares dinner, I feel so at ease. Already the pressure of work feels behind us.  Wandering through the trees that surround our beautiful holiday villa, almanbahis şikayet I’m exploring a place that feels as though time has forgotten it. Dappled light passing through the trees cast shadows on old ruined walls of ancient buildings. I’m not just exploring, though. I have a wicked ulterior motive: I’m looking for a place to have sex later, somewhere secluded that looks out to sea, where we can be animals under the sky. I’m a bit dreamy and lost in my thoughts, thinking of this morning and what John had told me. Now I’m feeling a sensation between my legs as I walk; anticipation is what it is! A day on the beach had been great. Stripped to a small bikini made me feel sexy, I still have a great body, even if I say so myself: flat stomach, firm boobs and a tight bum. Not bad at all for forty-five. Showing myself off in the sun was a silent turn on for me, I knew I looked as hot as the younger bodies surrounding us. Laying in the sun wearing my dark sunglasses, I could check out all the young guys that mingled around. The girls in small swimsuits made the bulges in the boys trunks swell a bit. One lad, selling drinks, seemed to spend a lot of time around us. He had a very large bulge in his trunks and, with the material clinging to it, I could actually see his cock length. And it looked very thick, too. The reason for his stirring was close to me. Her tight body adorned in a tiny white bikini, she lay on her back, apparently paying no heed to the attention she was getting. Similar dark glasses mask her eyes and, though she could be asleep, I bet she isn’t. I do wonder, though, if she knows the satin triangle between her legs is pulled into her pussy, showing off her slit to the young man in the tight trunks. My mind drifted to wondering what it would be like to pull his trunks down, to expose his cock and see how big it really got. I was wondering what something that thick would feel like as it parted my lips, both sets of lips. Oh wicked, delicious thoughts. I have watched my share of porn and know there are really big ones out there. I am perfectly satisfied and well serviced with John’s cock and I always cum on his length. But it’s not a large one and I admit to always having been curious. Just to say, I’d had one! It’s not something I had thought of in ages. I would never cheat but, if I could really pull his trunks down now, would I be so certain? There’s a thought for another time. Time for a swim, that was my thought right now. I’d looked down and almanbahis canlı casino noticed a damp patch forming between my legs; my pussy was hot and sticky, beginning to swim with its own slippery juices, just from imagining a large cock ploughing into my groove. Well, that and staring at nearly naked young bodies. I was so randy I was even finding the girls hot. Another thought for another time! As I float around in the warm water of the Mediterranean, my mind drifts back to early that morning. The more I think about it, the more the tingling between my legs increases. Under the water, I rub up and down my slit, just tickling gently through the tight material of my bikini bottoms. I love the feel of my pussy lips held snug together by the tight lycra. They are incredibly sensitive and my gentle stroking is heavenly, every now and then I push a finger into my puffy soft groove feeling the little jolts that run through me as I contact my clit. * * * That morning I had risen early and stepped into the shower, wanting to wash away the heat of the night. I smoothed my hands over my wet naked body, feeling my round firm breasts and my nipples immediately responded to my touch. Leaving one hand massaging my tits, I moved the other downward until it encountered the trimmed but hairy mound that marks the start of my pussy mound, a fire already building within. Reaching behind for the soap, I gasped in surprise as my hand brushed against the already hard cock that belongs to my husband. John, had quietly stepped in behind me. Hmm, it was a nice surprise. His strong arms reached around to soap my breasts and caressed them gently as has a thousand times before, knowing just the touch I required. Soon he was making me moan and long for attention elsewhere. I was getting breathless. Suddenly I felt so horny: I needed his cock in me. I didn’t want foreplay, I wanted fucking. I wanted to cum hard and quick. Leaning forward, my arse contacted his groin and I felt the familiar stiffness of his manhood as it slipped down through my bum cheeks past my rear hole, coming to rest at my other entrance, I could feel his engorged knob begin to poke into my slippery fanny. I really was so slippery already, a mix of soap and sex juice washing over his cock. I couldn’t wait, so I pushed back hard, my slit quickly parted and his stiff pole slid in so easily until it could go no further, his balls tight against my hairy slot. But still I pressed back hard, trying to feel even more length almanbahis casino invade me. I needed it deep, I wanted to feel full, I wanted every bit he could give me. God it felt so good. With my tunnel stretched and filled, no further movement was necessary, we just stayed locked together. I felt the pulsing of his cock and I’m sure he could feel the contractions of my cunt wrapped around him. I couldn’t believe what was happening; an orgasm took me without warning, so strong and from so deep. We hadn’t had sex for a few days and this release was so welcome and powerful it made my legs buckle. If I hadn’t been impaled on the delicious hard shaft of John’s cock I may have fallen. My shaking and after-cum feelings went on for an age, my pussy pulsing with a rhythm all of its own. Gradually, I calmed and then prepared myself for John’s onslaught that I was fully expecting and still gagging for. But it didn’t come. As he slowly withdrew, he didn’t plunge back in. Instead, he slipped from my slippery hold. He kissed me and said, “That was a taster of tonight. Think of it all day; tonight we will enjoy many more delights, just like we used to, maybe even outside after dinner. I want to stay hard for you all day, filled with desire for your body. So that orgasm needs to last you till later.” With that he laughed and winked as he stepped out out of the shower. Then he was gone, leaving me alone and slightly breathless. Yes, I thought, this is what I wanted, surprise sex and teasing words that leave me on edge, ensuring I would be horny all day. Oh yes, today was going to be a good day. I was still thinking of him sliding into me, filling my hole far deeper than my fingers could reach, as I moved the shower head between my legs. It was only seconds; the stream of water pummelled my clitoris and I was shaking again. One orgasm indeed! Outside tonight! Now that thought was very appealing indeed. My head was so full of horny desire, it was then I decided to give John a surprise. With a smile on my face, I lowered the razor to my furry mound. * * * That was all earlier today and I had indeed thought of him filling me, thrusting hard and fast into my wet, willing and now slightly desperate sex slit. I was also eager to see the look on his face as he touched my smooth mons. I was thinking lots of horny thoughts. On this walk before dinner, I was getting all my horny thoughts of the day together and trying to find an ideal place for an evening shag under the stars, the warm night air wrapping around us. That air is tickling my pussy and, with a clean and freshly-shaved haven, my clit is extra-sensitive as the warm air gently seeks it out from the depths of the smooth lips that hide it from view. John will be surprised I’ve shaved.

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