InstaThot Pt. 05

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*The Video*

POV of my huge new ass being fucked from behind. Joe’s hand on my hip where my waist flairs to my hips provided an idea of how huge the surgeon went with my BBL. He was pumping away very roughly and then he pulled out suddenly.

I immediately turned around and present my award winning face. The perfect face that provide sooo many instapic followers. This time my cock pads for lips were even bigger, a perfect landing area for my man to explode on.

As soon as I turned around Joe was cumming on my face. Clearly in view are my new round 2,300cc boobs. From the camera’s vantage point you could tell how the new implants dominated my upper body. Over half of each boob extended beyond my chest to the side, touching my arms.

The site was truly ridiculous. As petite as I was the boobs clearly showed my devotion to the “look” of being a total bimbo. Literally my only purpose was to look hot and provide men an image of perfection to jack to. Literally I had no other purpose in this world.

Joe unloaded on my face. my smile and huge boobs was the last image before the screen went black.

Little did I know this video would go viral and be the talk of fansonly for a while.

**** a few days later

Joe informed me that the video had been up for five days. Earning roughly 1 million dollars per day, meaning we had made 5 million on one video in less then a week.

“We should make a new video and see what happens.” istanbul travesti Joe told me in an authoritative tone.

Joe also presented me a contract with Fuck Toy, LLC a Joe Lundqvist company. Basically the contract would make me property of Joe. Any money I made would effectively be his and he would have power of attorney over all my dealings in life. Contracts, sponsors, and body decisions would all be his.

The contract didn’t even offer me a salary for the lions share of profits. Joe simply handed me a pen and I signed my life away.

The predatory grin on Joe’s face should have provided me insight into what was coming. But I was nervous to even question anything he told me.

That video continues to bring in about 1 million per week even though we have many others up on my page. In total my fansonly alone is making 15 million per week and that doesn’t even include all my instapic sponsors.

It turns out that wasn’t the only contract signed. With Joe basically owning me he signed a huge TV deal that would have a camera following me all day- everyday. The network offered 10 million per episode plus 100% of all merchandise sales.

If i am naked the video would go to my fansonly and every other hour would be for the tv show. My level of fame was going to be outrageous at this point.

Joe decided after the signing of the contracts that I needed additional surgeries to meet his requirements. After signing travesti istanbul the contract he didn’t even tell me what those surgeries would be.

****a week later

At this point due to my fame I was being chauffeured everywhere while also having a large group of camera men and producers following me around.

Today’s trip was going to the plastic surgeon’s office to have my bandages removed from my most recent wave of surgeries.

I dressed in my now typical all hot pink Gym Rat outfit. He recently signed a deal with Gym Rat for my own line of workout wear. I was the face of the Fuck Toy line by Gym Rat. It basically only came in hot pink and none of the sports bras did any containment or hiding of boobs. The Fuck Toy line was for women with fake breasts and butts created by bbl. Across the butt of the spandex short-shirts was “Fuck Toy” in shiny gold lettering and a band just bellow my breasts on my top read “Bimbo Fuck Toy” woven into to the sports bra.

Arriving at the surgeon’s office I finally would get to see what Joe decided for the second time around.

I could see and feel that my boobs were significantly bigger. To a point that I wouldn’t have a normal interaction ever again. They changed the way I walked, interacted with the world, everything was different.

Like I couldn’t imagine driving a car myself again, if ever.

The doctor knocked and quickly entered.

He looked extremely excited. istanbul travestileri Not making eye contact with me he clearly looked at me like I was a career goal. Based on his body language he clearly never put so much plastic in such a petite woman.

Without even talking to me he immediately went in to touch my huge breasts.

When he pushed them together the projection clearly put them at least one foot from my torso. The size of my cleavage was overwhelming and very important to the future of my new tv show and of course fansonly. The amount of attention I would receive excited me beyond belief.

“So we were able to make 4,000cc work with your body. I haven’t done this size on such a petite body before. But I think you came out amazing, these will heal up nicely.”

I nodded.

“We also added a significant amount of filler. Joe doesn’t really want you to have facial expressions. We talked about everyone looking directly at the scale of your lips”

I practically couldn’t talk still and the surgeon continued.

“I see you have noticed. We covered your tongue in piercings. About eight in total. We did this during your surgery due to the scale of pain this could have potentially caused. Have you had any bleeding?”

I just shook my head.

“Great! You will be able to talk fine again soon. But you most likely will have a lisp of some sort due to the weight of the piercings on your tongue.”

I just shook my head to confirm. I then took a selfie pouting my huge lips for the camera. My Gym Rat outfit clearly showing acres of cleavage.

I quickly uploaded the pic to my insta. Within minutes that picture had 100k plus in likes. The caption read “that new new. “

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