It’s Only Being Photographed Pt. 03

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Its Only Being Photographed Pt 3.

A word from Jayne.

This is a continuation of how my son’s girlfriend photographed me and how we masturbated together. It is the 3rd part and for continuity I strongly advise you to read the first two parts before this.

With lots of deep grunts, moans and sighs, we climaxed at pretty much the same time. Both bodies writhed and squirmed as the orgasms built up then exploded. Mine was as strong and powerful as I could recall and it went on longer than most in recent times. It was a new experience for me, something I had not done before and doubted I would again. After all, how many married women in their forties lay on their marital bed naked and mutually masturbate with their son’s twenty-year-old girlfriend?

As I fumbled around the pillows and duvet to find my glasses that had slipped off at the peak of my orgasm I was enormously embarrassed.

“Oh Christ Sophie, what have we done?”

“Just had a good time Mrs West,” she smiled turning onto her side and kissing me on the cheek as she ran her hand through my spiky, blonde hair.

I got up from the bed. “I think it best if we stop now and go to bed.”

“What a good idea, which side shall I sleep?” she smiled.

“I meant in our own beds Sophie, I think we have gone plenty far enough, now go to bed,” I said as sternly as I could manage.

She started to object suggesting we should sleep together but I refused. Later, when I was in bed alone and she was in Peter my son’s room, I wondered what it would be like to sleep with her and make love to each other. Until today I had had no sexual experience with women and although I shook those thoughts from my mind I was aroused. As I dozed off, my nipples were as hard as rocks and a finger slid between my legs confirmed that I was wet.

Inevitably, breakfast was difficult and was made more so as she wore just a light blue tee shirt that barely covered her rude bits and the outlines of her nipples were most obvious. I usually prepare and eat breakfast wearing a dressing gown, but I thought that might be tempting fate a little so I was in jeans and a white, loose, Polo top. Conversation was stilted between us. I certainly and I guessed her as well was embarrassed at how far we had gone the previous evening. It was far, far more than the photography session it had started out as.

John, my husband, and Peter our son were on a golf trip to Scotland and Sophie had stayed the night with me as she was attending a shower nearby. As she is a semi-professional photographer, her present to her friend was taking photographs. She was training to be a professional photographer and teacher and would shortly be taking some exams that would qualify her for that and had asked me to model for her. It had gone too far. What started out as her taking a few shots of me fully dressed had ended up with me agreeing to pose naked, which was one of the categories in the exam. As the session moved to the point of me undressing so Sophie had offered to be naked as well ostensibly to make me feel more comfortable. That worked to the point that at her direction I stroked my breasts and then my clit. She did the same and hence, the mutual masturbation.

“About last night Sophie.”

“Yes, Jayne what about it?” she replied tucking into the scrambled eggs and bacon she had considerately cooked for us both.

“It shouldn’t have happened.”

“What the photography?”

“Yes, well no, oh I don’t know, I mean the whole thing.”

“Well by being such a great model you will have helped me with my exam.”

“Ok I see that, good.”

“And thanks very much for that. Models as good as you are Jayne are hard to find and if found they’re bloody expensive.”


“And especially ones with such a body as yours Jayne, are the D or double DDs?”

Without thinking I told her they were double Ds.

“God I wish my tits were bigger like that. You did wonderfully and you did enjoy it didn’t you?”

“The posing?”

“Yes, well and er, um everything.”

“No Sophie.”

“Jayne be truthful.”

“Look we mustn’t think about the rest let alone talk about it. Don’t you see?”

“We can talk about it but not to others, right?”

“No not even us talk about it.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t even want to think about it.”

“Look Jay it happened we can’t turn the clock back so we have to live with it don’t we?”

“Yes but no one else must ever know, you do promise that don’t you?”

“I promised that about the photos.”

“I mean even more about the rest.”

“The rest?” she said raising her eyebrows.

“You know what I mean,” I said looking away to avoid making eye contact.

“Yes, Jay I do and I think what we did was beautiful, like your modelling it was natural and honest.”

“Sophie doing what we did is not natural.”

“Masturbation isn’t natural?” she asked tucking one leg under her bottom and showing even more of her shapely, tanned legs.

“Well yes.”

“I mean don’t tell me you don’t do it?”

“Sophie you shouldn’t ask such things.”

“Well you do, casino oyna you must.”

“That’s neither here nor there.”

“That’s as maybe Jay, but you must admit it is natural.”

“Well yes I guess it is, but not together it isn’t”

“That was the best part it was a logical extension of the photography.”

“What do you mean?”

“It was an us thing.”


“It was taking the eroticism of the photography session to its logical near conclusion. We were both so together, we were like a team.”

“Were we?”

“Well the way you posed and the shots I took led us to do what we did, don’t you agree?”

“Look Sophie, what happened just happened now let’s forget about it?”

“So, do I take it you aren’t going to pose for me again?”

“Christ no.”


Sophie was at a college in Brighton, which is 50 miles or so south of where we live in north London. It’s the only college in the UK that offers this one-year photography course. Her parental home is in Suffolk about 100 miles to the north east of London so she often stayed with us, well with Peter really at the weekends. That had been going on for a few months and we had become quite fond of her with John, I felt, maybe going a little further than fond, well in his dreams that is.

Much to my relief, she didn’t stay with us after the photography and mutual masturbation weekend. I hoped that it was due to her being embarrassed about what had happened but was disappointed when Peter asked on Wednesday evening.

“Ok if Sophie stays this weekend mum?”

“What?” I snapped recovering quickly to reply. “Yes of course darling.”

For the couple of days before her arrival I was so nervous and seeing her in all her youthful beauty on the Friday evening gave me a jolt. She was stunning looking, being tall around five eight and beautifully slim with flowing, golden, blonde hair, jealously long, slender legs and pert breasts. I wasn’t quite sure what actually caused the jolt as it could have been several sensations, guilt, embarrassment, fear and, I realised with another even larger jolt, excitement. Or maybe I thought later that evening when they were out somewhere and I was alone as John was on his way home from a business trip, it was a combination of all of them. Not only was I embarrassed at being with her, catching her glances and seeing the knowing little smiles but also looking at my son and realising what I had done with his girlfriend. I was also petrified that she would have broken her word and told him about not only the photography, but also what happened after it.

As I prepared breakfast, I had half forgotten that Sophie was here and that Peter would have gone off to play golf with his group that teed off at seven thirty so I was surprised when she came into the kitchen. She was again wearing just a tee shirt but this one was mid-thigh in length.

“Morning Jay,” she said as breezily as anything sounding not in the slightest embarrassed.

We chatted away as I prepared the toast and cereals and I relaxed a little thinking I could just blank it out and sort of pretend it had never happened. But of course, it had happened and she brought that home to me quite quickly.

“I got two firsts and a third,” she blurted out.

“With what?’ I asked pouring the hot water onto the tea bags in the mugs.

“Well more to the point, we got two firsts and a third actually.”

“What the photos?” I asked feeling guilty yet pleased.

“Yes of course I told you they were great,” she went on grabbing my arm.

“Well that’s very good, well done.”

“No well done and thanks to you,” she went on putting her arms round me and cuddling me to her squashing my D cup breasts against her smaller, pert boobs. Again, I got a jolt but this time I realised that it was, arousal. I moved away.


I hardly saw her and Peter the rest of the weekend as they were out a lot. She was leaving mid-afternoon on the Sunday and for a few moments we were alone in the hallway. John was at golf and Peter had gone upstairs to get something Sophie had forgotten.

Moving close to me she said. “It’s been lovely seeing you again Jay, thanks.”

“That’s ok love,” I stammered feeling tingly as she put her arm round me and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ll email you,” she whispered as we broke apart as Peter came downstairs.

I had forgotten about the email so it was a surprise when I saw her name in my inbox on the following Wednesday. I read the brief email

Oh Jay,

I was so thrilled to receive two firsts and a third in my interim exams. And mostly it was down to you being such a wonderful model. I just can’t wait for us to have another session, please say we can.


S xx

Then I saw that there were three attachments. I opened them. The first was called Amateur Model winner the second was called Erotic third and the other was Mature winner. I was horrified that she had sent them to me but as I looked at them on the screen of my PC I felt a glow moving through me. How fucking crazy is this I thought as I realised that looking at photos canlı casino of myself was turning me on? I was tingling everywhere, my breasts felt so full and heavy and there was a warmth running through my entire body. In one where I was fully dressed it focused on my bottom in the skintight yoga pants, in another, mature I think, I was topless and covering my boobs, although one of my nipples was on show and I was nude in the other.

Other than realising the photos and the recall of Sophie taking them was arousing me my main thought was had she shown them to anyone or mentioned them to Peter?

I replied to the email.

Why did you send them to me? I don’t want to recall that evening. Please tell me no one other than the judges have seen them and assure me that you have not mentioned them to Peter?

Moments after sending the email my mobile rang.

“Hello, it’s me,” Sophie said adding. “Are you alone?”


“I thought you would like to see your photos.”

“Sophie you know I don’t”

“How do I you didn’t say.”

“Well you should know.”

“How could I know?”

“I told you I didn’t want to do it.”

“But you did Jay and told me you enjoyed it.”

“You went too far.”



“I didn’t take your yogas off to show that you had been to the gym without panties, I didn’t make you pose did I?”

“Well no, but.”

“But what Jayne?”

“You persuaded me.”

But you wanted to really didn’t you?”

“Oh Christ Sophie, I don’t know, I am absolutely petrified someone will find out.”

“Only the judges have seen them so relax, they see such shots all the time.”

“Nothing will be published will it?”

“How do you mean?”

“The results of the exam?”

“Oh shit I forgot that.”


“The results and photos will be published on the net.”

“Oh fuck no,” I groaned.

“Don’t worry, just joking.”

“Don’t do that to me Sophie,” I garbled laughing with relief. “You’ll give me a heart attack.”

“So when can we do it again?”

“We can’t and we won’t.”

“Please, please Jay it’s all for my photography and it just fun isn’t it?”

“What taking photographs of your boyfriend’s mum is fun?”

“When she looks like you and can pose like you yes it is, well more than fun really?”

“What do you mean more than fun?”

“Sorry Jay gotta go I’ll be in touch.”

Sophie and Peter were going to Ibiza for a week so I didn’t hear from her for about ten days when I got an email.

Back and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Again, I should have not replied but again foolishly in some ways I did. I guess I was developing a sort of fascination with Sophie. Actually, when I thought about it the fascination was not so much with her, though there were times when she was in my mind very graphically, it was more with the situation. That included what had happened, the nude photography and mutual masturbation, what was happening now, her tempting me and, of course, what might happen in the future. Whilst I was determined that nothing would happen between us there was her and Peter’s relationship to consider and the time that we all spend together and, of course and crucially her remaining mute about what we did that evening on my marital bed. I often thought that as a woman’s number one loyalty is to her partner that sooner or later she would tell Peter about us and that mortified me.

I replied.

Yes, looking forward to seeing you too.


Really J, that’s fantastic. I am tingling at the thought.


Then my phone rang. I knew it would be her.

“Hi sexy.”

“Don’t please Sophie.”

“But you are Jayne.”

“No, no I’m not.”

“You are to me, sexy and beautiful and a fantastic model.”

“Please Sophie now stop this,” I said rather tersely, but deep down feeling flattered, after all it’s not often that a woman of my age is so flattered by a beautiful twenty-year-old is it?

“Have you looked at those photos?”

“The ones in the email?”

“What else or do you have some porn you haven’t told me about?” she giggled.

“No of course not.”

“Some sexy shots of young hunks?”


“Would you like some?”


“Beefcake as they used to call it.”

“Why have you got some?”

“There, you do want some don’t you?”

Obviously I didn’t take her up on the offer but she explained that as part of her course she had taken photos of nude men some of whom were quite hunky and a couple had got erect and the tutor had told them to photograph them like that. We then chatted about their holiday and other things going on in our lives.

This became a pattern with our, on average two calls and a few emails a week. References to the posing , then the masturbation before going onto more mundane ‘family’ type topics. I was beginning to think that Sophie was playing me. She was like a professional alternating between flirting and talking matter of fact and combining intimate issues with down to earth topics. She was like the puppet kaçak casino master with me the puppet on the string. She confused me as I couldn’t work out whether she was trying to seduce me, that was just how she is or I was reading more into our chats and emails than she intended?

But then it became clearer. In one of her emails she asked.

Did the photos excite you?

I hedged the question.

They were of me, why would I excite myself? I asked knowing full they had aroused me.

Most models do get aroused when looking at themselves Jay.


Yes, well did you?

Can’t remember.

Now, now Jay tell me honestly.



Maybe a little yes.

Well they did me.

Did they?

Very much so.

Yes, but you took them.

And it was exciting wasn’t it?

Yes, Sophie I suppose it was.

Then, without warning she would veer off at a tangent and talk about quite ‘normal’ topics leaving me confused and slightly turned on. It was difficult yet challenging and I have to admit rather exciting and interesting to cope with. Over this period, which went on for a couple of months I got to enjoy our calls and email exchanges and looked forward to the next one. They gradually became more intimate.

“Do you get turned on with our chats and emails Jayne?” she asked almost completely out of the blue one morning.

“What do you mean?” I asked feeling alarmed for I did but I didn’t feel I could tell her that.

“Turned on, aroused, excited sexually worked up,” she said sounding as though she was smiling.

“Don’t ask me such things,” I replied my fingers instinctively going to my nipple which as I expected was like a bullet.

“Why not? After all Jay I have seen you very worked up haven’t I?

Again, during that phone call, she quickly changed the subject and with my nipples throbbing and my juices flowing we talked about a family wedding we were going to in Scotland later in the year.

Another time she sent me an email with just one word in it ‘enjoy.’ Attached was a photo of her naked. It was a stunning shot and she looked so beautiful with both breasts on show, her nipples clearly fully erect, her hand resting on her hip bone and one finger with a pale blue painted fingernail just touching the top of her vulva which was glistening. I wondered who had taken it?

“Have you done it again?” she asked on the phone one evening when she knew John and Peter would be at a golf club stag do.

We had been chatting about the wedding we had been to as a family when she came out with that. I was caught off guard.

“Done what?”

“What we did on your and John’s bed.”

“No of course not.”

“What haven’t masturbated at all?”

“Well perhaps a little.”

“Was it good?”

“I don’t know, change the subject.”

Ignoring me completely she went on. “Did you think of me?”

“Sophie stop it now talk about something else.”

I didn’t hear anything from her for a week or so after that. Peter and John were both home so I was busy looking after them and didn’t have much time to ponder on my ‘Sophie problem.’

I’ll be over this weekend


Was all the email said. I shouldn’t really have replied but something and I don’t know what that was prompted me too.

Look forward to seeing you I replied.

Almost immediately I got a reply.

I can hardly wait to see you Jay

Don’t say that.

Why not its true I want to take more shots Peter and John will be out all-day Sunday.

Will they, where?

Golf tournament and dinner at Sunningdale, be gone from 7 to midnight, we’ll have the whole day.

Don’t you usually leave for Brighton Sunday evening?

Bank holiday isn’t it so got Monday off?

Peter and Sophie were in most of Saturday and we had a family barbecue in the evening. She looked stunning in a beautiful, yellow top and tight white, short shorts. Her legs seemed to go on forever and it was pretty obvious that she was not wearing a bra nor, or so it looked, panties. John was on heat all evening and I had to ‘pay the price’ in bed that night.

As he slid into me after we had both had extensive oral sex he whispered.

“Found any more of her sexy underwear?” referring back to when she put a ‘uniform’ of bra, panties and holdups out for wash and I told him about it.

“No not since that time, I guess she takes it with her.”

“Lucky boy our son,” he muttered as he started to fuck me.

It was good. But then John is a good lover and although nowadays he’s looking for something more and something different to just fucking me and I suspect he might be getting that elsewhere, he quite quickly got me near to orgasm where he held me; he’s good at that too.

“What about trying swinging?” he asked as I writhed and sighed.


“Let me see you with another bloke then.”

“Stop it John please.”

“How about another woman?”

He must have noticed my unusual hesitation as I didn’t reply.

“Is that a yes?”

“No,” I mumbled. ” I’m cumming, oh god,” I groaned as a vision of Sophie in the photo she had recently sent me came into my mind just as he whispered.

“Sophie perhaps?” I heard my husband asking as I orgasmed thinking of having sex with our son’s girl friend

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