It’s The End Of The World As I Know It – (Natalia – Final Chapter)

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That rainy afternoon, I was sitting with Natalia drinking some coffee, trying to settle some issues that had arisen some weeks before. We were in one of the university cafeterias, one that was not so close to Science School, the school where I taught classes, and of which Natalia was a student.I was trying to figure out what was the best thing to do, considering the situation we were living in, trying to put everything in balance. So, as we were talking, one of my colleagues, Danielle, another professor from my school, arrived there, saw me, gave me a bright smile, and approached us.“What an amazing coincidence, hon!” Danielle kissed my lips as she greeted me enthusiastically.   I said, “hi,” smiled, and tried to say something, but it was all in vain.“I was thinking we can meet later… Would you like to watch a movie? I can drop by your place later,” Danielle said.I nodded while I made a big effort to open my mouth. I could feel Natalia’s look at me.“Yeah… I’ll… I’ll… give you a… call… later,” was the only thing I managed to say.“Okay! Gotta go! I have a class in five minutes,” said Danielle while she kissed me good-bye.Danielle walked away, and I turned my head to face Natalia. I could see all her anger coming out of her big brown eyes.“Wow! We just broke up and now you’re fucking the first fat bitch that comes your way!” Natalia said throwing all her disappointment at me.~~~As I had mentioned before, my relationship with Natalia was amazing and I had come to an inevitable conclusion: I was madly in love with her. She was so cute, so smart, so conscious about many aspects related to our chaotic world, and of course, I totally enjoyed our sex.However, just as I was feeling this could be the girl of my life, bad news hit my peace of mind. Two weeks before this cafeteria incident, Natalia met me in my apartment, and there almanbahis şikayet she told me something that left me numb.“I was admitted into the University of Bologna,” she said with a thoughtful look in her face.I waited for her to explain everything, but she just didn’t say anything else. I needed her to be more explicit as she had not mentioned anything about this news before.“What are you talking about?” I inquired.“I’m sorry… I just didn’t say anything about this before because I just never thought I could get this scholarship, and I just…”“What scholarship are you talking about, Nat?” I said feeling lost in the conversation.“Jeez! So… I applied for a scholarship for a master’s degree with this Italian university. This whole process started a couple of months ago. I submitted my application online, had to attach a lot of documents, and then, they called me for an online interview. I didn’t hear from them for a couple of weeks, and then yesterday I received an email saying I had been accepted.”“Wow! That’s amazing! I mean… It’s just a great opportunity for you,” I said in an enthusiastic tone of voice.“I know… but… this is the thing…” Natalia’s face looked as if something really bad was going on.“What?” I asked not understanding what was going on.“Us!”“Us? What do you mean?” I asked as I felt clueless.“I’m going to be there for two years minimum. They say there are great opportunities there to do research, and even stay for a couple of years more to do a Ph.D.”Yeah… I got it now. Us! What were we supposed to do now that she was going away? We talked about the different alternatives we had, which ended up being just one. A long-distance relationship. I mean, my salary as a professor was okay, but I could not afford to travel to Italy every two months, not even every semester. I could not tell her to forget almanbahis canlı casino about the scholarship either as this was a great opportunity for her.“Long-distance relationships don’t work,” she said. “We must be honest with each other. We may get bored eventually, we might meet another person, and then everything goes down to hell.”She was right. I wanted to find hope. I wanted to believe our love was indestructible. I wanted to think we could overcome any obstacle, but the reality was different. I had even gone through that situation before, and I knew it didn’t work. So, I had to be realistic.She would travel in a month or so, as she was going to take an Italian summer course before starting her master’s degree. Consequently, we made the best decision: It was better to break up. She cried, I cried, and I felt my heart breaking in pieces. I truly loved her, but yeah… I had to be sensible.That was a Thursday. The next day, some professors from my school decided to go out at night, and they invited me to join them. I was feeling really down, but I thought it was a good idea to go and clear my mind.I arrived at this pub downtown at 7 pm. Some of them were already there, including Danielle. Danielle was a young girl, around twenty-six. She was not so tall, five-foot-six, I would say, but she had a cute face. She had white skin, long brown hair, and her body was fine. Not that thin, not fat, either, but something I had always liked about her was her voracious rack, 38D, I guess.I said hello to all my colleagues and sat next to Danielle. We all talked about the end of the semester, which was around the bend, and had some drinks. We all had some funny anecdotes about our classes and students, so we laughed a lot.At some point, one of my coworkers started making fun of me because of some strict rules I had almanbahis casino in my classes. Most of them laughed at me, but not Danielle.“Oh, shut up, Greg. At least Andrew doesn’t fall asleep in class as you did once,” she said, while all people laughed, and she caressed one of my hands.I looked at her, and she smiled at me. I smiled back while her hand kept touching mine.We all ordered some more drinks. We kept chatting, but then, my coworkers started to leave one by one. In the end, it was just me, Danielle, and another guy, Joe. We spoke a little bit more, and just as Danielle and I had ordered another beer, he said he had to go.I stayed with her, and we continued talking. She kept passing her hand along my arms, shoulders, and even legs. I was a little tipsy by then, so I started to feel more attracted towards her. I kept looking at her deep sexy cleavage, and I began to feel like kissing her.“Isn’t it strange that we haven’t shared so many things together? I mean, we have many things in common,” she said.It was true. I mean, she liked the same kind of music I liked; she read the same kind of literature I enjoyed. I guess we enjoyed the same sex positions, only that I did not feel like asking.At some point, she grabbed my hand again, and I could feel our slow, intense breathing. She looked at me and said she liked me. And that’s when I made a big mistake.“I like you too!” I said.Her face got close to mine, and so she kissed me. We got lost in a really passionate kiss, so much that we immediately decided to go to her place.She drove her car, and I left mine there in the parking lot. The ride was short, so ten minutes later, we found ourselves at the entrance of her apartment, closing the door, and kissing again. We kissed wildly for several minutes, and then we started to feel our bodies. First, our sides, our arms, legs, and then we began exploring deeply.I caressed her hips, and then I grabbed her ass. As I touched her, her pelvis started to rub my cock, which was hard by now. We lay on a sofa, and I got on top of her. The sofa was wide and really comfortable.

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