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Subject: Jamie and Uncle George 71 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a teenager, his uncle and other males. Comments welcome at ail I will reply to all. JAMIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Chapter 71 Jamie was quite tired after the long journey via Paris but he couldn’t help smiling when he saw his Uncle George and Gom waiting at Nice airport. He hugged his uncle while Anders hugged Gom and then they swapped over. Everyone talked at once until George held his hands up for calm. Then Jamie did all the talking as they walked to the car park. He mentioned Sture a lot! “So, I guess you didn’t miss us at all,” said George as he drove off. “I missed Gom,” said Anders as he hugged his boyfriend in the back of the car. That gave Jamie time to think. “I did miss you,” he said. “But every day was full of new and wonderful things. Places to explore, new kinds of food to try and…” “Sture to hug and kiss. I know.” George smiled. “When is he coming to visit us?” “How did you know? He’ll be here at the end of May and he’ll stay in France until he returns to university in September,” said Jamie. “He wants to find a job.” “I’m sure we can find him something,” said George. “Any other news?” “Not really, but I’ve decided I want Anders to teach me some Swedish,” replied Jamie. “It’s unfair that Sture always has to speak English to me.” “Kyss mig,” said Anders. “What?” Jamie turned round to look at the Swede. “You should know that one. He said ‘kiss me.’ You need to know that,” Gom answered with a smile. Jamie laughed. “I guess you can teach me some phrases for the bedroom.” “With your appetite, I think you’ll need some phrases for the kitchen too,” said George. “I hope you’re hungry. Gom and I have prepared a huge meal to welcome you home.” “Great. I’m starving,” said Jamie. *** Jamie unpacked his bag while dinner was being dished up. He had small presents for his uncle and for Gom which were gratefully received. Jamie then took out the rolls of photographic film for processing and selected one with a special marking. “Uncle George, can you ask Henri to develop and print two copies of each photo on this roll, please?” Jamie asked. “They are a bit sensitive.” “You mean there are shots of you naked?” George smiled. Jamie nodded. “And some of Sture.” “I’ll ask Henri when I see him tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing them,” George responded. By 9.30pm Jamie started yawning. “I think I need an early night. Will you come to bed and, er, help me get to sleep, Uncle George?” “Help you?” George was puzzled. “You know I can’t get to sleep unless I’ve spunked off. I thought you might want to fuck me.” Jamie smiled sweetly and fluttered his eyelids. George laughed. “How could I resist you?” “Than carry me upstairs and ravish me!” Jamie held his arms wide. It wasn’t long before Jamie and George were naked in bed. George ran his hands over his nephew’s smooth skin, deliberately ignoring the stiff little cock, and asked, “Was Sture’s cock as big as you’d hoped?” “Even bigger.” Jamie grinned. “Probably the same length as Anders’ cock but thicker. Same big smooth balls too.” “Bet you loved being fucked by it,” said George before diving down and taking the boy’s cock into his mouth. “Oooph.” Jamie gasped and then replied. “He didn’t fuck me. He said he didn’t want to rush into full sex, plus he didn’t want to hurt me with his monster cock. We sucked each other off.” George pulled off Jamie’s cock. “He knows you’ve been fucked already, doesn’t he?” “Of course. He knows that Anders has fucked me and that there have been a few others too,” replied Jamie. “A few?” George raised an eyebrow. “He doesn’t care. We talked about sex and agreed that we could have other partners while we live so far apart,” insisted Jamie. “So you just sucked each other off. That must have been dull for you.” George kocaeli escort bayan pushed the boy’s legs apart and began rimming his arsehole. “Aaah. That feels great,” said Jamie. “And no, sex with Sture could never be dull. I taught him about rimming. He’d never done that before but he quickly became very good at it. And I gave him a blowjob in the car one time while Anders was driving. Oh, and we played with each other’s cocks while pissing in the snow.” “Okay. It seems he’s a bit adventurous,” George said as he lowered Jamie’s arse and then shuffled towards him, holding his thick 8 inch (20 cm) cock. “Now you can put your sucking practice to good use.” Jamie smiled and moved to take his uncle’s cock between his lips. This big, hairy, older man was very different from Sture but he loved him too. George was too horny to allow Jamie to take control for long. He took hold of the boy’s head and began fucking his mouth. “Jeez, I’ve missed sex with you, Jamie. Nobody can compare with you.” Jamie let his uncle fuck his mouth for several minutes then pushed on his thighs. As soon as the cock had left his mouth, he said, “Well, I’ve missed having your cock up my arse. Stop wasting time and fuck me!” George laughed. “Yes, boss,” he said and reached for a tube of KY jelly. Jamie put his hands under his knees and pulled his legs back. “Fuck me hard, Uncle George. Fill me with your big cock and make me cum.” George was amused by the dirty talk. He quickly greased up his cock and the entrance to Jamie’s hole. Then he slid one and then two fingers inside the hole. “That feels good but I need something bigger. Please give me your cock now.” “It seems we’re both really horny tonight,” George said as he aimed his cockhead at the twitching hole. “Aye. Now ram it in,” said Jamie. George applied pressure and Jamie pushed back. There was a gasp from Jamie as his sphincter was breached but then he moaned in appreciation as the cock pushed deeper. “Yeah,” he said with a smile when it was fully inside him. “I’ve missed that.” George paused for a moment to savour the feeling and then began to fuck his nephew. However his slow, steady movement didn’t satisfy Jamie. “Harder, Uncle George. Pound my love-button,” he begged. So George started fucking harder and faster. “That’s better,” said Jamie. “Keep going and make me cum.” Sweat dripped from George as he ploughed hard and fast into the boy. Pre-cum oozed from Jamie’s cockhead but he still wasn’t satisfied. “Harder, much harder!” he cried. George was really pounding into Jamie now, his hips battering against the small bum as his thick cock penetrated and retreated like a piston. Suddenly Jamie gasped and began spunking off. “Oh yeah! That’s it!” Jamie cried, shooting cum all over his chest and stomach. The sight of this was enough to take George over the edge. He grunted, rammed his cock as deeply as possible inside the tight young arse and fired off a huge load of hot man-cum. The pair grinned at each other then Jamie scooped the cum from his body into his mouth. “I hope this makes me big and strong like you,” he told his uncle. George didn’t want to leave the boy’s arse but eventually his cock became soft and slipped out. Jamie immediately moved to clean the cock with his mouth. And then the pair cuddled together and fell asleep. *** Jamie was back at school the next day and George went into the cafe-bar after lunch. “Can you develop this film for me, Henri? It has photos of Jamie and Sture on it.” “Sure. I’ll do it later this afternoon,” said Henri. “It has HOT photos of Jamie and Sture on it. Can you do it now?” George asked. “I’m really keen to see them.” Henri smiled. “In that case…I’ll get Delmar to look after the bar and do it immediately. Do you want to come along?” A short time later George and Henri were in the darkroom watching the first print come into focus. “Wow! He’s hot,” said Henri as he looked at the naked Sture with a semi-erect cock. “Jamie wants two copies of each photo but I think I’d like a set too,” said kocaeli sınırsız escort George. Both men became aroused seeing the photos of Sture naked and then Sture and Jamie together. When the final photo was revealed to show Anders and Sture naked and erect together, George groaned and said, “I must have a large sized copy of that one. Two blond beauties and both with huge stiff cocks. It’s fantastic.” “It certainly is.” Henri was openly groping himself as he agreed with George. “And I’m going to need some relief very fast.” “Me too,” said George. He then proceeded to pull his throbbing cock from his trousers and began to wank. He looked at Henri and then back at the photo of Anders and Sture before adding, “Well, we’re both tops and there’s nobody else around.” Henri shrugged, brought his cock out into the opening and started wanking. The two men stood side by side wanking over the photo like two schoolboys. And, like schoolboys, it didn’t take long for them to spunk off. As they cleaned up afterwards, Henri said, “I’ll print the copies tonight. We’d better get back to the bar now.” “And I’ll bring Jamie to say thank you after school tomorrow. I’ll work in the bar while you go upstairs to the flat with him.” George winked at Henri. Both understood how Jamie would thank Henri. *** “I’m looking forward to seeing the photos,” Jamie said as George picked him up outside the school. “I’m quite jealous that you’ve seen them already.” “I bet Anders and Gom are too,” said George. “Do you think I should show them to Gom? I told Sture the only other person to see them would be you.” Jamie realised that he should have mentioned Gom. “Gom is practically family. I think he’d be upset if you didn’t let him see them,” replied George. “You’re correct. I will explain the position to Sture when I send him a copy of the photos,” said Jamie. “Hasn’t Gom gone to see his family? He usually goes on a Wednesday.” “He has, so he won’t see them until tomorrow,” said George. “We’re almost at the bar now. You can’t look at them with lots of people around so I think you should take Henri up to the flat. Don’t forget to thank him afterwards.” George winked. “You mean…” A smile spread across Jamie’s face. Jamie gave Henri a big hug when he met him inside the bar. “Nice to see you too,” said Henri. “I guess you’re eager to see the photos?” Jamie nodded. “Take him upstairs, Henri,” George said as he handed over the key. “I’ll look after things here until you get back…and take your time.” “Okay, just let me finish my drink.” Henri lifted the large glass of fruit juice and water mixed and gulped it down. Then he took the package containing the photos from under the counter and followed Jamie upstairs to the flat. Jamie almost ripped the brown paper in his hurry to see the photos. “There are two identical bundles of twenty photos,” explained Henri. Jamie could feel his cock stiffen as he thought about Sture naked and posing beside him for Anders to take the photos. He looked down at the tent in the front of his trousers and then up at Henri. “Do you mind if I make myself comfortable before we look at the photos together? I’m quite hot.” “You are very hot.” Henri smiled. “Take off whatever you like.” Jamie was naked in seconds. He proudly displayed his stiff 3.5 inch (8 cm) cock to Henri before turning his attention back to the photos. He opened the photo to see the first picture of Sture semi-erect. “Oh, isn’t he gorgeous?” he said to Henri. “He certainly is,” agreed Henri. “You’re a very lucky boy.” Jamie looked carefully at each photo and he was already leaking pre-cum before he saw the first photo of himself and Sture together. He smiled and Henri said, “You make a lovely couple.” Henri said, “I like that one a lot” when they came to the photo of Jamie gazing at Sture’s erect cock.” Jamie laughed. “I love his cock.” “I can tell,” said Henri. Then they came to the photo of Jamie sitting in Sture’s lap. “That is a beautiful picture. It’s easy to see izmit anal yapan escort you are very much in love.” “We are.” Jamie smiled. “He’s coming here at the end of May and we’ll be together for months.” Finally they came to the last photo – the one of Sture and Anders standing naked and erect together. “Wow! That came out better than I’d hoped. It’s a good picture, isn’t it?” “It’s a great picture, Jamie. And two great-looking guys,” responded Henri. “Could I get an enlargement?” Jamie asked. “Already done. Your uncle thought it would be a good idea so it’s waiting in my office downstairs.” Henri smiled. Jamie turned and hugged Henri tightly. “You are a wonderful man, Henri. Thank you very much.” “You’re welcome,” said Henri. “I can feel that you are hard.” Jamie pressed his body against the man’s bulge. “Can we play before we return to the bar?” “I was hoping you’d say that. I’ve been drinking a lot for the past hour or so.” Jamie grinned up at Henri. “Great! It’s been ages since I had some wet, messy fun,” he said as he helped the man undress. There was a large damp patch in the front of Henri’s briefs and Jamie remembered that the man leaked a lot of pre-cum. He licked his lips and knelt down to suck the damp patch before peeling the briefs down and gazing at the enormously thick 5 inch (12.5 cm) long cock. Sometimes he wished Henri was into anal sex but then realised it would be painful to be penetrated by such a thick monster. Jamie bent forward and began kissing and licking the cockhead. “Oh yes,” said Henri. “I love having you play with my cock.” “I want to play with your piss as well,” said Jamie. “Let me know when you’re almost ready to soak me.” He then stretched his lips around the cockhead and started sucking. His jaw ached after a few minutes so he started teasing the glans and then the piss-slit with the tip of his tongue. Henri gasped and watched the cute young teenager at work but soon he couldn’t hold back much longer. “We’d better move through to the shower now.” Jamie grinned, knowing what was coming. The pair moved into the shower and Jamie knelt on the floor. Henri was still erect but his bladder was bursting. He released the pressure for a moment and a spurt of piss escaped. Jamie bent forward to lick this from the cockhead and then sat back on his heels with his eyes closed. “All over my face, please,” he said to Henri. Henri smiled, happy at having a boy who enjoyed golden showers as much as he did. He relaxed and let the piss flow. And there was a huge amount as his bladder was full. Henri directed the flow all over Jamie’s face and watched as it ran down the boy’s chest towards his very stiff cock. Jamie opened his mouth and drank some of the piss but most dribbled down his chin. Eventually the flow stopped. Jamie opened his eyes and said, “Now give me your cum. Henri took hold if his cock and started wanking furiously. Jamie opened his mouth wide and soon Henri began spunking off. Some landed in the boy’s mouth but more landed on his nose, his cheeks and his chin. “You look great covered in my piss and cum,” Henri said as he pulled Jamie to his feet. Then he kissed and licked him clean. “I need to cum now,” said Jamie as he wanked his cock. “Let me suck you off.” Henri moved onto his knees and took the boy’s cock into his mouth. It wasn’t long before his expertise resulted in an orgasm from Jamie. The teenager gasped and sent several volleys of sweet boy-cream down Henri’s throat. “Ready for a piss now?” Henri asked when Jamie had finished cumming. “Give me a few moments,” replied Jamie. Henri licked at Jamie’s cock and this made it harder for him to become flaccid but soon his need to pee took priority over everything else. “Here it comes,” he said. Henri continued licking at the boy’s cock but opened his mouth and gulped down the piss as soon as it started to flow. Then after several mouthfuls he pushed his face into the yellow stream and made sure he got a good soaking. As soon as he’d finished, Jamie crouched down and started licking at Henri’s piss-wet face. “You are just as dirty as I am,” said Henri before hugging Jamie and then kissing him. “Yeah. We must do this more often,” said Jamie. Henri smiled. “But now we’d better shower and get back to your uncle.” “I suppose so,” said Jamie. To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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