John Beth Vegas adventure

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John Beth Vegas adventureIt all started Monday morning on a plane ride to vegas. Me and Beth for a vacation for a week so we get on the plane and head to vegas to our hotel. we get to the hotel and check in right away we go up to our room and unpack and get ready to hit vegas strip. When we get to the strip we start walking around and Beth goes I have a friend that lives down here when can meet up with him and her later for fun and what not. So we go and get food well Beth tries to get a hold of her friends where almost done eating and Beth phone goes off her friend said meet them at the casino and we can have fun so they deiced we should all go to this naked show girls thing. We get to the show girls thing and I thought we where gonna have to pay and Beth goes no my friend dances here. So we get there and her friend goes I see you guys in a bit in the mean time there girls with huge tits dancing and Beth goes you seen nothing yet. I go what you mean and she goes my friend can get really fun dancing like this and Beth other friend goes yea she does so her friend comes out for her show and huge ass tits and a nice ass go hard to the music. After an hour her show end and we all get together and Beth goes great show and I agreed konak escort and then they all want wanna have some fun so we go back to Beth friends house. When we get there Beth guy friend says I heard stories of you and other guys that sound hot and I wanna do that so he grabs my cock that’s still in my shorts and goes wow man your huge. So he goes can I drop your shorts I go sure and by that time Beth and her friend are going down on each other and I’m excited so my cock comes flying out of my shorts. Beth friend goes dang man nice I go why don’t you bend over and I make your ass ready for it he bent over in a heart beat and I went to town rimming him getting him ready. By the time he was ready I was all work up and had a full erection so I put my cock in his ass and he goes ah fuck in pleasure and I start going to town. An hour goes by and I bust a nut in his ass then I go why don’t we join the girls at this time Beth and her friend are going at it good when me and Beth friend walk over Beth squirts a huge fountain and gives out this loud moan and goes ok I’m ready for more. So we both walk over to them and I start playing with her friends pussy that’s soaking wet and Beth other friend rimming me and I konak escort bayan tell you I never been rimmed that good. Then he put he hung cock in my ass what felt amazing and started going at it. So I put my cock in Beth friends soaking pussy and start going rough and Beth goes I have and Idea while you get fucked. I go what is your idea she goes you fuck us both I go sounds good so I pull out of Beth friend for a second so they can get situated so I can go switch between them. So I start switching between them and I go I know where Beth wants me to cum but what about your friend and she goes in my Pussy as shes moaning. So I do something I never done before after an hour I cum a Huge load in Beth then switch right away to her friend for the rest of it and they both got a huge creampie. At this point Beth other friend shots a huge load inside me. Then I go this is kinda like random but what are your guys names since Beth didn’t really tell me since it was kinda last minute the guy goes I’m Jack and Beth other Friend goes Rachel. So after that Rachel goes you know what I wanna try that I never done Beth and I both go what is that. She says I wanna try anal and Beth goes you know John is really good escort konak at that right she looks at me and smiles. So I go yea then Jack can fuck Beth or whatever and Beth goes why don’t we both go anal and we can teach Rachel. I go sounds like a plan so I go Rachel why don’t you get on all fours so I can get your ass ready. Rachel gets in the doggystyle position and I start eating out her ass and she starts to moan then goes it feels amazing while Jack is doing the same to Beth. So after about thirty minutes I go you ready Rachel she goes yea so I gently put my cock in her ass little by little. Rachel goes wow that’s how it feels huh Beth goes I told you hes the best to learn it from. Rachel after a little goes go faster since I wasn’t going fast so I start going faster and she’s enjoying ever second and I keep getting harder and harder since her ass is really tight. After an hour I go Rachel I’m about to cum you want me to pull out and stick it in your pussy or you want it somewhere else and what Rachel said surprised me she goes I want your load in my ass. So since I was surprised by her response it only took a little bit after I shot a huge load in her tight ass. Then Rachel goes wow that was amazing at this time its late so me and Beth say we should get going back to our hotel its been a long day for both of us. So we say bye to Rachel and Jack and tell them we need to meet up with them again before we leave.PS. comment no negative please of what you thought and I write part 2 guys and girls

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