Johnny Ch. 01

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Story Codes: F/m, older woman/younger male, masturbation, gentle Fdom, maternal domination, authoritative/reluctance, mild humiliation/teasing, big natural breasts, nursing fetish.

All characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older.

Synopsis: A shy 18 year-old man becomes sexually aroused at a dinner party and is taken in hand by the beautiful hostess.

Copyright (c) 2008, Soulstroker (a.k.a. Magnifico Giganticus). ALL Rights Reserved.

Ch. 1: Invited to Dinner

It was roughly a quarter after 7pm when his father’s lexus pulled up into the driveway of a nice looking middle class home. As was usual for when they traveled as a family, 18 year-old Johnny sat in the back seat behind his dad which afforded him a clear view of the house as they turned to park. It was already dark and it had taken a few minutes to find it even with the excellent directions they had been given. The house belonged to one of his father’s new employees. Johnny’s dad worked for a large computer company and had recently been promoted and placed in charge of the R&D department. As a result, his parents, along with Johnny and his older sister, Samantha, had been invited to dinner by one of the new people who would be working with his father, a woman named Andrea Winters.

In the drive over, Johnny’s mother had reminded her children to be polite, and refer to couple they were about to visit with as Mr. and Mrs. Winters at all times. It was slightly annoying to Johnny that even now, having just graduated high school and his sister about to graduate college, his mother still insisted on repeating common-sense rules of etiquette to her children as if they were 10-year-olds. 18 or not, it was soon clear that Johnny still needed these reminders; for as soon as he set his eyes on the woman who greeted them at the door, Johnny instantly forgot all of his mother’s last-minute instructions. The lady was stunning. She was a blonde with shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and rather tall for a woman. On her face was a large crimson painted smile which accented her high cheekbones. By far her most attractive feature was her well-developed chest. Her magnificent bosom and curvy hips gave her the classic hourglass shape that reminded Johnny of some 1950’s movie starlet. The conservative black dress accentuated her Ruebenesque form, and Johnny quickly lost himself staring at the small glimpse of milky-white cleavage it provided.

“Johnny,” came his mother’s shrill voice. The spell reluctantly broke, and his eyes came to focus long enough to see a delicate hand with long, graceful fingers being extended in his direction.

“Uh, nice to meet you Mrs. Winters,” he blurted out as he tenderly shook her hand with his clammy palms.

Turning to Johnny’s parents, “What a hansom young man,” replied Mrs. Winters, and addressing the entire group said, “Please all of you coming inside and make yourselves at home.”

They were introduced to Mr. Winters, a stout looking fellow who seemed to be at least 10 or 15 years older then his wife. The fact that he was starting to loose his hair didn’t help matters any. He was a jovial-looking fellow, regardless of the mismatched appearance his lumpy form made next to his stunningly graceful wife. They all retired to the living room where Mrs. Winters served drinks and aperitifs. After the initial 30 or 40 minutes, Johnny had to admit he liked these people. They were warm and friendly and Mrs. Winters would regularly throw questions his way to make sure that he and his sister didn’t feel left out of the conversation. Johnny, in his extreme shyness, would answer with simple responses in hopes of return the attention to someone else and away from him.

Eventually dinner was ready, and everyone gathered around the dinner table, with Mrs. Winters sitting to Johnny’s right. As the dinner party went on, Johnny became more relaxed with these new people and became more flippant in his responses. This delighted Mrs. Winters who on numerous occasions laughed and remarked what a witty young man he was. Her remarks were often accompanied with pats on his shoulder, and she would often place her hand nonchalantly on his knee as she giggled. Johnny sneaked peaks at her cleavage as she leaned over to do so. This physical contact was not lost on Johnny who blushed profusely on every instance, but nevertheless continued to risk peaking down her top. To his horror, he soon realized his penis had slowly become erect over the course of the evening. It wasn’t every day that Johnny was touched so flirtatiously by a beautiful woman. By the time dessert was over, his situation had become perilous. His erection was threatening to burst through his slacks and Johnny was beginning to get nervous, even jumpy. Mrs. Winters soon invited everyone back to the living room for coffee and pralines. His lap hidden below the table’s edge, his erection was safe from view, but he knew that sitting on the couch in the living room, or even simply standing up, his engorged penis would be clearly outlined through his slacks. In Beylikdüzü escort a moment of alacrity he quickly asked Mrs. Winters if it was all right if he could use the bathroom. As everyone stood up to go to the living room, Johnny cleverly held his cloth napkin in front of his crotch long enough for him to turn away from the others. He managed to make the motion look natural as he quickly dropped the napkin on the table and headed down the hall in the direction of the bathroom. He quickly headed up the stairs and found the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

Having just closed the door, Johnny turned around and realized that Mrs. Winters must have been in a hurry getting ready for her guests. The bathroom had signs of recent use and was a mess. Johnny looked on in fascination as he saw first a lady’s shaver on the sink’s edge and other distinctly feminine products; on top of the toilet stood an open box of tampons. He had seen all these sorts of things living in a household with his mother and sister, but these items belonged to a stranger; a beautiful goddess of a stranger, who gave all these ordinary items a new erotic quality. His eyes suddenly fell on a pair of discarded panties, which has been thrown on top of the closed hamper’s lid. The panties where bunched up, and Johnny suddenly realized that Mrs. Winters must have rolled them off her wide, womanly hips in her haste to get ready. The thought of Mrs. Winter’s naked hips made his cock throb lustily in his pants. He gingerly picked up the panties and slowly unrolled them. In a sudden burst of crazed lust he quickly brought them up to his face and inhaled deeply. He felt dizzy with joy, and turned to sit on the closed toilet seat before he fell over. Then his eyes bulged at another fantastic discovery. Hanging on a hook that had been hidden by the dooy was the largest bra he had ever seen. He reckoned the cups on this monster must have been at least double D’s. He quickly went to them and confirmed that they were actually F cups. Stupefied, he slowly backed up and fell back onto the toilet seat, staring at the titanic bra in his hands.

His stupor finally vanished when he realized that his erect cock was throbbing nonstop now. The throbbing was driving him mad and his wits returned as he remembered why he was in the bathroom. He had to do something about his swollen cock. The thought of masturbation had already popped into his head the second he asked to use the bathroom. But the prospect of doing this disgraceful deed in the home of his father’s business acquaintance, indeed the lovely Mrs. Winters’ very own bathroom made him give pause. The throbbing in his slacks was insistent however, and he knew he had to act quickly, if he took too long, someone would come looking for him.

Without further hesitation, Johnny quickly unzipped his pants and pushed down his underpants. His large member bobbed lewdly into view, already oozing fluid in anticipation. With the soiled panties and bra clutched in his left hand, the fingers of his right hand deftly surrounded the shaft of his pulsing organ and began to jack it using his favorite technique. Johnny relished the sensations emanating from his groin. This was going to be one of the best jerk-off sessions ever and he knew it wasn’t going to last long. As minutes went by and the tension in his penis built, he suddenly panicked as he realized he had nothing to cum into. As his hand continued its ministrations, his eyes raked across the room in search of a proper receptacle. His eyes settled on the roll of toilet paper next to him, but dismissed it, since he realized there was no way he could use it to catch the powerful jets of semen which would issue forth within a few moments. Overlooked in his panic, he suddenly realized that he had two perfect receptacles dangling between his fingers in Mrs. Winter’s unusually large brassier. He quickly positioned the bra cups in his left hand so that one would catch the powerful initial spurts and the other hung below his testicles to catch the dribble which would naturally run off later. The immediate crisis over, he closed his eyes and could once again concentrate and enjoy the crisis to come. A few moments later a gentle draft washed over Johnny’s exposed body.

“My dear boy, what on earth do you think you are doing with my underwear?”

Johnny’s eyes shot open. Before him, in the open doorframe, stood Mrs. Winters, arms crossed under her domineering bosom. Like a deer mesmerized by the glare of oncoming headlights, Johnny froze in mid stroke.

“Well, do you have anything to say for yourself,” Mrs. Winters snorted in a mocking tone.

The taunt broke Johnny out of his spell, but not out of his stupor, as he dropped the panties and bra. He started babbling incoherently and tried to get up, but tripped over his own pants entwining his ankles and ended up on his hands and knees. Johnny looked up at Mrs. Winters. A ridiculing, but sympathetic smirk played across her features before she bent down to help him up. Even in this most embarrassing of satiations, Beylikdüzü escort Johnny couldn’t help but check out her delicious cleavage as she helped him up. She grabbed him by his upper arms and raised him up enough to sit back down on the close toilet seat; then brushed Johnny’s hair out of his face.

“Tell me Johnny, what possessed you to do this to yourself,” she asked again, this time in a kind-hearted affectionate way.

Making several visible attempts to speak, Johnny still could not seem to find his voice. He gave up, his face turning crimson red, and hung his head down in shame. Seeing this, Mrs. Winter’s heart went out to him, and quickly assessing the scene, she took charge of the situation. She turned and closed the bathroom door behind her. A noticeably loud click sounded in the small room as she locked the door. She came back to Johnny and sat before him on the edge of the bathtub. She bent down to pick up her undergarments and placed them on the edge of the sink. His head still down, Johnny was starting to sniffle. Mrs. Winters placed a reassuring hand on his naked knee and placer her other hand under his chin and raised his face to look up at her.

“Oh sweetheart, there’s no need to get tearful, I’m not angry with you. It’s just that what you are doing isn’t very healthy. You could seriously hurt yourself.” She nodded towards the now flaccid penis between his legs.

“It’s not your fault. It seems sometimes things like this get overlooked in the education of young boys. I supposed I will have to talk to your mother about this,” she sighed, “We can’t let this sort of activity go on without some sort of supervision or counseling.”

Johnny’s eyes went wide in terror at the mention of his mother finding out, and he started to babble again in his panic to explain.

“Shhh, it’s alright honey. Everything is going to be alright.” She placed a long finger across his lips and caressed his cheek. Johnny’s panic subsided, and he allowed her soothing voice to fog his mind. She caressed his shoulders and trailed her fingertips down his abdomen, and eventually down to the top of his thighs.

“Spread your knees now honey,” her mellow voice suggested, as her hands gently, but firmly, pushed them apart. “There’s a good boy.” She suddenly broke eye contact with Johnny and he followed her gaze down to his groin.

“My, it’s a rather tiny thing when not properly taken care of,” she smiled apologetically. Mrs. Winters saw the panic and shame reassert them selves in Johnny’s face. She cut him off before he could start.

“It’s all right. It’s all right sweetheart. Don’t worry,” she cooed. She caressed her soft hands on the inside of Johnny’s thighs as she spoke.

“Its alright Johnny. I’ll take care of you.” She suddenly stopped her ministrations. With a knowing smile, she gracefully hunched her shoulders back to remove her short jacket. She then reached behind her neck to unfasten the straps of her dress, which spread apart and gathered around her waste.

“I’m sure this will help baby,” her mouth whispered forming a motherly smile. She reached behind her back and the massive cups of her bra dislodged. Her hands came back to the front and pulled the cups away from her pendulous breasts, and added them to the articles on the sink’s edge. As her loveliness came into view, an audible moan escaped Johnny’s lips. He was enchanted. His eyes kept darting back and forth between her beautiful face and her magnificent bosom. As he stared, Mrs. Winters smiled approvingly.

“You’re such a dear Johnny,” she giggled and scooted closer to him, and caressed his cheek and hair. Johnny was transfixed by the sight of the heavy dangling mounds of her breasts as she reached across to him. She used her other hand and urged him to lean towards her. His face now only inches from her right breast, she arched her back and guided her plump nipple to his lips. Johnny inhaled the sent of her warm flesh and opened his mouth to suckle.

“That’s my good boy Johnny. There, there baby. You’re such a good boy. You’ve been needing this for a long time, haven’t you baby,” She moaned in his ear as she caressed his hair. His suckling grew to a fevered pitch over the next few minutes as Mrs. Winters comforted him. When she finally dislodged him from her breast, tears were streaming down his cheeks with a mixture of joy and sadness.

“My dear, sweet boy,” she whispered, and hugged him to her bosom, “Everything is alright now. I’m here for you. Andrea is here for you.” When they finally parted, Mrs. Winters focused once again on the task at hand. The small nub that was his penis had quickly grown to 4 inches, large enough for direct stimulation. She gently lifted his left leg so that his heel rested on the edge of the tub next to her. She now had complete access to his exposed gentles.

Mrs. Winters gently slid her silky hand up the inside his thighs to surround the neck of his ball sack and gently tugged at it. The room was warm, and his scrotum hung heavy and loose, weighed down Escort Beylikdüzü by the two eggs it contained. She cupped the heavy sack in her left hand and rolled the balls within between her fingers. The gentle stroking from her right hand melded into a firm grasp as her long fingers curled around Johnny’s quickly inflating penis. She pulled the sensitive foreskin taunt, exposing the enflamed head. Johnny contorted with pleasure as she repeated the ministrations several times.

“You have a lovely penis, Johnny. It’s best that from now on you only let an experienced lady handle it. It’s for your own good. Childish self-indulgence will only lead to injury. Do you understand, Johnny,” She demanded in a no-nonsense tone.

Johnny could only nod and grab the edge of the sink for support, as the pleasure emanating from his groin intensified. By now Johnny’s penis had fully extended to its full length and pre-cum once again began to flow copiously.

“See honey, I told you everything would be alright. Now, you’re going to do your best for me aren’t you sweetheart,” She encouraged rhetorically.

With the added length, Mrs. Winters was able to use slow, strong, deliberate strokes. Her technique was unlike anything Johnny ever experience before. As a young man who masturbated several times a day, he thought no one would know his cock better then he, but he was obviously wrong. With each down stroke his foreskin was pulled taunt, exposing the sensitive underside of his glands to the skillful diddling of a feminine finger. Johnny’s body could resist no longer, his hips began to gyrate and lurch lewdly upwards as Mrs. Winters’ hand took on a milking action. Mrs. Winters grinned cheerfully.

“Aaah, that’s it. That’s what I was looking for. Come on Johnny. Come on, come on,” she goaded gleefully as he pumped his penis into her clutched hand.

The speed of her actions increased. Johnny began to moan softly with each thrust of his hips. His eyes opened every now and then to dart back and forth between Mrs. Winters’ angelic face, and her motherly breasts, which swayed and jiggled with her movements.

“Ohhh….Mrs…… Mrs…..”, Johnny trailed off unable to express himself.

“It’s all right Johnny. It’s all right baby. I want you to do your best for me. I want a nice big squirt from you sweetheart. I want to see you let it all out for me now,” She coaxed him.

Mrs. Winters’ expert manipulation was about to bare fruit. She switched to a more aggressive milking technique as she sensed that he was getting closer. She began to breathe heavily and flush with her own labor. Soon, she thought. Soon.

“Johnny! Johnny, open your eyes. Look at me honey, look at my face,” she snapped at him. Somehow, through the haze of pleasure, Johnny was able to focus. For a moment the only thing that existed was Mrs. Winter’s beautiful face and the pleasure her hands where generating between his legs.

Once Mrs. Winters saw he was focused on her she said, “Johnny, I want you to look into my eyes and see who it is who is giving you pleasure. Look at me baby, look at me.”

Johnny was delirious. Like the background droning of heavy machinery the pleasure pulsed through every fiber of his being. The spot where Mrs. Winters’ thigh touched his tingled with sensitivity. The core of pleasure that her hands were touching was on fire. Their eyes were locked on each other’s faces.

“Its time, Johnny, look at me,” She quietly reminded him as Johnny started convulsing.

“Cum for me baby, cum for me, come for me….” She chanted softly to him. He winced as the pleasure took him, but stayed focused on her lovely face as she narrowed her eyes in sympathy of the delicious convulsions that were rocking him. Mrs. Winters let out a mocking yet sympathetic groan as he erupted.

The tip of his cock seemed to explode as the first powerful squirt of semen lurched forward and landed on her graceful collarbone. Mrs. Winters redirected his cock as she continued to milk him with long deliberate strokes. The next few squirts she aimed over the generous slopes of her breasts. Her words echoed in Johnny’s mind, “cum for me, cum for me, cum for me.” She firmly squeezed his testicles as if she could wring more seed from them. At last his spurts grew shorter, and she brought her one hand up from his sack to catch the spillage and rub the underside of his gland as the other continued to milk him. Exhausted, Johnny finally had to look away, and collapsed. Mrs. Winters squeezed his already deflating cock. Satisfied that she had all of his essence, she finally let go.

“That was very good Johnny. I’m proud of you for doing as you’re told.” She beamed at him. Lethargically, Johnny looked up from below a sweaty brow just in time to watch a large gob of his semen drip off a puffy nipple. Mrs. Winters went to the sink and ran a wash cloth under some hot water and proceeded to clean herself up. She then used it to clean Johnny’s sensitive organ. When She finished, she sat on Johnny’s lap facing him, and took him in her embrace. Mrs. Winters had lined up her nipple so that it would automatically find its way into his mouth as she moved to straddle his lap. Regardless of his wishes, her rubbery teat forced itself on him, and he instinctively began to nurse on it.

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