Just A Business Trip: The Return Home

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On the flight home, I worked over in my mind, just how I was going to tell Sharon. I was still mulling it over as I picked up my truck from short-term parking and as I pulled into the driveway. I had called ahead so she was expecting me, but hadn’t said anything about the previous evening, although we did talk about the success of my meetings. I could smell dinner cooking as I walked in.

“Hey Cutie…”

Sharon ran over and gave me my welcome home kiss and hug. “HI! Oh, I’m so glad your meeting was so positive!” Then with a sly smile, “And how was your evenings?”

“Interesting, very interesting.” I forced a smile and had decided to save ‘that’ until we were in bed. Which wasn’t out of the norm, since we always did that when we had had an encounter during one of our trips. Besides with her knowing just that much would have her excited and wet by the time we got to bed. Under the circumstances I thought having her on edge would be the best way to approach it.

We sat down to eat and she grinned, “I can’t wait.” I saw her nipples harden against her t-shirt. “Before I forget. Mom called…” I almost choked in mid swallow! ‘Esther had said she would wait!’ I thought to myself. “She and Dad are going to take their motorhome out next week and want to stop here for a few days. Dad wanted to know if he could park in the driveway…I told him no problem.” She frowned. “Mom sounded troubled about something though. I hope nothing is wrong with either of them……”

“Oh, I don’t think so. They both seemed healthy when I saw them this week.” I had to smile at the double meaning. I didn’t know what Esther was up to, but she had kept her promise. We chatted through dinner about my meetings and Sharon filled me in on her week. We had finished cleaning up the kitchen and as we walked out Sharon turned to me.

“I’m going to shower, want to join me?” She giggled and trotted down the hallway. Another of our ‘rituals’ after a trip, and by the time we got out of the shower we would have no holds barred sex as we would relate what had occurred during our trip. I just wasn’t sure what tonight would bring.

As we crawled into bed Sharon took my cock in her hand, while my own hand slipped between her thighs. “So what happened while you were gone?” From the wetness I felt, she was more than ready.

“I went to a porn movie last night…I took my cock out and began to jack off…” Slowly I circled her clit, as she pulled on my now hardening cock. “There was a couple down from me and she was sitting on her husband’s lap…”

“Ummm…really…” Sharon’s clit was hard and her body was responding to my touch.

“Yeh, he had her breasts out playing with them while he had his cock buried in her. She was leaning forward and her hair covered her face. He had on a cowboy hat of some kind so I couldn’t see his face, but there was no mistaking that he was fucking her.”

“You watched…and…jacked off?” She was rapidly climbing to orgasm so I slowed my pressure on her clit.

“I did, and they would look over once in a while and watch me jack off. Then she quietly called me over and went down on me until the other guy and myself both came.” She tried to push up against my finger. “The movie was our favorite…Debbie Does Dallas.”

“That movie is the best! Stop teasing me! Please-e-e” She was panting now. “And to do it…without knowing…who they are…oh gawd-d-d…that’s…that’s so fucking erotic!!”

“Yeh that’s what I thought, it was so dark you couldn’t see faces until…” Sharon was almost to climax, and I paused until I felt that ‘moment’ just before the orgasm erupts, then I went on, “until afterwards and I recognized your mom and dad.”

“AAIIEEEEEIIIIII………” She had a death grip on my cock and her body shook as she climaxed. Then her eyes shot open! “WHAT-T-T-T-T…WHO-O-O-O-o-o-o-o…” She had heard me but she couldn’t believe what I had said, coupled with the shattering orgasm she had no control of her body. She lay back on the pillows trying to catch her breath as I gently caressed her stomach. Finally she opened her eyes and spoke softly. “My Mom and Dad? How? I always wondered when I was a kid. It’s almost unbelievable…” Her voice trailed off.

I smiled and shook my head. “That was my reaction when I first recognized them right after I had cum.” I began telling her the entire story, starting first with what I had learned at the bar, as to why they were there. Then I went back to what had happened in the movie and finished with our conversation over drinks. “That’s why I almost choked on my supper when you said your Mom had called. She had agreed she would wait until I talked to you, and I thought she had called and said something.”

Sharon had listened, not saying a word, for the thirty minutes it took me to explain, and now lay quietly digesting all I had said. “I told you I wondered if something was bothering her. Guess I know now, huh.” She smiled then frowned. “You didn’t recognize them, really?”

“No, czech couples porno not until the end when Mom sat up and pulled her hair back. Jeez, that was the last place I expected to see them! Talk about shocked! You know I’ve always thought they were so prim and proper, ya know?”

“I often wondered growing up and overhearing some things that were said quietly between them. Then when she talked to me about boys and sex…she was so open and free about it…” She sat up, “So where are the panties?”

I walked over to my suitcase and pulled them out of the side compartment. I was relieved and glad that Sharon had seemed to take it so well. I went back to the bed with panties in hand.

“Give them to me. Lay down.” Sharon held out her hand and motioned me down on the bed.

I did as she instructed. Taking my cock in her hand she rubbed the tip along her wet slit, then lowered herself onto me. Grinning I reached down and went to touch her clit. She smiled and pushed my hand away, then leaning over picked up the phone off the nightstand and dialed, turning the light blue panties over and over in her hand.

“Hi Mom. So you sucked off my husband last night, huh?” She was trying to sound stern, but the grin on her face gave a different inflection. She listened for a minute as Esther talked, looking at me and nodding from time to time. “Yes, he really enjoyed it. He shared everything with me…Huh? Oh, I am sitting with him inside me. What? No, I don’t mind…OK.”

Sharon turned the panties over in her hand and looked down at me. “She and Dad just went to bed, she is putting this on the speakerphone.” She smiled, then as an afterthought. “We should get one of them for in here.” She began slowly riding me.

I couldn’t believe it! She was talking to her parents, holding her Mother’s cum coated panties, while sitting on my hard prick! I felt it begin to thicken against the walls of her pussy.

“Hey Dad! So you have Mom up on her knees, huh?” She listened and then giggled. “Yeh, Jon’s doing the same thing to me, except I’m sitting on top of him. It’s not going to take him long.”

She spoke to me. “I can hear Dad slamming into Mom. She isn’t saying much, but I can hear her groan everytime he buries himself.” I couldn’t believe she was doing this! Lifting up she wrapped the panties around the base of my cock and slid back down my hard prick, then continued to ride up and down on my hard shaft.

“Mom, it sounds like Dad is getting close. I just wrapped your panties around Jon’s cock and I can feel him getting ready.” She was right! I was doing everything in my power to hold back! She held the phone tightly, and looked me directly in the eye, talking to all of us. “Mom, you’ve changed the color of your panties. They were white cotton the night you caught me masturbating.”

WHAT! She caught her! Esther only said she explained! “OHHHFUCKKKK!!!” I couldn’t hold it back.

“Dad, you mean Mom never told you either?” She held the phone away from her ear and I could hear Frank screaming as he unloaded into Esther. I’m sure they could hear me too!

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! Oh fucking damn-N-N-N-N-N!!!” Sharon contracted her muscles around my shaft and was milking all the cum from me. I was empty and it had gotten much quieter on the other end of the phone.

Sharon was speaking to her Dad, but still looking directly at me. “Yes, Mom caught me, then she helped me. She wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly…” she listened for a minute. “Mom, you remember! Yes, they were pretty little pink ones.” Again she listened. “OK, we’ll see you in a couple days. Love you…love you too Dad. Bye.” She hung up the phone and lifted up off my flaccid cock, pulling the panties up against dripping cunt, and walked into the bathroom.

I didn’t move! So much had just happened I was trying to digest it all. For as long as I could remember, Sharon and Esther had always discussed everything and were very close, a trait I had always admired. I just had never, until now, known how close! Had she really meant what I thought she meant? I had thought I would shock her, but she had turned it around and shocked the hell out of me!

Sharon padded naked from the bathroom and knelt beside me on the bed. With a little smile on her face, “I couldn’t believe what you told me when I started cumming, but I think I kind of turned the tables on you didn’t I.” She leaned over and took my flaccid cock between her lips, gently cleaning the mixed juices from my cock.

“That you did! I just don’t understand…” I watched contentedly as she licked me clean. Holding my softness she sat back up and looked at me.

“I’m sure Mom is having a talk with Dad right now, and I think it’s only fair that I tell you. But before I do that, I need for you to tell me again what your discussion was, not the whole story, but just in the bar. Please.” She smiled softly.

I nodded and folded the pillows up czech estrogenolit porno under my head, so I was more comfortable. Again I told her what we had talked about. I would pause from time to time, to sort my thoughts, and keep everything in order. Sharon absentmindedly played with my cock, and listened intently, nodding her head from time to time. Finally, I came to where we parted and went to our cars. “That’s about it.”

“When I was about ten or eleven Mom and Dad began going out a couple times a month. They’d get me a babysitter and wouldn’t get home until real late. I didn’t think much about it then, but when I got in my early teens I began to wonder where they always went.” She giggled. “I thought they were bar hopping and getting plastered.” She laughed and shook her head at the thought.

“Frank can sure put down!” I laughed.

“That he can, but they never sounded drunk or anything like that. They would come upstairs quietly and go into their room. I’d wait about twenty minutes then quietly go over to their bedroom door and listen to them fuck.” She began laughing. “I kept a can of WD-40 in my room so my door hinges wouldn’t squeak! Mom asked one time why I kept an oil can in my bedroom.” She was laughing so hard tears rolled down her cheeks. “I told her it was for the wheels on my skateboard!”

I laughed harder. “That’s great! My mom always questioned why the wastebasket in my room was always so full of tissue. I’d tell her it was my sinuses.” We were both laughing hard and I held up my hand indicating I wasn’t finished. Finally I went on. “She’d pick one up and look at it, then tell me my sinuses weren’t infected because the fluid was clear!” I shook my head. “Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt…”

Our laughter subsided and Sharon continued. “That’s ok, you never told me that before. It took me a few months of listening to them talk, behind their door, that when I was home alone I would do some snooping. I found some of Dad’s magazines and got quite an education! Putting ‘two and two’ together, I figured out they were going to swinger’s parties, plus why I got so wet between my thighs as I listened at their door.”

“Oh?” I smiled. My balls were empty but I felt my cock stir at the mental picture of her ear pressed to the door with her hand up under her nightgown. “So you learned how to masturbate.”

“Oh Jon! It was exciting! I listened until the bed stopped moving, then hurry back to my room.” Her free hand went between her thighs. Using her index and ring fingers to spread her lips, the middle finger began caressing her rapidly hardening clit. “I’d pull my nightie up and jack off three or four times, before going to sleep. It felt so good I’d get off almost every night just thinking of them at those parties or the sound of Dad screwing Mom.” The outer lips had begun to swell from her touch. “From pictures and reading I wanted something more. So I’d sneak to the fridge before bed and take a carrot, and later a cucumber, to my room and use it like a cock.”

“Damn Sharon! I can see you laying there with your legs spread pumping it in your pussy.” She was going to cum, and I watched fascinated. “Your fingers rubbing your hard clit until you would cum. Then you would slowly fuck yourself until your clit got hard again and you’d play with yourself until you came again.”

“yes-s-s-s…yes-s-s-s. I would, just like that! It felt so good!” Her eyes closed as her finger pressed hard against her clit and she reached orgasm. “oh-h-h-h damn Jon-n-n-n…” I watched her body take the journey to peak then slowly relax.

“I love watching you cum.” I smiled.

“I haven’t thought of those times in years.” She smiled. “I think Mom knew I masturbated, but never said anything. She would talk to me about boys and all those things, then when I was sixteen we went to the doctor and she put me on birth control.” She smiled then got real serious. “I had just turned eighteen and in the fall was going to leave for college. I remember this like it was yesterday! Dad was gone overnight on a business trip, and Mom and I had sat in the kitchen. We talked about how it was important I study hard, even with all the boys and parties that go on. The typical parent/child talk, you know.”

“I know. I had the same one, except I got it from my old man.”

“It was late and I went upstairs and showered, then to my room. I had stopped wearing those damn nightie’s, they would get all twisted during the night, so I just had panties on. I had pulled them to the side and playing with myself, thinking how I would miss listening at their door, and wondering how I would jack off if I had to share a room with some other girl at college. There was a light knock on my door, and Mom stepped in.”

“She caught you jacking off!”

“I had two fingers buried, and with the other ones I was rubbing myself! I pulled the sheet up, but I knew she had seen what I was doing.” Her face blushed at the czech experiment porno memory. “Mom came in wearing this really sheer robe, and from the light in the hall I could see she was nearly naked under it. I mean, I had seen her naked before just as she had seen me. You know like in changing rooms at the mall, or locker room after we had played tennis. So it was no big deal, but this time…this time was different. As she walked over…her breasts…her pussy…barely hidden.” She sighed. “Damn Jon, between jacking off and then her standing there nearly naked! It was erotic!”

“Really…” I was enjoying her story and my cock was almost at half-staff!

“She sat down on the edge of the bed, and pulled the sheet down. She apologized for coming right in, but she had hoped she would catch me masturbating because there was something we had to talk about.” Sharon closed her eyes as she relived the moment. “She turned slightly and put her hands on my hips and slipped her fingers under the waistband and pulled my panties off. I didn’t stop her…I even lifted my hips so it was easier for her to pull them off.” Her voice dropped to a soft whisper. “Shrugging her shoulders the robe fell away and she pulled her arms out. Then her hands…her gentle hands…they began caressing the inside of my thighs and I opened them for her.”

Sharon spoke as if in a trance, but was speaking directly to me. Her hand rested lightly on my thigh, and to my amazement my cock was rock hard with precum leaking into a puddle on my belly. Using the precum I coated my cock and began slowly stroking the length.

“Mom, what are you do…doing? Her hands traveled towards my pussy, then along my sides up to my breasts. She circled my nipples then pulled on them. Oh Jon! Each time she squeezed them it sent electrical shocks directly between my thighs.”

“Her eyes never left mine. “Honey, when you get to college you might find there is something more than boys. I’ve always tried to teach you that sex isn’t dirty, and I’ve known for a long time that you masturbate and you have been sexually active. Which makes me happy that you are comfortable with sex. Jon, my body was trembling! Her touch was setting my skin on fire, and her nipples were so hard I wanted to touch them, but couldn’t. I was so wet I could feel the juices running out and down the outer lips. The bedroom was filled with its scent. I didn’t mean to, but I looked down between her legs, those white cotton panties she had on were soaked right through.”

My cock throbbed and the head was turning a deep purple. “Damn Sharon! This really happened!” It was more a statement than question. She nodded her head.

“Mom what are you trying to say?”

“Sharon you are so much like me, you are not content with just one orgasm. I’ve listened to you climax multiple times in an evening. Although not all mothers are as open with their daughters as I am, I think you will find that most other girls know about masturbating.”

“A couple of my girlfriends and I have talked about it.”

“Have you done more than talked? It’s ok if you have, no matter what people say, it’s all a part of you learning your sexuality.”

“We compared, you know like when we started getting boobs or started to get hair down there. Sometimes when Kim.” Sharon looked at me. “I’ve told you about her. Kim was my best friend growing up, we did everything together.” Her eyes took that faraway look again. “When Kim would sleep over we would…compare, you know…and after we went to bed lying next to each other we would…would…masturbate.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that Sharon. But did you ever do anything else, like touch each other? Like I’m touching you now?”

“No. I mean we were right next to each other and we’d…we’d help each other. But nothing else, we’d do that or…or… just watch each other.”

“When you get to college you may find that your roommate enjoys masturbation and may even want to do more.” Sharon’s eyes lost that glazed look and glancing at my hard prick then to my eyes. “Jon, her hands had been caressing my breasts and belly. But when her hand went to my clit I started cumming! I couldn’t help it! I couldn’t stop, she was so gentle and her fingers touched me so gently that I must of cum ten times!”

“Damn Sharon! Did that really happen? You’ve never told me this before.” I had never felt my cock so hard before! My balls were slowly beginning to fill.

She moved over putting her arm between my thighs and leaned on her elbow. Her fingers toyed with my balls, while she slid her other hand between her own open thighs. “I always thought that was something for just between Mom and I, until tonight that is. After that night it never happened again, and was never spoke of. I don’t believe what we did was wrong, but was a treated as a learning experience. I sure got an education that night though.”

“You…you mean…” I thought I knew what she was going to say, but still wasn’t sure.

“Yes. Mom stood up and took her panties off then when she laid back down on the bed she got right between my legs. Her…her hands were all over me, caressing me, and…and her tongue! Oh Jon…I just couldn’…grrrrruuuhHHHHH…stop cuming-g-g-G-G!!” Sharon’s fingers were a blur between her thighs as she climaxed. Her other hand roamed over her breasts and belly.

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