Late night landing crossing – Part Six

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Late night landing crossing – Part SixIt was getting Chris off far too much and he soon said he needed to stop. As I sat back up and got off his dick, he told me that I had a lovely little body and he’d fcuk me again in a while – he just didn’t want to cum. Jane grabbed my attention by now though, as she pulled me towards her. I didn’t want to kiss her after she’d been licking my bum, but she had another idea. She wanted to sixty-nine me, she said, with me on top.Once we were both together, I got my face straight into her pussy. It was different from other pussy I’d tasted before. I knew that she was older and she’d had a baby, but it wasn’t that. Her pussy tasted of sex and I wanted to thank her for how she had licked me. I buried my face in her pussy and did all that I could.Jane was doing the same to me too and then I felt ANOTHER tongue behind me. Both of them were now licking me – Jane on my pussy and Chris around my bum-hole. That was amazing. I wriggled my little bum at them both and told them though moans of pleasure that I was loving it.I hadn’t really licked that many girls before and so I knew that I wasn’t doing a great job. Jane was moaning a bit, but I knew Çubuk travesti she was paying most attention to what she and Chris were doing to me. I reasoned though that I’d soon be taught more of this. This was my second night here and I knew that I would probably ending up fcuking the two of them most nights anyway – when I could explore Jane’s pussy more.She soon asked me to stop for a moment and then wanted to know something. Would I let Chris have bum-sex with me? He would be gentle and I’d enough it, she said, for he knew just how to do it right. Well, of course, I was going to let him. Though, I did say that he had to use plenty of lube. I was also staying on all-fours – I only do anal that way, for its easier to push myself away.Jane slid out from underneath me. She got the lube first and begun with Chris’ dick. I watched them over my shoulder and then creamed myself as Jane used her fingers to push plenty of lube inside me. Chris didn’t have a huge dick, but bum-sex does hurt without lube and if you haven’t done it hundreds of times.Soon enough, Chris was putting it in my bum-hole. Jane guided his cock to me and then I gently lowered myself back on Çukurambar travesti it. Only the head went in first, then I let a little bit more in. Chris then took over as his hands went on my hips and he slowly started fcuking my tight bum-hole. It hurt, just like usual, but its an immense rush. I like it not so much for the direct sexual pleasure, but the knowing that it was meant to be so WRONG!Jane watched her husband fcuk me. She stood beside the bed with her hands on her pussy as I took it up the bum. My body arched backwards and forwards with that dick inside me. She was right – Chris did know how to do it without causing me too much pain. He didn’t even try to push me down onto the bed and fcuk me like a piece of meat like most guys do when doing bum-sex.Finally, Chris begun to cum. I felt him speed up first and was going to tell him to slow down, but I knew that he had managed not to come for all this time. Jane and I had fcuked each other and him and he had held out all that time. Now, the guy needed a release. Getting spunk shot up my bum is also nice too – I can’t feel it in my pussy, but can up my bum.Chris dumped a whole load of spunk up me and Demetevler travesti then pulled out afterwards. I was about to collapse forward, but Jane rushed forwards. She wanted me to stay how I was – could she lick the spunk out of my bum. Chris urged me to let her, though I was going to say yes anyway.Jane put her face against my bum and jabbed her tongue inside. She also reached underneath with one hand and played with my clit. This all started to get me off and my arms felt weak. Chris could see all of this, he is like that, and he suggested that I sat on his wife’s face.Lowering myself onto Jane was different from anything else that I had ever done before. I looked down as I did it and saw her hungry eyes and willing tongue. Then that was inside my bum-hole, while both her hands, and mine, were on my pussy. I could feel the spunk trickling down my bum and her tongue inside. Then, I came again, all over our hands. Chris was eating Jane’s pussy at the same time and she got a face-full of his cum – from out of my bum-hole – while he lapped up a load of her juices too when she came.I collapsed onto the bed afterwards – I was all fcuked out. Jane sucked her husband’s dick for a while to get the last of his cum – but that was too much for me, it had been in my bum-hole. It was time for me to leave. I had come in here for sex and now wanted sleep. Though, I knew then, that I’d be fcuking them both again – which I did too!

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