Late Night Movies (chapter 12)

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Late Night Movies (chapter 12)I couldn’t believe it! He said yes! I was going to be able to stay up and watch ‘movies’ with mommy and daddy! I’m sure my face did little to hide how excited I was. I quickly scarfed my dinner down and thanked mommy for the delicious chops. If my face didn’t show it, the fact that I cleared everyone else’s plates after they finished did. Mommy seemed grateful though, smiling as I brought her and daddy another beer after they finished eating. I even went as far as to pack the leftovers and put the dirty dishes in the sink. I wanted mommy and daddy to know that I AM growing up and am grateful for their acknowledging it. By the time I finished, Chris was yawning and stretching.Mommy leaned over toward him and kissing him on the cheek. “Awww, my poor lil tired boy. I’ll tuck you in for a good night’s sleep.” She said with a smile while tapping his chest with the point of her long fingernail soothingly. This wasn’t anything new to me. She had ALWAYS tucked us in on various nights. I knew as when mommy would first check my jammies, making sure I was wearing underwear and matching bottoms and tops (socks in the winter). She’d tuck my blankets in around my body and then check my breath to make sure I brushed my teeth good. Then she’d run her fingers through my hair to make sure it was dry. If it wasn’t she’d bring the hair dryer in and make sure I was dry and toasty before drifting off. Sometimes we would read. She’d kiss me on the forehead and leave me happy and ready to sleep.She and Chris walked off down the hall and Daddy and I remained in the living room. He took a long draw from his pipe before telling me to get up. He started taking the cushions off of the couch and handing them to me. I stacked them neatly beside the couch and he pulled the hide-a-bed out. I can still recall the smell very clearly. It’s hard to describe with words but it is a smell that will forever be engraved into my memory. He whisked the sheet straight and I smiled all the while, getting to witness this action for the first time without being chased off to go to bed. He returned the smile and started removing his clothes.I was utterly surprised by the lack of subtlety. He started talking as he did so, “Clothes are just something that we put on and wear ‘outside’ and in the public. For people who truly know pleasure and where it comes from they’re really just toys or props. If you don’t feel like wearing clothes at home anymore you don’t HAVE to.” Daddy hesitated then went further, “well unless we’ve got company or your brother has someone over. Or if YOU have friends over.” He added hastefully. Just then he removed his briefs and his cock fell. He stood completely naked and took a hit. His cock looked bigger than normal but not quite as big as it did earlier that day.Just then we both heard a sound coming from down the hall. It was Mommy crying out. Daddy’s head snapped to the sound but then instead of reacting he merely smiled. He looked back to me and patted the mattress. I hopped up onto the makeshift bed and he grinned. I looked at him and felt overdressed.“So should I?” I asked while tugging at my jammy top.“Do you WANT to wear that? If not, you can take it off…” he said simply.I felt a little bit confused. I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. I found myself taking my jammies off. I took the top off. My pants… but for some reason I left my Scooby doo underwear on. Mom ALWAYS checked to see if we were wearing underwear so I thought this would be smart. “Ya cold Bud?” daddy asked.“No sir. I’m fine.” I replied and that got a smile. The smile grew as we both heard mommy again. She was practically screaming. Daddy just went and grabbed the key from under the couch and unlocked the pantry door beneath the TV. I blushed as the fake dicks were exposed and he was turning back to look at me, taking in each bit. He went to the kitchen and grabbed two beers izmit escort then lay down on the bed next to me, setting them down and taking a hit. My eyes rarely left his cock.Eventually mom came out and closed Chris’ door behind her. Dad was already following her with his eyes when she rounded the couch and lay on top of him. At first it looked like they were going to kiss but she stopped just an inch short of touching lips with him. She opened her mouth and what looked like her thick, white spit fell from her mouth into Daddy’s open mouth. She remained, open mouthed for some time before closing it and making the spitting, “Spttt” with her lips. Both of them moaned in ecstasy and then seemed to simultaneously regain themselves in front of me. Daddy swallowed and smiled.I looked at them looking back at me. Mommy’s bare ass exposed, pinning daddy’s now VERY hard cock between her fat thighs. A tiny bead was emerging from the tip. “Well honey? What do you wanna do?” Mommy asked me and I was taken completely off guard. I just wanted to stay up while they did what they did.“Errr… I duh… I dunno.” I said and got a laugh from both of them.“Put ‘the’ movie in hun.” Daddy said to Mommy and she immediately was bending over in front of the cabinet. She didn’t bother asking which one like she had the other night. She immediately put a tape in and hit rewind after doing so “Now it’s important bud…” Daddy said toward me, “…to let us know what YOU want. What YOU would like to see or try. Your opinion is very important to us. So anything… ANYthing that you want, don’t feel hesitant to ask for okay?” he asked. “I’m…” I hesitated. I had no idea what to say, where this would go. “I’m… I’m kinda hungry.” I said without even thinking. Daddy just laughed and mommy ran off to the kitchen in her little nighty that barely covered her lower back. The VCR clicked just as I heard popcorn popping in the kitchen. Dad yelled that it’s ready toward the kitchen and I heard mommy yelling back that we better not DARE starting it before she got back. So we waited patiently, sitting on the hide-a-bed in a blue living room waiting to press play. She came back with a bowl full of popcorn and two new beers and daddy hit play…I definitely felt like I was being watched as the credits started. I could hear them whispering indecipherably and kept looking back at both of them but settled in with my popcorn. The credits were particularly long but then it showed a woman sucking on a man’s dick. I knew what kind of movies daddy watched at night but this still took me by surprise for some reason. I looked back in disbelief toward my parents but found my mom with her mouth completely wrapped around my dad’s cock. She was taking it slow so as to not make much noise but struggling to get the last bit. Daddy smiled when I looked into his eyes. The couple on the screen argued about not wanting the light on. I thought it was kind of funny how she kept turning it off and the screen would go black. I looked back and mommy’s head was completely down on daddy’s cock, him clutching her hair in a tight fist and her struggling to breath much louder now. He would give her a moment, withdrawing his cock so she could gasp for breath. Then he would shove it down her throat again. “Is THAT the way a slut should behave?” he asked my mom, thrusting his cock deep into her mouth.“Hrmmt rmmph!” was all she said with her mouth full of cock.“That’s right!” Daddy said, thrusting his member in deeper. Mommy gagged but he just smiled and looked at me. “Seee-he-heee? … A good slut knows that their one duty is to please a cock.” He said while panting.“Can a… can a boy be a slut?” I asked hesitantly.“Of course!” Daddy replied. “I want very much to please YOUR cock Bud.”“Rmmmrph!” Mommy grunted with her mouth full of daddy’s dick.“So does your mom apparently!” he laughed. “But seriously… şehitkamil escort I want your dick. I want to please it. And that makes me a slut.” Daddy said with a sound of finality.“Doesn’t that make you a fag and not a slut?” I asked. I don’t know where it came from but I just blurted it out. I cringed thinking I had just made an extreme mistake and would soon be sent to bed.“It makes me both.” Daddy said. It was a lot to take in. I couldn’t believe my dad was a fag. “Whoooa hun… don’t make me cum yet. Lick my ass…” Daddy said and shifted with his feet high in the air and his legs spread. Mom spit on his ballsack and caught it with her tongue as it ran over daddy’s asshole. Daddy closed his eyes and smiled big, his ass opening and closing on mommy’s tongue.“What does that feel like?” I asked timidly. “…ha-having your… your heh heh… your butthole licked?” I could tell I was blushing like crazy after having asked.Daddy took a draw from his pipe, exhaled a cloud and then started, “It feels amazing Bud. It’s kind of hard to describe though. It tickles a bit but in a very good way. Sometimes it feels really good to make your hole wet and gooey too. Your mom is soooho good at it too. Would you like to see how it feels?” Daddy asked.“Really!?” I asked surprised. Mommy’s lips smacked as she kissed daddy’s asshole then turned to look at me smiling big with the front of her face gleaming with spit. I couldn’t believe she’d want to but she looked very much like she DID want to. “Mayyyybe a little bit. Just to see what it feels like.” I admitted and mommy quickly turned toward me. I started to get on my back but daddy instructed me to get on all fours facing him. Mommy got up and walked around to the end of the hide-a-bed and started to take off my undies. Her nails tickled my hips as she got under the waist band and soon they were off and on the floor.I sat there waiting for a moment. Completely embarrassed in my posture. I could hear the movie playing behind me but could only see daddy sitting in front of me smiling brightly and stroking his rock hard cock. Soon I felt her. I felt the tip of her tongue grazing from my tiny balls up to my hole, teasing it then up my crack tasting all of me. She moaned and the vibration between my buttcheeks tickled. I shifted a bit and mommy grabbed my cheeks firmly and split them before diving into my hole with her tongue. She got so deep inside of me it caught me by surprise.“Awwwwha! Ahhhahaaaa Mommy!” I cried out. She didn’t stop. Instead she strained to get deeper, licking all around inside my ass. “Ohhho Mom! Doesn’t it t-t-tayyyy-haste g-g-gross?” I asked.Mommy’s lips smacked again as she came up briefly to speak, “Noooho honey! Oh god no! I love it. You taste amazing. I love licking my lil boy!” She said with utter sincerity in her smile before diving right back in. Daddy had a stream of clear fluid running down his cock and it made slurping noises when he stroked it.“She LOVES it Bud.” Daddy reiterated. “I’ll bet her pussy is dripping wet right now. Ya see when guys get horny, our cocks get all hard. When girls get horny, their pussy get sopping wet. Makes it really easy to stick things in it. Aint that right hun?” Daddy asked mommy. She just moaned in agreement while still tongue fucking my hole. “You wanna see how wet she gets? How easy my cock slides into her?” He asked me looking right into my dizzy eyes.“Ye-hess!” I answered and with that mommy licked all her slobber off of my skin and assumed the same position I was in, on all fours across the mattress. Daddy got up and walked to the side of the hide-a-bed to get behind her and I crawled so that my face was inches from her fat ass. I wanted to get a really good look. Already I could smell it. That smell I would always know as my mother’s pussy, her cum. Sure enough Daddy was right, her pussy sat there çerkezköy escort slightly open, all of her folds glistening with extreme moisture.“Mmmmmm see that?” he asked. “See how fucken wet she is?” he asked while slapping three fingers right into her spread. It splashed each time he did it, coating her inner thighs with cum. I nodded with agreement while moving my face in closer for a better view. “Ya know mommy likes HER ass licked too. You wanna try it?” Daddy asked. Mommy’s asshole started opening and closing like it was calling me, like it wanted it.“Mmnnn. I don’t know. Maybe not yet. But can I? Can I…?” I started shyly. “You can do ANYthing YOU want Bud.” He said comfortingly.“Can I taste her… her pussy?” I asked.Mommy gasped and at first I thought I went too far. “Of course you can Bud! Taste it all you want!” Daddy said and it was all the permission I needed. I crawled down between her legs good and started running the tip of my tongue up her slit, gathering all that cum. I moved it around in my mouth and found that I really liked how she tasted so I ran along again this time with my entire tongue, gathering as much as I could. Mommy was moaning and her legs began to shiver like she was cold.I was caught by surprise when I felt Daddy’s big manly hand wrap around my little boner. I looked back at him and he hesitated, as if her were wondering if I’d say my name, putting a stop to it. When I didn’t he dropped to his knees on the floor behind me and took my entire lil prick into his mouth, balls too through my legs from behind. He moaned and it tickled my taint, his nose breathing right on my lil asshole.Mommy looked back after my licking stopped. “Mmmmnyoh way! Are you sucking his dick!?” Mommy asked excited. She seemed like she could barely breathe.“ErrrmHrmm” Was all daddy answered, his beard tickling my balls as he continued to take all of me easily.“Ohhho you fucking fagget!” Mommy yelled playfully. “I wanted to take it first you fucker!” She scolded while spreading her legs further and grabbing her right asscheek, spreading it wide open. I took it as a hint to continue licking her and I did. “Mmmhmph” was all daddy grunted and I could hear him jacking off really hard and sloppy. He really DID enjoy taking my little dick into his mouth.I hadn’t licked Mom for very long when her legs started twitching like crazy and she cried out like it was hurting. I stopped for a second thinking I was doing something wrong before she started yelling, “Don’t Stop!” and later, “Ahhhaaawwww fuhhhhuck!” Almost immediately after that happed Daddy let my boner slap back against my stomach and frantically got onto the mattress, hovering over mommy and stroking his cock. “Oh yes give it to me Den!” she cried out before his cock shot rope after rope of thick white cum all over her face. She had three solid stripes diagonally across her face before she started directing some into her mouth with her fingers. Both of them sat there panting for minutes after that before lying down and getting comfy.They lay there making out for a bit as if they’d forgotten I was there. I settled in between their legs and started watching the movie again. I was worried this might mean the night was over and I had good reason to be worried. A couple minutes later Daddy paused the movie after a money shot. “Alright Bud. I think that’s enough for ONE night.”“Awwwww!” I whined.“Don’t worry hun. We will DEFINITELY be doing this again!” he reassured me and chuckled. I WAS feeling pretty tired at this point so I chose to believe him. Obediently I started to get up before my mom pulled me over to her.“Wait.” She said and I waited. “Give me a kiss.” She said smiling, her face still gooey with cum that had now gone clear and started to run down her neck. I leaned into her and opened my mouth, wrapping my lips around hers. I could taste the seed all over them. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and I could taste it even stronger. I licked the goo from her tongue and when our lips smacked ending the kiss we both sat smiling at each other. “You know I think you’re the PERFECT little boy? …and that I love you SOOO so much!?” she asked.“Yes Mommy. I love you too!” I answered.“Alright now get ta bed k**do. We’ll see you in the morning.”

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