Life on the Family Farm Pt. 02

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Life on the family farm Part 2

After her evening chores, Sue went out to the porch to sit in the darkness. The night air is much cooler than the air in the house. The house is always hot due to the cooking and baking.

Sitting in the darkness, sue carefully raised her dress hemline to her knees giving the cool air access to her overheated cunt. Cautiously, she reached up to touch herself, realizing she was leaking juices out of her pussy.

Ron came walking up very quietly startling Sue when he said, “playing with your hot cooze again?”

Sue, replied you scared the fucking shit out of me. You are an asshole.

Ron shot back you’re a barnyard hussy.

Sue shushed him, “someone might hear you”

Ron replied meet me by the back of the birthing barn. Then turned and walked away.

Sue thought fuck the asshole, treating me like he owns me. Getting up and walking to the designated barn, she thought it was time to put him in his place.

Reaching the barn, she stopped, looking around for Ron when suddenly there is a hand placed over her mouth, and Ron’s voice said to be quiet as he dragged her into the darkness of the barn.

Once inside, Sue turns to give him a sound piece of her mind when he punches her in the gut hard enough to knock the wind out of her.

Sue dropped to the dirt floor like a sack of potatoes, gasping for air with tears in her eyes.

Ron, wasted no time in rolling her around, removing her dress and bra. Tying her hands together, he hoisted her up with her back against a barn post. He then lifted her and hooked her tied hands over a peg in the beam.

Sue was now pissed and scared, she started getting loud when Ron stuffed a handkerchief into her mouth.

Naked, hands tied, hung from a post peg, she had to use her toes to keep the pressure off of her wrists.

Ron gets undressed walking up to her and hissing, escort izmir “don’t you ever get sassy with me fucking bitch” He started mauling her tits while chewing on her nipples as she hung there with tears streaking her cheeks.

Ron grabs her legs lifting them as he plunges forward sinking his cock into her cunt. Ron tears into her like a bull fucking a cow in heat.

Raming his cock in and out Sue has an explosive orgasm. Ron smiles and says, “I knew you’d love it rough”

I bet you also like dirty talk. You love being treated like a piece of fuck meat. Deep inside you want to be degraded.

You want a man who will use you. Fuck you like a slut whore. Maybe fill your slut cunt with a baby. Treat you like a breeder cow.

Sue was having multiple orgasms while listening to his verbal abuse. Thinking, oh my god, he’s right.

Ron slammed into her as he emptied his nuts, filling her cunt for the second time today.

Sue gushes in her climax again.

Ron pulls his cock out looking at the gooey mixture of cum and cunt juice leaking out of Sue’s twat and says, Now you look like a proper downtown cum slut.

Unhooking her wrists from the peg, he tells her to get on her knees and suck his wet slimy cock.

Sue drops to her knees, tears flowing freely, as she raises her bound hands to hold his cock. Taking his cock in her mouth, she starts suckling like a calf to a teat.

Ron then instructs her to rub her cunt and clit while sucking his cock.

Sue reaches down, rubbing her gooey cunt. Smearing the goo over her very sensitive clit. This action causes her to have small orgasms.

Ron hissed rub your clit while I paint your tonsils with my cum. I’m cumming in your slut mouth and your fucking rubbing your hot slut cunt. Swallow it, you cunt.

Sue cums explosively while swallowing Ron’s fresh load of sperm. The events caused sensory overload, escort izmir and Sue passed out.

Coming to, Sue looked at Ron and said you are an asshole.

Ron sat her up, and said “things are going to be different around here.”

Sue said, “Yeah?”

Ron replied “Yeah” shut up and listen. You will do what I ask when I ask. If you don’t, I will teach you a lesson. You are now my fuck toy. You know as I do, that you loved being tied up and degraded.

So from now on, I will address you as a slut, a cunt, a whore, or any other degrading word I can think of. Got it?

Fuck you, Sue responded, which was promptly rewarded with a slap on the top of her head.

Owe she yelled.

Be quiet slut or I’ll tie you to the post on your knees and let that horny hound have some of that sloppy slut cunt.

You wouldn’t, Sue responded.

Ron replied maybe you’d prefer the bull. His cock would split you in two.

Sue said nothing, trying to hide her quivering yet excited voice.

It did not go unnoticed. Ron said just talking to you, tied up naked in a calving barn has your slut cunt in overdrive. Admit it, you’re a slut who took her own cheery with a cucumber. Say it.

Sue hung her head and repeated the words. The words that are now burned into her very soul as she believed the words to be the truth. Thinking I am a slut.

Ron picked her up, taking her through the dark barn to a room that was used by the vet to examine and operate on newborn calves when necessary.

Flicking on the light, he said get your cum filled slut ass up on the table and lie back.

“What are you going to do to me?” Sue asked.

Ron said “shut up cunt. I’ll do as I please. Fucking lay back.”

Ron got the shower hose, adjusted the temperature, and directed the spray over Sue’s cunt rinsing away the matted and leaking sperm. Next, he went to the cabinet and got the shaving soap and a straight-edge razor.

Sue realized he was going to shave her twat and started to protest.

Shut the fuck up you fucking slut cow. Ron then soaped up Sue’s pubes and commenced with the removal of all her cunt hair. He stopped to tell her to be still if she didn’t want her cunt lips cut the fuck off.

When he got done he again used the shower hose to rinse off her pubis and said nothing beats a shaved slut cunt. Feel your whore cunt.

Sue reached down and ran her fingers over her mons and vaginal lips. Sue thought I’ve not been this smooth since I was a little girl.

Just then, They heard Sue’s dad yell out, “Ron, are you in there?” Ron turned out the light, stepped out, and replied yes, I was preparing the room for the vet in the morning.

Sue heard her dad say good, get some rest, the morning comes early. Ron and her dad walk away.

Sue laid there fifteen minutes in the darkness while thinking about the night’s events and casually diddling her clit. Cumming again she thought I’ve never felt so naked.

Why would shaving my cunt make me feel so naked, Sue thought.

Getting up being careful not to turn on the light, Sue slowly made her way out of the room and through the barn to the area where Ron stripped her of her dress and bra. Looking around in the pale moonlight she found her dress, but not her bra.

Slipping her dress over her shoulders, she walked out the back of the barn towards the path to the pond, before turning towards the house.

Stepping into the kitchen, she was greeted by her father who said “where were you?”

Sue respond “down at the pond on the dock.”

Her father asked, “what were you doing down there at this hour?”

Sue replied “just thinking,” looking at the moon and the stars. It’s so hot in my room.

Her father said next time let someone know where you’re going, and wear a damn bra.

Sue felt the heat of embarrassment in her cheeks and said yes daddy, I will as she hurried through the kitchen and up to her bed.

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