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Subject: Little white pills chapter 41 Hi Guys, So obviously the LWP publication pace has slowed way down. Thanks to everyone who wrote checking in on me and (very nicely) encouraging me to keep going–I always appreciate some fan mail. The good news is that I do actually have an end game in mind for all the existing story threads, and they will get wrapped up tidily. The bad news is that real life stuff has been crazy, and apparently it’s not going to get back to normal anytime soon; writing keeps getting pushed to the back of the line and that probably isn’t going to get better in the near future. So the chapters will keep coming, but don’t be surprised if the pace isn’t what it used to be. In the meantime, enjoy the latest installment and I hope you have a happy and horny Valentine’s Day. If you like it help keep the lights on by donating to the good folks Nifty at fty/donate.html. Share the love! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chapter 41: “Relationship Growth” “Well you’re a fucking moron, A,” Dave said, taking another pull of his White Claw. “I mean come on, Chris is hot as fuck and he’s totally into you. Stop being such a pussy and worrying if your dick is big enough–we both know it’s plenty big.” He burped. “Yeah…I know, I know.” Aaron agreed miserably. “It’s just…it’s stupid.” “Oh my God, whipeepo problems,” Dmitri put in after a few seconds–the whole conversation had been in slow motion since the edibles he’d brought began kicking in. “You’re rich as fuck, good looking, and when you’re not a whiny bitch you have a good personality. Come on man!” The former wrestling captain fixed the blond jock with the stare he used to let one of his teammates know they needed to start stepping up. Aaron had been been sliding into whiney relationship mode ever since Dave had started talking about his wedding plans, and the burly Black man’s impatience was starting to show. “We’re supposed to be having a guys’ hangout here, and you are being a serious buzzkill. Drop the Cali Cloud of Gloom bit, blondie.” “I know man, I know. It’s just…back home a lot folks would just want to hang because of the money thing or whatever. Like, every one of my girlfriends in high school basically just used me for an ATM machine.” “And you got laid all the fuckin’ time, right?” Dmitri challenged. “Yeah…” Aaron’s lips twitched: he had gotten a lot of play. “So win-win man–they got a Gucci and you got some coochy.” Dmitri grinned loopily at his own joke; his eyes were turning as red as Aaron’s felt. “And you know Chris isn’t like that dude. I mean come on, he’s like the total opposite,” Dave put in. “When has he ever asked you for anything?” “Yeah, you’re right man,” Aaron said, brightening up a bit. He chugged down the rest of his own Claw and gave himself a shake, forcing himself out of his funk. “No more whining, I promise. We gotta pick out tux colors and flower arrangements and what font to use on the place cards, and–” he burped and waved his empty can in Dave’s direction–“you know, all that shit.” His eyes were getting bleary. “Fuck that, that’s what Joey’s sister is for. Bachelor party talk, man!” Dave urged. He and Joey had announced they were going to tie the knot in September, and it’d sunk in that they had a shit-ton to do. Thus the get-together to hash our some details while their partners were off doing their own thing. “Hey, I’ll go to Denver with you brah, but you’re own your own if you want a dick dancer,” Dmitri said. “Just have Denise tap in man,” Aaron said, “she’ll dig it. Unless you’re worried she’ll dump your ass.” He shot the big bald man a sly grin. “Leave you for some big city D.” “Shut up white boy,” Dmitri grinned, “you’ll be lucky not to come back with the herp, ya whore.” Aaron had dropped various hints and humblebrags in the locker room about a few of his sexcapades with Chris, and Dmitri had figured out that he and his ex-roommates had fooled around together too. Aaron had teased him about how the gay guys on the team were the ones doing all the crazy shit. Apparently Denise was hot as hell in bed, but there was no way she’d be down for the shit he and Chris or the other two got into. The conversation wandered around after that for a few hours, not entirely coherently, until the warm May sun was low in the sky and they’d gone through all the beverages in Dave and Joey’s fridge. Dmitri wiped the sweat off his shaved scalp. “All right, I gotta head. Denise is gonna be back from her girls’ thing and I said we’d grab dinner.” “You okay to drive?” Dave asked, thick brows furrowed. He was pretty wasted, but not so much that he couldn’t see the other guys were too. Dmitri paused. “Umm…no wait, I biked. I’m cool. Thanks for the drinks Dave.” He gave a little salute and headed unsteadily out. The two former roommates sat for a few minutes, chilling out, before Aaron finally spoke. “Hey, still got any of that vodka in the freezer?” “Maybe,” Dave rumbled. “Lemme check.” He stood up, leaning on his chair for balance. “Whoa.” Aaron joined him, listing to one side himself. “Yeah, whoa. Those were some good gummies. I gotta take a piss.” “You do you A.” Dave grinned and headed to the kitchenette. When Aaron emerged he was holding a nearly empty Tito’s handle, which he shook in his friend’s direction. “Little bit left man,” he said, taking a swallow. “Shit, that’s all backwash,” Aaron griped. “Okay then,” Dave said, putting the opening to his lips. “I didn’t say I didn’t want want it–jeez!” Aaron said hurriedly, and grabbed the icy container from his grinning teammate. He quickly tossed back the last ounce before Dave changed his mind. “Shit, you drained me dry A,” Dave said. “Wouldn’t be the first time,” Aaron said, waggling his eyebrows. He moved a half-step closer to Dave and set the empty bottle on the counter. Dave laughed. “You do give awesome head, man.” He ruffled Aaron’s long hair (lately he’d been threatening grow it out into a man bun) and then the two of them were standing together with their arms loosely around each other, grinning sloppily. “Well you’ve got a tasty dick,” Aaron replied. “I’m not the only one.” Dave’s eyebrows twitched up. They were both starting to get hard. “I should probably head…” Aaron said after a minute. “Yeah,” Dave agreed, “Joey wouldn’t be cool if we had play time without him.” “Chris either,” Aaron agreed. His dick was a solid rod pressing against Dave’s erection, but he didn’t move any closer. “You need to bring him over, man.” “Yeah….” Aaron didn’t sound 100% convinced, even if his dick did twitch. “Don’t be a pussy,” Dave said, “he didn’t exactly leave you for Joey’s dick after his birthday, bro.” “Coz you’re a fuckin’ cock blocker,” Aaron teased, his good humor coming back. “Or Dave’s beer can,” his friend pressed, “twice at least, right? Or Gabe’s?” Aaron rolled his eyes. “Fuck Dave, you gotta remind me everyone else has a bigger dick?” His tone said he was joking though. “Shut up you whiner,” Dave laughed. He ruffled Aaron’s hair and pulled the blond into a sloppy bear hug. “One taste of dick and you turned into a fuckin’ drama queen.” Aaron returned the hug for a minute. “Thanks for keeping me honest dude.” Dave shrugged. “Lotta practice keepin’ Joey under control,” he smiled. “Big dick, big ‘tude,” Aaron agreed. “You can say that again,” Dave rumbled. His dick flexed, then Aaron’s against it. “Shit, I gotta go,” Aaron said, pulling away, “get home to my man.” “Get home to get railed,” Dave laughed. “Maybe,” Aaron agreed with a sly smile. He made a wobbly turn towards the door. “Later Davey Boy.” “See ya’ A,” Dave said. He locked the door behind his departing friend and headed into the bedroom. Joey wouldn’t be back until the next night from his family visit, and Dave’s hard on wasn’t going to wait that long. He kicked off his shorts and pulled out the giant black dildo they kept in the bedside table, then picked up his phone. One way or another Joey was going to get him off tonight. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Aaron didn’t realize how stoned he was until he finally made it home after a two-hour walk that had actually only taken 15 minutes. Gabe was in the living room watching ESPN and morosely eating a bowl of ramen. “Hey,” the stocky Hispanic nodded as Aaron sauntered in. “‘Sup?” Aaron asked. Gabe shrugged. “Chillin’.” “No Chrissy huh?” “Nah. That shit’s over.” Gabe sounded resigned but not crushed. “Sorry bro.” Aaron wasn’t sure what to say–they’d been more off than on lately, so it wasn’t like no one had seen the breakup (round four) coming. “Eh, it’s fine.” They both looked up at the sound of a thump from the room above, followed by a loud “God yes, harder!” “At least they’re getting some.” “That they are,” Aaron agreed. That’d sounded like Big Dave–he’d never given a shit if anyone heard him having sex–which made him think about the big blond’s monster cock, which reminded him that the dark-haired guy in front of him had a nice fatty of his own filling out the front of his board shorts. Aaron’s own dick started fluffing up again, remembering the move-in gang bang and how he’d ridden Gabe’s sausage right there on the couch. He shook his head to clear it, realizing that he’d been just staring at Gabe’s crotch the whole time he’d been pitching a tent in his own shorts. When he pulled his gaze away he knew instantly he was busted. Gabe just shook his head and laughed though. “Fuckin’ horn dog.” Aaron wasn’t sure if it was a blush or a flush, but his face definitely felt warm. “You love it.” A good offense is a good defense, he figured. “Yeah I do,” Gabe said with a lazy smirk. He set his ramen container down on the coffee table and leaned back on the couch, putting one arm on the back and one leg up, clearly showing off his goods. His tan legs popped against his pale blue shorts, accentuating what was under them. Aaron rolled his eyes. “So conceited dude.” He could play the game too, even if he was having trouble focusing at the moment. Gabe smirked again. “Your man back yet?” His right thumb brushed over the nearest nipple in a way that could’ve been accidental but which they both knew wasn’t. “No…uh, soon…” Aaron furrowed his brow. Had Chris said 7:30 or 8:30? It was still light out, so that meant it wasn’t 8:30 yet, right? But after 7:30, so… “Pretty soon I think.” Wow, he really was faded. “Cool. We should hang.” “Yeah?” “Yeah, definitely. Guys’ night, y’know? Haven’t had one of them in a while.” Gabe could’ve been talking about catching a movie, but the way he smiled as he lazily played with his nipple said he was thinking chill, not Netflix. “Yeah, okay, maybe…” Aaron’s dick was definitely responding to the combination of weed and the sight of Gabe’s swelling crotch, but there was still that stab of jealousy/fear at the thought of Chris’s reaction to someone else’s much bigger piece of meat. It was tempered though by the afternoon’s chat with Dave and Dmitri, most of which he remembered…he needed to think about it some. “I’m gonna crash first for a bit,” he said, finally. “Cool. I’ll be here,” Gabe said, and resumed eating his ramen bowl like nothing had happened. Aaron stared stupidly for another few seconds before he realized he’d said he was going to take a nap, then turned and headed up the stairs. He’d crash in Chris’s bed, he thought, and wait for him there. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Aaron swam back into consciousness sometime later, slowly becoming aware that: it was dark; there was a warm body spooning him; and, the warm body had a hard on pressing against his ass. “Hey,” he murmured, placing his hand on top of Chris’s. “Hey,” Chris agreed, breath warm on his neck, “glad you’re alive after all.” His hand began sliding down Aaron’s torso. Aaron’s mouth twitched. He was still lightly buzzed, but not like before. “Yeah, guess I was pretty out of it.” “Yeah you were. You didn’t even budge when I came in here to grab a towel.” He smelled like fresh soap and shampoo. And he was naked, Aaron realized. “Sorry I missed that,” Aaron replied, stretching his body out to wake himself up. He took advantage of the shifting position to guide Chris’s hand lower. “How was your Cross Fit thing?” He felt his boyfriend shrug against him. “Not bad; I took fifth. I kept slipping on the obstacle wall or I would’ve done better.” His fingers dipped below Aaron’s waistband, pinky sliding into his cropped light brown pubes. “Lotta hot guys there,” he breathed. His stiffy slid along Aaron’s crack as he flexed his body against the wrestler’s. “Got tough to concentrate.” His hand slid over Aaron’s shaft then wrapped warmly around it to tug it upwards. Aaron shivered at the touch, fully awake now. Even after almost a year of sex together Chris wasn’t usually this forward during foreplay–he really must’ve been torqued up. Of course they hadn’t done it in a couple of days either. “Yeah?..” He pumped into Chris’s hand. “All that spandex get you hot and bothered, huh?” “Mmmhmm…” Chris nibbled on his ear and started jacking him, coaxing a fresh drop of precum to join the dried residue from earlier in the day. “This one blond guy–he was like 30, but totally built–was doing all these stretches in front of me. You know that cat/cow yoga thing I showed you? To stretch your back?” “Mmmhmm…” Aaron arched his back one way, then the other, to show he remembered. “Wasn’t just for back stretching,” he added. Chris’s instruction had ended with his dick up Aaron’s ass, and a load of Cali spooge on the rug. Chris gave a lusty chuckle. “Nope. And he was doing those right in front of me for like 5 minutes.” His hand released Aaron’s shaft and slid around to cup the wrestler’s gaziantep escort left ass cheek. “He had such a great ass…” He squeezed, followed by a caress that ended with his fingertips brushing Aaron’s taint. “…I couldn’t stop staring.” Aaron could imagine it: his boyfriend standing there, wavy black hair damp with sweat, a few beads of it running down his sparse chest hairs, and his black eyes wide with lust as he shot sideways glances at the guy next to him. He’d think no one around him was noticing, but his face would be flushed, and his cut dick would be rock-hard where it was tucked into his compression shorts. Aaron licked his lips at the thought. “You wanted to fuck him?” Aaron asked. “Yeah,” Chris breathed, “but your ass is better.” He hooked his thumb over Aaron’s waistband and began sliding the gym shorts down. “So much better.” He nipped his boyfriend’s trap. “I wanna be inside you so bad Tigg,” he sighed as they both worked to get Aaron’s shorts and underwear off. “I missed your cock too babe,” Aaron panted, “all fuckin’ day.” He finally succeeded in kicking the fabric off his ankles, and promptly backed up so Chris was sliding wetly against his crack. The two of them began grinding against each other. “Get the lube.” “Yeah,” Chris agreed. Aaron felt him roll away for a second and then he was back, the sound of wet squelching coming from the bottle as he pumped the liquid out. Aaron raised his left knee in invitation, then moaned as two slick fingers entered his chute. Chris had gotten more comfortable topping him over the semester, enough that Aaron didn’t need much stretching to take his boyfriend’s cock. “You ready Tigg?” he asked hoarsely. “Oh fuck yes” Aaron whined–he’d already started jerking himself, not caring that his hand was dry, but he had to let go when Chris’s head began opening him up: he was closer than he’d realized, and the cock sliding into him felt almost unbearably good. “Oh Gooood…that feels so fuckin’ gooood….” He squeezed his ass, milking the shaft as it ground against his prostate, and now it was Chris’s turn to moan. “Your ass..ahhhh!” Chris gasped as he sank in, coarse bush finally pressing into Aaron’s glutes. “All day…” His lubed hand gripped Aaron’s shaft, making it pulse. “Wanted this all day…uuuhh…” When his fingers reached Aaron’s glans it was the blond jock’s turn to whimper. “Shit,” Aaron panted, “not gonna last!” His hips were pumping with a mind of their own, pushing back in response to the bolts of pleasure ricocheting from the tip of his dick to his aching hole and back again. He reached one hand up behind him to tangle in Chris’s hair, hungry for the body contact. “Fuck me babe! Fuck my hole!” “Uhhn! Yuh!” Chris began pounding into him, panting into his ear as his body slapped into Aaron’s. Aaron’s eyes rolled back in his head as the combination of fist and cock sent waves of ecstasy crashing through him. “Take it Tigg!” Chris grunted. “Unh! Unh! Unh!” His grunts came faster and went up inexorably in pitch as he began frantically thrusting. It didn’t take long at all for the relentless pounding on his g spot to push Aaron to the edge. “Hard–ah! Unh! Al! Most! Unhgod! Yes! Right there! AhhhhfuckimgonnaAAAHH!!” Aaron convulsed helplessly as he orgasmed, his fresh cock slime mixing with the lube to make his glans hypersensitive to Chris’s touch. “Shoot it!” Chris grunted, redoubling his jack rabbiting. “Shoot! It!” He slammed against Aaron’s ass hard enough to shift the wrestler over on the bed, and then Aaron’s hole was filling with slick warmth as his boyfriend unloaded deep inside him. Chris abandoned his grip on Aaron’s dick to wrap his arm around his torso, pulling the wrestler’s body tight against his thrusts. “Oh God!” he gasped through clenched teeth. “AHUH!” His breath was hot in Aaron’s ear as he pushed balls-deep inside the wrestler, almost hard enough to shove him to the edge of the bed. Aaron barely noticed, too dazed from his own ongoing orgasm to do more than appreciate the pounding he was getting. Chris hadn’t ridden him this hard in a while, and the frenzied feel of a hard cock ravaging his hole was a welcome sensation he hadn’t even known he was missing. “Don’t stop,” he panted, “don’t stop.” He only had a few drops of jizz left to wring out, but getting plowed was its own pleasure–he wanted it to last. By the time they came to their senses they were both covered in sweat and out of breath. Aaron found he was lying on a sizable wet spot, and it felt like maybe he’d gotten a bit of rug burn where Chris’s ramming had slid him across the bed spread. Totally worth it, of course. “That was lit,” he sighed, “thank you.” Chris nuzzled his neck, still inside him. “At your service, sir.” “You should take the top bunk more often.” “Yeah…maybe I should. You liked that huh?” “Always.” Aaron turned his head so they could kiss a little. He was always down for a little post-sex cuddling, especially with this guy. “Especially when you cut loose like that.” Chris grinned. “I think you’re corrupting me.” “I try. Anything to see you get all hot and bothered.” “Yeah?” “Oh yeah. It’s so fucking hot when you get going.” Aaron pulled off of Chris’s cock and rolled onto his back. He touched one clean-shaven cheek. “I love it.” “Mmm…I’ll have to see what I can do then,” Chris smiled, and planted another kiss on him. “Any ideas?” Aaron quirked his eyebrows up. “Well, since you mention it…” Chris’s eyes widened in humorous disbelief. “You wanna go again? Already?” “Not right this second, duh. But you weren’t going to go right to sleep after this were you?” Chris shook his head. “See?” “So what’d you have in mind stud?” Chris leaned in, black eyes sparkling. “What were you going to do to me?” he asked in a low voice. “Wellll…” Aaron rolled on his side and propped his head up on one hand while the other glided over Chris’s side and down to his hip. “Gabe and I were talking before you got home….” “Uh huh…” Chris inched a little closer, his gaze following Aaron’s arm. “And it looks like he’s flying solo again….” “Uh huuuhh?…” Chris eyed Aaron’s hand as his fingers dipped into his black bush and began tickling his balls. His wet dick was still soft, but if Aaron kept that up it wouldn’t stay that way. “Said he thought we should hang out…” “Mmhmm…” Aaron had begun tracing the ridge of Chris’s cockhead with one fingertip. “He was pretty hard when he said it…” “Yeah?” Chris pulled his gaze from Aaron’s hand and looked at him, biting his lower lip. “He was huh?” “Mmhmm. Pretty hard to miss that thing.” “For real.” Chris chuckled, but it was a breathless noise. Down below, his dick began to twitch. “Yeah, it’s so big,” Aaron continued. His blue eyes locked onto Chris’s, and his own voice was low and rough. “So fat,” Chris agreed. He wrapped his hand around Aaron’s dick and tugged lightly, encouraging the blood flow that’d already begun. “Thick,” Aaron whispered. Chris’s shaft was swelling up nicely. “God it is,” Chris said hoarsely. A flush had begun creeping up his neck. When he lifted his top knee in invitation Aaron slid his hand lower. His his middle finger traversed his boyfriend’s lightly-furred taint until it came to rest on the puckered flesh behind it. “You want him to fuck you?” Aaron breathed. The way Chris’s asshole fluttered was all the answer he needed, and his finger was already sliding in when his boyfriend gasped “yes.” “How?” Aaron stamped down the flicker of jealousy the look in Chris’s eyes had caused. He could already see how hot the dark-haired jock was getting at the thought, and that really was a turn-on. That, and the way Chris had started jacking him faster the moment Aaron had penetrated him. “How do you want him to fuck you?” He pushed a second finger in; despite the lack of lube it met almost no resistance. “From behind,” Chris said breathlessly. “I want him to fuck me doggy style while your cock is in my mouth.” “Oh yeah?” Aaron asked. He couldn’t resist a little thrill of ego that he was part of this fantasy. “Yeah,” Chris gulped. “All I can think about when I’m getting fucked by a giant cock is how much I want yours. I want my mouth full of your cum when I get off.” “Oh! Yeah, that’d be hot.” Aaron stopped to process that for a second: Chris did like a bigger dick than he could provide…but it made him want Aaron more. That…was definitely something he could get behind. “I wanna see my jizz running down your chin when you come.” “Fuck yeah,” Chris panted. His pupils were wide open and his face was red–when he started cussing Aaron knew he was really in the zone. “Fat dick makin’ me come while my man paints my face.” He lunged in and drilled his tongue into Aaron’s mouth, grinding their bodies together. “I wanna get fucked so bad right now.” “Yeah, I wanna see you take that dick,” Aaron agreed enthusiastically. “Let’s clean up real quick and then go jump Gabe’s bones.” “Yeah,” Chris agreed and leapt off the bed to head to Aaron’s bathroom, not even bothering to wrap the usual towel around his waist. Not that it would’ve hidden his stiffy anyway, Aaron thought as he followed eagerly behind. The shower was a quick affair: they barely waited for the water to get tepid before they both hopped in and started scrubbing up. Aaron did take the time to work a couple of soapy fingers into Chris’s ass though, which got a very satisfying reaction. Chris surprised him by returning the favor a minute later while Aaron was rinsing off. He jumped in surprise when the digit slipped in, but adjusted quickly. When Chris kept up the fingering he just rolled with it, bracing his hands below the shower head and pooching his ass out while Chris added another finger. His ass was still good and slick with lube and cum, and the massage felt great; he made a low rumble of appreciation as he rocked his hips. Chris reached around and turned off the shower, but kept his fingers busy. “I wanna watch you ride Gabe’s cock too,” he said intently. “You do?” That was unexpected. “Mmhmm.” Chris’s tongue on his ear made Aaron squirm almost as much as the fingers stretching him open. “You look so hot when I’m inside you. I want you to feel what I’m feeling when Gabe fucks a load out of me.” “Yeah,” Aaron said, “yeah, sure.” Those fingers were making it tough to concentrate. “That’d be hot.” “Tigg.” Something in Chris’s voice made Aaron open his eyes and look at him: he sounded serious. “I know it kinda freaks you out. Me and other guys I mean. But it gets me hot ‘coz you’re there with me.” He looked Aaron dead in the eye, fingers pausing. “‘Kay?” Oh my God, Aaron thought, I am so fucking lucky. And I’m such a fucking tool. “Yes. Yes. That is so…you’re the best.” He pushed off the wall and wrapped his arms around Chris’s slick body, pressing against him. “I love you,” he said hoarsely into his boyfriend’s ear. “Me too.” Chris gave him a big squeeze back. “Now hurry up and dry off. I wanna do stuff.” The lust was back in his voice. “Me too,” Aaron grinned, and grabbed a towel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Walking into Gabe’s room was like a wet dream come true. They’d both sprinted down the stairs barely dry and not giving a shit if anyone saw the tents in their gym shorts; if it weren’t for the big picture window in the living room looking out on the street they wouldn’t have even bothered with those. Then again, Dave and Derrick had started up with their sex noises again so it wasn’t like the sight of a couple jocks with hard ons would’ve been much of a shock. When they pushed into Gabe’s room from the kitchen they saw he was already waiting for them: his shorts were down around his ankles and his dick in his hand while he stared at his laptop screen. He looked up as they burst in. “Hey, was wondering if you guys were gonna show.” He took a moment to admire their state, his light brown face splitting into a white grin. “Looks like you’re ready to party.” Aaron took a second to appreciate the view. Gabe’s darker skin and black hair spoke to his family’s Mexican roots, along with his overall smooth body. His stocky frame bulged in all the right places thanks to his time in the gym, but it was the bulge between his legs that Aaron was interested in right then. More than a bulge now: the fat piece of meat looked as stiff as Aaron felt. Gabe’s was a little shorter than Aaron and Chris, but so fat his hand could barely wrap around it, let alone hide it. Or the smooth bull nuts hanging under it, full of juice. Some of it had started escaping–Aaron could see the telltale glistening around his tip–and his mouth watered at the sight. “We did a little pre-gaming,” he said thickly. Fuck he wanted to taste that thing. “Yeah?” Gabe kicked off his shorts and set his laptop on the bedside table; the screen showed three guys in a daisy chain, heads bobbing enthusiastically. “Save any for me?” He peeled his shirt off, exposing his smooth chest. “You tell me,” Chris said. He and Aaron had kicked off their shorts while Gabe was stripping, and the pale jock wasted no time straddling Gabe’s frame and positioning his dick at mouth height. Gabe grinned and gave it a squeeze, making Chris grunt when he tongued up the dewy tip. “Tastes like Aaron didn’t fuck it all out of you,” he said. “Fuck I’ve missed that.” He popped Chris’s head back in his mouth and began suckling with a happy sigh. “Nah man, he’s the one who dropped a load in my ass,” Aaron said, positioning himself between Gabe’s legs. His mouth filled with spit at the sight of the slab of uncut meat waiting for him. “I was ready for a good fuck,” he added, before getting down on his elbows and wrapping his lips suriyeli escort around Gabe’s head. They both groaned at that. It only took a few seconds for Aaron to get his bearings back, and then he was swallowing Gabe’s beast like he’d taken one that fat only yesterday. “Shit Aaron,” Gabe groaned, “you’re gonna end up with a load down your throat instead of your ass if you keep that up. Fuuuuck…you shoulda given Chrissy lessons.” He returned to sucking Chris’s cock, his movements more energetic as he began squirming. “Don’t come Gabe,” Chris panted, “I need it.” Gabe paused his blow job and looked up into Chris’s needy face. “That’s all right, I remember how much you like my dick,” he said with a wicked smile as he tongued Chris’s nut sack. “It’s a great dick,” Aaron agreed before diving back on it. It was a challenge keeping his teeth out of the way with Gabe’s girth, but each trickle of precum made it worth it. There was nothing like a mouth full of cock to make his day, and he sighed happily as he gave Gabe’s a tongue bath. “You lookin’ to get fucked too, blondie?” Aaron grunted enthusiastically. Chris’s pounding had put him in A Mood, and their shower convo had added to his enthusiasm. “Wouldn’t mind,” he said with a grin, then swallowed Gabe’s heavy nuts. “Oh shiiiit, get on it bro,” Gabe gasped; his sack was already pulling up. He grabbed Chris’s shaft and began smearing it around his lips and face. “Fuck I missed this!” “Where’s your lube?” Aaron asked. “Fuck! You didn’t bring any?” “No! You were the one who was all ‘let’s get down’ earlier–I thought you had some.” “No, man. You do still remember how pussies work, right? And Chrissy wouldn’t do butt stuff.” “Aarrgh! Crap!” Aaron sat up and wiped his chin. “Be right back.” He sprinted up the stairs. Fuck his gym shorts–if someone wanted to check out his woody they’d just have to deal. When he got back down, it was to find Chris had turned around, still standing but facing the foot of the bed. His eyes were squeezed shut as he jacked off, and Gabe’s face was buried in his ass. “Eat me,” he groaned, “eat me…” Aaron didn’t stop to admire the two cocks in front of him: he knew what he wanted. Pumping a generous squirt of lube on his fingers he shoved a fresh supply up his hole, then climbed onto the bed to slick Gabe up. Chris’s eyes opened when he sensed the motion on the bed, and he watched Aaron intently as the wrestler straddled Gabe’s hips. “Suck my cock Tigg,” he whispered hoarsely, “suck me.” He pushed his shaft down slightly, and Aaron didn’t hesitate to swallow him whole. Gabe’s meat was going to take a little more work though. As eager as he was, and even with the earlier fuck to stretch him open, it was still a tight fit. Aaron paused his blow job while he focused on adjusting to the plum-sized head he was trying to accommodate. Chris’s tip was still in his mouth, warm and flavorful, and he alternated suckling on it and breathing deeply to get his ring to relax. “Ride his dick, Tigg, ride his dick,” Chris whispered. “God you look so hot…” Aaron looked up: Chris was watching him intently, lips parted. “Take us…” He caressed Aaron’s scalp in encouragement, then twitched as Gabe’s tongue pushed deep into his asshole. “Ohh God…” It was the moaning that did it. Watching Chris get worked up made Aaron want it to work–he wanted to see his boyfriend’s face as he took Gabe all the way. His ring relaxed, and with that he began sinking onto his housemate’s fatty. “Mmmffffmmm….” His moan was part strain as his asshole was pushed to the limit, part pleasure as Gabe’s head raked across his prostate. He remembered riding Gabe like this months ago, and how if he moved his hips like… “MMMMM!!” Oh God, that was the spot. When he felt Gabe’s pubes tickling his ass he began rocking back and forth; it didn’t take much motion to send chills radiating from his hole up and down his spine. He grabbed his shaft without even thinking; the whole length was hypersensitive. His left hand hung onto his boyfriend’s meat, holding it steady as he bobbed up and down. “Mmmph….” His muffled moans mixed with Chris’s whimpers as the stimulation got to them both. And not just them. “Ah fuck, ride it Aaron,” Gabe gasped as he started bucking up to meet the wrestler’s ass. “NNNGH! Take it!” He dove back into Chris’s hole in a frenzy, the wet noises announcing each thrust of his tongue. Chris reached behind him and grabbed Gabe’s hair, pulling him tight. “Eat me,” he panted, “eat me, oh fuuuck eat meGodTiggI’mgonnaAAAH!” And with that he erupted, the bittersweet salty taste of fresh jizz flooding Aaron’s mouth. Aaron swallowed it all, the feel and taste of an erupting cock turning him on like nothing else. Countless sessions going down on Chris had made him familiar with every spasm, every twitch, that his boyfriend made when he was coming; no question but this was a good one. He groaned in a mix of hunger and pleasure as the satisfaction of taking the jock’s load combined with the raw physical pleasure radiating from his asshole, and he jacked himself faster as he rode high on the moment. Chris’s thrusts were subsiding to jerky spasms when Aaron’s balls began pulling up; the wrestler hungrily extracted one last bit of juice then let his head fall back as Gabe’s massive slab of meat pushed him over the edge. “Awww FUCK!” he exclaimed, and then he was blowing his load everywhere. His asshole tried to spasm but the shaft pounding into him just pried him open wider with every thrust instead, magnifying the sensations erupting deep inside him. “GAH!!” He was only vaguely aware of Chris’s wet shaft bouncing against his face, or Gabe’s frenzied panting: right now it was his own spurting dick that was consuming his attention. Every millimeter was alive with pleasure as he kept stroking, from the deep throb at the base to the hypersensitive tip, where spurts of fresh cum provided the lube that made his grip feel even better. “Shit!” Jizz was was everywhere now as his load leaked between his fingers and dripped onto Gabe’s faint treasure trail. “Aw, shit!” he panted. He was coming back to his senses but that didn’t mean he was ready to stop yet. “Don’t fuckin’ stop dude!” Gabe gasped, “Don’t you fuckin’ dare!” Chris flopped onto the bed, wiped out, giving Aaron a clear view of his roommate’s flushed face. His brown eyes were narrowed in concentration as he bucked deep into Aaron’s hole, clearly getting ready to nut. Aaron met his gaze with an encouraging one of his own. “Do it bro,” he urged. The cum had stopped leaking from his dick, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying what Gabe was doing to his ass. He didn’t have Chris’s thing for massive dicks, but he had to admit he’d missed the experience more than he’d expected–they really needed to kick it with Joey and Dave again. His brief mental wandering was shut down by a strangled groan from Gabe. Somehow his cock managed to swell even thicker, and then Aaron felt it pulse as his guts got painted. “Fuck yeah Gabe,” he encouraged, “fuckin’ shoot it.” On a whim he pushed two cum-drenched fingers into the Latino’s half-open mouth. Gabe’s eyes slid shut as he wrapped his lips around them, and he moaned as his dense bush ground against Aaron’s glutes. Another deep groan, and now Aaron could feel the cum starting to trickle out of him: it was a helluva load, and Gabe’s dick didn’t leave a lot of spare room in there. Chris rolled over, not wanting to miss out apparently, and wrapped his lips around Aaron’s still-stiff dick; now he had two smoking-hot guys cleaning up his load. “Get that cum baby,” he muttered, twitching a little as Chris’s tongue swabbed the sensitive ridge. Chris hummed an enthusiastic agreement, while Gabe added his own hoarse “fuck yeah” and gripped Aaron’s wrist to steer the still-sticky parts of his hand for easy cleaning. Aaron breathed deeply as he continued slowly riding Gabe’s cock, not ready to let it out just yet. Chris met his gaze, smiling around Aaron’s softening shaft as he finished cleaning it down to the root. The gleam in his black eyes said that although he might’ve gotten off he wasn’t done for the evening. And after the load he just blew Aaron couldn’t object: it’d felt damn good, that was for sure. Who was he to deny Chris the same fun? And…the thought of his Clark Kent boyfriend going crazy while getting spit roasted was low key hot as hell. As though reading his mind Chris let Aaron slide out of his mouth and shot him a wicked grin. “You look so hot Tigg,” he said lustfully. “Felt amazing babe,” Aaron said with complete sincerity, “can’t wait to switch places with you.” “You guys’re down for another round?” Gabe asked. “Awesome.” His dick was starting to soften, but his expression was definitely enthusiastic. “Yeah we are,” Aaron replied. “Chris here wants some chorizo stuffing,” he winked. “God,” Gabe sighed happily, “I’d forgotten how much fun fucking dudes is. No relationship bullshit, just good ol’ boning.” Aaron rose off his heels, letting Gabe slide out of his hole. A warm trickle down his thigh told him Gabe’s load had been even bigger than he’d thought, but his ass was too loose to clamp down. “Gonna do a quick cleanup,” he announced. Gabe looked down at the smears of cum painting his abs: Chris hadn’t gotten it all. “Me too I think,” he chuckled. “Why don’t we just go up to your room Tigg? Clean up and then, you know…” Gabe cocked an eyebrow at him. “Look who’s all ready to go again.” His voice was part-teasing, part admiration; Chris turned red. “Yeah he is,” Aaron said with a smile, “so let’s not keep him waiting. You need a big ol’ dick, don’t you babe?” Chris turned even redder, but his eyes stayed hungry. Aaron didn’t wait for an answer but hopped off the bed and, grabbing each of the others by an arm, pulled them with him. “Come on boys, let’s do this. ROUND TWO!” he bellowed, and then he was sprinting through the kitchen and up the stairs buck naked, Gabe and then Chris whooping as they followed. There was no way for the three of them to fit in the bathroom (the shower was a tight fit for two, Aaron knew), so there was some milling around and ass-grabbing for a minute while the water got hot. “You guys go ahead,” Chris said, “I’ll wait here. But hurry up!” Aaron wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him in close. “Don’t worry stud, back soon I promise.” He nipped Chris’s earlobe, making the jock twitch. “Can’t wait to see you taking that fat dick,” he growled, then hopped into the tub behind Gabe. “Your boy’s ready to roll,” Gabe approvingly said as he lathered up his crotch. “He definitely got a thing for big dicks,” Aaron said, taking the soap. “Not just him,” Gabe grinned, giving Aaron’s ass a quick squeeze. “Yeah, guess it was bottom day for Uncle Aaron.” “Ooh, papi,” Gabe joked with a swat on one cheek. “Big stud like you, taking all the dick.” “Seem to remember you liking some dick yourself,” Aaron quipped as he scrubbed his backside. “Maybe a little,” Gabe laughed. “Maybe a lot,” Aaron said, and switched places so he could rinse off. “Maybe you could remind me sometime,” Gabe said with a sly grin, “now that I’m single again.” “Maybe.” Aaron shut off the water. “But today my man’s all hot and horny for a big-ass dick up his butt. You down for that?” Gabe spread his arms and look down. “What do you think bro?” He wasn’t erect, but his uncut shaft had definitely started to thicken up. Aaron pulled back the curtain and grabbed a couple of towels, handing one to Gabe. “I think he’s gonna fuckin’ love it.” His own swelling below the waist said Chris wasn’t the only one who was enthusiastic about the next round. By the time they were both dry (or dry enough) they sported equally stiff hard-ons. Aaron paused briefly at the bathroom door and turned back to Gabe, grabbing his shaft as he did. “Work his hole over good,” he murmured, “I wanna see him go nuts.” “You got it amigo,” his roommate said, “I’ll have him begging.” He flexed his dick to emphasize his point, and they headed into the bedroom. Chris was waiting for them, lying on his side at the foot of Aaron’s bed with one knee up, slowly stroking himself. “There you guys are,” he said, “thought you forgot about me.” His upper torso was already flushed and his piss slit glistened with precum. The sight of his toned body flexing as he jacked off made Aaron’s mouth water, and he had to resist the urge to drop to his knees and swallow Chris’s six-incher to the base. “I wouldn’t forget that ass,” Gabe murmured. He stepped in front of Chris’s face. “Get me wet dude.” Chris didn’t say a word, just gripping the shaft and wrapping his lips around the head as his tongue began exploring Gabe’s foreskin. “Oh yeah,” the Hispanic jock sighed, “that’s the shit.” He tangled one hand in Chris’s wavy black hair and began rocking his hips. Aaron couldn’t resist joining them: it was just way too hot watching Chris give head, and his own dick was starting to ache. When Chris saw what he was doing he rolled over on his back and let his head hang off the foot of the bed slightly, perfectly positioned for one cock at each cheek. Aaron smiled down at him as Chris turned his head to suckle on his boyfriend’s glans for a minute. “That’s it babe,” he sighed, “suck it.” The wet friction of Chris’s lips made him shiver, and he felt a trickle of precum work its way up his shaft. “Ahhh yeah…” Gabe let them go on for a minute or two, and then he was tapping Chris’s cheek with his own stiffy. Chris wrapped his full lips around it and returned to swabbing Gabe’s swollen head, while his hand took over too keep Aaron happy. “Uhhhh,” Gabe sighed, “you’ve really taught rus escort him how to suck dick man.” Aaron reached over and pinched the Hispanic’s brown nipples. They were already stiff, and Gabe twitched with a quick intake of breath at the stimulation. “Better than Chrissie?” he teased. “Definitely more enthusiastic,” Gabe agreed. “Aaahhh…” Despite the awkward angle Chris had managed to take Gabe all the way, his lips wrapped around the very base of his cock. “Definitely enthusiastic,” he croaked. From the hungry grunt Chris made it sounded like his enthusiasm had earned him a bit of liquid reward. Whether it was that or just the feel of Gabe’s cock filling his mouth and throat, he was turned on enough to resume jerking off with his free hand. His glans was quickly covered in precum, glistening wetly as he stroked. Gabe wasn’t so involved in his blow job that he didn’t notice. “Your man is really into this A,” he said admiringly. He leaned down to pinch one of Chris’s nipples, eliciting a moan. “He needs to get fucked,” Aaron said, “right babe?” “Mm hm,” Chris nodded enthusiastically. He let Gabe slide from his mouth and looked his roommate in the eye. “Put that thing in my ass.” He pressed his lips briefly to the head, probing the piss slit with his tongue long enough to make Gabe shiver. “Fuck me,” he said. “Fuck him good bro,” Aaron echoed, looking down and caressing Chris’s scalp. “Murder that hole.” He smiled at his boyfriend. “You want that buddy?” Gabe asked, “You looking to get pounded?” “Fuck yes,” Chris whimpered, “fuck me hard.” “You love that fatty dontcha?” Gabe asked, rubbing it on Chris’s face. “Yeah,” Chris panted, following the head with his lips. “He’s a total size queen,” Aaron said. “Sometimes,” Chris admitted, “but not always.” He swallowed Aaron’s cock in one go, his cheeks puckered in as he sucked hard enough to make Aaron’s eyes bulge before he slid off it. “Got a great dick right here,” he smiled, given it a wet tug. “Yeah you do, and don’t forget it!” Aaron joked. “But you need a big fat cock right now, dontcha?” “Uh huh.” “Open your hole up good.” “Uh huh.” Chris’s voice was tighter, and he started jerking Aaron and himself more vigorously. “Wreck that tight ass of yours.” “Unnnn…” Chris shifted his gaze. “Fuck me Gabe. Fuck me.” “‘Bout time,” Gabe said, “ya fuckin’ tease. Where’s your lube?” “Right behind you man, on the table,” Aaron said, pushing his helmet head against Chris’s lips. Chris could only nod and point as Aaron filled his mouth back up. “That’s it, take my cock babe,” he sighed. Chris grunted and angled his head to accommodate the wrestler, then groaned as the first two lubed fingers penetrated his ass. “Fuck, he’s ready to go,” Gabe commented, “aren’t you buddy?” “Mmmhmm.” Chris’s voice was muffled, but there was no mistaking the hunger in it. Or the way he eagerly spread his thighs. “Put another finger in there,” Aaron urged, “he’s ready, aren’t you babe?” He leaned down and pinched one pink nipple and Chris arched his back with a groan, grabbing onto Aaron’s hand. “God you look so fuckin’ hot right now.” Chris made a muffled yelping noise as Gabe followed Aaron’s advice, and his deep-red dick burped a thick glob of precum. Aaron watched it slide down his shaft, fighting the urge to clean it up. Chris would blow his load if he did though, and it was way too soon for that. He was already pushing his hips into Gabe’s fingers, and Aaron could tell from the way he was rubbing his torso with his free hand that he was fighting not to touch himself. “Play with your other nipple babe,” he urged, “the way you like.” Chris began rolling the nub between his fingers, rhythmically pinching in time with Gabe’s fingering; within a minute he was making choked cries that had only one possible meaning. Gabe slid his fingers out with a wet pop. Taking a brief couple of seconds to lube himself up he hopped up on the head of the bed, pulling Chris’s ankles with him as he did, then maneuvering the thirsty jock until he was centered on the bed with his head hanging over the foot of the mattress. Gabe bent his legs back long enough to slide a pillow under Chris’s hips, and then he was lining up on the pink bullseye, Chris’s black-haired calves on his shoulders. Aaron pulled out of his boyfriend’s mouth and knelt on the floor, lips at Chris’s ear while he rubbed his hands over his abs and pecs. “You ready for his cock babe?” he purred. “Uh huh…” Chris’s voice was straining with need. “So big…” He bit his lip and groaned as Gabe’s hips began inching forward relentlessly. “Oh–God!” he choked, “fuck yes!” His dick was drooling continuously now, a line of precum connecting his piss slit to his faint treasure trail. “That fat dick feel good sliding in your ass? Prying you open?” Aaron wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, pulling him tight as he growled in his ear. “You fuckin’ love it dontcha?” “Yes,” Chris panted, “Goooood, so fucking good.” His head rolled from side to side. “So fuckin’ big!” He jerked and let out a yelp. “AH! That fuckin’…aaahhhGodyes your fat cock feels so good! YES!” His hands clenched around Aaron’s as he squirmed under Gabe’s penetration. “That’s it stud, take it all,” Gabe panted, his own face beginning to flush. “Show your boyfriend how it’s done.” “Hey now,” Aaron said, “didn’t hear you complaining when you shot your load a little while ago.” “Yeah, but he fuckin’ loves it, don’t you big boy? You love the D, but him, he goes loco for a fatty up his ass, don’t you Chris?” He pushed forward the last bit, grinding his pubes into Chris’s taint to make his point. “Uhhnnn…yes…yes…fuck yes I fuckin’ love it!” Chris squirmed helplessly, upper and lower body held in place by the two jocks. “Love your fat cock opening me up…aaahh…Tigg! Feed me your cock! Lemme suck you like I said!” “You got it babe,” Aaron agreed, “anytime.” He hopped up and straddled Chris’s face. “Lick my balls first though.” He crouched slightly and started tea bagging him. “Yeah, that’s it…” He could feel his nuts pulling up as Chris’s warm lips wrapped around him and his tongue began bathing his sack. He couldn’t resist the urge to start jacking himself, especially when he saw Gabe’s hips start to move. They shared grins as they began moving their hips in unison, knowing what they were doing to Chris. “Yes,” he moaned as he slobbered on Aaron’s smooth nuts, “aw fuck! Harder! Unnnnhh!” “Take that cock babe,” Aaron muttered thickly, “take ’em both.” He repositioned himself, pushing his dick down to slide into Chris’s ready mouth. “Oh yeaaah…nice. Suck it. Yeah, just like that…uh huh…” Aaron’s head tilted back as he concentrated on getting his angle right, guided by Chris’s hands on his sides. “God that feels so good…” A flush crept up his face as Chris’s lips and tongue worked him over, wet friction on all his sensitive spots. “Yeah it does,” Gabe muttered. He was fucking faster now, his tan thighs slapping against Chris’s pale ass as his thick cock pried the jock’s eager hole open wide. “Your ass is fuckin’ tight, bro!” He grabbed Chris’s ankles and spread them wide, arms bulging as he flexed. “Gonna open that up good!” He paused briefly, barely leaving the head of his dick inside the eager bottom, then slammed back in to the base. Chris made a muffled shriek, and his dick burped another cloudy drop of precum from the red tip. When Gabe stayed balls deep and started rabbiting away the shriek turned into an extended yell as the Latino’s fat head ground mercilessly against Chris’s prostate. “Oh he likes that,” Aaron said. His eyelids fluttered as Chris doubled his suction. “Mmm! Keep suckin’ my dick babe!” Chris made a muffled but enthusiastic noise that became a series of rhythmic cries as Gabe lengthened his strokes into a serious power-fucking rhythm. Chris’s body began inching off the foot of the bed, until he was struggling to keep Aaron in his mouth. “Flip him over man, you’re gonna knock him off the bed.” “Yep,” Gabe grunted, and pulled out with a wet pop that made Chris jerk. “Hands and knees bud–gonna finish you from behind.” “Yes,” Chris panted, red-faced and sweaty as he repositioned himself, “do it. I’m close. Oh GOD.” Gabe hadn’t wasted any time on reentry: the moment Chris’s ass was pooched up he’d rammed back in to the hilt, smashing the hungry jock’s prostate on the way. He dropped to his elbows, arms bulging as he braced himself against Gabe’s onslaught, then began pushing back to meet him. “Yes, just like that, oh God, oh fuck, harder, yes, harder!!” He latched onto Aaron’s cock and devoured it, adjusting his rhythm until he was being alternately filled at one end or the other. The eager cries from Gabe’s massive tool raking his g spot alternated with wet slurping noises as he devoured his boyfriend’s smooth shaft to the base, hungry for the taste. The smell of sex filled the small bedroom as all three of them embraced the raw energy of their power fucking. “Take his cock,” Aaron chanted, “take his cock!” He groaned as he pinched one of his nipples, his dick practically vibrating at the sight of Chris writhing under Gabe’s assault. He could feel himself leaking a steady stream as his boyfriend’s suction pulled the precum out of him and he began tugging on the base of his shaft, ready to turn the stream into a torrent. “Shoot it!” Chris gasped, “I’m not gonna last! AAAAHHGodyes! Fuck yes right like that!” Gabe jackhammered on his prostate, slapping against Chris’s thighs with the force of his thrusts. With a final yell Chris dove back on Aaron’s cock and his tongue swirled over the sensitive head, pushing the wrestler even closer to the edge. “Gonna fuck a load right outta you!’ Gabe grunted. “Fuck that’s a tight ass! Unh!” His reddened face screwed up in concentration as he pounded away. He was leaning over Chris now, fingers dug into the bottom’s hips as he reamed his hole, and from the look on his face Aaron could tell he was going to come soon too. This was too damn hot to hold out any longer. Balls pulled up tight, Aaron pulled out of Chris’s mouth and gave himself the last couple of tugs he needed to make himself come. The moment he felt the jizz boiling up the length of his shaft he tried to stuff it back in the dark-haired jock’s mouth, but Gabe was coming down the home stretch himself, knocking Chris around as he wrecked his hole, and Aaron’s first shot ended up arcing onto Chris’s scalp instead. The second one partially coated his cheek before the two of them could sync up so he could blow the rest of his load down his boyfriend’s throat. “Fuck–take it babe!” he grunted and rammed in, grinding his trimmed pubes into Chris’s face; the horny jock swallowed it like a champ. He was just starting to wrap up when Gabe got his. With a savage roar he smashed into Chris’s ass hard enough to push him all the way back onto Aaron’s cock, and then his face screwed up as he began painting Chris’s guts. Chris’s sob of pleasure was muffled by the dick filling his throat, but there was no question what the reason was as he frantically began jerking himself off; two seconds later the rich smell of his cum filled the air, making Aaron’s mouth water. Chris spasmed in pleasure as he was filled at both ends, the wet sounds indicated that Gabe’s load had filled his ass to capacity while a mix of drool and cum leaked from his slack mouth. Even though he’d just come Aaron felt a wave of goosebumps wash over his body at the sight: Chris had loosened up a lot over the course of the school year (in more ways than one), but he still didn’t turn into Super Horn Dog all that often. Even though Gabe’s fatty was a big part of that, Aaron had to admit it was hot. Like, really hot. Chris looked up just then, eyes still glazed from what looked like a mind-scrambler of an orgasm, and gave him a look of pure bliss that Aaron knew was meant just for him. Before he could say anything Chris wrapped his cum-slick lips back around the wrestler’s shaft and began cleaning him up, without breaking eye contact. Aaron twitched and shivered again as the last few drops got hoovered up. “Oh shit,” he breathed, “you are so fuckin’ hot.” He massaged Chris’s scalp as the jock continued sucking him clean, while Gabe watched them both with a wry smile: he could read the room, and now that the fun was over he was the third wheel. “That was baller,” their roommate pronounced. He pulled out of Chris’s ass with a wet pop, still hard. “You let me know if you wanna do that again.” He hopped off the bed and sidled behind Aaron on the way out the door. “Either one of you,” he added, taking a quick grab of Aaron’s ass cheeks. “Might be your turn to get fucked next amigo,” Aaron quipped lazily. He was slowly softening, but Chris’s mouth was still a damn nice distraction. “Might be,” Gabe agreed. “Later.” He closed the door on his way out and Aaron heard him thumping down the stairs nonchalantly, obviously not caring that he was still buck naked. Chris pulled his mouth off Aaron’s dick. “So ‘next time,’ huh?” he asked. His voice was carefully casual, but Aaron could hear the mix of eagerness and uncertainty underneath. “Maybe. I mean, probably. If you want.” Chris sat up on his haunches. “Well, what do _you want?” Aaron’s eyebrows went up and he gave a little smirk. “That was pretty fuckin’ hot, I gotta say.” “You weren’t freaked out that…you know…I was into it?” Sexytime over, Chris’s natural reserve was coming back. “No…not really,” Aaron said thoughtfully. “I mean, I sorta have been a little before, but…it…kinda felt like we were in it together. So yeah, I’m cool with it. And you were like…wow, 100% on fire. So yeah, I’m down if you wanna get your itch scratched again.” He flopped onto the bed and lay down. “Just don’t forget who your 1 man is though, stud.” Chris tipped onto his back and spooned up next to him. “No worries Tigg. Never.” He smiled and settled in next to the wrestler’s warm body. “You da best.”

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