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MAGIC MARKER AND A SWINGERS GROUP PT.1I live in a wealthy suburb of Chicago. I have long accepted that my wife Julie was Bi-Sexual. A parade of young professional women like herself passed through her life. The long weekends away and two in the morning “dinners” with her lesbian friends did not bother me. She was fantastic in bed and I loved her so the fact she slept with other women didn’t bother me. One night she came home and I noticed some faded writing on her stomach. It looked like Julie had tried to remove it from her body and had not done a thorough job of it. I looked at Julie the next morning before she showered and it read “Pussy Reserved For Carol” with an arrow running towards her vagina. That morning Julie said “I have an odd question to ask you”? I replied “go for it”. Julie said her girlfriend Carol introduced her to Jan an older woman who ran a Swingers Club at her home every other Friday night. She said last night Carol had taken her to the swinger’s party. She said she really enjoyed the experience with Carol and it was an incredible turn-on for her. Julie bragged she even had rough sex with Linda a stocky muscular bull-dyke she had just met at the party. Linda had fucked her with a dildo and she had received one of the best orgasms of her life from this manly woman. After the orgy was over the leader Jan invited her to join the club under one condition. She would have to get her husband to join also. Jan explained the group currently had six female members and only two guys. A lot of the female members were Bi-Sexual but still there were still only two other guys in the group. Jan told Julie if she wanted to join the club she would have to convince me to join also. I’ve always wanted to see my wife Julie have sex with another women so I thought to myself “here’s my chance to see Julie eat some pussy”. I said fine, I’ll join in but under one condition. No guy can fuck you. Julie laughed and said “you don’t have to worry about, the only reason I went there in the first place was for a chance to eat some strange pussy”. Then Julie added there was a kinky side to this group. Jan the group organizer decides what sex acts each person will engage in and with whom and then paints in water color markers enticing invitations to your designated partner on your body. Jan knew everyone likes and dislikes and orchestrated the party so that everyone had a great experience. Julie said last night she was apprehensive about this, but when Jan painted “Pussy Reserved For Carol” on her stomach it was OK; since Carol was her lover anyway. Julie said she really got turned on thinking about what it must have been like for Carol to walk up to her and see that Julie’s pussy was reserved for her that night. Julie explained the reason Linda fucked her with that dildo was that she had asked Carol if it was OK with her. Linda wound up giving Julie a nice and slow fuck with her strap-on that night. But then things changed and Linda had “rough sex with her”. Julie said the muscular Linda must have made her cum two more times that evening. Well Friday came and I was a little nervous about the whole situation. Julie on the other hand was all excited about the party. In the car on the way over she said “I can’t wait to get there and see who I get”. Well we arrived at the party and sure enough there was Jan and three guys and six girls standing around near the bar chatting. The group were all fairly attractive men and women ranging in ages 20 to 50 with me being the oldest guy there. Julie went right up to Linda and started talking to her. Then out bornova escort of the corner of my eye I saw Bev one of the women I worked with. Now I’m forty-seven and the short, pretty petite blond Bev was only twenty-one so my chances of fucking her were slim and none. But I approached Bev and we chatted about work for a while. Then Jan announced “Linda” to the studio and off they went to a small side room. A few minutes later Jan came out and announced “Julie” it’s your turn. And on it went, Jim, Carol, Bev, Jenny, Don, Wayne. When I went into the small ante-room Jan painted “welcome” on my chest and then she went down to my stomach and wrote “reserved for Bev only tonight” with an arrow pointing down to my cock. She said turn around and I could see that she was writing “Bev’s Man” on each of my ass cheeks. Then she gave me a long bathrobe to cover myself and directed me to a large living room where the rest of the group was waiting and everyone wore white bath robes. My wife Julie and Linda were already sitting together on a couch. I was surprised when Bev decided to sit next to me for some reason. Then more people emerged one by one, Carol my wife Linda’s current lesbian lover was followed by Susan who I knew was bi-sexual. Then came Freddy and Diane a young newly married couple. And then Al and Cindy who were both single emerged from the room.Jan emerged from her “art room” and with a flourish announced here are the partners for tonight” and everyone laughed and clapped. I was not surprised when Jan said to my wife Julie “stand up and take off your robe”. Julie’s robe dropped to the floor and written on her stomach were the words “Linda’s Bitch Tonight” with the word “Lesbian For the Day” written across her chest. Jan then announced in a booming voice and now for our new member Jim; stand up and take your robe off. I got up and looked down and written on my stomach were the words “Reserved Exclusively for Bev Tonight” with an arrow pointing down towards my cock. On my chest were the words “Bev’s Old Man”. I glanced over at Bev and thought I would see a shocked look on her face. Instead she acted very coy and said to Jan “how did you know I had a crush on him?” Bev stood up took off her robe and written on her forehead were the words “For Jim Only” and on her stomach were the words “Jim, please fuck me”. I was really surprised when Bev ran up to me and planted a big kiss on my lips and we hugged each other tight. I knew tonight would be special for both Bev and I. Bev would be experiencing an older man for the first time and I would be fucking this hot, petite, blond, twenty-one year old. Then a young couple Fred and Diane stood up and both took off their robes together and on each of their stomachs were the words “Carol’s threesome”. Now Carol was my wife Julie’s lesbian lover so apparently Diane wanted to “experiment” a little tonight and get some lesbian love from Carol while her husband Fred watched the show. Then the last guy Al stood up and took off his robe. My god his guy must have had an eight inch cock and it wasn’t fully erect yet. Jan had painted on his forehead “Jan’s Man”. Also written on his stomach were the words “Available for Sloppy Seconds”. I just knew my wife Julie would be the first in line for “sloppy seconds” with this guy. Jan had arranged the room with several couches and large pillows spread all over the floor. There were tables with plenty of sex toys, strapons, lube, condoms and warm towels to clean yourself up before you moved onto your next partner. She even thought to have a escort bornova hospital style sanitary lidded trash can to dispose of your used rubbers. This was going to be one wild night. My wife Julie and her bull-dyke lover Linda couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. They were already making out on the floor. You could tell who was in charge when Linda put both of her hands on Julie’s shoulders and forced her head downward until it was in her pussy. The next words I heard were “go ahead baby eat that snatch” as my wife’s head went between Linda’s legs and her head began bobbing up and down as she licked Linda’s pussy. Bev and I sat on a couch and I looked over at each other. I put my arm around her and we both kissed for the first time. Looking at her up close showed she was even more beautiful than I thought. Soon her tongue came out of her small mouth as we French—kissed. Then she whispered in my ear “I’ve wanted to fuck you for the past year” as we began fondling and stroking each other’s bodies. Bev gently stroked my cock with her tiny hand and my hand roamed freely over her body as I felt up and tweaked her tiny nipples. Like most petite women she had small breasts, but I could tell by her reaction that they were very sensitive. Bev moaned in delight when I began to suck on her small tits. Then she grasped my cock and soon her hand was slowly going up and down my cock bringing me to a full erection. I watched in anticipation as her head went down to my waist and she put my cockhead into her small mouth. She could barely fit the head and another inch into her pretty face but she made up for this shortcoming by slowly stroking the lower half of my cock with her small delicate hand. The sensations were incredible!!! Bev titillated the head of my dick as he hand squeezed my cock tighter and tighter as she sucked it harder and harder. All I could see was Bev’s lovely flowing blond hair going up and down as she sucked on my cock. As Bev worked on my cock I glanced across the room and there was my wife lying on her back as Linda squatted over her face. My wife grasped Linda’s ass so she could raise her head up so she could insert her tongue deeper into Linda’s pussy. But I could care less about my wife eating some ugly dyke’s pussy. I had this beautiful young blond sucking my cock and licking my shaft and balls as I got the best blow job had had in years. Bev then stopped working on my cock and came up to kiss me as she whispered in my ear “I used to work at a strip club in college, you’re about to get the lap dance of a lifetime”. With that she positioned me so I was in the middle of the couch. She kneeled down as she lowered her slim body and guided my cock into her pussy. Bev said “God’s that feels really big once it’s inside me”. Bev had the tightest pussy I have ever had in my life!!! Then she began moving her hips back and forth over my now fully erect cock. She began fucking me and I just couldn’t believe anyone could move their hips so fast. Then she squatted over my cock and lowered her whole body until my cock was all the way into her pussy. From this squatting position she used her legs so her pussy went up and down my cock as she squatted over me. Her pussy was literally riding up and down my cock. The view was incredible I was looking at this beautiful blond and watching my cock going in and out of her tiny pussy. It was incredible!!! I have watched some porn now and then and I have never seen a women do this. Only a thin petite fit twenty-one year old could have the energy and dexterity bornova escort bayan to fuck like this. Bev must have ridden me for several minutes until she was tired and reverted to the normal cowgirl position. Even then her hips moved so fast I knew I couldn’t hold it back much longer. As an experienced dancer she knew when a guy was going to blow his load so she got on her knees, took off my rubber and sucked my cock as my sperm surged upward from my balls. My sperm shot out of my dick and she just held my cock in her mouth with her hand as jet after jet of white cum entered her mouth. But it was too much for her small mouth to handle so it began to pour out of the sides of her mouth. Bev just kept sucking and tried to swallow my cum but there was just too much of it. A mixture of saliva and cum poured out of her small mouth as she tried to catch it with her hand. The whole time I was moaning loudly and saying “suck it baby, suck it, my God you’re great”. My wife heard me moaning and stopped eating Linda’s pussy and looked up at me as she saw my cum all over Bev’s face. I went and got a warm towel so Bev could clean up and I threw my rubber away. We both lay back on the couch exhausted and exchanged one long kiss after another as I toyed with Bev’s small tits and felt her small ass. As I sat there I could see my wife Julie and Linda were really getting into it. My wife’s was giving Linda a good rim job as her tongue explored Linda’s ass. All I could see was my wife’s head deep in her lesbian lover’s ass. Then Linda got up and got a nice ten inch strap-on off one of the tables. As she was putting it on she said to Julie get on all fours facing sideways so your husband can watch me fuck the sh*t out of you. Linda got on her knees and raised her ass in the air and buried her head into a large pillow. Linda came up to her from behind and lubed up the dildo. Then she grabbed it and guided the head right into my wife’s cunt. Linda was not a total jerk, she knew ten inches was a lot of cock so she slowly eased it into Julie’s pussy. My wife moaned in ecstasy as more and more of the huge cock filled her pussy. Then Linda just stood there sitting still with that fake cock inside Julie. She said “are you ready baby” and Julie said “go ahead, fuck me, fuck me right now”! Linda thrust her hips back and the dildo exited her pussy, she slid it back in and again as she began fucking Linda nice and slow. Linda moaned with pleasure as the dildo passed over her clitoris. Then Linda said “let me know when I hit your”G” spot. Linda fucked her for another minute or so when Julie said “right there, right there, rub the cock head right there”. Now you could tell Linda was an experienced dyke. She slowed down and began just running the cockhead just over Linda’s “spot”. Linda began rocking back and forth right over her spot as Linda stood still and let Julie do the work. Then Linda began slow fucking her. Julie screamed “god I’m cumming, don’t stop, rub it honey, right there you got it”. Then Linda screamed and her whole body shook as she had a full vaginal orgasm. Linda just kept slowly moving the cock in and out of her and then began to go faster. Then she yelled “take this bitch” as she rammed the dildo in and out of my wife’s pussy as she lay writhing on the floor. Linda went faster and faster as she fucked my wife. Here she was getting pounded by this burly dyke and it was an incredible turn on to watch it. The trouble was my wife was smiling the whole time. Linda used her body like it was a play thing. She pounded her mercilessly as my wife started yelling and having more orgasms. Then Linda let out a loud moan as she finally came and fell back exhausted. As for me I could care less about my wife and her problems as Bev whispered in my ear. “Let’s get out of here and go find a private corner where we can fuck”. To Be Continued:

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