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Make me a babyHe lived in a small village with fifteen women in his home. Ava was his wife and the others just bore him c***dren. He had twelve with Ava and ten with Mia and eleven with Nora and on and on. He kept each woman pregnant and as soon as they gave birth he would begin breeding them in three weeks. After each woman gave birth the baby was given to Ava and she would nurse it. The babies mother did not nurse as it was her job to ready herself to breed again. If a woman did not get pregnant after he fucked her every day for two months he sent her to the whore house where men would pay to fuck them or use them any way they wanted to earn money for him and his family. Each woman gave birth once a year. If he had to rid a woman who was not producing he then replaced her with another girl. The women were young when they first came to his farm for breeding. The first night they were there they were bathed and the pussies shaved and they were put in his bed naked for him to fuck. All were virgins the first time he slept with them.Tonight he had a new girl. Her name was Mae. She was young and very pretty. The women washed her and shaved her and put her in the breeding bed for her to wait for the master. If she did not let him fuck her he would get the other women to tie her and he would then ram his cock in her with no mercy. Many had to be tied and punished till they learned to spread their legs for the master. He walked into the room naked. When he saw her his cock got hard as she was very sexy looking with nice round tits. He would fuck her daily till she was with c***d. But he decided since she was so enticing he wanted to fuck her more. He would keep her here isvecbahis yeni giriş in his room to fuck several times a day. He would teach her how to please him in many ways.He walked to the bed and told her to look at his cock. “I am going to push my big cock in your hole and fuck you hard tonight. But first I am going to teach you to please me and give your body to me in many ways.” He started by sucking her sweet tits. As he sucked his fingers found her clit. He rubbed it between two fingers feeling it get hard and swell for him. “Let me see that pussy before I suck it. Spread your legs wide for me.” As she spread her legs his mouth went to her pussy and sucked her now hard clit. As he sucked her clit he felt her cum which was a good sign that she was sexual and horny. “Yes, cum for me. That is a sexy slut. I will enjoy fucking you many times a day. You will be my special fuck slut till I get you knocked up with my c***d. Then I will fuck you with your big belly.”He then slid a finger down to her hole. As he inserted it in just a short ways he felt how tight her cunt was. “You have a tight cunt for my cock to take your virginity first. Now I will fuck you and be aware it is painful the first time. Do not protest or I will tie you up and ram your cunt hard with no mercy.You will fuck me anytime I want and I want you a lot.” He then aimed his hard cock at her little hole and began to push in.She was so tight he had a hard time pushing into her. He kept pushing knowing the first fucking was painful and she was so tight it was very painful.After her screaming in pain and his pushing he finally got his hard cock into her cunt. He then began isvecbahis giriş to fuck her in and out feeling her cunt muscles give in to his cock. She felt so good being so tight that he loved fucking her. He fucked her for over forty minutes and knew the pain was horrible for her but he was to breed her and she knew this. After he filled her with his cum he pulled out and let her rest. “Now you may rest. Lay here naked and I will go breed two more girls then come back and stay the night in this bed with you and I will fuck all night.”He then went to the other girls rooms and fucked each one. It was after midnight when he came back to the young girl. The women had been in and cleaned her pussy and she was now fresh once again for the master. “I just fucked two girls and my cock will last a long time in your cunt before I cum again. You will learn to love fucking me as much as I let you.” he then slid in beside her and spread her legs and pushed his cock to the entrance of her fuck hole. As he slid in her it was not quite as bad this time even tho she still was vey tight. An hour and thirty minutes later he finally filled her with cum once again. He layed beside her to let her body rest till he was ready to fuck her another time. Tonight he would fuck her cunt many times.After a few minutes he now told her he was ready and wanted her to get on her hands and knees and put her ass in the air. He was going to fuck her doggie style to let his cock slip in her as deep as it could. She got on her hands and knees and he pushed her head down and spread her ass cheeks to see her cunt. He spread her pussy lips and pushed his cock to her fuck hole. He grabbed isvecbahis güvenilirmi her by the hips and began to push his thick cock in her deep and fast. This time it would go deeper and he would fuck her a long long time. As he fucked her cunt he spread her ass and looked at her hole. His finger then found the entrance and he pressed his finger into her ass. When she felt this she screamed. He then slapped her ass and told her to hush or he would tie her and fuck her ass with his huge cock and she would know real pain.As his cock fucked her cunt deep and hard and rough he finger fucked her ass. He loved to see his finger go in and out of the tiny ass. Every so often he would spank her ass just to see his hand mark against her white skin.As he fucked both holes he told her “you are a great sexy fuck slut for me. I am going to enjoy fucking you all night. I am even going to cock fuck your tight ass before morning comes.” Several times that night he fucked the young girl.Then it was time to fuck her ass. Once more he got her on her hands and knees and aimed his cock to her ass. When he began to push the huge shaft up her ass she screamed in horrible pain like her body was ripping. He slapped her ass and told her to quit or he would tie her and not be gentle. With her sobbing he got his cock deep in her ass and fucked her for over an hour before he filled it with cum. He usually did not waste cum in an ass as he was to breed the girls but her ass turned him on and he filled it with cum.All night he fucked the small girl. In the morning he left to fuck his wife and two more girls. “I will be back after they clean you up and we will fuck a few more times.” For the next three weeks you will stay naked in my bed and I will fuck you till I have bred you with my c***d.” The master fucked her several times day and night as he loved the sexy young c***d. He could hardly wait for her to be knocked up and her tits grow huge with milk to feed him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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