Making a black man get angry…

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Making a black man get angry…That evening I was home alone, since hubby had gone out of town for attending a golf tournament and he would not come back in a couple days. I felt a bit horny and so I decided going out for having some fun…I chose a short black dress, a very tight one, seamed stockings and a pair of sexy stilettos. After looking myself in the mirror, I climbed my car and headed out to a local dance hall for a few drinks and maybe some company…Once inside the place, I got a couple of drinks and noticed a very handsome young black man staring at me.I looked back and he motioned to me if I wanted to dance. As I agreed, we both headed for the dance floor and soon were going at it. When a slow dance song came on, he asked again if I still wanted to dance and I told him it was fine for me.So he held me close and I started to get turned on, especially when he moved just right and I brushed my womb against his crotch. I knew that it was a very hard cock and it felt very huge…I looked up at him, asking if he had any problem there.”Maybe” He replied, looking at me very serious.”Something you could help me to fix” He added and smiled.”Do you have any place in mind for me to fix your problem…?” I asked showing a shy expression and he motioned the front door. I smiled and he güvenilir bahis grabbed my hand, leading me out to his car.We entered the back seat and soon we were kissing very hard.After a long while of intense kissing and having the black guy licking and kissing around my ears and neck, I reached down and undid his belt, pulling down his zipper.I got mesmerized as I took out saw his massive hard black cock.It was thick as my wrist and very, very long, much bigger than my loving husband’s. After looking around to make sure nobody could see us, I bent down and took his thick cockhead between my glossy red lips…He was really huge and I felt that tremendous dark thing growing even harder and bigger into my wet mouth. As I took him as deep as I could into my throat, I almost gagged on it; so I pulled out and licked his long shaft up and down, savoring the salty taste of the pre cum and the hardness of that monster…I soon felt his hand on the back of my head and as he grabbed hold of my hair, making me suck him harder and faster.”That’s it, you, slutty white bitch… suck that cock” He hissed.I got even hornier hearing his words and went wild devouring his hard thick black cock, as I squeezed his balls.”Oh, Fuck…!” He suddenly cried out and the next thing I knew was that his hard güvenilir bahis siteleri cock throbbed and his thick salty cum began to fill my eager mouth.I swallowed the semen as best as I could, trying to do a good job.When he stopped coming, I took his cock out of my mouth and tried to catch my breath, as he smiled at me, with a satisfied face.I looked up at him and moved up, so he kissed me again.I licked his dick clean with my tongue and the black guy kissed me hard again, while he fondled my wet cunt through the thin material of my tiny thong.When we finally broke off the kissing, I was about to ask him to take me to his place to fuck me as I deserved; but my new black stud then smiled, saying he needed to go inside the dance floor.I asked him for what and that bastard smiled again, telling me that he needed to find his lovely ebony wife; since he had lost every track of her since he had seen me there, alone and having a drink at the bar.I could only laugh a little and told him that probably, his little black wife would be now sucking a white hard cock in any other car parked there around us…He laughed loud, saying his wife did not like little white dicks…I started to protest, telling him he was a truly bastard; but the black bull then opened the door and dragged iddaa siteleri me out of his car.He roughly made me bend over the hood, there in the middle of the darkness and he lifted my tight black dress up to my waist. With a swift motion he grabbed my tiny thong and he ragged it to pieces.I felt a cold breeze passing through my wet pussy lips; but then, I gasped in surprise as I felt his thick black cock invading my cunt.He pushed hard forward and he slipped inside of me all the way.The bastard pounded me very roughly, showing some anger, as he slapped my bare buttocks with his heavy hand.I pleaded for him, since he was hurting me; but he did not show any mercy and kept pounding his hard dick into my poor cunt without mercy at all.Although I was crying in pain, my body betrayed me and I suddenly felt a shattering orgasm as he fucked me so hard and rough.The black man noticed it and he laughed at me.“Bitch… I knew you would enjoy my black cock in your slutty cunt”And he then came. He came so hard, filling my womb with his burning semen. He pulled out and laughed again, slapping my butt.As I recovered my breath and stood up, the black bull had disappeared from the sight. I went to my car and drove back home, feeling his sticky semen oozing out from my abused but satisfied swollen pussy.I wanted that; I needed that so badly…I then thought about that black stud. I thought about his ebony wife; if she could enjoy a good fucking that same night, after I had emptied her black hubby’s balls twice… with no hard feelings…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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