Meeting up

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Meeting upRole-play time again! Fetishist fantasy only, sixth-form student over the age of consent, nothing else implied. Apart from that, zip down, get a grip and let’s go.It’s after-school time and we’ve been exchanging some really filthy texts all day, mostly anatomically unlikely or downright unhygenic, and we’re both in need of some extra-curricular activity before going home. We arrange to meet in the park, it’s got lots of secluded areas but there are always people passing through so there’s an element of danger should we decide to get up to anything naughty … which is why we’re there really. We walk around for a few minutes, picking our spot. I’m still in my school uniform and your hand keeps finding my bum and squeezing my cheeks under my short grey pleated skirt. You push me up against a tree, grinding your hips against me and I can feel your hardening cock pushing into my groin. I reach down and unzip your trousers, your cock almost leaps out on it’s own and I wrap my hand around it and wank you for a moment as your hands tuzla escort find my tits and you feel and fondle them, squeezing their softness as my nipples start to harden under your touch, jutting out through the thin material of my school blouse. I push you away slightly and squat down in front of you, still holding your cock as I lick the end, swirling my tongue around it and then slipping it into my mouth. My soft lips slide around your shaft and I move my head backwards and forwards as I suck you. You put your hands around the back of my head and pull me closer. You want to cum in my mouth but it’s too early for that so you reluctantly pull out and I stand up again. We kiss passionately, our tongues meeting, and you can taste your own pre-cum on me.I reach to the hem of my skirt and pull it upwards and you glance down to see that although I’m wearing white ankle socks, I’m also wearing stockings, hold-ups with deep lacy tops, and tiny white panties that scarcely cover my neatly trimmed pussy. It doesn’t sancaktepe escort take more than a few seconds before the thong is pulled to one side and your hard cock slips easily into my wet and ready cunt and you start to fuck me with long steady strokes. We sense that someone is nearby, so you reluctantly pull out and I drop my skirt, just in time as a man with a dog wanders past. We look innocent and walk in the opposite direction, you buy me an ice-cream cornet and we find a park bench and sit down.I lick my ice-cream and, from a distance it probably looks innocent, but close up you can see the sensuous way my tongue dips in and out of the soft mound, the cream gradually covering my lips and running slowly down my chin and I look at you as if I don’t know what it reminds me of. You lean forward and lick it up, your hand slipping inside my school blazer and finding my tits once more and noticing that my nipples are still erect. I drop my hand to the bulge in your trousers and squeeze your cock until üsküdar escort it gets hard again. “Fuck,” I say, “I need some more.” I unzip you, stand up and lower myself onto your stiff cock, guiding it into my cunt and sit down. With my skirt covering us, it looks as if I’m just sitting on your lap and I try to look innocent as I lick at my ice-cream but all the time I’m riding your cock nice and slowly, getting all horny with my pussy juices dripping along your throbbing shaft as you reach around and grope my tits and slide your other hand up the back of my skirt and push your finger up my bum. I thrust my pussy against your cock, forcing it deeper and deeper inside me as you fuck me harder and harder until you shudder and shoot your load inside me. It slowly starts to drip out, my panties are soaking wet, as I massage your cum round my warm wet cunt and slide my fingers inside as your spunk oozes out and onto my lacy stocking tops. I grin mischievously and sit back on the bench, reaching under my skirt and wiping all your thick spunk onto my fingers and dripping it onto the top of what’s left of my ice cream. Then, as a couple walks around the corner, I start to lick it all up. They glance at us and smile. They have no idea what we’ve been up to and just why I’m enjoying my ice cream so much!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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