Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 05

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My boss let me leave early, about 2pm. It was a hot sunny day, and as I drove home I was hoping Stacy was home also, so we could hang out together and soak up some rays. Stacy’s car was in her driveway when I get home so I immediately changed into my red bikini. I threw on a pair of shorts and went over to her place. Sure enough Stacy was lying in a chair working on her tan, wearing a white bikini.

“Hey Stacy how’s it going?”

“Hi Melissa. What are you doing home so early?” she replied.

“The boss let me go early today, so I figured I’d catch some rays with you.”

Pulling off my shorts I sat down in the next chair over. I started to rub sun tan lotion on myself. Just when I was about done applying the lotion Stacy rolled over onto her stomach. She reached behind her and undid her straps, so she wouldn’t get any tan lines on her back.

“I was just thinking I need someone to rub some lotion on my back.” She said. “Would you mind?”

“Of course I wouldn’t mind.” And I pulled my chair closer to her. Starting up on her shoulders I rubbed lotion on her. Moving down her body, making sure I spent a few extra seconds on the sides of her breasts.

“Melissa, I still not sure about Randy. In the back of my mind I have some doubt.”

“I think you need to talk to him, get this whole thing straightened out. Have you talked to him yet?” I was working on her lower back.

“No he’s been too busy with work. Maybe tomorrow.”

After her back was completely done I moved to her legs. First the right one, starting at her foot and moving all the way up. At the top of her leg I brushed against her crotch a couple of times, but she didn’t react.

“He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I love him so much. It would crush me if I found out he was cheating.”

“Don’t worry about it, he would never do anything like that.”

Then I did the left leg. Again at the top my finger pushed against her crotch, and again no reaction. So I slipped a finger under her bikini. My finger found her slit but she was tightly closed. I tried to push it in, it was too tight.

“Melissa what are you doing?”

“Just trying to make your worries go away.”

“You don’t have too you know.”

“Yes I know, but I don’t have to be over here either. I just want too.” With that she spread her legs a little, just enough for my finger to slip into her pussy. I was able to get it in only about half way, but I slowly began to fuck her. After a couple of strokes she began to get into it. The juices began to flow, she spread her legs a little wider, allowing my finger even deeper. She moaned as I fucked her with my one finger.

“What the hell are you two doing?” It was Matt. I was concentrating so much on Stacy I didn’t notice him come out of the house. I quickly pulled my hand from Stacy. She twisted around so she could see who was behind her, holding her top to her chest with one arm.

“I was just putting some lotion on your sister.”

“I don’t think she needs any lotion where you were putting it.” He smiled, he had caught us. Matt turned around and walked towards the far end of the pool. I got up, ran over and pushed him in the pool. As he was falling he grabbed my arm and pulled me just enough so that I also fell in. Surfacing I swam over to the edge.

“I thought you needed to cool off.” I said as Matt came up next to me.

“Seeing you certainly caused me to heat up.” He replied back. Reaching down I grabbed his limp cock through his swim trunks.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like you’re too happy to see me.” I kicked off the edge and swam towards the shallow end of the pool. Matt was right behind me as I stood up. He pushed me down into the water, held me under for several seconds. I struggled to get up but he was stronger than I was. He let me go and I surfaced, breathing in deep. Before I could get a second breath he pushed me under again. I struggled to get free and finally got away. gebze escort I got over to the edge of the pool, taking in big breaths. As I leaned over the edge of the pool Matt came up behind me. His body pressed into mine, forcing me up against the side of the pool.

“I am happy to see you.” His hands wrapped around my belly from either side. “I wonder if you’re happy to see me?” His right hand rubbed across my belly then traveled downward.

“Matt I’m always happy to see you.” His hand slipped into my bikini, continuing down. I pushed back a little to give Matt a more room to maneuver his hand. His cock was now pressed up against my butt. His hand brushed over my slit once, then again.

“Wow whats this?” He asked.


“Where’s your bush?”

“I shaved it, so you like?”

“Yeah feels real good.” His finger found my clit, and rubbed it. Pushing my butt further into Matt I spread my legs a little. His cock was now hard, press right into my crack. His other hand came up and fondled my breast.

“Oh Matt that feels good.” Until now Stacy lying down and was oblivious to what was happening. She retied her strap and sat up.

“What are you two doing?” She asked as she looked at us, Matt pinning me up against the side of the pool, continuing to rub my clit.

“Well right now Matt is fingering me.”


“Yeah and he’s doing a good job too.” His hand left my breast but I didn’t care. His finger on my clit was sending pleasurable tingles through my pussy. He pulled both ties on my bikini top then pulled it off, throwing it away from the pool.

“Matt what are you doing?” I asked, now topless in their backyard, visible to any of the neighbors who cared to look.

“Just wanted better access.” He replied as his hand found its way back to my breast. My nipples were now erect, and he started to tweak them.

“Nice tits.” Called out Stacy from her chair.

Matt continued his assault on my clit and nipples then leaned over and kissed my neck. Stacy watched intensely. I licked my lips seductively at her, and she smiled. I heard someone come out of the house directly behind Stacy’s backyard.

“Matt!” I covered my breasts with an arm, Matt moved away. I turned and saw the neighbor in his backyard, apparently he hadn’t seen us yet. Turning back around I looked for my top, then spotted Matt picking it up and running in the house.

“Matt you bastard.” I yelled after him.

“Now what are you gonna do?” Laughed Stacy.

“I guess I’ll have to go get it.”

“Get what?”

“Get my top back, what did you think?” I climbed out of the pool, still covering my breasts with one arm, and ran into the house.

“I was thinking you might get some dick.” She replied back as I entered the house. Matt wasn’t in the kitchen or the living room so I headed upstairs. The door to his room was shut, I opened it and stepped in, still covering my breasts. Matt was sitting on his bed, holding my top.

“Give me my top back.” I demanded.

“I really want to see it.” I smiled, dropped my arm from my breasts, put my hands on my hips.

“What do you want to see Matt?”

“You know…”

“No I don’t Matt.”

“I um, I want to see your hairless pussy.” He managed to say.

“Well all you had to do was ask.” I pulled on the tie on one side and it came undone. Holding the strings so it didn’t fall I took a step towards Matt.

“Are you sure you want to see my bald pussy?”

“Yes yes I do.” I pulled the other tie, then pulled the bikini off, dropping it. I stepped right in front of Matt, my feet a little more than shoulder width apart. I put my hands back on my hips. Matt’s eyes locked onto my pussy.

“Do you like?” I asked, raising my left foot I placed it on the bed next to Matt. My pussy was now open and less than a foot away from Matt’s face. He backed up slightly.

“Come on Matt it won’t bite.” göztepe escort I rocked slightly forward and he moved back a little more. I reached out and pushed him back onto the bed as I crawled onto it, straddling his legs.

“Ok I showed you my bald pussy, now it wants you to lick it.” I shuffled up, over his cock, which was now pitching a tent in his swim trunks. I moved up over his belly, to his chest. I stopped there, resting my pussy on his chest, then rubbed it back and forth a couple of times. Matt was staring into my pussy.

“How does it look now?” I asked, but he didn’t answer. Moving all the way up, my pussy was now directly over his mouth. I could feel his hot breath. I lowered myself and felt his lips on pussy. I rubber it back and forth over his lips.

“Come on Matt, stick that tongue of yours out and lick me.” I pushed my pussy down into his face then his tongue came out. He licked around my lips before finding my clit. His tongue flick over my clit. I was still turned on from before so the tingling in my pussy started right up. I started rocking my hips back and forth. His hands were massaging my ass. He sucked my clit into his mouth, grabbing it with his lips. He tugged on it several times before releasing it, then flicking it again with his tongue. His tongue left my clit and moved down to my hole. His tongue pushed up into me, I cold feel him moving it back and forth inside me. He pulled it out, going back to my clit.

“Yes Matt, yes lick me like that.” My orgasm was building, he kept licking. I closed my eyes, concentrating fully on his tongue.

“I’m cumming.” And it hit. My body tensed up, my pussy shook. The pleasure waves drove through my body. My juices exploded all over his face as he drove his tongue back into my pussy. I was grinding my hips down into his face.

When it finally subsided I rolled off him and collapsed on the bed. We lay there for several moments when I felt him get up. I looked over and he was pulling off his trunks. His cock was rock hard. He came back to the bed, crawled up on it, with one leg between mine. He tried to spread my legs but I resisted.

“Not so fast Matt.” I pushed him back off the bed while sitting up. He was standing right in front of me as I seized his cock. I stroked it up and down slowly. With my other hand I cupped his balls, squeezing lightly so I could feel his testicles. Leaning forward I lick the tip of his cock. I ran my tongue all the way around his tip. I sucked the tip into my mouth, again running my tongue all around it. Leaning back I release it from my mouth.

“You know what I want to see?” I asked while stroking his cock, looking up at him.

“I want to see a shaved cock.” Leaning forward again I suck the tip back into my mouth, running my tongue all over it. Then I released it.

“I want to see your cock shaved.” I said looking up at him.

“What?” He asked. I was stroking his cock and massaging his balls. I leaned forward, rubbing his cock on my cheek.

“Come on lets shave it right now.”

“No way.”

“Yeah come on. Lots of guys are doing it. And it would feel really good. I promise.” I took his tip back into my mouth, tonguing it again. Then I sucked more of it in, started bobbing up and down. Leaning back I released it.

“And if you don’t like it you just let it grow back. In a month no one will know.” Leaning forward I kissed it, then rub it on my cheek again.

“Besides if you don’t I’m leaving right now.” I sucked his cock back into my mouth. Bobbing up and down on it. I released it again.

“What do you say?”

“I don’t think so.” I let go of him, pushed him back, stood up, found my bikini and was leaving the room.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I told you, you don’t shave I’m outa here. Kiss this pussy goodbye.” I licked the fingers on my hand, then slightly smacked my pussy.

‘Wait a sec.” He said. I stopped at the door halkalı escort and turned towards him.

“What do you want me to do?” He asked.

“Well actually I’ll do the work, you just sit there. Don’t worry I’ll take good care of you”

“I don’t know.” He said.

“Then I’m gone.” And I walked out the door. I was halfway down the stairs when he said OK. We quickly gathered the necessary items, and I sat him down on his bed. I pushed him back so he was lying down, with his feet on the floor. Straddling him I leaned over to kiss him. I was still naked and his cock brushed up against my pussy. His hips started to thrust, his cock rubbing on my pussy. He was trying to enter me. I moved down some he couldn’t.

“Not yet, not until after you’re shaved. Now lay there and relax”

I got off him, took the shaving cream and squirted some into my hand. I applied it to him, rubbing it in real good. His cock was rock hard, so of course I stroked it a few times. Then taking the razor I made the first stroke. He jumped slightly. Working steadily I did all around his cock, leaving it real smooth. There were some hairs on his shaft, so I did that next. Then I did his balls. That took a little longer, but pretty soon he was totally smooth. I washed him off and declared it done. He sat up and looked at my handy work. He rubbed his hand over the area between his leg and cock, then moved to the other side. Then he took his balls into his hand and squeezed them. Finally he grabbed his cock and stroked it.

“How does it feel?” I asked. I knelt down between his legs, rubbing my hands on either side of his cock.

“Yeah real good.” I placed my hand on his, helping him to stroke his cock. With the other hand I cupped his balls, amazed at how smooth they felt. I pulled his cock up straight, leaned forward and sucked it in my mouth. He pulled his hand away but I still stroked him. He lay back down on the bed while I continued to service him. His hips started to move, he was fucking my face. His hands were on my head, helping me to bob up and down.

“What are you guys doing up there? Or shouldn’t I ask?” Called Stacy from downstairs.

“Stacy come here I’ve got to show you something.” Matt looked up in surprise, tried to get up. I squeezed his balls.

“No you sit here, I want Stacy to see my work.” Stacy was coming up the stairs, she was almost to Matt’s room.

“Are you guys decent?”

“No but come on in anyway.” I replied with one hand squeezing his balls, the other his cock. I stood up as she entered the room. She saw her brother naked on the bed and turned away.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” she said.

“I want you to see his newly shaved cock. Come over here.”


“Yeah I shaved him, come here.” She slowly turned around and looked over. I held his cock up. She slowly came over, staring at his cock.

“Wow I’ve never seen a shaved cock before.” She finally said.

“Until just now neither have I. Wanna touch it?”

“No way he’s my brother. Yuk.”

“Alright just checking.” I stroked him some more with Stacy watching. Then I climbed on the bed, straddling him. Still holding his cock I lined it up with my hole. Quickly I sank down on it. I was so wet it went in easily. His smooth skin on my smooth skin felt so great. I started bouncing up and down on his cock. He reached up and played with my nipples. Stacy was standing behind me, watching the action.

“This is so cool. I can see his cock going in you. And everything looks so clean without any hair.” She said. It didn’t take long before an orgasm was building.

“Oh my God I’m cumming.” And I exploded. My pussy clamped down on his cock and suddenly his was thrusting even deeper. He unloaded into me as my orgasm raged on. We continued to thrust together as our orgasms dwindled. I collapsed onto Matt trying to recover.

“Wow that was hot.” Said Stacy, still watching. I rolled off Matt, and lay on the bed.

“That was hot. Thanks Matt.” He grabbed a towel and pulled it over his now deflating cock. Stacy turned and left the room. I got up, put on my bikini and joined Stacy in the pool.

“I can’t believe you shaved my brother.”

“I can’t believe you watched us fuck.”

We swam for a while, lay by the pool for a while before I went home for the evening.

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