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Subject: Men and Boys Only Please, part 1 MEN AND BOYS ONLY PLEASE By Encolpius DISCLAIMER: This is fiction. I wish it were real (I would book a room today if it were) but it isn’t. Compliments, complaints and comments to ail Please donate to Nifty. I want to continue to help you get off. ONE We call it MBOP. That’s the name of the company Jeffrey set up that owns Hurricane Point, which is, I guess, the real name of the resort. Not that we are on Trip Advisor or Yelp. You can google Hurricane Point. It won’t help. It’ll get you some bullshit in California. We are in South Florida’ let’s just say South Florida somewhere. To us, it’s MBOP. Men and Boys Only Please. That’s what Jeffrey says it really stands for. We don’t advertise. We don’t post videos to Youtube or have a Facebook page. Our web page is intentionally shit. We have a select clientele. A loyal and select clientele. I won’t tell you how you get to be a guest here. Hit the dark web. You’ll find out. Guys do. Thr right ones, Sam, our manager, went to pick them up at the airport. I could see through the security monitor that they were coming down the short path through the lush greenery to come up to the office. I am wearing a pair of black boxer-brief style compression shorts and a “boys rule, men drool” T shirt. Jeffrey wants the cabana boys to have clothes on when they meet their guests for the first time and this is as close to clothes as I am willing to wear. I’d much rather be naked. Jeffrey gets frustrated with me sometimes, I guess he does with all of us sometimes, but not too bad. If we followed the rules completely, we wouldn’t be much fun for the guests, right? They drop their luggage — they brought too much — and the man, Cliff, is doing the checking in thing with Sam. He’s like early 40’s but he’s in good shape. The kid is a little younger than me, he’ll turn 15 this week, but he is pretty cute, big blue eyes but he has a ski cap on. I know from the pictures that he is blond. He’s tall enough, like 5′ 10″ – so an inch taller than me- his shoulders are broader than his hips and I figure he’s through growing but hasn’t filled out yet. I’m like 15 months older and I got it rocking. They don’t look alike but then they wouldn’t As soon as they walked in, both of them stared at me. “Hey, Daniel. I’m Ari” I say. “I’m your cabana boy” “My what?” “Cabana boy. You’ll see. We’re going to have fun” I say “All kinds of fun” “Cool” He’s in red shorts and a pale red shirt and the ski cap, which must be hot. The man has on a Packer’s başakşehir escort shirt. “So you turn 15 in a couple of days? You got a car picked out?” “It’s just a learner’s” I smile. “Yeah but you got a car picked out though” “Yeah” he says with a smile. “A Camaro. But Cliff won’t go for it. But I’d take his M3 and he can get his midlife crisis car. That’d be cool” “Jeffrey is going to be here this week sometimes. He might let you take his Ferrari around the track once. Of course, he’ll want to go around the track once too” Our place is a tropical paradise, lush with palm trees and palmetto’s, orchids growing in the trees, rhododendron all around, ficus for greenery at ground level. It is green mostly with lots of splashes of color and, while it is humid, it is mostly shaded and cooler than you expect. It;’s pretty big. You can get lost here if you want. The rooms are spead around, half in one building but there rest here and there. I lead them down the stairs to the pool area. We aren’t that busy — it’s the low season, summer — and only about 12 of our 20 rooms are full, bur we have a few more guests coming today and a couple leaving. Most of the men are in and around the pool and, I think, all the boys. The men are naked but not all the boys. Some, especially the teenagers, proud of their dicks, are, along with the little kids. It’s the middle ones, the 11, 12, 13 years old that are more likely to stay covered up. Well, they are covered up sometumes. They get naked too, when the time comes. “Everybody” I announce “This cutie is Daniel and his man, Cliff. They are checking in for the week” Greetings are called out and I take them over to the pavillion by the pool and point out the towels and the free drinks and snacks, reminding Cliff that food and drink is included in the cost of the room. The hot tub is a just a step down the path and then I take them around to the lap pool and then over to the gym,. “It’s clothing optional everywhere except the gym and the dock. We have some boats, jet skis and can parasail, so that’s really fun. Over here is the play room, well the video game play room” Just outside that is an actual play area with playground equipment. We also have some young boys here who like to climb and stuff. Then I took them into the play space, the kind you wouldn’t have someplace else. Just like over the pool, there is this netting above that allows the sun in but you can’t see through from above. Just in case. We have naked little boys and stuff. A drone doing halkalı escort surveillance would be bad. The play space is made up into four sections by slightly different levels and some bamboo half walls. The far end is a redzone area, no towels, and there are vinyl fuck benches and stuff around. The dungeon is off to the side, with a sling, a St Andrew cross and stuff. The dungeon is painted black and it is the only part of the play area that isn’t surrounded by by glass windows. It’s dark at night, which is good, but light and airy during the day. Jeffrey is trying to make the point that sex isn’t bad and you can do it publicly here but it doesn’t work really. “I don’t know if you are into Bll last longer this time. He was excited before. I turn and take Cliff down too and he smells like a man, like man sex, as I suck on it. I stand and the three of us kiss, our bodies, all lean and hard, pressed toghether, their dicks against my body. Danoel sucks me. He’s not bad but he’s used to sucking Cliff and he doesn;t know what to do with foreskin. Cliff is behind me, his dick resting in my ass cheeks, holding me tight against him. Daniel gags a little as he takes me down. ‘Amy I doing it right?” he asks I pull my foreskin all the way foreard and bunch it up beyond the head. “You can play wiht it, it’s all reight. I like that” “You like everything about sex, kid” Cliff says. “You totally gay or bi? Had sex wiht a girl?” “That’s gross” I say. He’s right. I love sex. But I love dick. Only dick. All kins of dick, even small hairless ones, but definitely not pussy. Not at all. Daniel nibbles on it and seems to understand better that we are at the playing around stage. It’ll get hotter later. We get on the bed and Daniel and I are ass to ass, out legs intertwined so that Cliff can suck us. I let him finger my ass as he does. It feels good but I figure we have hours. I ask if they want to get high. Cliff laughs and says sure so I give him the pen of Shitface but then I go and run and get us all big glasses of lemonade (and a bottle of vodka just in case) for the cotton mouth. As we let the high settle in, stroking each other, I grab the remote and turn on the TV to the channel that plays our videos. I am on there, me and Sean, me blowing him his orange pubes clearly seen. I rememenr it. Jeffrey shot it and I ended up fucking Sean, whcih was hot. We are all three hard, the pot making us even hornier, and Daniel is watching intently as Sean blows me on the TV. It must have inspired him becasue şirinevler escort he goes back on my dick and is very much playing with the foreskin and it feels great. Cliff and I kiss and he is passionate with his tongue in my mouth as the TV flickers in the dark room. I have to break off and moan just a little from what Daniel is doing down below. “He doing it the way you like?” “Oh, yeah, definitely.” I figure that his experience is totally with Cliff’s dick and he is learning that everybody is a bit different. “you turned on watching him do somebody else?” “Oh, yeah, definitely” Cliff decides to take over and he is definitely more experienced but Daniel is way hungrier for me than Cliff is. Not that Cliff doesn’t want it or like it. But I’m not his fantasy. We go to the bed because I want Daniel with the same hunger he wants me. I suck him and Cliff sucks me. Daniel’s cock is rock hard. He totally responds to what I am doing. “You wanna fuck me?” I say to Daniel “Really?” “I’ve only …” “You want to top, Danny?” Cliff asks. Daniel nods, almost imperceptibly. “Go for it.” I want to see him when fucks an ass for the first time. I have a pillow under my ass and my legs drwn back. He decides to use a condom, even though I haven’t asked. I’m on PReP. of course.and get tested all the time. His first try with it, he puts it on wrong. He fumbles the second time and drops ” I want to feel you inside me. Skin to skin. ” He looks over at Cliff. Cliff asks if he would be more comfortable if it was just us alone and he left. “No” Daniel says, almost hurt. “It’s just that ….” “Nothing but nothing matters. All the matters is I want you and you want me and Cliff is still going to love you and want you and seeing you turned on and hot is going to drive him wild and sex is fun and let’s just have fun. okay?” I have to help him get it in. But he when he does, it rams it in hard. “Uhhhh” he grunts. “Oh God” He fucks me hard too. Hard and fast and he is too horned up to think about the bottom’s pleasure. It feels so right and all he can do it just fuck as hard as he can. He grunts and groans and he has a look of pain on his face, not pain but ecstasy. Nothing in his life has ever felt this way, way better than jacking off. He can’t contol it. My ass fills with cream. He pulls out, cum dripping off it. ‘I’m sorry” he says, looking crestfallen. I smile and lean forward and kiss him. “You’ll never forget me, will you? Nobody who fuck the rest of your life, you’ll always remember me” Cliff fucks me slower, with more technique, this time doggy. I unload on the bed as he does. After I get a second load, I plop over in bed. “The cabana boy sleeps on the wet spot?” Cliff says, leaning over to kiss me. I know he’s joking but he’s also not joking. “That’s how it works” I say

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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