Minotaur, A Destiny

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“Our child is dead, Minos,” Pasiphae cried, holding onto the massive body of her monster child.That beast is not my child, Pasiphae,” Minos corrected sternly, “You know that to be true.”“You are responsible,” she argued, “If you had only sacrificed that bull, Poseidon would not have cursed me.”“What is done cannot be undone, my queen,” he conceded, “But I will not mourn the result of your sin.”“My sin? You know I had no control of my desires.”He knew he had spoken amiss but simply turned his head away and waved his hand in dismissal of her anguish. Pasiphae knelt over the bloody body of her departed child. “If Minos had only kept his promise to Poseidon,” she breathed. Heracles had stolen the bull that Poseidon had gifted years ago but the curse had never been lifted. “Why didn’t you sacrifice that damned bull?”“Why?” Minos growled, “Why do the stars shine? Why does the river flow? That monstrous thing you embrace was a direct result of,” He couldn’t bring himself to say it. It was an embarrassment then. It was still painful to remember. “Of your disobedience,” she said, finishing his sentence.At the instruction of the Oracle, Minos had Daedalus, his chief designer, and carpenter and the one who built Pasiphae’s unholy wooden cow, design and build a massive labyrinth to hide the creature. So many lives were lost to feed the bastard child of his wife’s unnatural desires. Pasiphae stood to her feet, her gown blooded from the corpse, “I’ll not let this be the end. You blame me for this though you know it the result of you disobedience to Poseidon. You haven’t touched me since,” she sobbed.“What will you do, Pasiphae?” Minos asked.“I will consult the Oracle,” she answered, “I will seek a witch. I will appeal to the gods. I won’t let him die this way. Of all who are to blame, he is not the one.”Minos was embittered. Frustrated, he tried to stop her, but it was too late. Pasiphae stormed out of the labyrinth, leaving the king and the body of her dead son, the Minotaur.Minos, to assuage the anger and ease the pain his queen suffered, immediately ordered the construction of a tomb for the Minotaur. It would be an enormous undertaking. A marble tomb with the inscription, “Asterious Minotaurus The Great.” The marble would be white. A color the Crete’s desired to symbolize purity. Minos ordered that there would be a black streak slanting through the inscription. That to symbolize his abhorrence of the monster. A great alter was constructed at the entrance for sacrifice.He was embarrassed at how his wife had been cursed by Poseidon because he hadn’t sacrificed that bull. That damned bull. Try though he may to keep his queen’s abominable curse hidden, word spread like wildfire. He had to face the scandal. Pasiphae, however, would not be assuaged. She did as she stated. She sought the help of the witch, Circe, her sister. Together, they summoned Poseidon, god of the sea, and the one who had gifted Minos the bull as well as cursed herself for his disobedience. Dancing and screeching, they tore at their clothes, begging the attention of the pagan deity. The seance lasted a full year. A god works on his own timetable.Finally, naked and exhausted, the sisters fell into a trance. Unable to move nor speak, they were lifted from the earth and taken to Poseidon’s court. A great crowd was gathered in the undersea throne room. “Pasiphae,” thundered the ruler of the deep, “Why do you trouble me with your groaning?”“My lord,” petitioned the immortal queen, “Because of the curse that you cast upon me for of the actions of my husband, Minos, King of Crete, my king has hated me. The child of my curse is dead, slain by Theseus the Athenian. The child I bore and loved, is now gone. My grief is more than I can bear.”“You were cursed, truly, as you say, for your king’s sins. In my anger at him, I cast the spell upon you. I sought to punish him through you. And his punishment was great. I can see your hurt and grief are great as well,” declaimed Poseidon, “What do you desire of me?”“Oh, great Poseidon,” began Pasiphae, “That my husband’s desire burns as strong for me as mine did for the cursed gift. That my son dies not for my king’s sin against you. That Asterious should be remembered not as a monster, but worshipped as my beloved child.” Poseidon stood from his coral throne, slamming the tail of his scepter onto the ocean floor, “Pasiphae, as you bore the mighty Minotaur,  so shall one be chosen to bear the seed of Asterious Minotaurous The Great. She will nurse the offspring at her breast as you did the offspring of the curse. This day, I declare that Minos, king of Crete, will desire you and ravage you.” “All hail Poseidon,” came the roar of the gathered crowd. With a touch of his finger to the nether parts of Pasiphae, her pubic hairs fell away, never to grow again. “Bring the firebrand,” bellowed Poseidon. Instantly, there appeared a blue dolphin carrying a white-hot branding iron. Taking it, Poseidon pressed the brand above the split of the queen’s sex, leaving the symbol of the bull. “Know ye That the symbol of the father of the Minotaur will forever guard your womb. I have spoken.”“All hail Poseidon,” shouted Pasiphae through the tears and pain of the brand.Upon returning to Crete, Pasiphae visited the altar at the tomb of the Minotaur. Upon the harvest moon of every seventh year, a virgin was chosen from the population of Athens to be sacrificed upon the altar. The first year, Pasiphae wielded the dagger of sacrifice. “Ms. Jan,” called a student from the back of the classroom, “May I be excused?”Jan Stein was a professor of Greek history and mythology at the University of London. A beautiful woman, she possessed the face of an angel and the body of a goddess. Never having married in her forty-four years, the rumors flew. Some claimed that she was a lesbian. Another, that she was cold. Some said she thought she was just too good for the men of London.In truth, she just never desired the attention of a man, let alone another woman. No, she was no lesbian. Neither was she a cold loner. The fact was, she felt that there was something special in store for her life. Almost as if she were born for one particular purpose. “Is everyone ready for summer vacation?” she asked her class of thirty-two students.Everyone was excited to be going bahis siteleri home or on holiday. Several told of travel plans and people they wanted to visit. Seeing girlfriends and boyfriends. One student asked, “Ms, Stein, what do you have planned?”Enthused, she told them that she had been planning and saving her money for the last ten years to visit Crete. How she had almost longed for her chance to visit. How this year was the year dedicated for the seven-year sacrifice. She told of the ruins and the places of the gods and the tombs of the kings and queens. “What is the seven-year sacrifice?” The same student asked. Jan explained how the tradition began with Pasiphae’s visit with Poseidon. How she was the very first to sacrifice a virgin at the alter, which still stands in front of the tomb of the Minotaur. She told them of the dagger, the original one used by Pasiphae.  It had been preserved and was on display during the ceremony. It was pure gold and over seven thousand years old.She told them she was so excited to be present at the ceremony, albeit staged now. There would be no true human sacrifice. That hadn’t been done for over three thousand years. There was a hint of disappointment in her voice at that statement. “Has the tomb of Minotaur ever been opened?” asked another of her students.“No,” replied Jan, “The people of Crete are very superstitious of their gods and artifacts. They will never allow that.”After a long discussion, the class was finally dismissed. The day was done, and the school semester over. Jan had three months off. There was time for only one thing before she went home to get her luggage and head to the airport. The dress. She had to pick up her dress. At the tailor shop, she undressed in the changing room, down to her underwear.  Two ladies entered, one carrying the dress, a traditional royal Crete gown that was to be worn only to the sacrifice. The other woman carried the shoes. She had spent a year’s salary on the attire. More than she could afford, but this was her once-in-a-lifetime vacation.“Ma’am, this is a traditional gown,” the seamstress said, “It is to be worn without underwear. If you please.” “I uh, I just thought,” Jan stuttered.“To make sure everything is properly tailored,” the lady smiled, “I need you to wear it correctly. I must insist that you remove your bra and panties.”Jan nodded after swallowing her modesty, unhooking her bra and dropping it on the chair she had just occupied. Next her panties. She slid them down her slim thighs to her knees, hooking them with a thumb, she pulled them off one pretty leg then the other, depositing them on her chair also. She stood, her thick bush of red pubic hairs hiding the sweet virgin treasure between her legs. The seamstress smiled and held the flowing gown out to her. Jan slid one shoulder under the silky frock then the other. The lady crossed the two strips of sheer white silk, just wide enough to cover most of each breast. The material, trimmed in gold piping, was tied just below her breast with a  sash of red silk. It was wide enough in the back to cover her beautiful buttocks. The front however hid nothing. The two strips dangled under the sash, revealing her pretty hips and her auburn bush.Jan looked at herself in the mirror, astonished at how little material twenty thousand pounds bought.  The garment was luxuriously tailored, soft, and cool to the touch. The other lady placed a golden garter belt on her waist, clasping it in the back. “Now the shoes, Madam,” she said, looking up with a smile. She placed one golden sandal on an ottoman, patting it as to call Jan’s attention. Picking up her foot, she slid it into the sandal. There were two golden ribbons, each an inch wide, affixed to the back of the shoe. The lady wrapped Jans’s long leg, crisscrossing in the front and back all the way up to the clasp of the garter, securing the streamers. After repeating the process on her other leg, Jan was dressed. Looking in the mirror, her shyness melting away, she smiled at what she saw.  After modeling the gown for several minutes, Jan dressed in her clothes as the ladies packed her gown and shoes. Paying the final installment, she left the store and drove to her apartment, contemplating the fact that she would be wearing such revealing attire in public. She had never even thought to do something so brazen. Even now, it felt like she was doing it at someone else’s request. Jan felt that she must be obedient to the request.All her luggage in the trunk of her Volvo, her next stop was the airport. London Stansted to Heraklion is a four-hour flight. Enough time for a good nap before her arrival in the Greek Mythology capital of the world. But sleep never came for Jan. She was just too on edge, anticipating the excitement of the festival.The festival of the sacrifice would last the entire two weeks. The first week would be filled with theatrical renditions of the abominable conception and tragic life of the monster, Minotaur. The streets would be filled with people from all over the world, dressed in period costumes, much like the gown she spent her savings on. Debauchery was going to be normal and accepted. She had read of public nudity, of sex in public of the magnitude of an orgy of Caligula Caesar.None of this would deter her from her quest. She surprised herself at the thought, “Quest?” She wondered what awaited her. She wondered what she was searching for. She heard the announcement from the captain that they would be landing in a few minutes, how he hoped that they had enjoyed the flight. The four-hour flight seemed to pass in only scant minutes. Jan hoped that she would sleep tonight.She decided when she booked her vacation to stay away from the large tourist hotels. Instead, she reserved a hostel with an elderly couple who rented their spare bedroom to visitors to their island. Not only did she get to experience an authentic Cretan family and home, but real Cretan food. She knocked on the front door after paying the taxi driver. An elderly woman opened the door and introduced herself as Hera. Her husband would be home late. After showing Jan to her room, Heratold her that dinner would be ready in an hour.Jan busied herself unpacking and putting her things away. She made use of the dresser and closet. Not surprised canlı bahis siteleri that she did not have a private bathroom. It was a small house and only had one. She was welcome to bathe and use the facilities anytime she liked. She was surprised though, that there was no door in the bathroom. “Oh well,” she thought, “I’m not in London. Am I?”“Time for a bath,” Jan said to the mirror, “You look tired. That just won’t do when you find what you are here for, girl.”She gathered her toiletries and walked the eight steps to the water closet. She took it in with a smile. The toilet consisted of a bowl mounted to the floor and a tank mounted to the wall above the head of the person seated. The tub was of cast iron. While with claw feet. It was shorter than a standard tub of London which was usually five feet long. The Cretan version was only about four feet long. Long enough to sit in but not lay in. Thank goodness there was hot water. As the tub filled, Jan pulled her skirt and blouse off and sat on the antique toilet to have a pee, removing her bra and kicking her panties from her toes.  She smiled again at the small tub, filling with steaming water.Running her fingers through her auburn hair, she noticed a symbol above the beam of the doorway. It was the sign of the bull. Minotaur was worshipped by some in this country. Especially in this area. The Altar was only a few kilometers from where she sat naked.  She studied the symbol, the longhorns atop the wide brow of the beast. Its broad, heavy shoulders decried strength. She reached over, turning the water off, unable to take her eyes from the symbol. Brought back from her trance by Hela, “I brought you some fresh towels.”Jan put her arm across her breast, hiding them in surprise. “I’m sorry to have startled you,” her host said. Shaking her head with a tired smile, Jan dropped her arm, her modesty still clinging to life. “It’s okay, I was just hypnotized by the Minotaur above the door.”Hela turned to see the symbol, uttering an old Greek prayer that Jan didn’t quite understand. She spoke the language, mostly, but some of the religious phrases had so many meanings. Hela turned back as Jan stood, trying to figure out how to flush the toilet. “Minotaur is our guardian against evil.”“Is he not seen as a monster anymore?” Jan asked, finally finding the small pull chain, flushing the water from the bowl.“Yes, by many in Crete. But there are those of us that keep his memory sacred. His presence here keeps us safe.”Taking the towels from her host, Jan sat them on the small vanity then stepped into the deep tub of hot water. She had overfilled it and when she sat, it nearly spilled over. Hela smiled and after telling her to relax and enjoy, turned and left her. A bit cramped, Jan put her feet up onto the rim of the tub, watching the steam rise from the skin of her legs.  She let her eyes return to Minotaur, who seemed to stare down at her. There seemed to be a presence emanating from the medallion. Almost as if Minotaur stood over her, watching her bathe. Jan let her head fall back, her calves hanging from the rim, resting on the edge of the heavy iron tub, her back arched, pushing her breast up to Minotaur, her eyes closed when her fingers parted her pubic hairs, pushing inside. Time seemed to stop when sleep took her. The hot water soothed her tired body. The steam helped her consciousness fade.  Dreams of Crete, of Minotaur, filled her head. There was wildness and excitement in the dream. There was her answer. Awakened by the sound of babbling water, Jan was startled by the presence of an older man, his long cock in his hand as he drained his bladder into the toilet. “Hello,” he smiled down, “I am Arie, and you must be Ms. Stein.”She shook herself back to consciousness. “Not in London, girl,” she thought, “may as well get used to it.” She smiled up at her patriarchal host, “Yes, but you can call me Jan.”Arie shook his penis a few times, sending the last drops into the bowl, “It is a pleasure to meet you, Jan.” She shook her head when he left her.  In disbelief, she almost had to laugh at herself. People here apparently didn’t see nudity in the way Londoners did. She dunked her head, wetting her hair. After washing her auburn curls. She wrung it out and wrapped her towel around it. Deciding to try to get over herself, she dried, then dropped her towel and took the eight steps back to her room, naked.She was putting on her nightshirt when Hela appeared in the doorway, “Dinner is ready.”“Great,” Jan said, “I’m starving. Pulling her panties up, the nightshirt only covering about three-quarters of her ass, she asked, “Is this okay, or should I wear something else?”“You are fine dear,” Hela smiled, “We are pretty informal here.”After a traditional dinner and great conversation on the island and the history of the Minotaur, Jan headed off the bed, happy that she had learned some things that she previously had not known.  Sleep brought more dreams and much-needed rest. One of her dreams, seeming so real, had frightened her to consciousness, if only for a short time. In her dream, there stood at the foot of her rented bed, a towering figure. The broadhead was adorned by very large horns that stretched from wall to wall of the room. She felt the humidity of its hot breath wash over her body. The monstrous form seemed to be there for her protection rather than harm. It seemed to ease her fears, coaxing her back to sleep.  When she awoke, yawning and stretching, she realized that she had rested better than she had in years. She could smell the remnants of the breakfast that she had slept through.  Hoping that there were leftovers, she slid from the bed and walked to the kitchen, only to realize that she had no panties on. “What the hell?” she wondered aloud, “I had them on when I went to bed, didn’t I ?” Dismissing it as unimportant, considering she had been fully nude in the presence of her hosts last evening. Looking around, she found the coffee and helped herself to leftover bacon and what she thought was goat cheese and scrambled eggs. She wondered where her host family had gone. That question was soon answered when Arie led Hela in carrying a basket of fresh vegetables. Jan was leaning against the sink cabinet, aware that her pussy was uncovered and visible. canlı bahis “You have a garden? She asked. She wasn’t trying to be a slutty guest. She was just trying to get used to being exposed before she went out. To be honest, though, it was exciting to know that Arie could see her heretofore untouched sex. She would never think of doing anything with him, but just to know he was able to see.Hela took the basket from Arie who sat at the table wiping his forehead with his handkerchief. His eyes were fixed on Jan’s crotch. Jan felt his eyes boring into her sex. Pivoting her heel, turning her left knee out, she gave him a better view. He smiled then looked up, catching her smile and eye contact. She put a finger to her lips to remind him that it would be their little secret. He nodded and then joined Hela in the other room.Jan had to smile to herself at what she had just done. She felt like a giddy teenage girl that had just had her first kiss. She was surprised to feel a bead of wetness slowly trailing down her inner thigh. Rubbing her thighs together, she warmed her hands with the coffee cup. Jan took the bacon and bit a piece off, chewing it when she saw the symbol above the door. Minotaur.Suddenly very aware that she was exposed, she dropped her head in shame. Jan set the coffee cup on the countertop, pulling her nightshirt down, covering herself modestly. She looked back up at Minotaur, apologetically. Minotaur coldly glared back, its painted red eye unmoving, neither emotion nor judgment. Jan dropped her eyes to the floor, unable to meet the glare of the symbol, the monster. Slowly she walked back to her room. “Is everything okay, hon?” Hela asked from the doorway.Jan shook her head, snapping back to reality. She had been sitting there for over an hour, thinking. Wondering why she felt so judged by a symbol on the wall. Wondering why she had been as bold as to have played peek-a-boo with Arie. Something about this place just possessed her. “Yes,” she answered her host, painting on a smile, “Just a bit of jet lag I guess.”“The festival has started,” Hela smiled, “We are going to the theater. Get dressed. You will want to see the plays.”Hela waved as she left yelling back for Arie to hurry. I pulled my nightshirt over my head. Naked, I pulled a white summer dress from a hangar in the closet. I had packed very little underwear. It was a tradition here during the festival. Leaning over she found a nice pair of sandals that would go with the dress. Standing upright again, she noticed Arie, smiling through the doorway. She knew he must have been watching. She covered her nakedness with an arm across her breast and a hand over her crotch, I’m sorry, Arie, I should have closed the door. Confused, he nodded and turned away, following Hela out the door. Jan stood still for at least a minute, breathing heavily, wondering what was wrong with her. She had enjoyed the game just an hour ago. Now she turned him away like a tease. Exasperated, she pulled the dress over her head, not bothering with the two buttons at the neck. It was hot and it was not that revealing anyway. Sliding her feet into the sandals, she grabbed a small purse that had her money and passport, put her red curls into a stretchy hair band and headed out. She remembered that the cab had brought her about two kilometers out of town, “This way. I think.”Jan took in the beauty of the countryside. She could hear the waves crashing on the beach, the crowds cheering approaching the city limits, she noticed an increase in people walking around. The thing that caught her eye was the costumes. Festivals brought out all kinds. Most of the costumes, elaborate and simple, were themed to the festival of Minotaur. Others were just costumes. She saw lots of clowns, a few Santa’s, even a few Roman soldiers.Surprised too that so many women, and girls, dressed as Pasiphae. The gowns that they wore, so similar to the one she had made, were pretty but not the quality of a queen’s. Hers was different, but it was only for the last day of the festival, the day of the sacrifice. Until then, it would be safe in the garment bag. As many women that were guised as Pasiphae, there were twice as many were costumed as the Snow White Cretan Bull. The men, naked but for the head and hide of a white bull, preserved and cast over their back. The men ran from Pasiphae to Pasiphae, trying to win her favor. Some were successful. Some, not so much. The lucky ones, probably approved because of the enormity of their genitalia, were treated to a public blowjob or even a fuck in the center of a circle of onlookers. Jan found herself in more than one circle of spectators, watching as the women either took a cock into their mouths or pussies. Not a part of any ceremony of the festival, it happened continuously. Pasiphae and that Snow White Cretan bull. The center of history and tradition. At least it was keeping with authenticity. One such circle she found herself in, was witnessing the counterfeit Pasiphae bent at the waist, taking a cock from behind as she licked and sucked another. Making her way to the theater, Jan witnessed at least eight pairs or bigger gatherings of characters playing out the scene of the origin. She made her way through the crowd, nearing the stage. This was one of the reasons she came to Crete. Not disgusted nor repelled by the lewd acts or the wanton nudity, she just wanted to be a part of the festival. She wanted to observe the people and see them play, to witness the climactic sacrifice. Legend held that when Minotaur was satisfied with the sacrifice, he would rise from his tomb and consume the body. That was a legend though. Just a part of the mythology. “Wouldn’t that be amazing?” thought Jan. The characters entered the stage. Their costumes were immaculate. Minos, Pasiphae, Poseidon, all the central characters. Even a real bull, snow white and huge, was led by a golden ring in his nose. The play began and went through the story from the gift of the bull from Poseidon to the petition of Pasiphae before Poseidon. The characters played their part to perfection. To end the play, Poseidon turned to the crowd with the question. “Will this be the year that Minotaur rises?” And with a bow from the cast, the performance ended with thunderous applause. She stood still as the crowd started to scatter in different directions. The cast shook hands with people from the audience. The stage crew began getting ready for the next performance. There would be three every day for the next two weeks.

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