Mom And Me: A Whole New World

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Before we go any further, let me set the scene for everyone.Our family lived in an average suburban development near a mid-sized city in the Midwest. My dad, Todd, was a bit older than Mom. He was forty-five years old, an engineer, with an above-average paying job at a local firm. Dad was nice enough but really not present for his family. He’d married Mom when she got pregnant. He was a perfectly good father, as long as any real emotion from him wasn’t necessary. My Mom, Misty, as I’ve made clear, was a beauty. She was in her mid-thirties at this time, red hair, great figure, incredible tits, standing about 5 foot 3 inches tall – but more than all that, she was funny, caring, playful. Pretty much the opposite of Dad. And me? I’m Sam. Even though I was just halfway through high school, I was already just over 6 feet tall. I was a decent student but was pretty gifted at sports, especially football and basketball. I worked out. I guess I was good-looking enough but had been awfully shy around girls – well, except for Mom, of course.I hope that helps fill things out a bit. Now, back to our story.The morning after Mom spoke with me in my room, I woke up early enough to have breakfast before kocaeli escort Dad left for work. As I walked down the hall to the dining room, I heard the morning news show playing on the TV and Mom’s voice as she quietly talked to Dad. As I came around the corner, Dad was seated at the table in his usual spot, with his back to the kitchen. He was reading the morning newspaper. Mom was in the kitchen finishing up breakfast.”There’s the early bird,” Mom said in a chipper voice. “Have a seat at the end of the table, Sam.””That’s your chair, Mom,” I said. “Aren’t you hungry?””Yes,” she replied, a smile twitching on her lips. “But I plan to eat later.”Dad looked up from his paper to greet me. “Morning, son,” he said. “What has you up so early today?””Mom…” I started to say before she interrupted me.”I thought Sam looked a little unwell last night, and he didn’t seem to sleep well. So, I asked him to check in this morning. I wanted to see how he was doing, in case he had to stay home from school today.”Dad looked at me in a cursory glance before returning to his paper. “Oh, well, alright then. He looks fine to me but you know what you’re doing.””Yes,” Mom said, again with a faint grin, “I kocaeli escort bayan think I do.”I could see Mom in the kitchen even Dad could not. As she walked toward me, there was a stagger to her hips. She was wearing a short, white terry cloth robe. She set a bowl of oatmeal in front of me as she bent over. I could see that she was naked under the robe, at least on top. Her breasts were visible almost to the nipples. “Enjoy,” she whispered into my ear.The rest of the meal was torture. Mom seemingly was flashing her tits at me several times. Once, she spun around so I could see her ass – her naked ass. She wasn’t wearing anything under that robe. By this time, my cock was straining against my pants. The view of her butt made me moan slightly.”Huh, I guess you are sick,” Dad grunted from behind the paper. Nothing more was said until Dad got up to leave for the office.”Have a good day, dear,” he said to Mom. “Take good care of our boy.””Oh, I will,” she replied.When Dad had left, Mom walked slowly to where I was sitting, smirking with her hands on her hips. I stood up facing her.”So…” I said tentatively.”So,” Mom replied, “now what?”I just stared at her, unsure what to say.”Look,” izmit escort she said, placing a hand on my arm, “you want me. I want you. We both know it’s true.” Mom stepped up against me, wrapping her arms around me. I could feel her tits pressing against me.”But, but it’s…” I started to say before she interrupted.”Yes, it’s incest.” I could feel her fingers making small circles on my back. I also could feel the precum seeping into my underwear. “But incest is wonderful. It’s been a turn-on for me ever since…” and here she pushed her crotch against my thighs, “your grandfather took my virginity when I was your age.””Fuck,” was all I could say.”Yes,” Mom giggled. “We did for years. So, now, do you want me to do the same for you?”My brain was frozen.”You are still a virgin, aren’t you?””Uh, yeah.” Come on, Sam, get it together, was all I could think.”So,” Mom cooed as she dropped her hands to my ass and squeezed, “do you want that? Remember, I’ve seen that dick of yours in action. I know I want to.”It was then that a switch flipped in my head. I saw clearly the options and I saw just as clearly what I wanted. Placing my hands on Mom’s shoulders, I gently pushed her back a step. For just an instant. she seemed to think it was a rejection. But then I took hold of the lapels of her robe and pulled them apart. The loose belt also unfurled and I slid it to the floor. My mother was standing naked in front of me.

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