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Subject: Monster Eyes Monster Eyes By Robert S. Costic Robert Costic has written a collection of fairy tales, “Flamethrower Fairy Tales,” and a novella, “Kepler’s Revenge,” and has also translated the 19th century German writer Theodor Storm’s fairy tales and ghost stories. All are available as ebooks everywhere. —– Troy enjoyed raunchy, unsafe sex, and he often did this at his local gym. He’d be hanging out in the locker room, the sauna, or the steam room, and if a guy appeared who caught his eye he’d be looking him over and seeing if he reciprocated any interested. If the guy did, Troy would let out his already-growing dick and play with it and his asshole. Often times the other guy would join in, and occasionally he’d do even more. Depending on the guy, they might trade blowjobs, finger each other, rim, or even fuck. Sometimes there would be several guys there who’d either join in or just watch and jack off. Due to these escapades over the years Troy became somewhat of a star among the perverts there. It usually didn’t bother Troy if a man he found unattractive watched as he fucked with another guy. Usually Troy was so caught up in the moment of having his hole creamed by a sexy stranger to notice anyone else. But this changed one day as Troy was taking a dick from a guy in the steam room. Troy had just sat on the man and was riding his cock when, lo and behold, a fat, fury monster waddled into the steam room, dragging with it a large burlap sack. The cock inside Troy growing bursa escort larger and stiffer, Troy moaned his way to ecstasy. But then the monster pulled a cookie from the burlap sack and began munching on it, staring at Troy with its giant, goggling eyes. He pulled one cookie after another out of the sack and watched Troy with rapt attention, and Troy could not ignore it. The monster was a spectacle so patently ridiculous, so noisy, and so sexually unappealing that Troy actually lost his nerve and extracted himself from the cock he was riding, leaving the other guy confused and frustrated. Troy walked right up to the monster and pointed a finger at it. “You look disgusting,” Troy said, “and who do you think you are bringing a bag of cookies to eat in a steam room! If you have a gym membership here maybe you should go out there and use it, rather than hang out here being a slob.” The monster looked at Troy and then at his burlap sack with its giant, goggling eyes, and it sulked out of the steam room. Troy thought that that would be the last that he would see of that monster, but that was far from the case. In fact, over the course of the next few months Troy spotted the monster at the gym. It actually dedicated itself to working out, and rather than carry a sack of cookies it was spotted chugging some juice or shake. It carried with it a disconcerting frown that anyone who bothered to notice could discern, but whatever unhappiness the monster harbored it kept it to itself. A bursa escort bayan few months later, while Troy was enjoying a moment as the willing victim of a sauna bukkakae involving the cum of seven men, the monster waddled into the room and sat in the corner to watch with its giant, goggling eyes. The monster didn’t have its big, burlap sack, and it was a few pounds lighter, but at the end of the day it still looked like a fury monster. Although it sat quietly the monster still apparently struck a nerve with Troy, who, cum covering his face, pointed at it and said, “You’re back here, you creep? Get out of here! You’re hideous!” This time the monster ran out of the room and to his locker, where it cried bitter tears to himself. One of the guys from the sauna came and asked him if he was all right, to which the monster replied, “I don’t ask for much. I haven’t had sex most of my life. Guys never pay any attention to me. I accept that. But at the very least I wanted to just be able to be there and see some guys having fun. He won’t even let me do that.” And it cried and cried. “Don’t mind Troy,” the guy said. “He’s spoiled and thinks he runs this place. Just ignore him. He has no more right to the sauna than you do. If he can’t stand to have you there he can leave.” The guy patted the monster on the back and left. The monster recollected itself and, after considering the guys words, went back into the sauna and sat defiantly back down. Troy spat a fat cock out of his escort bursa mouth. “What, you’re back?” Troy said. “Get out of here! No one wants you!” But the monster just looked at the guy who moments ago had talked to it. The guy smiled and nodded. “You fat fucking freak,” Troy said. “Go back to whatever hole you came from.” “Hey, leave him alone,” the guy said. “He’s not bothering you.” “His face is bothering my eyes!” Troy said. The other guys were put off by Troy’s outbursts. They stopped jacking off or playing with him and were instead just looking at him with annoyance. “What!” Troy said, looking back at them. “I don’t want to be watched by some buggy-eyed monster. That thing over there is an abortion.” One of the guys left the sauna. He gave Troy a dirty look. “Fine,” Troy said. “I’ll leave, too. If you want this sauna, you can have it all to yourself.” And with that, Troy stood up and left, and a couple of guys followed him. But after that commotion there were a still a few guys there in addition to the monster, and soon they were looking at each other and their cocks, and things began to happen. At first the three guys just played with themselves, yanking on their dicks until they all grew stiff again, but then they scooted next to each other and began stroking each other, kissing, and tweaking each other’s nipples. “Fuck me,” one of them implored, and soon the two guys were taking turns sliding their dicks into him. Each worked quickly, pounding the guy’s ass with a furious rhythm until a minute later a hot load of cum shot into the guy. By the time the second guy had finished working the bottom’s ass he left a large, loose hole seeping cum onto the floor. And the monster watched all of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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