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After our hotel adventure, Danielle and I knew we had to keep moving forward. She had told me about her cheating. I had heard her screwing a stranger and I had seen another man’s cum oozing from her freshly plowed pussy. I knew we had come to the point where I had to see her get laid by another man. Or maybe men.My idea came quickly. Our gardener Jorge mows our lawns weekly. He is a stocky, muscular guy in his fifties and he often has his son Luis help him since they do a few lawns in the neighborhood. This was going to be their lucky week.Danielle had taken note of both men before, and it took exactly zero convincing. We have a generous size closet with a full view of the bedroom and I could easily watch the action and stay hidden. The night before their next visit, Danielle was on fire. We fucked like teenagers, she fired off orgasm after orgasm, and the girl who once dodged cum begged for the full load down her throat.Afterwards, she said she couldn’t wait for the next morning. “I want it so bad,” she said.The guys started working the lawn about eleven. I almanbahis had driven my car to a parking lot nearby to make it appear I was gone. Danielle put on a cropped t-shirt and a pair of old-school light blue nylon jogging shorts, slit way up the side, allowing the side of her white panties to peek out. When Jorge started working in the backyard, Danielle made her move. She brought out some lemonade and sandwiches. She told Jorge how much she appreciated their work, and they should take a break. Luis was working at another house, but Jorge called him and told him to come over. Jorge and Danielle were on the patio. Our bedroom slider was at the other end of the house, but I could follow the action with mini binoculars. Jorge was clearly checking out Danielle’s legs and when Luis showed up, he was even less subtle. Jorge and Luis occupied the two lawn chairs and Danielle sat on the table in front of them. As they talked, she raised one knee and I know the loose nylon must have left her panties exposed. Both guys were clearly squirming a little. Danielle was almanbahis yeni giriş ready to move in for the kill.She acted as if the table was getting too hot on her legs and through the thin material covering her ass. With only the two chairs, Luis offered his. She took up the offer, but told him to stay in it. She could use his lap. She sat sideways in his lap, putting her arm around his neck and offering an open-legged view to Jorge. Luis’s left hand eventually rested on her thigh. Then he began testing how much he could get away with, moving higher. When Danielle did nothing but a subtle grind in response. his hand reached the nylon material and slowly slid underneath. Meanwhile, his other hand cupped her ass. This was going to happen.Jorge was watching his son grope my wife, and he was practically drooling. Danielle shifted from her sideways position to a stripper lap dance position, her back to Luis, her soft ass firm on his pants. The grinding was subtle, but it did the job. Luis wasn’t shy now sliding both hands up the legs of her shorts, almanbahis giriş teasing her through her underwear.Danielle was ready for more. In the bright sun of our backyard, she lifted her ass off his lap and smoothly slid her shorts down her legs, past the knees and off. From behind, Luis worked his right hand into the waistband and made first contact with her slit, which I had to assume was pretty slippery.Jorge meanwhile moved closer and tentatively reached for her breast through her thin t-shirt and bra. Luis, getting more aggressive, began to lift her shirt until it cleared the bra. Danielle raised her arms and off it went, leaving her in a pretty little bra and panty set. It was time to come inside. I saw her get up, take Luis by the hand, and nod to Jorge. As they left her shirt and shorts on the patio, they headed toward the slider and I scrambled into the closet. I was about to watch my wife cheat on me as the super slut of my fantasies.I heard them pull the slider and then come into view about ten feet from me. I was well hidden by clothes and Danielle maneuvered so she knew I’d be able to see. She pulled Luis’ face to hers and they kissed open mouth with her tongue aggressively pushed into his mouth. She also reached between his legs, and then quickly began to undo his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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