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Subject: More World Peace Chapter 6 All the usual disclaimers apply. If this material is illegal where you live, stop reading now ! The following is complete and utter fiction. It did not happen. These characters are not related in any way to any actual person or persons, living or dead. Got it ? Good ! Nifty depends on our financial support to survive. So. Horny Men of all ages. All over the world. Remember. Donation before Masturbation ! Seriously. Whip out your credit card before you whip out your cock fty/donate.html Please send constructive comments to me at hoo. Thanks, guys ! More World Peace 6 Multiple times a day our horny tween would come to me or his other dad to give him a quickie. That entailed giving our boy, Raven a wank or a suck to a dry cum or as Raven once mistakenly called it, his organism. If it took too long to get him to pop, his caring fathers knew a wet or luby finger wormed up his tight boy hole always did the trick. And we encouraged him to jack himself off which he often did. But he truly loved his dads help to get off ! At age 12, our cute and fit son could dry cum and recharge damn fucking fast. Oh the amazing powers of youth ! A few days ago Black told me he was working on a song with a chorus about Raven Craven Double D. He laughed and said he would give the song to his friend, Sheryl C and she would put it on her next album. I said,”That’s great. What does Double D mean ? What’s Raven Craven ? Double Dark chocolate ?” Black chuckled and said,”No, Mac. Not chocolate. Raven is Craven Double D. DADDY DiCK !!” I was shocked but our son was elated. He whooped and jumped up and down like a little horny wild man Sex Boy. Black was super excited about the upcoming weekend. The toys he ordered were set to arrive Friday along with our friend and fellow Youtuber Max E. From LA. Max is a charismatic underwear model and all around cool guy. We once joked we were in a Throuple and quite a few people fell for the prank. Max adores Raven and our son has crushed on Max for years. Raven got so excited when he realized he would finally see Max naked when we played Naked Twister. On Friday afternoon, big hugs when handsome Max got out of his rental car. In the garage gym, Black dripped sweat and shed his shorts, bent over and showed his hole to our guest who wolf whistled. Raven stripped down to his jock strap, threw his shorts at Max, bent over, spread his cheeks and winked his tight boy hole at Max who wolf whistled again. I knew what came next ! Black pantsed me snd Raven pulled down Max’s nylon basketball shorts. I wore a jockstrap but Max was NAKED and semi hard and on the way to a full bone ! His 7 inch cut cock was a work of art. Perfect balls too. Close trimmed pubes. World class bubble ass. Raven was wide eyed and thrilled. We had a strictly non sexual shower. All of us were erect and staring at each other. But no sexual touching. Tough but we were saving it for later. After a nice dinner in our underwear and plenty of istanbul travesti red wine, we went to the leather couches in the living room. We caught up on our lives and enjoyed Raven asking Max if he ever saw in Los Angeles his celebrity crushes, Logan Lerman, Jake Gyllenhall and Lil Nas. What a list. Very interesting ! Our son told Max he heard the three of us men having sex the last time Max visited. “You guys made a lot of noise. Almost like you hoped I would wake up and hear you ” Raven said. Max smiled and said, “Raven you are a Big Boy now. What did you hear ?” “I Stood by my dad’s bedroom door and heard bed squeaks and sex noises. And I heard both my dads tell you, “Max, Max, fuck my ass. Harder. Is that all you got. Harder, fucker. Oh. And one of them said. I forget which. Said. Max, my asshole is in love with your perfect cock !” Max looked at our cute and horny son and said, “Raven, will you say those same words to me someday ?” Raven gave a cheeky answer and said,”Maybe. Hope so !” Next our son explained Naked Twister and Butthole Bingo which Raven now calls Buttholes and Boners. After half an hour of laughing and touching buttholes and stroking boners, The youngest and apparently the horniest guy here yelled, “Last man upstairs is a Big Hairy Butt Hole ! Haha”. The three older men watched Raven’s perfect bubble butt scramble up the carpeted stairs. When we got up there, Raven was checking out the Sex toys Black had spread out on our big bed. There were small anal beads and several butt plugs for Raven. He was going wild over a big double headed dildo and then held up a dildo attached to a leather harness. “What’s this, dads ?,” Raven asked. Black answered, “Son, you told me you wanted to put your Dick in something. So until you grow, you can wear this strap on to fuck Big Boy ass. ” “Wow. Ok. I do want to f f fuck something. Ass. Hole, Thanks, dad !” We started by lubing up the 4 vibrating metal eggs from Colt and inserted one in Raven’s boy hole and then our own. Each guy took the controller of the egg lodged in the asshole of the guy next to him. Raven controlled the egg in Max’s ass and Black controlled the vibrating metal egg lodged in the tight boy asshole of our fit son. The next ten minutes all hell broke loose as we ran through the four power settings of the vibrating eggs bouncing against our anal walls and banging our prostates. All four of us were writhing and moaning and three of us were leaking Dick honey all over our abs. We scooped it up and fed the boy. We did not want to cum yet so we tugged on the cords and got the eggs out. Next Max took charge and lubed up the big, long double headed dildo. The guy with the perfect body snd epic cock instructed Black and me to lie on our backs ass to ass. Raven was excited and fascinated to watch Max E impale me and then Black on the biggest dildo we had ever had in the house. Every move Black made I felt in my hole and Vice versa. Oh My God. I am so full of rubber cock. kadıköy travesti Stuffed. Then Max said,”Mac and Black. Your son and I want to see you fuck each other. One at a time. And then fuck each other at the same time. Mac fuck your husband. GO !” I pushed and Black grunted and groaned. I fucked him for 3 or 4 minutes and then Black fucked me. Hard. And deep. Raven stood over us watching us fuck like a hawk. He dropped down to ask how it felt when we were on the receiving end. Things got crazy when we fucked at the same time. Raven whooped and cheered us on. Twice the double dildo slipped out of our lubed up assholes and Max reinserted the rubber. Raven, with his Eagle eye would alert Max when the dildo popped out from our wild gyrations and energetic ass fucking. Good teamwork, boys ! Next all three men collected our Dick honey on our thumbs and forefingers and fed the sweet stuff to our favorite Sex Boy. The two dads pulled our son’s legs back as our hot buddy Max slowly inserted a rope of lubed up anal beads into the lubed asshole of young horn dog, Raven. After Raven adjusted to the fullness in his tight ass, Max began to slowly pull the beads out, one by one. Black and I got right down by our son so we could whisper praise into his ears and watch the beads pop out of his hole. OMFG. So fuckin’ sexy. Proud of our Boy ! Max went through insertion and extraction of the beads three times. Raven moaned with pleasure and assured us he LOVED the feel of the beads going in and Really loved pooping the beads out ! Raven then said, “Dads and Max. I’m ready to use the strap on thing !” Max yelled, “Fuck yeah. This young Stud is ready to get his Fuck on ! Dads on all fours. Side by side. Arch those backs, boys. And lube your holes !” We watched Max put the strap on dildo and harness on our excited son. Raven was all smiles as Max lubed up the 8 inch cock that looked wildly obscene protruding from the slim body of our 12 year old son. Max helped Raven get in position behind me. The man was the Boy’s Fuck Coach and talked him through the whole procedure. I felt Raven’s fingers enter my ass before the tip of the rubber strap on cock pushed at my hole. Max was holding my son’s hips and pushing him forward into my asshole. I was watching myself in the big dressing mirror get fucked by my own son ! I could see the expressions on Raven’s face as he started to assfuck his own dad ! I moaned and asked for more cock. Raven bottomed out and began a slow fucking motion. I heard Max tell him to pull back. Almost out. And then push all the way back in. Ooomph. “So good. Fuck me, son. Give it to me. Fuck me, Raven !”, I said. Black said,”Fuck him, Ray. He loves it. Hard and deep. Fuck your dad. Cause your other dad wants your big fuckin’ cock next !” Max was now pushing Raven’s hips and ass hard, fucking him into me. Then Max held him still and whispered in Raven’s ear. Then Raven said to me, “Dad you love my big hard Dick. So go fuck yourself ! The boy bakırköy travesti said it in a strong, brave voice. I rocked back and forth, fucking myself hard and deep on my hot son’s big strap on cock ! The same thing played out when our son, with Max’s expert help, power fucked his other dad. Both father and son got off watching their father / son fuck scene in the big mirror. Black’s dirty talk was off the chart as he demanded that Raven fuck his fuckin’ brains out !! Black flipped over on his back and Raven stood by the bed and fucked his dad. Black yelled that he was coming ! A hands free cum shot ! He scooped up his sperm and jammed it in his hungry mouth. So fuckin’ sexy. Max and I got on our backs beside Black. We pulled Raven onto the bed with his big rubber cock, all 8 inches, sticking up. In a deep voice, Raven said, “FEED ME !” Max said this guy reminds him of the killer plant from outer space in Little Shop Of Horrors ! Raven didn’t get it but what Max said cracked Black and me up. “Feed me, Seymour. Feed Me All Night Long.” Hahahaha. “Ok, men. This hot stud is hungry. This young Fucker earned our loads tonight !” Max and I got up on our knees and stroked our big hard cocks. I blew first and shot three thick ropes of pearly white semen into my son’s open mouth. He struggled but got most of my load down his throat. Next sexy Max pointed his big perfect cock at our son’s open mouth. You could tell Raven was beyond excited to taste and swallow the cumload of his crush. Max stroked fast and power shot 4 cum ropes onto the young pink tongue of our cute son. Raven struggled to keep up snd catch every precious drop of semen. Black was stroking to give his second load to our son but I knew my hubby needed help. So I lubed my fingers and started a finger fuck and prostate massage. Max began making out with Black and rubbed his sensitive nips. Even Raven helped by licking his dad’s big balls and digging his finger into Black’s belly button. That gets Black hot every time. Black moaned and groaned and announced his second load was on the way. He jumped up and Max and I grabbed Raven. We each used a hand to hold Raven’s thirsty mouth wide open. Black stroked and then inserted his big wet cock into Raven’s mouth until the boy gagged. Then he backed off. Before he went back in. We were so turned on as Black face fucked our son. He sped up the skull fucking as max and I held Raven’s head in place and whispered encouragement in his ears. After a while, I rubbed Black”s ball bag snd stuck my finger up his hot asshole. Then I watched Black shoot his creamy semen into our son’s open mouth. When his young mouth was full, Max leaned in and gulped down three big shots of tasty spunk. Fuck yeah ! Max got down and took off Raven’s strap on so he could suck our boy’s 3 inch spike. I took a turn sucking and so did Black. But we two dad’s let our buddy Max E stick a lubed up finger in our son’s hungry hole and suck him off to an epic, full body dry cum. We stroked Raven’s young body until he calmed down. Showers and sleep. In the morning, there was morning wood and cum shots from sexy Max, our favorite suck and fuck buddy. More World Peace ! Please send me constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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