My best friend and I in the shower

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If you don’t remember, my name is Carol. I’m a brunette, and have B-cup tits. Although, now I’m 23, and my friends, Holly and Jessica, are one year older too. Jessica and Holly, kept dating, ever since that day in the shower. They never did get fake married though. I guess they knew that they loved each other, in ways most mothers and daughters don’t. Although, about a month after that day, Holly actually moved all of her stuff into her mom’s room. So now they sleep together every night. Over that year, they invited me in to have some fun with them, quite a few times. I had threesomes with them in the shower, in their bedroom, and a couple other various places, in their house. Anyway, one thing that never happened though, I never had sex with just Holly.It was odd to me, to be honest. Although one day, Holly and I were at my house alone. I was in the shower bathing, as Holly was in my room, most likely masturbating. I swear, every time I was in the shower, I thought about Jessica. She was one hot MILF, and for some odd reason, I just could not get her out of my mind. I had my fingers between my pussy lips, almost the entire time I was in there. Just thinking about Jessica eating me out, or me eating her out. I frequently let out a few moans, and some of them were a little loud, which always managed to get Holly’s attention.”Oh fuck, Jessica,” I said as I moaned.I knew she heard me, because my bathroom was just on the other side Maltepe Escort of my bedroom. Nothing happened though, so I just continued to masturbate. I began thrusting my fingers, in and out of my pussy. My shower was much smaller, compared to Jessica’s shower. It was about half the size at best. I leaned forward, and grabbed onto the towel rack. Just like every other time I masturbated, I couldn’t cum quick enough. I wanted that orgasm really badly. It only took me a couple more minutes, and then for about a second, the shower floor was soaked by my cum. I felt really good, although it still came nowhere close, to actually having sex with Jessica. I stayed in that position for a minute, and then I turned around just to see Holly in her bra and panties. She had her hand down there, as she was masturbating to me.”I’d offer you a hand, but it’s looks like you are covered,” I said.”I could say the same to you, Carol,” Holly replied as she slowly walked towards the shower.I only a had a shower curtain, and I didn’t even bother use it. We both checked each other out for a minute, and then she asked the question, I had been dying to hear.”Mind if I join you?” Holly asked as she took her bra off.To answer her, I just got down on my knees and pulled down her panties too. I was tempted to eat her out, right then and there. I leaned up and put my hand out. She took it and I brought her in with Maltepe Escort Bayan me. It took about a second for her lips to land on mine. We made out for about three minutes straight and then we took a break.”Don’t worry, my mom said, as long it’s with you; it’s not cheating,” Holly said.”Good, because I’m gonna do some nasty shit with you,” I replied.I put my lips back on her’s, as I put my left hand onto her pussy. I could have rubbed it slowly, but I actually rubbed it quite quickly. We were close and our boobs were right next to each other. Together, our boobs looked like one nice c-cup rack. We had a long make out session, it lasted for about ten minutes, and then we decided to have a small titty fight.”No fair, you have B-cup boobs,” Holly said.I giggled a bit, and leaned my head down. I licked her nipples numerous times, in a short amount of time. She just froze for a minute, because she was so turned on, and she just couldn’t take it forever. She clinched her fists, and breathed really steadily. It was as if, she was on a ventilator. Obviously, having sex with just me, was something she was into as well. I sucked on her right nipple really slowly, it seemed to work ten times better, than doing quickly. I put my other hand down onto her pussy, and I knew from experience, not all of that was water.”Oh my, Holly, does your mother know that you are such a wet girl down there?” Escort Maltepe I asked.”Yes,” Holly replied.I chuckled a little bit, and then I kissed her once. I got out of the shower, and walked over towards the medicine cabinet. I pulled out a dildo that I kept in there. I brought it back in the shower and Holly just cheesed. “You keep a dildo in there?” Holly asked.”Yes, I use it sometimes when I really need an orgasm,” I replied.”Well, I really need one right now,” Holly said.That was all I needed to know, I put the dildo right under her pussy, and just teased her for a couple seconds.”Put it in, bitch,” Holly said.I laughed for a second and did as she commanded. I shoved it in quickly and made sure she knew who her best friend was. Well, if you fuck your friend, that automatically promotes them to best friend, doesn’t it? She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly. I leaned towards her and kissed her neck repeatedly. She began to move around a little bit, I guess she never got tired of having a dildo in her pussy.”Shit, that’s just how I like it, don’t stop, Carol,” Holly said.I didn’t stop, I knew even after she came, I’d still thrust the dildo. I slowly began moving my head down, and I eventually landed right on her chest. I laid my head right above her boobs, and I swear I could feel her heart beating. She was really excited, I could definitely tell she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. A few seconds later she did.”Shit!!” Holly screamed.It was hot, don’t get me wrong but she screamed right into my ear.”Don’t make me go deaf, I still wanna hear how good I’m making you feel,” I said.She looked right at me, and then put her hand on mine. Then she pulled my hand up, and I pulled the dildo out of her pussy.

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