MY COUSIN part 2

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MY COUSIN part 2……..After that very hot morning we had, Mike and I just grab the whole afternoon doing same things we did before. We went to play basketball, take the usual computer games and bringing up our usual hobby which was painting and drawing. Mike was all too exhausted after everything so he asked me for him to take a nap while i prepare our dinner. As i finished settling the food, i went to check Mike if he had fallen asleep. I tried walking slowly when i noticed that he haven’t closed the door well just not to keep him awake. I peek through the small opening and sees that Mike was not asleep instead he was naked and sensually rubbing himself and was murmuring my name. I feel electricity in my body when he’s calling out my name sexily.”hmmmm,,, kevin… i wanna fuck you.. yeah…” Mike stroking now his soft cock.His just so hot really for me. He looks so vulnerable lying down there in my bed naked tempting me to get in and eat that juicy cock of him. Yet i stayed there staring and letting him complete his show. My cock now is starting to get hard as a rock and feels that pre-cum is wetting my red brief as i continued looking at Mike pleasuring himself. I pulled my shorts down and rubbed my cock hidden under my brief. “yeah… suck it Kevin.. give me your best shot.. hmmm..” him talking to himself.Shit! Mike is thinking of me! He must have been imagining of me when he masturbate during highschool years. He never knew that I’m also thinking of him every single time. But onwin giriş wow, i really can’t believe after all this time that he liked me at all! I can see now Mike’s dick harden and growing bigger while small veins peering through. His 8 inch cock is really delicious the first time I tasted it early morning. Now his jerking his dick faster and can tell that his about to cum…”huh! huh! yeahhh… ahhh… shit… hmmm… hhhhhhuhh!” him groaning when he exploded a nice cumshot.That was a great show his given me. Unlucky for him he doesn’t know someone’s watching. I just didn’t mind putting back my shorts so I just left my brief on. As i was about to go back to the kitchen, Mike called me out. “Hey, why did you just stand there and watch??” he was laughing inside the room.I tried not to answer, amazed why he ever knew that I was looking at him.”Iiii kneeew yooouuu weeerrree tthhherrree???!!! I left the door open for you!!.. hahahahaha.. ” hearing his footsteps towards the door.The moment I faced the door, Mike was now leaning against the wall grinning at me. Then faced down and look at my cock.”I knew you watched me, look your just wearing your nice red brief,, WET! and look at your cock, it looks so hard just like mine..” he grinned and pulled down my brief.Mike’s tool is still rock as hard. “Did his cock even went soft after jacking off?” Me, thinking at the back of my mind. “Look at that smooth beautiful cock you have Kevin!, it’s just about as big as mine huh! naaah! onwin yeni giriş 7 inches to be exact.. right?” him massaging my cock.”aaaaaahhhhh…” suprisingly me moaning.”yeah! you like that pal?” mike still massaging my erect cock.As he keeps on massaging my cock, Mike kissed me in the lips and started working on my virgin butt.”nice ass you have pal, want me in there?” Mike suggested.”uhmmm,,, yeaaaah??!!… ” me groaning while he’s squeezing my ass.We went inside the room, and Mike led me through the wooden table I had in there. He let me bend over it and started spanking my ass.”ssssssshhhhhttt.. ahhh.. yeah lick me with your hot tongue babe..” I demanded.He spit on my asshole and slip his tongue in, tickling my inner being. Then Mike opted to insert his still rock hard tool inside my ass.”I’m coming in now pal, and I’m gonna do it real slow for you..” him reminding me.When Mike started to insert his dickhead i screamed in pain and pleasure… “awwwww!!! fuck! it hurts… ahhhh.. yeah.. give it all in please..” I trying to talk. “OMG! yeah.. let me feel that hot and warm stick you have down there cuz.””yeahhhh,,, i will… ohhhh! fuck! hmmm..” pal speaking in pleasure as he starting pushing in.”ah! yeah,, keep going! yeah.. insert it all in please..” me begging.His whole 8 inch dick now inside my cold ass, and its like breaking the whole shit out of me like i wanna scream in pain yet it feels so hot and pleasurable…”wwwhoooh! whoooaaah! ahhhyahhhh! fuck onwin güvenilirmi me hard now.. uh! uh! uh!” me feeling it so hard inside my hole.Pushing and pulling hard now, Mike continues to moan in ecstacy,, working so well inside my virgin asshole..”ohhhlala! fucccckkkkk!! fucccckkk! I wanna fuck you hard dirty bitch! hmm… yeah..” Mike continues banging me hard.”yeah, boy, fuck me hard young man.. push that hot big cock to me.. yeah.. uhHHhh!!..” me responding. “I want you cum in my ass my love,, just keep going.. ooowwwhhooahh..””yeah,, uhmmm,, yeah,, I’m about to cum in your virgin ass my love,, ohh,, fuckk,, !!! aggghhh!! shhht.. aaaayyymmm cummmminnng.. hhhhhaaahhsttt…” him making his all the way through.”ohhmmmmmm… assshhhhh.. yeahh,, i can feel your hot cum inside my assssss,,,aaahhhh… yeahhh!” me groaning.I can’t believe Mike still has lots of cum right just after him jacking off earlier.. his second cum was still so sticky inside my ass,,, now it’s dripping out inside me.I faced him now, and Mike let me lay down on the table and started to stroke my erect cock..”ohhh yeahhh!!,, keep going Mike,, uhhhmmm,, i love it..” me moaning.He keeps on stroking my cock to a faster face ’til i shoot lots of cum to his chest.. I stood up and lick my cum from his chest. My cum tastes so sweet and this is the first time I tasted my cum. Then as I lick his chest clean, Mike started kissing me and we kept on kissing there standing.”whoooo,, I just want to tell you that this is my first time and I’m glad that you’re the first guy who fucked me..” I admitted to him.Mike didn’t care to respond. So we went to clean up ourselves and went to finish our dinner.. watch t.v. then went to sleep together naked in the cold night……….

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