My First Bisex experience

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My First Bisex experienceI was thirty something when I first laid my hands on another guys cock and it happened something like this. It was summer time and my then partner and I along with her grown up k**s were planning to go on holiday to Greece in about six weeks, I was moaning to her about the fact that I was a whiter shade of pale because of my indoor job and would stand out as a typical Brit on the Greek beaches. She jokingly suggested that she would ask her friend Stuart, one of a couple of gay boys living two houses down the street who had a sunbed if I might borrow the the use of it, although I was on speaking terms with them I said “no way” and conveniently dropped the conversation.A couple of days later she says to me that having asked Stuart he had said it was ok and why did`nt I come round this evening. At first I refused to go untill she pointed that it would make her look silly and that Stuart would probably be offend and so that evening I grudgingly turned up at Stuarts feeling distinctly uncomfortable, to have my first sunbed session.Stuart answered the door wearing just the briefest of briefs and some sort of short open silk kimono, “don`t mind me” he said “this is what John(his partner) and I wear all the time in the summer”, I nearly turned around there and then but he welcomed me in and after a brief chit chat led me upstairs to the bedroom where the sunbed was.`I asked him where was John and he waved a hand saying that he worked nights 3 days a week and here we are thats the on/off swich, thats the timer and if I wanted to go nude then feel free as we were all men and he had seen it all before and with that off he went leaving me somewhat speechless.On that first occasion I most certainly did not go nude, Stuart came up a couple of times to check everything was ok, disturbingly he would stand close to the sunbed whilst talking which allowed me to see only his waist and thus the contents of those skimpy briefs clearly on show through the fabric, I tried not to look but you know `curiosity`. So this is how things went for the next couple of sessions, I became less paranoid around a gay guy and then just decided to strip off comletely, Stuart started to spend more time in the room wandering around and talking, I noticed a few times that when he was up close and chatting away he would get a semi ankara escort on and have to make excuses to leave before his whole package burst out of his briefs!Anyway this one evening we were busy chatting, I kept moving about trying to get comfortable, Stuart noticed and asked if I`d got ants in my pants, “no” I said, my problem was that I had strained my back earlier in the day and that now I could`nt get comfortable. So just like that he suggests that why don`t I lie down on the normal bed and he would give me a back massage as he is qualified to do so with his job a a beautician, I declined of course but he would have non of it, pointing out that if I let him sort it out now it would save me having a sore back for days on end and so I eventually caved in. So there I am, face down and naked on a gay guys bed with him dripping oil on me! but oh when he starts working his hands feel wonderfull and all my fears disappear and I relax as he works the tension out of me. After about ten minutes he askes if I mind him kneeling above my legs as its difficult to work on a normal bed amd not a massage table, I`m so chilled by this time that I just agree and let him get on with it. He climbes on and starts working again on my lower back and then slowly moving upwards to my shoulders and back down again, it feels really good but I notice now, that when he moves forward his cock is brushing against the crack of my bum, I don`t say anything and as time goes on it obvious he`s got a hard on because the whole of it feels like its poped out of his briefs and nestles nicely in my bum crack as he moves forward. I remember thinking it would be interesting to see how far he would go so I just laid there enjoying the massage and if I`m honest his cock resting on my bum crack as well. I was drifting away with the moment when I felt him shift backwards a little, his hands started to rove onto my bum occasionally and I just let him get away it. It was`nt too long before my bum was the centre of attention, fingers kneeding my cheeks and hands moving down to my upper thighs and back, he added some more oil and I noticed that fingers kept tracing down my crack untill eventually his fingers grazed my bum hole, I squirmed a little as it felt really nice, the next time he went near my hole I raised my bum ever so slightly to let him know ankara escort bayan that I was ok with it. I was far too embarassed to say anything but he got the message and parting my bum cheeks started to gently stroke me there with oily fingers such that I had to stifle a moan as it felt so good. He then moved off me but with one hand still working on my bum hole the other started to move down to my balls, I opened my legs a little and with no hesitation this other hand slid under me and warm fingers enveloped my hard cock gently squeezing me!This time there was no way I could hold back and I groaned into the pillow, Stuart broke the silence “why don`t you turn over”, extremely red faced, I did so and the first thing I noticed was his huge cock busting forth from his inadequate briefs, about 8 inch long, thick, with what seemed a huge bulbus head and it curved gently back towards his navel. “I think I`ll lose these” he said, and quickly slipped out of his briefs, my eyes seemed to be glued to his cock which stuck out proudly in front of him, he caught my stare, smiled and just said “later” then leaned forward took my cock in his hand and with one swift motion pulled my forskin back then dipped down and took me into his mouth… My bum came off the bed “ohhh fuck” I remember saying, then he lay between my legs and started to work his magic on my cock, licking, sucking, deep-throating you name it, he came up for air, looked me in the eyes and said “good?” then went back to work, too right it was good I was squirming about and moaning like hell.I can`t recollect how long this went on for, before he moved around to my right side, his right hand went back to my cock then simultainiously his left hand and mouth attacked both my nipples, I had`nt realised I was so sensitive there and sparks were flying in my head and I was groaning away like hell which just made him lick nibble and stroke more. He shifted again and as I opened my eyes I realised his cock was within my reach. I tentitivly reached out and touched him, it was like an electric shock, his cock twiched in my hand, he moaned into my chest and I was pleasantly supprised at how nice it was to hold someone elses hard cock in your hand. It was amazingly hot to the touch and the texture on his skin felt lovely, I know this may sound corny but I got an immediate escort ankara sense of empowerment, I gently started to stroke up and down the length of his dick and was rewarded by feeling it grow even firmer, I carefully started to run my fingertips around his glans, it started to twitch like a wild thing, he began to moan more and then that lovely head started to leak precum.From where, I do not know, but even though I was thoroughly enjoying his ministrations I wanted to play more with his gorgeous silky skinned cock so I just said “lets swap places” and thats exactly what we did. Now as Stuart lay on his back, that lovely cock erect a few inches from my face, I wrapped my fingers around it and started to slowly wank him off, the look on his face said he was enjoying this but I wanted to do more so leaned forward and licked the bottom edge of his glans, I suppose I should`nt have been suprised when it jerked in my hand and so did he but it didn`nt taste bad and the warmth and texture were lovely so I thought “what the hell” went forward again and took his cock head in my mouth. “Oooooh shit” was his response so I just thought “do unto them” and proceded to role my tongue around whilst slowly fucking the head with my mouth, I tried to take him deeper but could`nt manage so then I thought I`ll wank him slowly with my hand and keep pace with with my mouth around his cock head. His moans and groans told me I was getting it right so I just carried on untill he whispered “your ganna make me cum”, to this day I don`t know where my mind was but with my mouth full I murmered MMMMmmm and just carried on working that cock listening to his moans and feeling him squirm “oh my …” he hissed and I knew what was cumming.His glans swelled larger and his already hard cock went firmer and pulsed in my hand, his bum came off the bed and with a suprisingly soft ooooh his body shuddered and my mouth was filled with hot cum, I gagged but relaxed my lips so that it dripped down his shaft and kept my tongue working him, he spurted 2 more times, his cock jerking around in my hand like an a****l, there seemed to be gallons of cum both in my mouth, all over my hand and on his navel. He touched my head “enough” he groaned but I could`nt resist a last lick and he jerked again and I got a drizzle more of cum. I moved back and grabbed his massage towel to clean myself up, Stuart apologised profusely for cumming in my mouth but I told him not to be daft as it was me that made him cum and that I realy enjoyed doing it and that he had taken my cherry so to speak.More to come.

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