My former lover Jennifer

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My former lover JenniferMy dear little friend Jennifer’s marriage was not perfect; although she tried to show everybody it was… One afternoon she called me when I was at work and told me her husband was away from town since several days. She added that she had some things that needed “a man’s touch”; as she put it. I did not understand what she wanted to mean; but Jennifer insisted she wanted to meet me when my loving wife would be out…Two days later I called her back, telling that Ana would visit some friends out of town and then we agreed I would go to her home…Jennifer asked me to go to her place late in the evening. I was very busy at office with some heavy paperwork and finally I pulled into her drive a little before midnight.A dim light in the porch came on and Jennifer opened the door.She smiled to me and gave me a hug; saying I was her favorite ex-lover. She was looking real sexy; wearing a short dress red with a cut on the side; which allowed me to see her long nice shaped leg.I hugged her back happily and I felt her round butt with my hand. She was not wearing even a tiny thong under her sexy dress…She smiled again and slapped my hand off from her nice buttocks.Jennifer hugged me again and I immediately was aware of her round huge bumpers pressing into my chest. My dick came to life…Finally she kissed my cheek and then she led the way inside.Following her through maltepe escort the house, I felt a little naughty stirring as my eyes were glued in her long legs and her soft round ass…She looked over her shoulder and then she shook her ass at me. When we got the kitchen, I told her I needed to use the bathroom.Jennifer smiled and pointed at the half bath just on the other side of the bed and said, she would wait for me out on the back porch. I really was not in the mood to chat, but I figured Jennifer needed it. After leaving the bathroom, I headed to the back yard.It took my eyes a moment to adjust once I stepped outside because the back porch light was one of the things she needed me to fix… When my eyes finally did adjust, I saw my sweet ex lover sitting down with her sexy legs inside a hot tub. I approached her and she invited me to join her there inside.She stood up and poured a glass of red wine for me from a near table. Then she headed back into the hot tub.I just stood there watching her tanned body, moving darkly through the foamy water. She took a sip of wine and then closed her eyes, leaning back, her nice face to the dark sky.I got undressed and then I climbed into the warm bubbling water.Suddenly Jennifer lunged across the tub, landing with her forearms on my chest and her legs between mine. The water splashed up over my face and she helped wipe the water away escort maltepe from my eyes.Her beautiful face was inches from mine, her tits were bobbing on my bare chest and her smooth silky thighs were brushing high up on the inside of mine…My now rigid cock tapped from time to time against her lower body. I whispered quietly to get off from me; before we start something that then we could not stop.But she smiled and then she slid up my body, her breasts weighing more and more on my bare chest. Then she leaned down and kissed my cheeks before breathing in my ear that she was hoping I could make her happy that night…When her lips met mine, I offered up no resistance. My hands moved to her hips and lifted her higher. She spread her legs to straddle my hips and I felt her breath, full of lustful desire…For the next minutes we kissed like horny newlyweds and I savored the contour of her round body as she pressed herself to me and I ran my fingers over her soft flesh. She moved off of me and turned around, lowering her clean shaved pussy and ass over my face and I began exploring her hidden folders with my tongue and fingers. Jennifer started to moan softly, urging me on. She reached down into the water and grabbed my hard rock dick in her soft hand.It felt so good and soon I was moaning as loudly as she was…She stepped down into the water and then leaned over the edge of maltepe escort bayan the tub. Her ass and hips were now high out of the water.Not wasting a single second, I moved in behind her and lined up with her round ass cheeks and began to push my cock deep into her warm wet cunt. I felt she was very, very tight…Jennifer smiled and said that her husband was just half the size I was. Now she barely was getting just his fingers…She suddenly yelled and begged me to fuck her; no matter if she cried in pain. She wanted me to make her feel it all over again…Then I sank into her all of the way and she gave a shudder as her firm ass pressed back into my crotch. I looked down and saw her nice round dark asshole. I pressed my thumb down against it. Jennifer groaned as she felt it.I pulled my finger back and began to fuck her nice and slowly. But she wanted me to bang her. She wanted to feel our bodies collide, as the warm water was splashing out to the tub.Suddenly Jennifer clamped down and then I felt her growl and tremble as a deep soft cry came from her shuddering body.I did not even try to hold back. I pumped spurt after spurt deep up into her hungry hot cunt; wanting to make her feel my boiling semen deep inside of her.It was over too soon; when Jennifer rolled out from under me and I felt to a side, trying to recover my breath. A few moments later, I felt her roll over onto my chest and we smiled and kissed. Then she stepped out happily from the hot tub.Jennifer showed me again her sweet round ass cheeks and she said that I could share her bed tonight…I relaxed just a few seconds before following her into the house…

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