My mom and Sadie

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My mom and SadieMy dad left when I was just fifteen. I never knew why till three weeks later my moms friend Sadie moved in our house and into mom’s bedroom. I could hear them at night moaning and I had to go peek. Both were naked laying on top of the covers and Sadie was sucking mom’s tits and then went down to her pussy and spread it and began to lick it. My mom then started moaning and twisting loud. I would sneak and watch them every night. I loved seeing the two women having sex and loved them fingering and licking. I understood why mom would love this female body with the nice tits and smooth pussy.One day when mom was at work I was studying with just a t-shirt and panties on and Sadie came to me and began to chat. She felt my hair and told me I was very pretty and growing up to be a sexy young girl. I really liked her hands on my hair. She then ran a hand down my face and over my mouth. Then she kissed my cheek. I turned my face and she kissed my lips and put her tongue in my mouth. I loved her kissing me. She kissed me for a few minutes letting me feel her tongue and then she pulled my shirt off over my head. My tits were beginning to grow and were now a size C. They were firm and perky and Sadie began to rub them as she kissed me.Sadie left my lips and kissed down grandbetting yeni giriş to my tits. I almost fainted when she took a nipple in her mouth and kissed it before sucking it just like she had done to my mom. The feel of a woman’s mouth sucking my tits was a feeling I shall always love. She paused for a moment and pulled her shirt off and I saw her nice round tits. She put my hand on her left tit and I began to massage the large globe. As the nipples grew in size she then put one in my mouth. I wasted no time sucking and kissing it. I loved running my tongue across the now hard nips. I could have sucked them all day like a new born baby.But Sadie pulled off my panties and removed her own making us both naked. She stood and pulled me to my feet and began to kiss me and rub my tits and then down to my ass. She pulled her lips off mine and turned me so her hands could rub my ass and it felt so good. She then turned me to face her and spread my legs apart. Her hand slid between my legs and began to rub my pussy. She pulled me close to her and her fingers touched every inch of my now wet pussy. She stroked my clit before a finger found my hole. She said in a sexy voice, “ever had your pussy licked?” I shook my head no. “Would you like me grandbetting giriş to lick your pussy?” she asked. When I nodded yes, she shoved me on my back to the couch and lifted one of my legs over the back and one on the floor so I was spread wide apart and very open. I could feel the cool air on my pussy lips and my clit.Sadie spread my lips apart and her mouth went to my clit. When she sucked my clit I lost all control and my pussy began to pulse. As Sadie sucked my clit she put a finger up my hole and moved it in and out. I could feel how wet I was making her finger. She then lowered her head to my pussy and licked me in wide strokes from one end to the next. I decided that day I loved a woman licking my pussy and never wanted her to stop. Her tongue got to my hole and as she spread the hole open her tongue entered me and I could not keep from cumming over and over on her tongue. She tongued my hole for a long time before she quit. She then kissed my mouth and I could taste the cum on her tongue.Sadie then told me to get on my hands and knees and she would give my ass a special treat. As soon as I was in place she spread my ass open and blew on my hole. She said, “relax. A lady needs her ass licked and fucked.” she then began to lick my ass grandbetting güvenilirmi which felt even as good as licking my pussy. She ran her tongue around my puckered bud then pushed into my ass. As she tongued my ass her hands massaged my ass cheeks spreading them apart. She definitely knew her way around an ass. Too soon she removed her tongue and inserted a finger. “You will love a finger it can go deeper and harder than my tongue” she told me. She was right. I loved her finger in my ass. She then stroked in and out fucking my ass with her finger. As she felt my ass relax she inserted one more finger. Now fucking with two fingers felt like heaven up my hole. I was moaning and twitching loving every stroke. Just before she finished with my ass she inserted two finger in my cunt and began to fuck both holes till she had me screaming.She finished and kissed me once again. “You are sexy and tomorrow you will learn to lick my pussy.” she smiled and said. I could not wait till the next day. I wanted to have her lick and finger me and I was anxious to do the same to her. She then asked me why I was not a virgin. I told her “my dad had been fucking me since I was thirteen but he would just push his cock in me and leave He gave me no pleasure. He never made me feel good like you do.” She smiled and told me that after she taught me to eat pussy and an ass she would let me sleep in the bed every night with she and mom. I could not wait to lick my mom’s pussy and suck her big DD tits. Then Sadie began to kiss me and the afternoon was spent on pure erotic pleasure.

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