My Shinoukville experiences – Part I

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My Shinoukville experiences – Part II had enough fun time in Phnom Peng. Had lot of girls including the beautiful ones picked up from the park benches. I fucked girls left, right and centre including the family girls. Used packs and packs of condoms. Sometimes, even 3 girls for the same night. In between, there are lot of factors to worry too. My US girl friend has cut me off; my debit card stopped working and me starting functioning with my credit card for the first time in life. I stayed in cheap places where they charge me $8 a day and $2 for a pizza to cut my expenses. I heard from a long time staying German tourist that there are much cheaper places in cambodia where you can stay for less than $100 a month. I was excited and starting identifying cheapest popular tourist destinations. The top spot was Sihonukville beach. I booked the ticket for the same night with the cheapest bus service. The operator arranged for a 19 seater van. I got into the van as and when it came. I don’t know who is going to sit next to me. It does not matter as it is a night travel. I was little matured by this time and didnot have any expectations. But some insight told me that I am going to have a female neighbor. After 10 minutes, one normal looking girl came and sat next to me. Since I was brought up in Indian tradition, I thought that that girl will change seat with their relatives came with me. I have not spoken to her and I was curious about the outcome. She stood up and sat behind and started talking to her aunt. All my excitement came to my end and I told to myself that go to sleep early to find out the accommodation throughout the next day. I closed my eyes. When the driver shouted for passengers to get in, the girl came back and sat next to me. I suddenly opened my eyes with excitement, but told to myself that I should not do any first movement. almanbahis yeni giriş So, I was sitting almost half feet away from her in that 2 seater couch. The bus started in the city lights. She started talking to me with her little english and I understood that she is a hotel servant and going to Sihonoukville for a 2 day trip. After about 15 minutes suddenly she sat very closer with her whole body touching me saying exactly “Hope you will like this”. My god! I have decided that after this moment, I should be indecent. I had many girls in the night buses of India, where I don’t need to start anything. Here also, the same scenario, only the skin color and religion is different. I told to myself that you are going to regret for making that move. I was completely aroused.Now, I started analysing on how to take this to maximum pleasure for both of us. I also told to myself that I should make her a slave and stay in her room in Phnom Peng and fuck her day and night and if possible all her friends. What a thinking!!! She was having multi layered dress as it was cold there in the night. By this time, the van has moved away from the city and it was in the dark roads of rural cambodia. Our seat was one layer behind the driver seat in the diagonal side. Nobody can see us except the driver (God is great!). It was pitch dark. I just bored of only her hand and legs touch. I just crossed my hands and started moving my fingers on her body. My fingers took many seconds to reach the softer areas. I just started pressing only through my left hand fingers on her left hand side boobs. Not able to sense the softness completely because of more clothes. Just thought about how to have the whole experience with my hands on her boobs. So, the next step was that I should dare to go into her clothes. I am sure she will give me company, almanbahis giriş but not help me. So without making any body movement(her relatives are sitting behind), I found the edge of her clothes and started moving inside her. I found one more cloth, I moved ahead. I finally reached her bra and now I started pulling her bra down, but it was so tight because she was also sitting in crossed arms position. I know that she enjoys what I do, but she was sitting tight. Finally I was able to touch her nipples somehow. She had big breasts and the softness I expected was not there. Suddenly, she had started behaving like good girl and she sat away from me. I predicted that she will comeback to me anyhow in a short period of time and it happened the same way. This time I was tired of her breasts as it was not good anyway. So, I turned my interest towards the other body parts. I have to do everything without moving my body as there is possibility of her aunt watching this. So, I started moving my hands on her hips and realized that it was a big mistake. She was having little bigger hip and it was not soft at all with her clothes. Suddenly the lights turned on as the van was nearing a halt area in the middle of the journey. It was small tea shop and some people went down including her(I have not asked her name). She was trying to act like there was nothing happened during the journey. She was a good girl within her relatives. The journey started again and she was sitting in the same place as were earlier(thank god!). I waited for the lights to be turned off. This time she was looking little accustomed to my activities. I wanted to have a full fledged sexual intercourse in the same time, but there are limitations. Her aunt was behind and the driver in the diagonal side who was focusing on the road. I was thinking about the almanbahis güvenilirmi grace by god who gave with these many limitations. Since there was complete surrender from the other side, I dared to take the next step. I started experiencing her thighs. Slowly, top down motion for few minutes on the outer thighs and then went into the inner thighs. I went up,up and then up on the inner thigh that I cannot control my emotions, but she was still sitting as if nothing was happening. I thought to myself that she may be a sex veteran. Now I just reached the Now I can feel her panty lines. She was wearing a thick variety of panty and I hated this stuff as again I have to make steps to reach the target. Now, I have decided to give her the maximum pleasure. So, I started slowly moving my hands on her crotch area. I played as if I was experiencing a plain, soft triangle. Now, I could see that she is aroused and started making little body movements(not much due to the conditions). I went below her pussy with lot of difficulty as she was sitting straight and rubbed against her clitoris for few minutes. Suddenly she removed my hands and started to do some unusual stuff. Don’t imagine much!!! What happened was a tragedy. Suddenly she became aware of the situations and trying to behave like completely averse to a man’s touch. She maintained a distance of more than half feet for the whole left out journey and she never closed her eyes. I expected that she will comeback to the earlier posture, but it never happened. The next morning when we reached Sihonoukville, she moved with her relatives. When I started moving from the Van, she gave me a look, which I cannot get any meaning to. But it had deep meaning. May be she was looking for future contact through contact number or so. I told to myself that anyhow I am not going to Phnom Peng again. I can have any girl, why to bother with this girl. So, I have not made any attempt to talk to her and left the place. Sihounkville’s bus stand was reminding me of typical indian metro bus stand. The beach city waited for me with lot of experiences in its store. The sex journey continues…

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