My sisters flat and a night watching videos…not

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My sisters flat and a night watching videos…notAfter splitting with her husband my sister lived in a little flat on her own down the road from where i lived. She was sort of happy there but lonely so some nights i would go there and just sit and have a chat for an hour then leave and come home. Thing is my sister is really very cute and very sexy in deed we had sex when we were younger and when she returned from her trip after the split. I still wanted to have sex with her and i think she felt the same we just couldn’t make any head way in getting to it.This one Friday evening my wife was away staying at one of her aunties in London to visit a sick relative so i said i would go round Annie’s with a video and some wine so we could get pissed and watch a good film. I took a slightly naughty film hoping with the wine and film things could go my way.I had walked to her flat so couldn’t get done for driving under the influence. Annie answered the door in her denim shorts, tight fitting gym top and trainers, she had just got back from the gym, did i mind waiting while she showered as she stunk…she didn’t.She went to her bedroom and asked me to crack open the wine we were also having a Chinese takeaway to share which was arriving soon, she had phoned the order through on her way back from the gym. She looked heavenly in her little shorts and tight white top. She had a sports bra on to keep her ample bosom in place. She had wonderful nipples to my s*s quite puffy but lovely when they were erect.She showered while i opened the wine…the door bell went she didnt here it she was showering so i answered and took the food to the kitchen area. I didnt mind paying she was well worth it.She eventually came out from the bathroom and her bedroom, a billow of steam following her as she opened her door, she had dressed in her nice white lacy dressing gown, which figured hugged her gorgeous curves. Her bum cheeks stuck out perfectly and you could make out her hard nipples through the thin materials, oh god my cock started to throb. We sat at her little dining table you had to sit one quarter away from each other so i could see her smooth silky tanned legs as her dressing gown dropped to the side when she crossed her legs….we were both starving and ate through our Chinese with vigour as well as finishing the first bottle of wine pretty quickly to.We sat on the settee and Annie put the video in, it was a romantic love story, i cant actually remember what it was but i knew there was sex in it.The film started so we settled down with the second bottle of wine. Annie reminded me of when we had sat and watched Dads porn films together with her mate…she couldn’t remember her name …i could Ami. we laughed about it and started going through all the stuff we got upto not all the sexual stuff just us growing up together. She felt very comfortable and free around me and put her legs on my lap, so i put my hand onto her leg and just sat there resting it. She’d go on about playing doctors and nurses with Kim…by now i was really getting a hard on…she looked at me and istanbul escort shifted her leg so her knee brushed against my crutch. Working for you then she said looking at my bulge in my trousers. Well we were talking about some of the happiest times of my life together with some of the most memorable sexual experiences i’d ever had, she obviously remembered them fondly. We had finished the second bottle of wine the film was half way through i had a stonking hard on and my sister was teasing me with glimpses of her lovely tanned legs i so wanted to put my hand between her legs and finger fuck her straight away. She went off to the kitchen area and grabbed another bottle of wine and tripped as she came back her dressing gown had opened slightly revealing her tiny strip of pubic hair and one of her lovely puffy nipples. She steadied herself and re dressed, shame i said i was enjoying the view. She laughed and came over to me and sat next to me again this time she let her dressing gown fall apart revealing the full length of her legs…so smooth so inviting….she turned and looked at me and asked if she was an attractive girl…i told her she was daft she was incredibly lovely her eyes were blue and deep and like pools of sapphire, there almond shape and long lashes just melted you away, her little upturned nose and wonderful lips so kissable. I grabbed her chin and gently stroked her cheek and told her not to worry she’d find someone to love her again i did anyway. She cuddled into me and i had my lovely sister in my arms. She looked up at me and asked if i would kiss her, she hadn’t been kissed for ages. I put my lips to her lips, gently pecking with tiny kisses, then down her chin and onto her neck she closed her eyes as i explored her neck and nibbled gently and kissed her long slim neck and then back up to her waiting pouting lips. We kissed gently at first then slowly we started to use our tongues and French kiss each other . I could taste her she was so good. Our passion started to boil my cock was rigid in my trousers she was obviously feeling hot as she undid the belt on her dressing gown allowing it to open unaided i stopped kissing her for a moment to feast on her gorgeous tits and nipples that had now hardened, her pussy was shaven with a tiny slither of pubes in the centre pointing in the direction of her hot cunt.She let her dressing gown fall off her shoulders as my hands ran over her shoulders and down her arms, she said she had wanted this for ages but the moment was never quite right. She started to unbuckle my belt and undo the button on my trousers the zipper was next and she pulled that down to. It was all very quick but in no time we were both naked just staring at each other. I told her to wait, let us look at each other and how we had changed and grown how she had developed into a beautiful and stunning woman. We just looked at each other for 2 or 3 minutes studying every detail, her breasts her tummy her belly button, her pubic area, her thighs so lovely so avcılar escort shapely, her tan lines.She started to touch my chest then down to my stomach then lower to my hard erect cock. She took it in her hands and started to gently wank me, still just staring at it as she did so. She cupped my bum with her other hand and squeezed me gently and claimed she always liked my bum….i claimed i had always fancied hers, and she said that she’d quite like to let me have hers.Our hands started to explore each other’s bodies, hesitating when i touched her breasts playing with her nipples and cupping them in my hands, moving down to her pussy over her tummy and across to her hips, she was so soft and smooth. I then reached inside her smooth inner thigh she shuffled so that i could get my hand between her legs and feel her pussy. She was shaved underneath and smooth her pussy lips slightly swollen from the excitement of having sex with her brother. My finger found her clit which stood out and was hard and gorged with blood, i started to play with it and frig her clit, she bucked around a bit and slowed me down savouring the pleasures now zooming form within her wet cunt. Her little clit was getting the attention it deserved. I asked her to lay back as i wanted to taste her gorgeous cunt juices, she did and spread her legs apart, her pink pussy opened up and i could see how wet she was as a tiny drop of love juice escaped down her bum cheek i quickly licked it up and she exhaled quickly while gritting her teeth, i put my mouth to her pussy and started to lick and probe inside and out tasting her hot juices running over my tongue. I licked her ass hole as well this made her quiver as the nerve endings in her anus sent go for it messages back to her brain and lubrication ones to as her cunt was so very wet. I moved my tongue into her ass and started to lick her there; she squirmed and said it was really nice she wanted me to stick my tongue in her ass hole, well of course why I wouldn’t. I gently started to push my tongue into her anus, at first I couldn’t get anywhere then she relaxed and my tongue slipped inside her anus, I moved it around as much as I could and played with her clit at the same time, she loved it in her anus she kept asking me to push in deeper but there was no length left in my tongues so I pulled out and stuck my finger inside her opened her ass hole by reaming around it then I inserted 2 fingers her ass gave way to two, then three fingers she grabbed my hand and shoved it into herself deeper each push widening her ass every time…she was gasping and crying out for more I didn’t dare do 4 fingers, but she asked, four fingers in her ass hole reaming my sister gorgeous ass hole she played with her slit and started to cum her body stiffened as she came and the juices from her pussy dripped onto my hand her ass spasms as each wave of orgasm passed through her she pushed her ass down onto my hand and screamed how much she loved it.She eventually stopped shuddering and asked me to kiss her I kissed her deeply şirinevler escort and passionately she said that that was a most incredible orgasm and said I must fuck her ass later but first she wanted my cock inside her cunt. She knelt on all fours in front of me and pushed her ass into the air it was wet and her pussy gaped ready for fucking. I placed my cock at the entrance to her love tunnel and then pushed its girth into my sisters very hot pussy, she moaned as it reached the deepest recesses of her cunt, her lube made access very easy and her juices squelched as I pushed into her. Every time I pushed into her she pushed back for the deepest penetration. My cock reached in as far as she needed and we began to speed up our bodies in perfect rhythm, sister and brother making mad passionate love to each other and this truly is love, not just family stuff but I am in love with my gorgeous sister. I pumped full hard erect cock deep inside her wet cunt and played with her clit this bought on another orgasm not as earth shattering as the first but as pleasurable.Then she asked me to fuck her ass hole and finger her cunt to, she passed the KY which she had under the cushion on the settee, cheeky mare was expecting something to happen, I smeared some over my hard cock and then put the tube down and gazed into my sisters gaping cunt and now ass as she pulled her ass cheeks apart to open her anus to me. It looked wet and very inviting inside, I pushed ny cock inside her anus and it went all the way to the end of my shaft, I was so deep she gasped and pulled me to her and thrust herself back against my hardness, her moans stay with me now then I inserted a finger into her cunt she gasped again as my knuckle caught her erect clit stimulating her even more, I thrust deep and hard into my sisters tight ass hole her cunt dripped love juice over my hands and down my thighs. WE pumped and pushed and my cock was fantastic inside her I could feel it through the skin from her juicy cunt every vein every inch of hard cock. She pushed and bucked into me and thrust my cock into her at one point I stood still and she worked my cock with her hot ass, I slapped her cheeks and she smiled and laughed praising god for ass fucking and thanking him for a wonderful brother……i could feel my shaft tense as cum started to reach the point of no return my cock was going to explode, Annie could feel it and asked me to cum in her ass so we could see it cum out later….my cock began to pump and throb as cum began to rise to the very top of my shaft just before I came I stopped and let it die down again then I started to pump her again she loved every inch of me she started to shudder as another orgasm ripped through her gorgeous body that was it my signal hot cum spurted inside her wonderful ass hole and fill her with hot spunk she thrust back on me and I groaned in pleasure as my orgasm also made me shudder, that holding back makes for a very intense orgasm…..i pulled out of her she stayed there and asked me to watch as she pushed cum from her ass hole…dirty bitch…but I love her.I stayed that night as I couldn’t be bothered to walk home we had our first night of sleeping together as adults, we cuddled and kissed throughout the night making the most of our one night and maybe last night together, well I made sure that the morning was a great morning to remember to but that’s another story.

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