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Subject: My Sons and Their Friends – Chapter 12 This work is copyrighted by the author, J. Carrington and commercial use is prohibited without permission in writing from the author. Personal or private copies are permitted only if they are complete and include the copyright notice. Placing this story on a website or reproducing this story for distribution without the author’s permission is a violation of that copyright. This is a story, and it may contain some sexual references or detail some sexual activities, but it is not totally about sex. It is an expansion of a previous story – My Son and His Friends which was written by this author. This is a story of a man’s relationship with his sons, their friends and a variety of other characters. The writing is very detailed and is a written representation of what the author saw as he was writing the story. The series of chapters are completely fictional and are the result of the author’s fertile imagination. Any resemblance to any real person(s) is purely coincidental. The story contains consensual sexual behavior between young adult males and older adult males. It depicts both unprotected sex and protected sex. Safe sex practices are the way to go if you plan to be around for years to come. If you are underage (below 18) or object to the subject matter, please leave now as the door that let you in, will also let you leave. If you enjoy this site, you are encouraged to donate to Nifty so that it will continue to operate. You can buy a visa gift card and use it to donate to Nifty anonymously or you can use your credit card and you can see the transaction on your monthly bill. Anyways, this is a great site which serves the needs of our select population. NOTE: This is a story, and it may contain some sexual references or detail some sexual activities, but it is not totally about sex. It is an expansion of a previous story – My Son and His Friends which was written by this author. Chapter 55 of My Son and His Friends was posted on June 21, 2017 in the Adult/Youth section of Nifty. You may use this link to access the earlier chapters. fty//gay/adult-youth/my-son-and- his-friends/ Chapter 12 – My Sons and Their Friends – The Freshman Year RECAP: In chapter 11, Phil and Doug began to discuss the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays and during that conversation, Doug realized that he would now have to consult Michelle regarding taking Myles out of town, whereas in the past Michelle usually asked if Myles could join them on one of their trips. The upcoming Halloween Get Together began to be a dilemma as neither Ryan or Myles knew what they wanted to go as. Doug took them to several stores and they finally decided to make their own and bought a make-up kit and two wigs. The boys huddled after they returned home and settled on an idea. During the night’s supper Ryan shared the plans with Doug and Phil. Myles had to undergo another treatment and the doctors decided to keep him overnight for further observation. Ryan had talked Phil into serving as their chauffer to the Halloween Get Together and Doug had agreed to it. During a conversation between Phil and Doug, Phil told Doug that he would be taking several out of town trips in the near future and that Troy would be going with him. Doug did not comment. Phil and Doug teased Ryan about his morning wood and Phil really embarrassed him to the point that he was begging Doug to do something with Phil. Phil replied that he had already done that and Ryan was further embarrassed. It seemed as though Phil was on a major sexual mission and was constantly feeling Doug up or making suggestive comments. Finally, the Halloween Get Together arrived and Phil took the boys to the event while Doug stayed home and read. Later in the evening, Doug heard the utility room door open and knowing that he was the only one home; he eased himself down to the kitchen only to be met by Phil. Doug was quite concerned that Phil had left the boys at the Get Together unsupervised, but Phil told him that he had worked it out with Justin to finish the night. Phil was definitely on a mission as he poked his finger in Doug’s chest and moved him back to their bedroom where Phil took charge of stripping both of them. They had a good time enjoying and pleasuring one another until the front door opened and Ryan yelled “Dad.” Doug quickly dressed and headed out to meet Ryan only to find that Justin had also come over. Justin stated that he could see that Phil had got what he wanted and that embarrassed Doug because in his haste to intercept Ryan he had put on a t-shirt over his cum-soaked chest and it was now plastered on him. Doug was not happy with Phil, and Phil was quick to tell Doug that his plans had not been followed because he (Phil) was supposed to lead the activity, but Doug took over and ran the show. The next morning at breakfast, Ryan confronted Doug about how he was dressed when Mr. Justin came over. Ryan confirmed during his talk with Doug and Phil that Doug did have some cum running down his leg. Doug asked Ryan to please let them know that he was in the house if they were not in the main part of the house when he came home. Ryan informed Doug and Phil that he knew what they were doing and that often times they could be heard on the other side of the house. He further stated that he had seen some porn, had seen both of them naked, and he would not be shocked to see them in action. Ryan reemphasized his statement from a few weeks ago wherein he stated that he was proud that Doug was getting some. This again shocked Doug, but he chose to address it later with Ryan. Doug finished breakfast and headed to school. This would be a busy day as it was a teacher workday and in the afternoon, he would meet with Michelle, Myles, and the doctors to assess Myles’ progress and to establish future moves. Doug attended a faculty meeting and then worked in his classroom through lunch so that he could leave early for the meeting at the hospital. During the meeting, Dr. Chesterfield presented his findings and stated that he thought they could end the treatments in December and that Myles could return to school in January although there would still be tests to be run from time to time. Myles was extremely excited by this news. Doug called Ryan and they settled on going to the diner to eat. While their food was being prepared, they had a great father-son talk. They enjoyed their food and Doug called Phil to see what he wanted. Phil gave his order and included one for Troy. Doug and Ryan drove out to the worksite where they found Phil and Troy working on one of the rotary mowers. They stopped working and ate the food that had been brought to them. Ryan asked about Waylon and Trevor and about that time they walked through the shop door. Ryan joined the boys in their trailer while Phil and Troy resumed their work on the rotary. Doug took the time to explore around the land and found an area that grabbed his attention as a possible site for a home, if they decided to build one on the property. Doug returned to the shop and found Phil looking for him. Phil walked him through the area near the shop and pointed out the various spots from the blueprints. As Phil and Doug returned to the shop, Troy and the boys exited the trailer and were heading to town. Ryan joined Doug and Phil and when Phil decided to head home, Ryan wanted to ride with him leaving Doug to ride by himself. Later that night, Phil talked about his conversation with Mr. Richards during the Halloween Get Together, and he told Doug that he had committed to the start-up of a horticultural academy at the high school and that he would be a continuing sponsor of it. He detailed how he envisioned the academy to work and who the other partners might be. On Saturday morning, they decided to go out to Waffle House for breakfast and at that time, Ryan began to ask Phil questions about Trevor and Waylon and the plans for the summer. He asked if the two boys were working and Phil explained that Troy didn’t let them out of his sight so he imagined that they would be working with Troy and his crew. Ryan began to push the question of summer work and Doug put him off until later. Phil explained that he really thought that the boys (Ryan, Myles, Rob, and Jay) would be better off working with the greenhouses, and the store. This did not go over well with Ryan who thought that they were being treated like babies, however Phil explained that it would be easier to find someone to take over their duties in those areas than it would be if they were on a crew and wanted to go to the lake for a week. This settled Ryan for a while. After finishing their breakfast, Phil wanted to make a few stops at area nurseries so as they toured them, he began to explain the various areas to Ryan and showed him what he would be doing if things went the way that he thought that they would. As Ryan toured with Phil, he noticed several young ladies and he decided that maybe working like Phil had described wasn’t such a bad idea. As they returned home, Shane and Jared were packing the Jeep and getting ready to head back to college, but they stopped long enough to have a brief talk with Doug and Phil. As they were leaving, Justin came out and headed over to where Doug and Phil were. Doug wanted the earth to open up and swallow him, but it didn’t. Justin told Doug that they were going to need his help with Jay’s birthday party because it had morphed into something larger than they had originally planned. As Justin was leaving, he asked Phil if his plans had worked out and Phil had to say “Yes and No.” Justin said “Well Ryan and I saw evidence that somebody had fun, and then, he left. On Sunday morning, Doug prepared breakfast and informed Ryan and Phil that they would be going to church that morning. After the church service, they went to Maude’s Country cooking for lunch and as they were heading home, Doug’s phone rang. It was his Mom inquiring about the plans for Thanksgiving and had he had the portraits made that she had requested. They finished the phone call as they were driving into the garage. They entered the house, changed clothes and relaxed, but Ryan started wanting to know what they were going to have for supper. Doug decided that he and Ryan would go shopping. The shopping idea turned out to be very costly because Ryan was putting stuff in the basket that was not on Doug’s list. Doug and Ryan returned home, and Doug began to prepare a stir-fry. They ate a delicious supper, and Phil and Ryan cleaned the kitchen. Doug decided to take the time and call Michelle regarding the Thanksgiving Holidays. She was a little hesitant to let Myles go being that he had been sick, but she asked Doug if there was a way for all of them to have lunch at his Mother’s house. Doug developed a fast idea and told her that he needed to talk to his Mom. He placed the call to his Mom and woke her up. He explained that Michelle would be joining them for Thanksgiving lunch, and at first, that did not sit well with Mom. She told him that he was not going to bring that woman to her house and sleep with her. Doug then told her that that was not their plans. He explained that Michelle would stay at Barbara’s house while he and the boys would stay at her’s. Mom quickly developed a plan for the holidays, and told Doug that no guest of hers would be staying at Barbara’s. After finishing his call with his Mom, he called Michelle and explained that his plan had worked, and that, his Mom bought the plans hook, line, and sinker. Later that evening Doug and Phil were in bed, and Phil confessed that he had set Doug up when he said that “Troy was good in bed.” He explained that Doug was too much like his Mom, but had shown great restraint in not pushing for further information. He then told Doug that he was all the man that he needed, and they called it a night. Chapter 12 – The Story Continues I woke up Monday morning with two things vying for my attention: Phil’s revelation about Troy, and my successful handling of Mom. I had to chuckle as I remembered how I had played her, and how she went right down the road, as I had expected. I rolled out of bed and began my morning ritual. I was soon joined by Phil. We finished in the bathroom and were dressed in about thirty minutes. We walked to the kitchen, and I looked in the refrigerator and the pantry and could not find anything that looked or sounded good, so Phil said “Go read the paper, and I will run and get us something from drive-through.” I said “That sounds like a good idea. Get Ryan one of his usuals and order me whatever you are getting. He walked out the door, and I heard the truck start up and leave. I heard Ryan go into the bathroom, shortly after that, he began his shower and had finished it by the time Phil returned. Phil walked in and placed the bag on the counter. He poured each of us a glass of orange juice while I placed the items at each of our places. Ryan walked in, and said “Well, that explains why there wasn’t a breakfast smell this morning. I ‘might could’ get used to this.” Phil said “Ahhhhhh, I don’t think so. This was a treat and a favor to your Dad.” Ryan looked over at me and raised his eyebrows. I know I began to blush, but I said “Get your mind out of the gutter!” Phil looked over at Ryan and said “It seems like lately, you’ve had sex on the brain, are you not getting any?” Now, it was time for Ryan to turn beet red. Phil and I laughed at Ryan who would not say anything more, but the look that he gave us if translated into words could fill several novels. We finished breakfast, said our good-byes and waited for the Rob and Jay to arrive. Finally they arrived, and we began our journey to school. As I drove, the boys talked about their weekend and their upcoming weekend plans. Jay participated, but was not an excited as Ryan and Rob. I made a note in my mind to ask Ryan what was going on when we were back at the house. We arrived at the school, and there were signs everywhere advertising the Yearbook sale. Ryan looked at me, and I said “Let’s go now and take care of it.” I looked at the other two and asked if they were going to get a yearbook. They said that they had forgotten to get the money from their parents. I had them call their parents and ask if they could purchase a yearbook. The parents gave permission, so we walked to the lunchroom and found the sales table. I had the boys complete the paperwork for their yearbook while I ordered one for me, and one for Myles. We walked up to the table and one of the girls told the boys that they would have to wait while they took care of the teacher. They informed her in a New York Minute that I was with them, and that I was paying for all of their yearbooks. The girl looked at me, and I nodded my head. I asked if there was a discount for purchasing more than one, but she shook her head no. I told the boys “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I paid for the yearbooks and placed the receipt in my wallet. The bell rang, and we hurried to our classes. As I walked down the hallway, I saw my class standing outside the door, and as I approached, they yelled “About time!” I smiled, and they said that they were not ready to handle a substitute. I opened the door, and we entered. I began my lesson and everything fell into place. There was a lot of interaction between me and the class, and it continued throughout the rest of my classes. I wrapped up my day and was waiting for the boys after school. As we walked to the parking lot, Jay asked if we could go to the mall. I told him that we could, so I drove there, parked and we walked into the entrance. We headed to the bookstore, and then, to the medical section. Jay began to write down the titles and prices of several books. He asked me for some advice since he was in the medical sciences. I gave him some input, and he added two books and deleted three. Rob and Ryan were scouring the books on cars, so they were well out of our way. We finished in the bookstore and headed to the food court. We arrived at the food court and everyone decided to have a lemonade from Chick-Fil-A. The orders were placed and soon we were sitting at a table drinking and talking. The issue of the moment was the research paper that was to be split between the science department and the English Department. I listened to the complaints, answered some questions and promised that I would work with them, but that I would not do the work. As that topic was satisfied, Ryan asked Jay about his birthday party. Jay said “I think that it will be simple this year, I am getting too old for some things and too young for others. I think that it will be just my close friends and family at the house. Rob asked him what was he was wanting and he said “Rob, I made a decision that I wanted to go into the medical field, so I really would like to get some more books, and equipment so I could begin to study and practice. We finished talking and headed home. Later that night, I asked Ryan what was going on with Jay and he said that he thought that he was down because nobody in his family was talking about his upcoming birthday. I smiled and said “Yes, that would bother me too.” I cooked a quick supper by baking a slice of ham with brown sugar and pineapple slices, Mac and cheese, and green beans. Phil arrived as I was cooking and headed back to the bedroom for his shower and then, he joined us in the kitchen. He told us that he had almost finished with some of the paperwork to gain permits for clearing the land and erecting the buildings. I could tell that he was happy and that he would be occupied for a few nights finalizing the paperwork. After the kitchen was cleaned and the left-overs put away, we headed to our bedrooms. I lay across the bed because I was tired and just ready to lay down. Phil stacked his pillows and leaned back into them as he began to review some of the paperwork that he had completed. After an hour or so, I got up, stripped completely and got into bed. Phil looked at me and asked “Are you hinting?” I said “No, I was just tired of being confined, so I wanted some freedom.” I noticed that Phil hurried through his paperwork and then, he too, stripped and joined me in bed. We lay there, cuddled and talked. Soon my eyes were getting heavy. I turned out the overhead lights and returned to bed. On Tuesday morning, I began to think about ataköy escort the upcoming days and everything that I had to do as I prepared breakfast. We ate quickly and were soon on our way to work and/or school. As I was driving, Jay told me that his Mom wanted me to call her later that night. I looked in the mirror and he said “Don’t ask me, probably wants to know about my behavior.” I teased him and told him that I could be bought, he smiled, but said “Pops, you know my luck, it wouldn’t help.” We continued on to school and everybody went their way. I had a very successful day, and at the end of the day, the boys reported that they too had a good day. I dropped the boys off at Michelle’s so that they could work with Myles and his project. I continued home and began to prepare the evening meal which was going to be a roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, whole green beans, stewed carrots, and strawberry shortcake. I busied myself in the kitchen; Phil came home and molested me as he walked by me. He then headed to the bathroom for his afternoon shower. I finished the preparations and relaxed at the counter. Phil returned and asked about where the boys were, I told him and then, he insisted that I go take a shower, dress in something comfortable while he tended to the food. I decided to take him up on his offer and as I showered, I just stood there and let the warm water run over my body. I find that running water relaxes me. Suddenly, I realized that I had been in the shower for quite some time, and hurried to get out, get dressed and return to the kitchen. As I walked into the kitchen I found that Ryan had come home and that Phil had taken the potatoes off the stove, drained them, added some butter and sour cream and had begun to mix them. I made a quick gravy, took the green beans and carrots off the stove. I called Ryan from his room. We sat down at the counter and ate our supper. Ryan said that he had a lot of homework, so I excused him to work in his room while Phil and I cleaned the kitchen. Afterwards, I made a quick phone call to Meredith and she asked if we could meet privately tomorrow afternoon to discuss Jay’s birthday. I agreed, and we decided to meet at one of the ice cream shops after school. After I had finished talking with Meredith I joined Phil who had already collapsed on the sofa. As we lay there, I decided to put a few CDs on the player. We listened to them until the last CD had finished, then we went to bed. The next several days were a whirlwind of activity both at school and at home. I met Meredith and Christine at the ice cream shop after I dropped the boys off at home. Meredith explained that Jay had gotten into a funk, and she really wanted to surprise him with a party. She walked us through her ideas, and I had to agree that I thought Jay would like it. The party was set Friday November 14th which would be a day after his official birthday. We would have a small cake and ice cream get together on his official birthday at Meredith’s, but we would not say anything about the other party. On the drive home, I finally was able to schedule an appointment with the photographer for our portraits. I was lucky in that the photographer had a cancellation on Friday and he was willing to take us in that slot. That meant that I had a lot to do in a short amount of time. I pulled the boys together and explained what we had to do, and after talking with them, I decided that we had to go shopping to make sure that we had the appropriate outfits. I also decided that the boy’s hair and mine needed to be styled so I scheduled that appointment as well. Myles didn’t want to wear a shirt and tie but I put my foot down and he acquiesced. I had to take the boys shopping, so that we had outfits that not only fit, but matched. After the shopping trip, we had three outfits: coats and ties for one, matching school polo shirts with black slacks, and then, solid white shirts with khaki slacks for the final shots. We made the trip to the photography studio and arrived a few minutes before our scheduled time. The photographer spent some time talking with us and telling us about how he worked and a little about himself. He posed us in front of several screens and after reviewing the proofs, we were very satisfied with what we saw on the camera. The proofs would tell us more, and we would pick them up on Monday afternoon. On the Saturday before Jay’s birthday, I purposefully began to talk about the birthday get together at Jay’s house when he and the rest of the boys were at my house. I asked him what type of cake and ice cream did he want. He told me. I could tell that he was not excited about his birthday at all, but I decided to keep him in the dark about our real plans. I called my friend, the cake lady, and ordered the cake and ice cream in front of him so that he thought the “boring” birthday get together was all there was going to be. I hung up and said “Well, at least you know that you are going to have cake and your choice of ice cream!” He looked at me and gave me a half-hearted smile. I felt bad, but I knew that Justin and Meredith really wanted to do something special since he had begun to settle down and was seemingly taking life more serious. For some reason, I had let a number of things go at the house over the past few weeks, so I spent Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday afternoon working to get the house back in order with Ryan and Phil’s help. There was a lot of dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and de-cluttering, but it sure was nice when it was finished Sunday evening. After we had finished, we collapsed on the sofa in the family room. Ryan turned to me, but before he could ask, I said “We are going to Outback as soon as we are showered and dressed.” He said “Dad, how did you know what I was going to ask?” I said “Son, it is about the only thing you have been asking lately” Phil laughed, and Ryan punched him. We rested for a few more minutes. Finally, Phil decided to get up and head to the shower, and that prompted Ryan and me to do the same. In about forty minutes we were showered, dressed and ready to go to Outback. I threw the keys to Phil, and he drove. We were no sooner in the Denali than Ryan said “You know in a few months, you can throw me the keys, and I will gladly drive you anywhere that you want to go.” Even though I knew it, it still shocked me to think that he really was growing up and that he would soon be a full-fledged adult with all of the rights and responsibilities that an adult carries. Curses to the aging process. As we rode to the restaurant, Ryan talked about Jay’s upcoming birthday and how bad it was that he was not going to have a nice party and how bad it made him feel. Phil asked “So, are you trying to tell me that I should feel sorry for him?” Ryan looked over at Phil and said “You know Phil, it wouldn’t hurt ya know?” I said “Ryan, you better hope that our gifts arrive this week as we have to get them wrapped and ready to take to his get together.” Ryan said “Dad, it surely sucks to be getting older because the birthday and Christmas gifts aren’t as much fun as they used to be.” I smiled, and said “All things have their positives and negatives, that’s life son.” Phil pulled into the parking lot and found a parking place near the front of the restaurant. We got out, registered, were given a pager and told that it would be about a thirty minute wait. Finally, our pager buzzed. We took it to the check-in stand and from there we were seated. Without looking at the menu, we knew that we wanted to order the Blooming Onion and drinks first. Our waiter came over and introduced himself as Chase. We gave him our drink and appetizer order. He left us to review the menu. Chase came back shortly with our drinks and said that our Blooming Onion would be a few more minutes as they were a little backed up in the kitchen. He asked if we had finalized our dinner choices, and we told him that we would like a few more minutes. He said that it would not be a problem and left us to discuss the various menu options. Phil and Ryan settled on a rib-eye while I decided that I wanted the Alice Springs Chicken. They each ordered a baked potato and house salad with honey mustard dressing while mine came with Aussie fries. Chase returned with our Blooming Onion. We told him that we were ready to place our orders, so we did, and he left us to enjoy our drinks and the Blooming Onion. Ryan asked Phil if he was going over for Jay’s birthday party, and he said that he was. Then, Ryan wanted to talk about the nursery business and in particular, working in the store and the plant sales areas. I listened and learned some things, but also, knowing Ryan, I knew that he was on a mission. It was very evident to me that Ryan was wanting to know how many young girls would be coming to the nursery and what could he do to meet them. I had to smile as Phil was being so careful in the way that he answered Ryan’s questions. This back and forth continued for a while, and then, Phil asked me if I had things finalized for Thanksgiving. Ryan perked up because he had not been in on the plans, so he was a little taken back when he heard that Michelle would be going and that he and Myles would have to share the air mattress in the den. Our food arrived, and all talk ceased for a little while because we wanted to enjoy our hot meal. We resumed talking after we had enjoyed a few bites of our food, and the topics that were discussed varied. After finishing our meal, Chase inquired as to whether we wanted desserts, but we declined. He brought the bill, and I paid with my credit card. We left and headed home. We walked into the house and Ryan decided to head to his room to do some last minute studying while Phil and I relaxed in the family room. Phil said “Doug, I think you are going to have some problems soon with Ryan.” I said “I gathered that tonight while he was talking with you, but like all things, I will deal with it when it happens, but I will be thinking about it before it happens.” Phil grabbed the remote and found an interesting movie for us to watch. We decided to go to bed when the movie ended, so we walked back to our room. Phil pulled the sheet and spread down while I took care of business in the bathroom, then he went to the bathroom, while I laid out my clothes for Monday. He returned to the bedroom, turned out the lights, and encouraged me to join him. I did and we were soon laying there with him playing with the hair on my chest. I rubbed his arms and then, he leaned over kissed me, flipped over on his side and got quiet. In a few minutes, he was asleep, and I was trying to sort a number of things in my mind. As you can imagine, Monday through Thursday were busy days with our normal activities and getting ready for Jay’s birthday. I spent some time with Meredith and Justin one afternoon planning the Thursday night party while Jay and the others were at my house. Meredith told me that she had hired a friend to take charge of the real party so that she would not get caught with any of the preparations at the house. Jay seemed to buy in to the fact that Thursday night’s party was it. Thursday finally arrived and on the way to school, I wished him a happy birthday. He thanked me for it, but there just wasn’t the excitement that Jay usually has for birthdays. We parted and went our separate ways after arriving at school. I heard that during the lunch period that a group sang happy birthday to him, so I asked him about it when he arrived in my room after school. He said “Yeah, they sang, it was okay, but they sorta embarrassed me.” I chucked and said “And now you know how some of us have felt with you.” He looked over at me and stuck his tongue out. I had to laugh because that is what I would expect from Jay. We arrived at the house, and the boys headed to the dining room to work on their school work while I began to cook a simple supper. I decided to do a spiced ham slice with pineapple and cloves, some Mac and Cheese, whole green beans, and corn muffins. The boys finished their school work about the time that Phil came through the door. They left, Phil took his shower and then, we sat down and ate our supper. I had cleaned the kitchen as I cooked, but there were a few things that had to be done after we had eaten, so I took care of them. At six thirty, the three of us walked over to Justin and Meredith’s house. As expected there were a few of the neighbors there plus all of our gang and their parents. The cake was beautiful, and I frankly couldn’t wait to get a slice. Meredith asked Jay to come to the cake table, make a wish and blow out his candles. He rolled his eyes, but that did not stop Meredith from insisting that he do it. Jay tried to blow out the candles, but they were those that just wouldn’t go out, so he tried several more times before Justin had to tell him that they were trick candles. Frank, one of the older neighbors said “Jay Boy, now you see what age does to you. A few years ago, you could have blown those candles out easily, but tonight, well. Don’t spend your time wanting to be older. Enjoy every minute that you are given, because what you have today may not be around tomorrow.” Jay thanked Frank for his advice and shook his hand. Meredith began to slice the cake while Michelle began to plate it. Christine began to dish out the ice cream. Everyone settled around the room and ate cake and ice cream. Meredith called Jay to the center of the room. He was told to sit down and gifts were placed around him to him to open. He expressed his thankfulness for each gift as many of them were what he had requested. He took his time opening Phil’s present as he was watching Phil very carefully as if he was expecting the present to blow-up. Finally, he had all of the paper off of it, and he opened the box. He put the box down, walked over to Phil and hugged his neck. He said “Old man, you done good.” Phil said “Old man? Where did that come from?” It was great to watch that interchange because it really confirmed what I had thought for quite some time, they both really enjoyed each other and the joking around, even though that is not the way it started out months ago. Since it was a school night, we said our good nights and headed home. I asked Phil and Ryan to join me in the family room as I had something to tell them. Phil and I sat on the sofa while Ryan sat on the hearth. I said “Tomorrow night we will be attending a social function at the Ocmulgee River Community Center. I will take care of the gifts that we will need to take, but you two will need to come home, shower, dress, and be prepared to go. It will be casual dress, and I think you know what that means. I will come home with some Popeye’s chicken and then, I will have to get ready. We will leave here no later than 6:15. Ryan looked over at me and said “Dad, I already have plans for tomorrow night.” I said “I understand that you are disappointed, but this is one of those events that I am requiring you to attend.” He looked daggers at me, got up, stomped his way to his room, and slammed the door. Phil said “Doug, I too, have plans. I have to work late.” I looked at him and said “Did you hear what I said to Ryan? The same goes for you. Be ready to go when I get home.” I could tell that he was slightly pissed at me, but I know in the long run that he will enjoy himself and be thankful that I made him go. He said sarcastically “Father, may I go to my room?” I said “Well since you said “May I” I will let you go. He got up and walked to our bedroom. I sat in the family room and listened to the news. At the conclusion of the news, I walked to the bedroom, stripped to my boxers and got into bed. Phil didn’t say anything, so I knew he was still upset with me, and I didn’t push it. I turned out my lamp and lay my head on the pillow. On Friday morning, I awoke, showered, dressed and headed to the kitchen. I prepared a quick batch of pancakes and had them ready for Phil and Ryan when they arrived. After selecting their pancakes and grabbing the syrup, they began to eat. I reminded them about coming home and being ready to go to the Community Center. Ryan grumbled “Yes sir, we understand the order.” I was so proud of myself, as I said “Well, I am glad that we are clear on that.” I looked over at Phil, and I could tell that he was still not happy, but I knew what was going to happen, so I didn’t back down. We finished breakfast, Phil left and as I was getting my things from the office, the boys arrived to car pool. I walked into the kitchen just in time to hear Rob say that his Mom was requiring him to go to some program at the Community Center and that he was not happy and was trying to think of a way to get out of it. Jay said “My Mom told me the same thing last night. I told her that I didn’t want to go, but she said I had no choice.” Ryan said “Same here.” I walked into the kitchen and told them that it was time to go. They walked to the garage, got in the Denali, and we were on our way to school. We arrived, and as usual they went their way and I went mine. I had set up the classroom for labs on Thursday afternoon, so I had to hurry and make a few adjustments before the students arrived in the room. I finished just as the bell sounded. The students were excited to have a lab as they really enjoyed hands-on learning experiences. I introduced them to the purpose of the lab, gave them general directions which I had in a PowerPoint presentation, and then, allowed them to work their lab as I walked around the classroom. The classes enjoyed the labs, but it really worked me trying to have the supplies ready for each group before the next class walked into the room. At the end of the day, I was gathering the equipment and supplies from each station. The boys entered and I asked them to help. Ryan said “I will help if I don’t have to go to that thing tonight.” I said “Ryan, I believe I told you very straight last night about your attendance, but if you want to be stubborn, I can keep you home this weekend and let you do work in the yard. You heard what I said, and I meant it.” He walked over and began to pick up the equipment. I showed him how it was to be stored and he started to give me some lip. I said “Ryan, you are not so big that I can’t take you down a notch or two and let me tell merter escort you in no uncertain terms, you are going, you will have a good attitude, and that is the last that I am going to say about it.” He stopped, stared me down, but I continued cleaning the room. Rob said “Ryan, I think you better give in, Pops is rather hot with you, and we really have plans for Saturday night, so let’s help him so we can get home and get this night over. I turned my back to them and smiled. I drove home, dropped the boys off, reminded Ryan about the time schedule and then, I headed to do some shopping. I went to the mall and found a few items that I thought would be great gifts. I made the purchase, headed to the parking lot, stored the gifts in the vehicle and headed to Popeye’s. It was now four forty-five. The clerk told me that they would have my chicken ready in ten minutes as they had just had a big order, so I ordered me a drink and sat down in the dining room. The clerk called to me and restated my order, I confirmed it and then, she handed me my boxes. I headed out and arrived at the house in about ten minutes. I walked into the house to find Phil and Ryan sitting at the counter with empty plates and dinnerware. I opened the boxes and told them to help themselves. They did. After I had eaten, I headed to my room to take my shower and get dressed. I walked back into the kitchen at six ten. I told them to load up as we need to be on our way. Ryan did his huffing and puffing, but headed out to the garage. Phil took the co-pilot’s seat while Ryan rode on the second seat. I drove to the Community Center, and as I pulled into a parking place Christine, Colt, and their family were arriving too. Ryan got out and headed over to Rob. They huddled for a few minutes, and then, Meredith, Justin and Jay arrived. Jay joined Rob and Ryan and they began walking around the parking lot. The adults entered the social hall. Meredith made a couple of last minute changes to the main table and then, she told Justin to tell the boys that it was time for them to join the rest of us. I walked out with Justin to find the boys, and Justin told them that it was time to come in as the event was about to kick off. Jay started complaining that he didn’t want to go, but Justin said “Jay, you have no choice, so let’s go.” We began walking, as a group, to the entrance. Justin slightly pushed Jay through the doors, and then, we heard “SURPRISE!!!” Jay was dumbfounded and in fact, so were the other boys. Jay’s face lit up, and he hugged Justin and headed over to hug and kiss his Mom. Ryan turned to me and said “Why couldn’t you have told me that it was a party for Jay?” I said “Well, I forgot, but Hey Ryan, it’s a party for Jay.” He rolled his eyes and joined a group of friends who had clustered around the DJ. Meredith came over, and said “Well, I think we definitely surprised him this time.” I had to agree. Phil walked up to me and said “I will have to hand it to you this time; you turned a bad situation into a good one. I think I will enjoy this evening.” I said “On that note, join me in bringing in the gifts.” We walked back to the parking lot, opened the vehicle, picked up the gifts and carried them to the designated table. After placing the gifts on the table, Phil joined Colt and Justin while I wandered over to help with the snacks. Meredith had ordered another cake and three churns of ice cream. There were some ladies there that I didn’t know, so I walked over to Meredith and asked if she needed my help. She said “Doug, getting the group here was your task. You did great. Jay fussed and fumed, but the look on his face when everybody yelled ‘Surprise’ was worth all that I had to listen to tonight.” She said “Go join Justin and the men, we women have this under control.” As I was walking over to join Justin, Colt and Phil, Ryan found me and said “So you knew about this all along and you didn’t give me a hint, and actually you were rather mean about it, but I forgive you,” and with that he grabbed me and gave me a strong hug. I told him that I was happy that he was enjoying himself. He left to visit with some of the other guests while I made my way over to the guys. We pulled up some chairs and began talking about the upcoming holidays. I told Justin and Colt that I would be taking Michelle, Myles and Ryan with me to my Mom’s house. Phil told them that he would be going to visit with his family in Florida. I asked them to watch the house for the week that we would be out of town, and they agreed. Meredith walked over to the DJ and had him announce that cake and ice cream was being served and for everyone to go get some. The group devoured the cake and there was not any of the ice cream left to take home. Meredith asked everybody to pull up a chair and form a semi-circle in the middle of the room. They did, and then, she had Jay join her at the gift table. She told him to begin opening his gifts and to share what he got with everybody. Jay did not have a problem following those directions. He was so pleased with the gifts that he received. He got down to one final gift, looked at the card, and then looked out to those of us sitting around. He locked eyes with Phil. He opened the gift, and his mouth opened wide. He dropped the gift and literally ran to Phil. He hugged Phil tightly and said “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” I looked at Phil after Jay had left and asked “How did you do that?” He said “Doug, you have been wound so tight lately and well, to be truthful, you talk in your sleep.” I said “But, you didn’t want to come.” He said “I took one semester of theater in community college, was I convincing?” I punched him on the shoulder and said “Yes, you were an ass.” The next week of school was a whirlwind being that it was the week before the Thanksgiving Holidays. I tried to make sure that I had tested my students before the holidays because I knew that they would not study during their time off. I gave my test on Thursday, graded it Thursday night and returned it to the students on Friday. I was very pleased with the results as I did not have any “Fs”. The students were pleased with their grades and happy to have the test behind them. School was dismissed at the normal time on Friday afternoon, and as usual, the boys helped straighten the room before we left. Christine took the boys to the movies on Friday evening which allowed me to start packing for the trip to Mother’s. I washed clothes and made a list of everything that had to be done before we left on Sunday. I called Michelle and talked with her. We agreed to leave her house no later than eight o’clock on Sunday morning. Phil said that he would not leave until Wednesday morning. I began washing clothes as soon as the boys left the house. Phil joined me when I took items out of the dryer, and as, we folded or hung them, we talked about the upcoming Christmas Holidays. I finished washing clothes at eleven fifteen. Ryan came home as I was hanging the last shirt. I told him about how much we had to do and that I needed his help to make the schedule. He said that he would help, and then, he was off to his bedroom. Phil and I went to our bedroom and because I was so tired, we just went to bed. I awoke Saturday morning, took care of my morning events and headed to the kitchen. I grabbed the cereal boxes and placed them on the counter along with the bowls and spoons. I fixed me a bowl of cereal and about the time that I was finishing mine, Phil and Ryan came to the kitchen. They fixed their bowls, and then, Phil left to do some work at the development. Ryan and I began to clean the house and later in the afternoon, we made a trip to the grocery store for some items that I would needed. As Ryan and I were pulling into the driveway, Phil pulled in behind us. He got out and said “Doug, you guys need to go shower, and change clothes. We are going out to eat.” Ryan looked at Phil and said “Now, you are using your brain for something useful. Where are we going?” Phil said “We are going for Mongolian Barbeque.” We unloaded the groceries and placed them by the utility room door so that they would not be overlooked when we packed for the trip. We showered and dressed as fast as we could and met in the kitchen. I drove to the Mongolian Restaurant, and we were seated fairly fast. We made our drink orders, and our waitress directed us to the meat and vegetable bar. We chose the meats and vegetables that we wanted cooked along with the sauce, handed it to the cook and returned to our table. As our food was cooked, our waitress brought it to the table along with a large bowl of rice. We placed the rice on our plate and added the cooked vegetables and meat to it. The meal was great and was a definite departure from the foods normally served at this time of the year. As we were eating, Ryan told me that Myles was coming to spend the night as he wanted to be there in the morning when we packed and departed. I was happy to have him spend the night and was looking forward to him going with us to visit Mom and Dad. The waitress brought our bill, and Phil grabbed it saying “My treat!” I thanked him as did Ryan, and then, we made our way back home. We had just settled in the family room when Myles came down. He and Ryan went to Ryan’s bedroom for about fifteen minutes and then, they joined us in the family room wearing matching boxer briefs. I asked where did you guys get those, and Myles said that they had bought them from Amazon. He said that they are made out of bamboo fabric. The boys said that they are very comfortable, and I have to admit they did look nice. I made a note to myself to order some for me and Phil. As we sat around and watched a movie, the boys began horsing around with Phil, and it was good to see them act so freely around him. I just sat back and watched them for a few minutes until Phil directed them over to me, now, it was my time to deal with two scantily clad boys. I leaned over to remove my shoes, and when I did, Ryan reached down, grabbed my shirt tail and pulled the shirt over my head. I was totally surprised by his action, and I asked why he did that. He said “Dad, we usually get a chance to be close at Grandmas, but this time, it is not going to happen, so Myles and I decided to have some close time tonight. I looked over at Phil, and he smiled and said “Won’t be nothing I haven’t seen, go for it!” I stood up and dropped my jeans and stepped out of them. As I bent over to pick them up out of the floor, Myles grabbed the waist of my boxers and tried to pull them down. I held on to them, but now that I knew what the game was, I tossed my folded jeans on the hearth and moved toward Myles. He started laughing and begging me not to do it to him, but ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I enjoyed backing him up to the loveseat and pushing him down on his back. I leaned over and moved my hands to his waist. He began to wiggle and giggle because when I touched him, I tickled him too. Ryan in the meantime was behind me and tried to take my boxers down. I turned around and lunged for him. I got him, and in a few minutes we were rolling around on the floor. Myles couldn’t stand to be on the outside of this, so he joined us. The two of them against me didn’t seem so fair, but it was what it was, and I had to deal with it. I finally decided to really go after Ryan, so I was intent on pulling his boxers off. He started to get up and I grabbed the waist of his boxers and pulled them down. He had a hard on and the waistband caught it and bent it down, but when freed it bounced back and hit his stomach with a splat. Myles started complaining because some of Ryan’s pre-cum splattered on him. Ryan decided that if Myles was going to complain then, he had to suffer, so it was now me and Ryan against Myles. He was scooting back, laughing and pleading, but it did him no good. Ryan grabbed his boxers by the waist and they came down and off. Ryan threw them down the hallway. Now they both looked at me, and I knew I was in for it. They joined forces, my two naked sons started moving toward me, and I decided to stand my ground. As they approached me, I put my hands out and started a grabbing motion. This action deterred Myles, but Ryan was determined to get to me. I looked over at Phil, and he was laughing and enjoying the show. He said “Doug, is this what you do at your Mom’s?” I said “No.” Ryan pushed me down on the floor and he and Myles pulled my boxers off, and tossed them back and forth between themselves. As you can imagine, with all of the touching and feeling, I sprang a hard-on, and they tried to swat it. I had to bend and try to move out of their way. I said “Boys, I’m going to play just as rough as you are, and I don’t think you will enjoy your dicks being swatted.” Myles got a good stinging swat to the head of my cock, and I almost bent over. He looked at me scared because he knew that I believed in and practiced paybacks, so I moved toward him and swatted his dick. He had some pre-cum on the tip of his dick and when I swatted him, the pre-cum splattered on me and all over my hand. I had to call the activity to a close as it was past time for everybody to be in bed as we had to get up early, finish packing and get on the road. Ryan looked over at Phil and said “Be prepared for the next time.” Everyone headed to their bedrooms and soon the main part of the house was quiet. I walked into the bedroom and headed for a quick shower, as I was now sweaty. After I had dried off, I walked back into the bedroom and headed to grab me a pair of boxers to sleep in. Phil said “I really don’t think you need anything tonight, as I have some other plans.” I said “Phil, we have to go to bed, I have a long drive in front of me tomorrow.” He said “You should have thought of that earlier because it will be over a week without you, and I need some special time with you.” I understood what he was saying and frankly, after giving it some thought, I felt the same way. I turned the lights off and got in bed with Phil. I soon found out that he too, was naked and hard. I leaned over and kissed him while he let his hands roam over my back and shoulders. He moved his hands under my arms and being ticklish there, I collapsed on him. He took that as defeat and began to nibble and tongue my neck, ears, and lips. I started laughing, and when, I did he moved his hands down to my hard cock and grabbed it. He began to jack me. I grabbed his cock and started doing the same thing, but then I decided that I wanted him in my mouth, so I moved down to where I could suck him putting us in the classic sixty-nine position. We knew how to please each other, and we did for about ten minutes. I began to circle my tongue around his cock’s head and it was not long before he was ready to cum. I went down on him, and he began to blast off in my mouth. I swallowed most of his cum, but some did trickle out of the sides of my mouth. He stopped sucking me when he started cumming but resumed when he had rested a few minutes. He really had to work to get me to cum, but I did. After that little bit of action, we moved back to our pillows and called it a night. I did not really sleep peacefully that night, as my mind was going through the various checklists to make sure that I had done everything that needed to be done, and then, when those worries were momentarily satisfied, I began to worry about how Mom would react to Michelle. I got up Sunday without the aid of an alarm, showered, dressed and headed to the utility room to begin the process of packing the Denali. Phil joined me in about 30 minutes after scolding me for not waking him up to help. We had the car packed with space left for Michelle’s luggage and hanging bag. I looked at my phone and it was only six thirty, so that gave us about an hour and a half before we pulled out. Phil and I walked back into the house and watched the TV in the family room. I looked at my phone again, and it was now seven fifteen. I thought it was now time to get Ryan and Myles up, so I walked down and knocked on their door. Myles opened the door and it was evident that both of them had slept naked in the same bed, but why should I be surprised, they had done that for years. I told them to shower, dress and get a move on so we could get on the road. Myles claimed the bathroom first, and after, he finished Ryan entered, showered and straightened things up. I encouraged them to wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans as we were expecting a drop in temperature as we traveled today. They finished dressing, and joined me and Phil in the family room. I asked them what they wanted for breakfast, and they told me. I looked at the phone again, and it was seven forty-five. I told them to walk back to their room and double check that they had everything that they wanted to take. They left and reported back that they had given me everything, so I herded them to the garage, gave Phil a kiss and a grope, and then joined the boys in the garage. We got in the Denali and headed down to pick up Michelle. On the way down, Myles called and told her that we were on the way. As I pulled into the driveway, she was coming out the front door with her luggage. I had the boys go and take the luggage and I packed it. We got in, I told Michelle that the boys had requested a breakfast sandwich and drink from Chick Fil A, and she said that sounded good to her. We drove through drive through, ordered and received our food and drink. I headed out of town and we were soon on our way. Michelle sat up front with me and the boys sat in the second row. They had their electronic games therefore; they were occupied allowing me and Michelle to talk uninterrupted. I filled Michelle in on some of Mom’s picky ways and gave her a brief introduction to some of the people who we would see during our visit. I could tell that she was nervous, but I told her not to worry because I would not desert her. We made our usual pit stops and stopped at our usually lunch spot on the way. We arrived at Mom and Dad’s mid-afternoon. They came out, greeted everyone, and I could tell that Mom was sizing Michelle up, but I could also see that she had passed the test. Dad, me and the boys unloaded the vehicle and carried the stuff in the house while Mom gave Michelle a quick tour of the house and showed her the bahçeşehir escort room that she would be using. As I walked into the house, I smelled the roast that Mom was cooking for supper. She said that she was also going to have mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, candied carrots, rolls, and a simple dessert. I went to the kitchen and lifted a few pot lids which got my hands slapped. I knew that Mom did not like the lids lifted while her food is cooking, but I had to do it, just to rattle her cage. Dad motioned for me to join him outside, and I did, leaving Mom and Michelle to handle the final touches to supper. Dad took me out to the sitting area. He sat in one of the Adirondack chairs while I chose the swing. He asked about Phil and wanted to know everything about the development. I chose not to tell him about the nursery facility as I thought Phil would want to share that information at a later date. We sat and talked and in about an hour, Mom called us in to fix our plates and to eat. Mom had decided the seating arrangements so we abided by her wishes. Michelle and I sat across from each other as did Myles and Ryan. We began to eat, and Michelle complimented Mom on her cooking talents. Then she said “Doug, I can see where you get your cooking talent.” I smiled and nodded. We finished eating, and Mom served a slice of pound cake covered with fresh sliced strawberries. The meal was delicious, and before Mom could move to clear the table and do the dishes, I directed Myles and Ryan to take over while the adults talked in the living room. We moved to the living room, a rarity, and Mom conveniently arranged for Michelle and me to sit on the sofa. Dad talked to Michelle about the town, the neighbors, and told stories about me growing up. I gave him the eye to not go there, but my Dad has a mind of his own, when Mom allows it. Mom joined in the story telling and Michelle found the stories enlightening and entertaining. I found some of them embarrassing as Michelle did not need to know some of the things that they were telling. I asked Mom if she had heard from Barbara, and even though she grimaced, she said that they had talked, and we had been invited to come over for supper on Black Friday. Mom said “I tried to get out of it, but she was very insistent as she wants all of her family and us to come to her dinner that night.” I said “Mom, she is Ryan’s other grandmother and he really needs to know something about his mother’s side of the family.” As I was saying that, I felt Michelle squirm, and then, I remembered that she is estranged from her family, and Myles does not know anything about her side of the family. I made a note to myself to talk to Michelle and let her know that I was not making an issue about families. The boys joined us after they had finished in the kitchen. Myles said “G-Daddy, are you going to have the chance to take us fishing while we are here?” Dad said “Myles, you tell me what day you want to go fishing, and we will go.” Myles said “I was thinking Tuesday because we could cook the fish either Tuesday night or Wednesday for lunch.” After that was settled, I asked Mom about the plans for preparing the Thanksgiving Dinner, and she started laying out the schedule for me. She then said “Michelle and I will do some of the cooking on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning after you do all of your baking.” I said “Sounds like a plan to me.” Dad interrupted us, and said that he had an early morning so he was going to go to bed and Mom joined him. Michelle and I sat and talked with Ryan and Myles for a few more minutes, and then I helped the boys with the air mattress in the family room. Ryan was still grumbling about having to sleep in the family room, but I shot him a look and he finally understood that he needed to hush or he was going to make Michelle feel unwelcome. We finally got things arranged in the family room, and I headed to my bedroom. I decided to take a quick shower so that I could relax. After I had finished my shower, I did a quick drying of my body, stepped out of the shower enclosure and was toweling my hair when the door opened. It was Michelle. I had not locked the door, as in the past that was not necessary. I guess she saw more than I wanted her to see, but she then looked me in the eye, smiled and said “I am so sorry.” I felt my face turn red, but what is done is done. The days leading up to Thanksgiving were the typical shop, prepare, bake, shop, review recipes, make modifications, and things like that. I dropped the boys off with Barbara on Monday so that they could spend some time with her and their cousins while Mom, Michelle, and I did the shopping for the special day. As we were walking out of the house, Randy walked by and stopped to talk to me. I introduced him to Michelle and he shot me a look. I, then, had to clarify that she was Myles’ Mom and that we are not a couple. He said “Doug, I hope that we can find some time to get together this trip as I have missed you on your last two trips here.” I told him that I thought that we could get together Tuesday afternoon. True to his word, Dad took the boys fishing on Tuesday, and they did catch a number of fish which they cleaned and filleted. Mom proceeded to fix some Cole slaw, baked beans, hushpuppies, French Fries and a Macaroni salad for Tuesday evening’s supper. Dad cooked the fish outside, to keep from smelling up the house, and Michelle spent some time outdoors with him. We ate and talked that night sitting around the table. I mentioned some of the things that Randy and I had seen in our tour of the town. Mom gave me the low down on how dissatisfied some of the residents were with the new park. . Michelle leaned over and asked me if we could run to Wal-Mart a little later. I told her that we could. After the table was cleared and the kitchen cleaned, Michelle and I excused ourselves to go to Wal-Mart. As I was driving, Michelle said “Doug, I have tried to think of a way to apologize for walking in on you the other night. As I approached the bathroom, I did not hear any activity in there, so when I found that the door was not locked, I just opened it and well, you know the rest. If I have upset you, I apologize as what happened was not my intent.” I continued to drive giving me some time to compose my thoughts. I said “Michelle, I understand, and I take most of the blame for not locking the door, but it has been years since I locked that bathroom door. I have not said anything to anybody, and I would like it to stay that way.” Michelle said “Of course, and you are being too kind.” I said “It’s not about being kind, it is about being honest, it was my fault, and I see and own it. We arrived at Wal- Mart, found what she was looking for and headed home. We arrived to find that Mom and Dad had gone to their bedroom and the boys were on the air mattress in the family room watching TV. Michelle excused herself and went to her room while I sat with the boys. Both of the boys let me know in no uncertain terms that they did not like sleeping on the air mattress and especially in the family room. I asked why, given that both of them had camped out in the family room at home on air mattresses. They said that it was one thing to do it at home, but there was no privacy here. I understood, but told them to please make an effort. After I listened to them tell me about their fishing trip and the time that they spent over at Barbara’s, I said my good nights and headed to bed. This time when I went to the bathroom, I locked the door. As I was about to get in bed, Phil called and we talked for about thirty minutes. He told me that he was planning to leave tomorrow morning (Wednesday) and would come back on Sunday. He also told me that he missed me, and I told him that I missed him, as well. Just hearing his voice made me feel lonesome. I told him some of the things that we had done while we were here and things that were planned before we returned home. We finished the phone call with the “I Love Yous” and then, I crawled under the covers. I turned off the bedside lamp and settled in bed. I must have fallen asleep when my head hit the pillow, as I don’t remember laying there thinking about stuff or worrying about stuff. Maybe Phil’s phone call was good for me. I awoke Wednesday morning to find that sometime during the night, I gained two sleeping partners. Ryan was on one side of me, and Myles was on the other. I had to smile because boys their age just don’t sleep with their Dad. I crawled over Myles, headed to the bathroom, locked the door, showered, returned to the room and dressed for the day. Even though I thought that I was up early, Mom was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast and had laid out the ingredients for homemade cornbread and biscuits. I helped her finalize breakfast, and then, I walked down and called Michelle and the boys to breakfast. Mom had Dad pouring orange juice or coffee when I returned. Mom asked the boys where did they sleep last night because when she checked on them before she started cooking breakfast they were not in the family room. Ryan said “We spent the night with Dad.” Mom looked at me, and I said “As long as they want to be with me, I don’t have a problem, because they are growing up.” We finished breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, and I started preparing the biscuits and cornbread while Mom and Michelle chopped celery, green onions, onions, pecans, and boiled eggs and sweet potatoes. I had to work around Mom and Michelle, but I managed and by lunch time we had most of what we could prepare ahead of time prepared. After sandwiches at lunch, Mom told us that she was going to go for a quick nap and that we could do whatever we needed to do. Michelle and I looked at one another, and she said “Doug, I would really like to tour the downtown area.” I asked the boys if they wanted to join us, and Ryan said that they would if we could stop by The Oaks Restaurant for some cake. We left the house and found a parking place in front of Linkins Hardware. We got out and visited a number of the locally owned stores. Michelle made several purchases in the stores. I took her things to the vehicle and stored them. We made our way down to The Oaks around three thirty and were seated. I looked around for Mr. Vince, but could not see him. I asked the waitress about him, and she said that he had decided to take his wife and go visit relatives this Thanksgiving. I was disappointed because I had wanted to introduce him to Michelle. Myles told the waitress that we were there for cake and something to drink. She read off the types of cakes that were available, and we made our choices. Myles and Ryan ordered the multi-layer chocolate cake; Michelle ordered the Italian Cream cake; while I ordered the multi-layered caramel cake. Everybody ordered a Coca Cola. The waitress brought our orders back to the table, and we passed our cake slices around so that everyone could get a taste. Everybody agreed that each cake was good, but they really liked my caramel. I asked the waitress if they had a whole caramel cake for sale, and she said that they did. I told her that I wanted it, so she boxed it and added it to my bill. We finished eating, and I looked at my phone and told them that we had to get back to Mom’s. We walked into the house and it was evident from the smells coming from the kitchen that Mom had already started supper. I walked in, and she was preparing a large pot of chili. She told me to start the corn, and then, she directed Ryan and Myles to make toasted cheese sandwiches. I thought that Michelle was getting off lucky, but Mom asked her to set the table. We ate supper, and then, they watched a TV program while I prepared the turkey and ham for baking. I joined them in the family room for the final hour of the movie then everybody went to their rooms. I had two young men join me, and I was okay with it. We slept in our boxers, but Myles really wanted us to sleep naked, but I wouldn’t agree to it with Michelle next door. As I was waking up Thursday morning, I could smell that Mom had once again beaten me up and had started breakfast. I woke the boys and headed them for their showers. Michelle heard us moving around and she joined Mom in the kitchen. After breakfast, I started the turkey in one oven and the ham in the other. Mom asked Michelle if she would fix the sweet potato casserole while she mixed the dressing. As has been our custom ever since I was a small boy, Mom dished me out some of the raw dressing, and I taste tested it. I told her that it needed some turkey juices to flavor it and that when the turkey had finished cooking, that I would drain it and give her some to add to her mixture. Everything continued going smoothly, and we were able to have our Thanksgiving Dinner at one thirty. I pushed back after finishing my meal, and Dad said “Doug, let’s go watch a game,” so we turned the TV on and watched one of his favorite teams play. My team would play on Saturday. Mom and Michelle busied themselves in the kitchen while Ryan and Myles headed down to the park for a game of football with the neighborhood kids. Around six o’clock, Mom laid the leftovers out and called everyone to come fix their plate. We did, and there really wasn’t a lot left over after that meal. After eating, the boys and I cleaned the kitchen while Mom, Michelle and Dad watched a movie that Michelle had bought while shopping on Wednesday afternoon. I was so ready to go to bed that I excused myself rather early and headed to my room. As I was getting ready for bed, Phil called to find out about our Thanksgiving meal had gone. I told him that it was a success and asked about his. I also asked about his Mom, Brandon, Meaghan and the kids. He reported that all of them had been at his Mom’s for Thanksgiving and afterwards they spent some time at one of the local fields with three other families playing a game of football. I told him that I loved him, and that, I would see him on Sunday, then I hung up. Mom had all of the adults up at five o’clock on Friday morning so that we could go Black Friday shopping. Dad was not happy, but he is used to Mom doing things like that. I left the boys in bed. We shopped until noon, and then, we headed back by the house, picked up the boys and went to Zaxby’s. After lunch, we returned to do some shopping with the boys, and made quite a few purchases. I was beginning to worry about how I was going to pack all of the stuff along with our luggage to go home, but I figured I could make it happen. I looked at my phone and noticed that the afternoon was slipping away fast. I gathered everyone together and reminded them that we had to go back to Mom’s shower, dress and be at Barbara’s house for supper at six thirty. Michelle tried to get out of going, as she didn’t know Barbara, and didn’t want any issues to arise. I told her that Barbara would welcome her with open arms. She reluctantly agreed to go. I drove in the driveway at Barbara’s to find that Amy, Anthony and their families were there. We got out, and as we approached the front door, Barbara opened it, walked out and gave each of us a big hug and invited us to come in and enjoy the others, as she finalized the dinner. Mom asked if she could help, and Barbara told her to join her in the kitchen. I looked at Michelle, and she was fidgety so I introduced her to Amy and they seemed to hit it off. Dad and I spent time talking to Anthony, and Marlon, Amy’s husband while Mom and Barbara finished preparing the meal. In about thirty minutes, Barbara called everyone to the dining room, and we gathered around the table. Barbara asked Dad to say the Blessing, and he did. Afterwards everyone grabbed a plastic plate and began to place the food of their choice on it. As usual Barbara’s ability to entertain was so evident. She had an abundant number of side dishes which complimented her famous pulled pork barbeque which I have always enjoyed. Now I mentioned side dishes, there was boiled corn on the cob, slaw, macaroni salad, baked beans, a corn casserole, potato salad, cucumber, tomato and onion salad, bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, pickled okra, and three types of cobbler (blackberry, peach and apple). Just looking at that table full of food, made one feel stuffed, but it did not deter anybody from eating. After making their selections, everybody found a seat somewhere in the house and ate and talked. Ryan and Myles sat with Anthony and Amy’s children. Barbara directed everyone to the living room or family room for after dinner conversation. Mom tried to help with clean-up, but Barbara told her that it could wait because she wanted to spend some time with everybody who had come to dinner. We sat and talked until around ten thirty. Noting that it was late, I gathered my group together, and we said our good- byes. On the way home, Michelle talked about how much food Barbara had prepared and how tasty it was. Mom told her that Barbara was one of the town’s renowned cooks and had won many awards for her food items. When we got to Mom’s and Dad’s everybody headed in and went straight to their bedrooms. I again, had Myles and Ryan with me, however, they chose to go to sleep rather than chatter. I dropped off to sleep rather easily myself. I awoke Saturday morning and found that Mom had not made it to the kitchen, so I hurried and started breakfast. After I had it finished, I called everyone to come and eat. After eating we returned to our rooms, packed our bags, and then, I began to pack the car for the trip home. It is a good thing that I know how to make every inch count as I don’t think we could have carried anything else in the car. We pulled out of the driveway after Mom and Dad thanked us for coming and after receiving several hugs from them. We were on our way home by nine thirty. End of Chapter 12 – My Sons and Their Friends – The Freshmen Year Sorry that it has taken some time to send this story to Nifty, but 2018 has not been my year. There have been several medical issues that have forced me to take it easy. I really appreciate those of you who have written to find out what was going on and if the story was going to continue. Well, the answer is yes the story will continue as there is much more to tell. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this chapter, and I apologize for the length, but figured I needed to do a summary of Chapter 11 since it has been a while since you had probably read it. Just so you know. I am so totally confused about the month and time of the year, because I have been thinking of this story to the point that I am thinking Thanksgiving is near. Not a good thing. Jay

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