My Winter with Becky

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My Winter with Becky

By: Pat W Banon

Finished writing on: October 23, 2022 Sunday

I always did love Winter. I find the cold to be a much more enjoyable environment in general. Me and my girlfriends decided we would plan a trip to Tennessee at a very cozy looking cabin we found online. Me and Becky chose to drive. The other three decided to fly due to time constraints from family gatherings. Being that it’s early January, the snow covered landscape looks absolutely beautiful, almost fake. Though no matter how beautiful the outside was, I had trouble keeping my mind off my lust for Becky. I would describe myself as mostly straight, but it’s women like the girl in the driver’s seat that make me hesitant to say I’m completely hetero. Her long athletic legs combined with her fit body filled me with a deep lust.

I remember one time during a movie night: we were watching a scary movie underneath a very large blanket. She hugged on me and held me tight during the most suspenseful scenes. I wish she knew how much I cherished those moments. She made me so goddamn horny. I wanted more than anything in the world to make out with her while she caressed my breast. I love it when I have my nipples fondled whilst making out. After a while, it gets me so close to cumming that I can hardly resist the urge to rub my clit before my partner finally finishes the job for me.

I have no idea if Becky shares even a fraction of the desire I feel for her. I never knew of or saw her with another woman in a sexual way. But then again, I’ve never been with a woman before; though I’d like to change that. We’ll have the cabin to ourselves for the first night, and then we’d be picking up the others in the morning from a lovely looking breakfast place not too far away from the airport. I may try to make my move tonight, once we’re settled in. I hope that she at least rejects me softly if my advances are put down.

We stopped for gas about ten minutes away from our cabin. We drove a few more miles and arrived. It was exactly as I hoped it to be. Cozy, romantic, semi-secluded, internet — could not ask for a better place to possibly have my first lesbian experience. We unpacked the car and she plopped on one of the mattresses in the bedroom. Becky istanbul travesti already put on a movie on Netflix and invited me to join her under the covers.

I had to hide my excitement. I laid down next to her as she put on a movie. I was thinking of when to make my move. She always was physically affectionate in seemingly platonic ways. We were already semi-cuddling in a mostly innocent manner. Fortunately, such a situation lends itself well to taking things further; or so I hope. She wore a tank top and bra above the waist, whilst below she wore sweatpants. She was hugging me closely as her eyes were glued to the screen.

I decided to finally make my move. I put my hand on her thigh, just above the kneecap. I was hoping to test the waters before going all in. She didn’t push me away or react negatively in any manner. I very slowly brought my hand further and further up her thigh in increments every few minutes. My hand was finally closer to her waist than her knees. The skin of her inner thigh felt unbelievably soft. Now this is my make it or break it point, I had to make it somewhat obvious. I gave her thigh a slight squeeze.

“What are you doing?” she asked me. I froze. My body was filled with dread. I was stupid for ever trying this. I may have ruined both this trip and my friendship. I didn’t know how to respond. About 3 whole seconds passed before I could muster out a response. I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could get a word out, she gave me a wonderful surprise.

She was passionately kissing me, in a way I’ve never been kissed before. Her tongue was dancing with mine in a pleasantly aggressive way. She seemed to have been wanting this as much as me. We continued to make out as her hand found its way to my breast. She caressed me and pinched my nipples in all the right ways. Not too hard, not too soft, with a bit of a rolling effect between her fingers that made me quietly moan in her mouth.

She began to kiss my neck as she switched over to my other nipple which was feeling left out. My focus now was on not moaning too loudly, which was admittedly rather difficult. I’ve never been handled like this before, and I loved every second of it. One of her hands was pushing my neck into her mouth, whilst the other started to make its way to my pussy. When she finally istanbul travestileri arrived, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

She began to rub me through my jeans. She was using a proper amount of force since I was in denim. I began to slightly buck my hips and softly moan her name. “Becky” I managed to whisper out. “Please don’t stop Becky” I begged her. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered that she wanted to feel me cum. She proceeded to bite my earlobe as she slipped her hand under my panties.

She began to rub my clit in tiny circles. As she was masturbating me, she used her mouth to suck my earlobe. Another new experience, one I very much enjoy. Granted, she was rubbing my clit, so I think anything would have felt good. I started moan more often as I came closer to orgasm. Her steady motion combined with the nipple play of her other hand was making me melt. I’d be surprised if I lasted another 5 minutes.

My legs were spread completely open; completely soaking her hand, my underwear, my jeans, and at this rate, the bed sheets were soon to follow. I began to buck my hips more aggressively as my moaning became louder. She knew I was about to cum. She paused. The wait was unbearable. I wanted more than anything to be allowed to cum. She looked at me with a primal lust and said: “I want you to finish, that way they’ll be plenty for me to drink up when I taste you”. I almost came just from this command.

She began to kiss me like she had not before. She sucked my tongue into her mouth; another experience I haven’t had until now. Her circles on my clit became faster as she applied more pressure. I couldn’t control the motion of my hips as I felt my orgasm start to swell. Becky was relentless. She released my tongue so that she could bite my lower lip. She tugged my bottom lip as she pulled away. She covered my mouth with one hand and slipped a finger in me as her thumb started to massage my clit.

This finally pushed me over the edge. I began to orgasm as she muffled my moans with her hand. My body began to shake and spasm. She was still rubbing my clit through my orgasm. Her middle finger was barely two knuckles in pushing up on my g-spot. This was the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. I was thankful that she was muffling travesti istanbul me, I had no idea how loud or quiet I was being.

She finally released me from her touch. She was running the hand that was not pleasing my pussy through my hair as she admired me. I met her gaze with mine to which she then requested that I open my mouth. “I want you to know how good you taste, I already had some myself”. She then put her hand near my mouth to which I licked clean. I tasted wonderfully if I do say so myself.

“Fortunately for me, I’m rather greedy when it comes to snacks!” Becky told me. I knew what she meant. I felt my clit tingle in anticipation. She pulled off my jeans and positioned her head between my legs. She starred at me as she kissed my pussy over my soaking panties. She didn’t remove my underwear yet; she seemed to enjoy teasing me. She closed her eyes and began to kiss up and down my thighs. I was already beginning to caress my own breast as I thought of how good her mouth would feel on my clit.

She shifted my panties just enough to the side to tease my clit with her tongue. The feeling of her on me is difficult to put into words. Her tongue glided up and my slit while I moaned for her to continue. I was already super sensitive from cumming just a few minutes ago. It would not be much longer until she gave me a second orgasm. Then she used her secret weapon on me.

She used her hands to spread the top of my pussy. My clit was fully exposed. She blew on my clitoris just to show me how sensitive I was. She then fully covered my clitty with her mouth and began to go to work. She continued to suck me, forcing my clit to become even more sensitive than it already was. She gave me the occasional lick which was too much pleasure for me to handle.

“Becky” the words barely escaped my mouth “Becky, I feel like I’m already about to cum again”. I pushed her head away and I began to close my legs. She looked at me, seemingly thinking. She took off my panties, but to my surprise, she brought them to my lips. “Open your mouth bitch!” she commanded; so I did. She stuffed my mouth with my own underwear, making it difficult for me to talk.

She then opened my almost closed legs with her hands, starring daggers into me. I closed my eyes excepting her to finger fuck me again. SMACK! She slapped my pussy with force. I jolted; the surprise seemed to subdue the pain. “I decide when you’ve had enough!” Becky told me. I couldn’t respond, and I don’t think she’d appreciate it if I took my panties out of my mouth. She made her way back down to my clit.

-end of part one-

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