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night of passionNight of Passionby EzioAuditore 3 days agoI caress your ass as we walk away from the movie theater you’re almost dragging me to the car you’re that turned on and frustrated. We get to the car and I lay you on the hood and I inch your shirt off but leave your bra on. I go to the trunk and pull out a blindfold and put it on you. I pin your hands above your head and then I wet my finger and trace around your bra but not actually touching your boobs. I kiss around your bra and down your stomach scr****g my tongue around your belly button lightly but stopping at the edge of your skirt with my teeth. Then I drag my tongue from there to your belly button up around the underside of your bra then I blow gently on the wet trail my tongue left. After all of this you are whimpering and moaning for me to please master let you cum you say you’re seeing spots and I let just my pinkie finger slide in and trace your pussy lips you moan and shudder and then I withdraw my pinky and let you suck my pinky. When you do it’s so exquisite my knee’s buckle and I whimper. I take the blindfold off then handcuff you and lead you to the passenger side and then I get in the driver’s side. We drive finding a hillside while your handcuffed still I just hold you admiring the sunset and your beauty marveling at you wondering how you could want me your beauty chokes me you seem angelic I don’t see why you chose me. I take the handcuffs off and you hold me and the beauty of everything rushes in ikonbet giriş my head and I just sigh and tell you to keep me here never let me go. One tear slips down my face you wipe it away and kiss me as gently as a Texas summer breeze. I get a blanket and spread it and tell you hands at your side no moving them. I take your jeans off inching them down to reveal your thong I peel that off with my teeth and blow gently around your pussy lips and then trace your pussy lips with my fingers and gently pinch your clit and blow on it and then I step back.We both get in the car and we drive to your house. Once inside I handcuff you and bend you over and spank you with my hand then I rip your jeans off and with a cat o nine tails whip your ass which goes from red to deep purple then I stop. I then blindfold you and take your shirt off and take your bra off with my teeth scr****g your shoulders and attach nipples clamps. I order you to sit and stay like a good slave and I go out to my car and get the bench and a few select toys. I walk back in place the bench and a metal studded vibrators on the bench attach them plug it in I lube up the vibrators and then collar you and attach a leash and you crawl over to the bench and I guide both toys (8 inches long 4 inches wide) one in your pussy and one in your ass and immediately push the pedal down all the way and you moan and then I let my foot off completely and I do this for a few minutes and I take my jeans off and ikonbet yeni giriş put on some (insert music choice here). I walk back up to you uncuff you and let your hands play with my chest and scr****g your nails and pinching my body. Finally you let your hands go lower and peel my boxers off and my cock springs out hitting your face it’s that hard. You stroke my cock and balls and suck my balls into your mouth and tongue my shaft and circle the head. You take my cock in your mouth all the way down deep throating me the harder you suck the longer my foot stays all the way down on the pedal. You alternate for a few minutes which causes you to moan and scream every now and again while it makes me twitch and groan. Finally you deep throat me and I pull out and cum all over your face and tits and as I feel the last few shots coming I shove it in your mouth and as I finish cumming I press the pedal all the way down and then flick on the rotating speed up to high too. You scream as you cum and you cum so hard it actually squirts everywhere and you pass out. I lift you off and clean you up then carry you off to the bedroom and let you rest for an hour or two and then you wake up and come find me naked and you take the collar off and leash after finding the key for the collar then you see me just watching tv and you pull me out of the chair and take my shriveled cock in your hand and massage it and it grows hard instantly and you lead me to bed by my cock ikonbet güvenilirmi and leash. We get there and you blindfold me and handcuff me to the bed and tie my legs to the bed. You climb up and slowly rub your hands all over my chest pinching and rubbing as you go. You lick my neck and nibble around my ear making me whimper and beg. You finally bite my neck making me shudder and moan and you trace my chest tattoo and bite it. I scream it feels so good. You then sit up and slide your pussy over my throbbing cock and you hold your pussy over it an inch above my cock and I thrust up but you move away saying “no slave not till I say so”. You flip around and slide it into your ass nice and slow you groan in pleasure and I scream because it’s like a vise has squeezed my cock. I grab nipple clamps from the dresser and attach them tugging on them each time you hit the base of my cock then you take me all the way out and slam back down. You bounce up and down on my cock while I tug on the nipple clamps your moaning and groaning so much then I find your clit and pinch it and you scream as you squirt all over the bed. I keep ramming my cock in your ass then I feel it clench once more and cum hard that after I pull out it dribbles down your ass crack and I dutifully eat it all up. We then rest for a little while and you uncuff and un-collar me after we sleep for a bit then I grab you and plunge my cock into your pussy making you sequel in pleasure saying my cock is so big it stretches you out goes deeper than anyone you’ve had. I just ram your pussy and play with your clit flicking it and pinching it as you cum a river of cum then I take my cock all the way out and let you suck on my cock until I blast my load down your throat and you swallow every drop.

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