Not A Single Cloud – Part 2 – Take Me Like Your Coffee 7

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Pete lounged in the water tub, letting his body float lazily in the late afternoon sun. The orange evening heat slowly warmed up the water. He enjoyed the subtle lazy happiness, emptiness of mind, that always took over his mind after he had sex. And he just had lots of really nice relaxing sex. His body found a weightless spot just under the water’s surface and soaked in conflicting signals from the outside world. While the water was becoming warm, the wind seemed to pick up a little, with a chilling breeze teasing the parts of him that emerged over the surface. He loved floating on the edge of all the conflicting sensations: of moisture and dryness, warmth and cold, wind and a subtle tickling of water, muffled humming silence and nearby sloshing noises. His body was stimulated in so many ways at once, that it mesmerised him. Even though he just came a few times, his breathing became shallow, he moaned quietly and to his surprise he got another erection – without much thought he started touching himself. First gently, then in more determined and decisive strokes. He closed his eyes and let himself sink a little deeper, until the only sensation from the outside world was the orange warmth of sunshine behind his eyelids – no sounds reached his submerged ears, all he could hear were muffled sounds of sloshing water. It felt like a state right before waking up – Pete was feeling more almanbahis and more detached from reality. * At the same time, just around the corner, Yann and Viki kissed naked against a sandstone wall. She trapped him with her arms, her palms touching a sun-warmed rough surface of brick on either side of him. She was in charge and she took him slowly, paced her kisses, played with him, brushed her body against his. Without her glasses she could hardly see anything, and so she felt her way around his hair and arms, taking in his body and the surrounding environment. She communicated that she couldn’t see well excessively on purpose, so that Yann knew that she couldn’t see him well. Viki savoured the effect of her mean joke: just a minute earlier she made Yann believe that she thought that he was Pete. She made him believe that the reason they are kissing naked on the roof is that she took him for someone else, an easy mistake to make when your eyesight is so poor. It was obviously just an act. She simply did it to provoke him, to read his thoughts and reactions. Yann did not know what to do, he liked her, but in the same time felt dishonest, violating her trust and consent. Viki at the same time really enjoyed poking his insecurity, hoping that his facade of or restrain and indecisiveness would break and crumble. * If you were standing there, or seeing them from a neighbouring window, almanbahis yeni giriş you’d notice something peculiar. Throughout the experience the boy was not really into it, couldn’t relax and his movements were rather jerky and uncoordinated. He looked as if he was about to run away any minute. The way he hesitantly returned her kisses, didn’t touch her hips even thought they were rubbing against his, begging for it. It wasn’t that he didn’t fancy her, from your safe observer’s position you’d be able to see how the proof of it rubbed against her thigh. But if you were seeing all this and could know what was going on in their heads, you’d know that the reason for his hesitation was much more obvious. Yann felt that he’s taking advantage of her, but enjoys it too much to stop. He felt like the worst perv in history. Poor sensitive boy, just because she called him with his friend’s name; he thought that Viki mistook him for another of her employees, one that she fancied; he thought that she was making out with him under a false assumption that he was Pete, her eyesight being so bad that she could easily make such mistake. He felt terrible, dishonest, angry with himself, remorseful and above everything else… turned on. He wanted to fuck her so much, but he also felt that it’s wrong and tried to stop himself. The struggle was intense and violent. As if he internalised almanbahis giriş power-play, teasing and a range of kinky games and played them with himself. She was not helping either, with every kiss, with every touch and brush of her nipples against him, she scraped off his self-constrain, made him betray his decency. Not that his body had any – his body betrayed him at the very beginning, quite openly expressing his desires towards her, in the ways that she seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Finally, if you were watching this knowing what happened earlier on, you would notice she enjoyed making fool of him. A lot. Her eyesight was actually great, the thick hipster glasses being just for show and to add her authority. In everyday life she needed all the authority she could muster to conquer her natural shyness and counterbalance her small figure. Especially that it was difficult to run a team of employees that were so sexy and kinky that she wanted to jump them every time she walked into the cafe. Even more so, since she knew that they all sleep with each other occasionally. She especially fancied these two boys that were on a shift today and she kept promising herself for quite a while that one day she’ll fuck them, fuck them both and fuck them hard. * That’s why earlier on that week, she arranged for Yann and Pete to be on the closing shift that night. When the closing time came, she drank triple whisky and made her way to the cafe. The decision seemed to be more and more made in her head as the cafe was drawing nearer and the alcohol flooded her consciousness. When she made it to the cafe that evening, she was late.

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