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Subject: Not so anonymous fuck Not So Anonymous Fuck. If you’re not looking for sex � including incestuous sexual use � between guys (over age of consent), then look elsewhere. Nifty costs money to run, it needs your donations if it’s going to keep going. fty/donate.html Feedback more the welcome � let me know if you want some more to this story. ail This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal or private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. Ed.P. Incest � Authoritarian. ——————————————————————– No cock refused � cum straight in and fuck. The Craigslist ad looked perfect, I was just in the mood to get my rocks off I just wanted a tight hole to fuck. I wasn’t out, finishing up school before uni was more on my mind…but I was still a horny 18 year-old. I checked the rest of the stats � 43, good looking bod, not overly muscled but flat stomach, and strong arms…but I wasn’t going to get much of that end…this was just a fuck and go. He was visiting on business and staying in a hotel, he’d be wearing a blindfold…hot as hell. I told my mum that I was out to visit a friend, Dad was away. Soon enough I was in the hotel, and went up to the room number he’d given me. The door was unlocked, I went in � it was just like he said. He was on the bed on all fours; there was another guy in there already fucking him, as I walked in he turned and smiled. “Hey there mate � sweet arse here, don’t reckon he could take double though…you mind waiting?” I sat and watched while he fucked. The top was older, definitely not my type…but watching him fuck was hot as hell. He was totally using the bottom guy who just groaned with pleasure the whole time. His cock was hard as a rock and leaking precum the whole time. Soon enough his orgasm hit, I could tell he was flooding the guy’s arse; he shuddered with complete pleasure, then finally he pulled out and walked round � the bottom sucked his cock clean. “Your turn now � enjoy.” He grabbed his clothes and left. My cock was hard as a rock, I dropped the shorts I was wearing and went at it. This was sloppy seconds, but still a tight hole grabbing at my cock. The body pics had been pretty accurate, he was an older guy � early 40s, just how I liked them. Tight body, and totally naked. Soon I was on the edge, I slowed down � then swapped ends, let the guy suck me off for a while. We didn’t chat at all, we just groaned both loving the moment. Soon I was back on his arse. Fucking harder and harder � his groaned got louder as my cock found his prostate…then I went over the edge, a brief pause before my cock started pulsing. My whole body shook with the hottest orgasm, and it felt like I pumped a gallon of cum into him. Finally, my body calmed down enough, and I went round for him to clean my cock off. I grabbed the boxers and joggers I’d arrived in, and was just leaving when I thought I should be a bit polite. “Hey there, thanks for that. Nice arse you’ve got there.” The guy suddenly leapt up, and pulled the blindfold off. “Sean?” “Dad?” We both starred at each other in disbelief. The anonymous guy I’d just fucked was my own father. I dashed out, my head was spinning and I didn’t know what to do. That night I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about Dad. About his tight arse. About the other guy who fucked him…but the thing was that I was hard the whole time. The next morning, I went down and was grabbing some breakfast when Mum walked in. “Morning darling, I had a message from Dad � he thinks he’ll be back this afternoon. I’m out at work until about 6 or 7.” With that she dashed out. Just mentioning Dad got my cock hard, but I was late for school and didn’t have time to do anything about it. The whole day at school was frustrating, I couldn’t concentrate at all � my mind kept dashing back to that hotel room, and the tight arse. That afternoon I got home as quickly as I could, dashed to my room and was just starting the wank off when I heard the front door. It must be Dad. Soon enough there was a knock gaziantep travesti on my door. “You in there Sean?” Dad came in looking sheepish. “Well, I guess we should really have a chat.” “Yeah, I guess so, Dad.” “So, well, there’s nothing I can really say about last night…it’s pretty clear what was going on.” “Does that mean you’re gay Dad?” “No, I suppose I’m bi…I do genuinely love your mum…it’s just that…well…from time-to-time…what you get from a guy is totally different…” “What about Mum though?” “You can’t tell her, it would hurt her so much…she’d never be able to stay with me after that.” “Look, Dad, I don’t know what I think at the moment…but it’s not right on Mum.” He just looked at the ground, then left. I noticed that my cock was hard as a rock, as I wanked off I couldn’t help but think about Dad and his arse. That night, as I slipped down to get a glass of water, I heard a noise from their room � they were clearly fucking, and Dad was moaning loudly, it seemed to me like he was trying to make up for something. I lay on my bed, my head was still spinning…I didn’t know what was going on in there. The next day was Saturday, and I stayed in bed quite late; I thought I heard Mum and Dad leave, and went down to make some breakfast. I was just wearing the boxers I slept in. Then Dad walked into the kitchen, it seems that Mum went out without him. “Hey Sean.” “Hey Dad.” He was wearing his pyjamas, but I couldn’t help but notice his body…he really was a good looking guy. He wasn’t massively muscled, but looked after his body well; kept slim and trim. He had a strong face, dark hair and deep brown eyes. “Look Sean, all I can say is sorry. I didn’t want to hurt your mum…I just don’t know what I was doing really.” “Ok Dad, I get that…I just don’t know what I think at the moment.” I couldn’t help but look at the arse, his pyjama trousers were pretty lose, but I couldn’t help but remember what was underneath them. This was getting me horny again…Dad was clearly looking at my boxers too. “It was a pretty good night though…you seemed to enjoy it at the time.” “I didn’t know what was going on though.” He was clearly looking my body up and down now. “You really make me proud you know � you look after that body of yours well.” I don’t know why this slipped out, but I replied. “I only really got one view of yours.” By now my cock was hard in my boxers, Dad took a step towards me and gently ran the back of his hand over my bulge. All I could think of was how he was desperate to take any cock he could, and clearly liked guys taking over and using him. “Do you think you should stay dressed?” “What do you mean?” “Well if you’re going to whore your arse out to anybody, you need to be naked don’t you?” “What are you trying to say?” “Get naked Dad, and do it now.” He hesitated, but I could see that the bulge in the pyjamas was growing. Then slowly he started to pull the t-shirt over his head. I could see his body better now � slim, and flat. His pecs were visible, but not over worked. There was a patch of hair on his chest, the same dark hair as on his head. His arms were the same strong arms I knew well. He paused for a moment, but knew that the bottoms needed to come off too. He hooked his fingers into the waistband, but then slowly lowered them down. There was that tight arse I’d seen, he ran for exercise and this stopped it getting flabby; it also meant his legs were pretty trim too. They had a light covering of hair. I couldn’t believe this now, my own Dad was standing naked in front of me. I looked at his crotch; he had a long cock, it was partially hard but still rested on top of his balls, uncut with the head poking out of the skin. He trimmed his pubes into a neat patch, but his balls were shaved clean. They were large and hung low. All in all damned hot. But then I suddenly realised that I was perving over my Dad. Dad looked at me too. “Don’t I get to see you too?” “You’re the one offering out his arse to anybody.” But I realised that my cock was rock hard, and I was desperate to gaziantep masaj salonları get off. I sat down on a chair. “Lick my feet to show you’re sorry for disgracing the family like that, and if you’re good enough you can suck my cock.” I expected to get the back of his hand across my face, but no � he slowly sank to his feet and kissed my feet. Soon he was licking them all over, caressing them and treating me more like a god. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head up to my crotch. “I’m a horny 18 year-old, so you’ve got a minute to get me off. Mouth only.” With that I pulled my boxers down and Dad practically leapt onto my cock. He was a great cock-sucker, and I was already right on edge, it seemed that almost immediately I was grabbing his head to shove my cock deep as I erupted into his mouth � he eagerly swallowed my whole load. Once my intense orgasm had calmed down I sat back, Dad’s cock was hard as a rock now � about 8 inches I guess � he started to wank it. “Stop that � don’t touch yourself.” Again he obeyed me, there was clearly something very submissive deep inside him. “You’re going to tell me what all this is about now, Dad. Whoring yourself out in hotel rooms.” He explained that when Mum was pregnant with me they didn’t have much sex which drove him mad. He wasn’t about to sleep with another woman, that would be cheating on her, but then at the gym one evening a guy hit on him � they were having some fun together at his flat, but when this guy fucked him he knew he needed cock up his arse. Since then he’d had a few sessions, only once or twice per year. Mum was used to him being in control, but he needed the chance to relax and let others take over. He never got another regular guy, that would be a rival to Mum. The night I met him, I was the third guy to fuck him; and two more came after; but before that it was a few months since he’d had cock. A thought suddenly came into my head. “Well here’s how it is now Dad. I’m horny and need to get my rocks off, wanking’s ok…but often I want more. You know how hard I’m working for school � can’t waste time on a relationship � but I want easy access to a mouth and arse…and it looks like I’ve found it. Until I leave for uni in the autumn, you’re my cum dump. Whenever Mum’s out, you’re naked and ready for me; and I can fuck you or have you suck me anytime I want. If you keep to this, then I won’t tell her what a nasty whore you’ve been. No wanking at all, you can only cum when you’re making Mum happy.” Dad just looked at the floor in silence. “Well?” He slowly looked up at me, there were tears welling up in his eyes. “Please Sean…can you fuck me?” That was it, Dad was officially my sex toy for the next few months. “Get on all fours.” He leapt into position, and I went for it � completely mercilessly right from the beginning. I rammed right in to the hilt and stayed there. Then started to fuck hard and fast, I couldn’t hold back, and within a few minutes of solid fucking I gave him the second load of the morning � flooding his arse with my cum. Then I pulled out, walked round and stuck my cock � slick with cum and his arse juices � into his mouth for cleaning. I left him on the kitchen floor as I went for a shower and then left the house to meet some friends. Early that evening I was watching some T.V. when Dad got in from running; the sight got my horny instantly, Mum was out in the garden. It was time to test whether this morning was just him in a particular mood. “My room.” Was all I said, and then climbed the stairs. Dad walked in, closed the door, and knelt � he started to nuzzle my crotch through the shorts I was wearing. “You get a choice this time � arse or mouth?” “Mouth please, I want to taste you cum in my mouth. But needs to be a quick one, we’re going out and I need a shower.” I dropped my shorts and boxers, Dad immediately took my hard cock into his mouth. I soon took over, grabbed his head and gave him a vicious skull fuck. His throat must have been red raw by the time I coated with cum; but soon enough he was getting filled with gaziantep escort bayan my load. “Thank you for your load Sean.” Was his only response, then he dashed out to shower. The next few days were pretty quiet, Dad and I were both busy with things, and Mum was around the whole time � I was wanking about three times every day though. Then one evening, just as I was finishing my homework, Dad called me downstairs. “Your Mum’s just gone out, you want to order pizza for supper?” “Sure Dad, sounds good.” I walked off to get the menu, as I walked back in Dad was half naked and stripping the rest of his clothes off. “Sorry, I forgot the rules.” I’d forgotten them too, but wasn’t about to let an opportunity like this pass up. “You can sit on the floor this evening I think, Dad.” He really responded well to orders, now naked he sat by my feet and cuddled into my legs. There was a footie match on, and we sat there watching it together until the pizza arrived; the doorbell rang, and Dad looked up at me. “Aren’t you going to answer that?” Was my only response. Slowly he got up, and walked to the door; he took delivery as quickly as he could, and was soon back sitting on the floor. His face stayed red at the thought of having answered the door naked. We ate the pizza together, and enjoyed each other’s company � even though he was naked at sitting at my feet. When the match reached half-time, I had him kneel and suck me until the second half began. Then he went back to sitting there watching. The moment that the final whistle went, Dad looked up at me with eyes wide open � I could tell he wanted to get fucked, and I wanted it too. This time was more relaxed than we’d been before. I opened my legs wide, and Dad moved in. First he kissed along my thighs, then nuzzled at my boxers, clearly wanted to take them down. I looked at him and nodded, soon I was naked from the waist downwards. He kissed my cock, up and down the whole length, then licked it, then sucked on my balls; by now I was hard as a rock, and he started to suck me. I held his head, and pushed deep into his throat � he wasn’t quite able to deep-throat me, but there was time to work on that over the next few months. It was time to swap ends, I pushed him off and he took the hint � soon he was on all fours with his arse on show. I knew he could take a rough invasion, but as we had some time I decided to take things more slowly. I got him to suck my finger, then worked that inside and played with his hole; then a second, then a third. He was moaning with delight the whole time, and my cock was hard and leaking too. Finally I decided that he deserved the real thing, and sank my cock deep inside him. His hole seemed to grab at me, hot flesh warmed my cock even more. I just rested there, then started to grind round and round. I managed to hit a prostate a few times, each time his arse twitched grabbing at my cock in thanks. Then I slowly pulled back until just the head was inside him; I waited there for a moment before pushing back. Quickly building up the pace, soon I was fucking him like a pneumatic drill; I held his hips to keep me steady, a constant slapping sound as my thighs hit his arse. Then I pulled him up, I started to kiss at his neck, still embedded deep inside him; I ran my hands over his chest, and then found his nipples…I couldn’t resist tweaking them a bit, Dad’s reaction was immediate, he seemed to melt with waves of pleasure. I got harder and harder, the initial pure pleasure was turning into pain for him…but even that was pleasure too. Dad was a true sub. I pushed him down again so I could get a good rhythm going, I was pounding him good and hard. I managed to hold onto my load for longer than I imagined possible; but soon it needed to come out. A few extra deep strokes, and I sank right inside him and collapsed on his back as my cock pulsed with the cum flooding his arse. Eventually my orgasm subsided, I fell back and lay against the sofa � legs wide open � Dad turned round, and sucked my cock to get it good and clean. His own cock was hard too, I was tempted to wank him off…but then I remembered that he was the sub, and was only aloud to cum when he fucked Mum. Once my cock was clean, Dad looked up at me and just said. “Thank you Sean.” The tone of voice conveyed so much � he had found his true place, he loved getting used by me. I walked off to my room and ruffled his hair as I passed to show that I was happy with what my sub had done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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