One Lucky White Boi–Chapter 4–The Fight

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One Lucky White Boi–Chapter 4–The FightOne Lucky White Boi—Chapter 5—The fightcreakstepstepstep==about 22 more timescreeplightpissstumps toemovement in bed.I just lay there a couple of minutes—letting him get settled, and catch his breath.“Where you been”? It was a legit question—-it was 4:00 AM“Out”“Duh dip shit—where you been”?“Out Matthew—lemme alone—go to sleep”I wet my middle finger, and stick it up lil bro’s hole. Yep—full of spunk.“One more time—where the fuck have you been”?“Your not my fuckin daddy Matthew, I’m 25 years old—ain’t ur lil bro no more”“Get out of my bed then”“Whut”?“What—so ur 25 now and you don’t speak English”?“Get the fuck outta my bed punk”!! I shouted so loud that it echoed off the concrete walls of the basement. Later that morning, about 9:00 I guess, I finally rouse myself out of bed. I couldn’t remember the last time I woke up and Dustin wasn’t there beside me. Up in the kitchen now, I made some coffee, and got ready for the day. It would be a long one—5 yards today, and it was already 90. I head out into the sun and hop in the jeep. Technically, I had given it to Dustin when we moved back from Dallas with our riches, and bought myself the Camaro.The trailer and the mowers were already hooked up, ready to head out. I didn’t even check if lil bro was awake being not likely anyway.The day went by slow without him, so it was about 7:00 PM when I finally got done. Arriving back at the house, he was still there. I head for the kitchen, passing him in the living room, watching Gilligan’s Island. Opening the fridge, I pour up a tall glass of tea, and just lean on the corner of the table sipping it. I stunk.Dustin comes in after a few minutes, and pours himself a glass as well.“Why didn’t you get me up”?“Your a big boi now—25 n shit—learn to set an alarm—I ain’t ya daddy”.I slam the glass down on the table and proceed down the stairs to the basement for a shower. Ya, lol, even for me I pretty much stunk like a whole football team. After sudsing up, and doing the hair, I exit the shower, and reach for the towel. Lil bro is there in the room, now slouched down in a bean bag. “I told you last night to get out”“You said get out of your bed”“Ok then, dense—get out of my fucking room”“What’s ur deal, Matthew”? Dustin shouts the question. “Where you been”?“I done told you—none of ur fuckin bizz. I’m grown Matthew—I don’t have to answer to you every little thing I do”.“When you come in and crawl in MY bed, and ur ass if full of jizz—YES you DO have to answer to me” ! I shout back at him. “Fuck off Matthew” flipping me the bird as he heads for the stairs.Then—I snapped.Lunging for my lil bro, I grab him by the back of the neck.Spinning him around, I land my right fist to the side of his face. He instantly falls back, crashing into the bookshelves.Coming back at me, I didn’t expect it—cause I figured he was still hungover, or whatever. But, he catches me back with a right cross, busting my lip.DAMM kadıköy escort lil bro could throw a punch. SO anyways==the fight insues, and we go at it for nearly a half hour. Trust me—Texas bois can fight. Finally besting him, I flip him around, and yanking his jeans down, throw him over the bed. “Let’s see if there’s still room in that whore ass for ur big bro”.Grabbing Dustin by the waist, I slam my 11” fuck stick into his greasy hole, and proceed to fuck his guts like a d o g in heat. I lay into him for about 20 minutes, ramming his nasty hole like a jackhammer. He mostly just lay’s there, whimpering like a puppy. On the upstrokes, I can see the coating of jizz that had filled his ass. Finally pulling out, I blow my load across his back, and the back of his head. About 7 shots of thick steaming rope, leaving a stream down to his waist. Packing in the monster, I give him a hard slap on the ass, and I grab him by his hair, and stand him up. Spinning him back around, I just look him right in the eyes, and say it again, “Where you been”? He still refuses to answer, so I pull back and pop him in the eye again. And then, we’re at it again. By the time we were done, I had nearly beat all the shit out of him he had (figuratively speaking) He was a mess. I spit in his face, and once again told him to get out. Now, to give lil bro credit, he did get a few punches in on me as well, I mean the lil fuck could fight—remember–3 silver gloves !He heads back up to the kitchen, and I follow up after wiping my b l o o d and sweat from my face. We ‘meet’ right back at the table, where we both resume our drinks, without saying a word. About an hour later, mom comes in from the diner. Working mostly days now, but sometimes early evening, she didn’t even make it to the kitchen before she noticed the two of us. “What in holy hell”?“Nothing mom” Dustin replies softly.“Nothing my ass !! Matthew—did you do this”? Mom is just shy of hysterical. “Just a little ass stompin mom—no big deal”“Are you fucking k**ding me Matthew—he’s still b l e e d I n g”!!“I have really had it with you settling your problems with your fist Matthew”“Ahhhh mom—just leave it—he had it comming”!“He’s your little b r o t h e r Matthew—he doesn’t have that coming, I don’t care what happened” !Dustin shoots me a shit-eatin grin, which of course just got me riled up again. “The little fuck had it coming mom, and that’s all there is to it. And if he don’t tell me where he was last night—he’s gonna get it again tomorrow—and the next day—and the next” I shout back at my mom.“No—I don’t think so. I think you need a vacation Matthew”“What”? “Get out—get out of this house. Get you some clothes, and get out of this house”!I sat there at the table for about a full minute. Mom towering over me, not budging, I decided to get up before another situation got out of control. It was nearly midnight now, üsküdar escort but I knew where to go.Down in the basement, I pack a few days of clothes, then retrieve the cash from my ‘sock drawer’. I suddenly had no trust that my lil bro wouldn’t get into it.Nearly 5 grand—I used it for ‘house money’.Back to the kitchen, I peel off a couple of hundred, and throw it on the table. Walking out the front door, I softly speak to Dustin, “Left you some money on the table—don’t skip the yards, or I will fire ur ass. If you need some help—just hire somebody. The jeep needs an oil change”. And I left.For the first time now in 10 years, I was separated from my lil bro—again. Although I was still highly pissed, I hoped it didn’t turn around like we were before the day at the skatepark, when he busted his nuts, and hated my guts. I headed straight out RT 5 for ‘the spot’. I hadn’t been there in years, but it would have everything I might need for a few days. The motel—the grill—the bar—and the bookstore. I get to the motel office—it’s about 1:30 in the morning now. Jason is still there, and we exchange a few pleasantries. He asked about my face, lol, so I just told him I had to put my lil bro in check. “Looks like the lil shit fought back, Matthew” I hand Jason a hundred, and just said to let me know when it ran out. I throw my duffle bag into the room, then turn around and head for the diner. I hadn’t eaten all day. Walking across the parking lot, I see a young dude leaning on the corner of the building. I had glimpsed him when I pulled in. Right in my ‘spot’, I kinda grin, remembering my old days, where I had been there many a night. I paused for a moment, then spoke up, “ya hungry”?“Ya—what I gotta do”?I gave him a smirk, and replied “Nothing dawg—come on”.We ease into the bar and grill, and take seats at the counter. Burger and fries—simple shit. Dude goes for a piece of pecan pie, and I just smile at him. I guess I understood now how a mom feels watching her b o I s eat. We finish up, and I ask the young dude where he was sleeping. He said he didn’t know. “I guess I could use a blow job—it’s pretty big though—so how much”?It was ironic, I guess, this would be the first time I actually was going to pay a hustler, instead of being the one getting paid. “Fifty”, he replies shyly, almost a question rather than statement. “LOL, don’t sell urself short dawg. Ur hot as fuck—worth every bit a hundred”He shrugs he shoulders, and replies “cool”.We jump into the store to fetch some smokes and beer.He said his name was Caleb, and he was 17.Isn’t it weird how a lot of hustlers get their street names from the bible ????About 5’10” maybe, really compact. Tiny waist, but broad shoulders. He was scruffy—prolly hadn’t shaved in days, but that was part of what made him so sexy–and had just enough funk to him I could smell him in the warm Texas night. Wearing cargo shorts, and no shirt—I could see he had a tuzla escort nice deep tan, and super dense jet black hairy legs. But he was pretty smooth from the waist up, save a nice thick treasure trail. We enter the room, and I pop us a beer. “You get high”? “Ya sure—whatever you want”.“Naa dawg—do you get high”? “Ya—sure”.“Aight then—I’ll roll one while you shower up. The hot water will relax you”.So—bla bla bla.We smoke the joint and kill the first beers. I get us a second, then finally strip down, and kick back on the crisp sheets of the motel bed. Caleb’s eyes widen as he gets his first glimps of the monster. I just grin at him and offer “Just take what you can dude—just get me wet—and lots of tongue” Caleb takes a final swig of his beer, then finally lays down beside me, and gripping my now half hard dick, takes it in. He goes about half way, then returns to the top, and works his tongue around my piss slit. Corse he learned real quick that that made the fuck juices start flowing, and after a couple more motions of up and down my shaft, he was getting about 8” of my stick into his throat, and I was now fully boned up, veins poppin, and abs getting real hard as well.He came up for just a sec to take another swig of his beer, then went right back to work. I just kick back in my usual relaxed position—arms up behind my head, whiffing on my own musky pits. Caleb worked my thick jock meat for about 20 minutes before I finally felt a stir in my thighs. Ready to get to the nut, I pulled him off my dick, and told him to just watch. Fisting my thick meat, I started a slow stroke, up and down, each time running my thumb over my piss slit, coaxing yet more of my awesome fuck juice, making it super slick. In just a couple of more moments, I push my head back intomy pillow, and clenching my eyes—I volley. Bamm—bamm–bamm–the first three shots go flying over my head, hitting the wall. Caleb lets out a ‘oh fuck’, and five more shots of thick rope leave a trail down my torso, landing in a perfect line from my neck down to my pubes. Subsiding now, and just laying there, Caleb speaks up “Dude—that was the biggest nut I ever seen anybody blow”! I snicker a bit and reply, “You aught to see it if I been pent up a couple of days—that was moderate”.We kick back, and I asked him wasn’t he going to stroke one out. “Naa—I’m good. I’m really str8, so I don’t usually get off”. I just grin at him thinking, ‘ya—ain’t we all” “So where you staying”?“I really got nowhere right now—my dad kicked me out”I didn’t press for any details.“So—you decided to become a hustler huh”?“I heard talk—at school about this place. Figure I looked pretty good, shouldn’t be too hard” “It can be dude—you just got to be careful these days. Usually, inside the bookstore is a bit safer for start ups. Just let them blow you, or you blow them through the gloryholes”. “Tell ya what—I’ll help ya get some experience, and teach you some tricks. I should be here at least a couple of weeks myself—I could use the company. You can chill here with me—work ur ass at night. “Ill feed you, and keep you in smokes and beer—and you just blow me every night. I might decide to check out that ass—which is something you will have to learn anyway—but I’ll give you extra ‘tips’ for the ass”.“Kewl”“Now—let’s get some sleep”.

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