Otaku Cousins Pt. 02

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“Hey Chris, I need you to move a couple of boxes for me,” my manager ask me. I work at a bookstore and as my manager is a five foot 40 year old woman, I was the strongest one on the shift. She had a thin waist with huge boobs and a nice ass.

“You got any plans for the weekend?” She asks as I move the boxes over to her to start unpacking them.

“Not really,” which wasn’t true, I was going to see my cousin Lexi this weekend while her mom and sisters went with her stepdad to visit his family. A week ago she came over to my house and we started watching anime videos together and eventually got to watching hentai, but since then we’ve only texted and neither one of us has brought it up.

“That’s surprising,” she said as she bent over to open up the boxes, she was wearing a blue low cut v-neck and tight black jeans that hugged her ass and showed off her crack. “I just thought a handsome young man like you would have a bunch of dates lined up.”

“Not this weekend,” I dropped the last box down and started staring at her ass, it really did look good in those jeans. She must have noticed because she suddenly stood up straight and pulled up her pants.

“Well, if nothing comes up, then give me a call,” she said, pulling her shirt down to cover her lower back, but it just showed off her cleavage.

That day after work I headed over to Lexi’s house; her family must have left already since there weren’t anyone in the driveway. Even though Lexi was 18 she didn’t drive so she asked me to stay the weekend with her while her parents were gone as I had a car, though I was hoping for more than to be her chauffeur.

I knocked on the door and was greeted by my redhead cousin. “I missed you!” She said giving me a big hug as I came in the door. She had fire red hair, was 5’2, and though she was skinny with b-cup breast she had a nice butt that wasn’t small but nor was it big.

She sat down on the couch while I put my bag in her room, bostancı escort and as I walked in I noticed she was watching an anime.

“What’s you watching?” I sat down next to her, she was wearing black pajama pants with red hearts on them and the oppai hoodie from One Punch Man, and even than I thought she looked good.

“So this is a comedy about girls who are really into working out, it’s pretty good.”

I checked Instagram as the episode was halfway through already, and came across my manager’s photos; she posted herself wearing a new green bikini she had gotten, the bra hugged her boobs so tight that they looked as if were going to pop out, the bottom only covering half of each ass cheek.

“She’s really hot,” Lexi said looking over my shoulder at a particular photo that had her bending over and most of her ass hanging out. Lexi went to put her hand on my leg to hold herself up so she could lean in and get a better look, but her hand landed on my crotch instead touching my slightly already hard cock. A few seconds passed before she removed her hand, “Sorry,” she said blushing.

“It’s fine,” I said with my mouth dry. “Hey, about last week, do you think we can… do it again?” I asked, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest.

Without a reply, Lexi kissed me on the lips, “I thought you’d never ask,” she said with a smile.

She kissed me again but this time more intense. I pulled off her sweatshirt, revealing her blue bra and small body. I start to slowly move down kissing her, going from her lips to her chin, to her neck, and then to her chest where I linger for a while.

She pulls my shirt off of me showing my toned body and starts to kiss and rub my chest, her hands slowly moving down my body until she’s feeling up my cock, now fully hard. She begins to slowly rub me through my jeans, going up and down the shaft of it with her left hand. I decided to stick my tongue in her mouth, tasting ümraniye escort bayan her even more. Our tongues wrestling and intertwining, I see how deep it can go reaching the back of her mouth, all the while I’m playing with her tits through her bra with her rubbing me through my jeans.

She breaks away to stand up and pull down her pants to show underwear matching her bra. Getting on her knees she unzips my pants and pulls them off, with both of us only in our underwear now. I let my penis out through my boxer slit.

“You’re kind of big,” she says eyeing my 8 inches. She grabs it with her left hand, her cold touch giving me a nice sensation and begins to massage the tip with her thumb. While still toying with my tip she begins to move her right hand up and down my shaft slowing, and I could already feel my precum leaking out.

“Hold on,” I pull her up onto the couch next to me and remove my boxers completely. I than undo her bra, revealing her hard as diamonds nipples; she must have seen me grinning because she asks me what’s so funny.

“Nothing, its just your nipples are so cute and hard,” I say as I began to toy with the right one.

“It’s just a little chilly,” she was blushing redder than her hair now, making her even cuter and sexier.

“Uh huh,” I taunt as I go to suck on her left nipple. Lexi at her first stifled her moans, however, remembering we’re the only ones here, she lets them out loud enough to be heard throughout the house. I my move my right hand down here slender body caressing every inch down until I reach her waist, I break from sucking her nipple to lay her on her back and slowly removing her underwear showing her bald clit. I start kissing her at the neck and slowly move my lips down her body feeling every inch of her on them, once I reach her waist I let my lips linger looking at her as she nods me to go ahead, and I move my lips to her pussy.

“Oh god!” She cries as I start moving kartal escort my lips kissing her clit, moving them faster as she moans louder. Now with her soaking wet I let my tongue flicker across her before I insert it not very deep at first but then begin to eat her out, taking in her scent and taste completely. My tongue plays with her pussy as I move my thumb to massage her anus before finally shoving it in, moving my tongue & thumb in rhythm together slowly getting faster and going deeper.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” She cries wrapping her legs around my head and squirts a river inside my mouth and even though I try to take it all in, I come up choking.

“Are you okay?” She asked sitting up.

“Yeah, just didn’t know you were a squirter,” I answered with her juices having soaked my face.

“Sorry,” she says as she licks her cum off my face. “How about I make it up to you.”

She lays me on my back now, bending down she takes my cock in her hands with a huge grin, and her tongue flicks across the tip sending ecstasy through my body. She pecked me with kisses starting from the tip and moving down to the base, than quickly licking up the shaft before putting the tip in her mouth. She puts a full inch and then a second, all the while wrapping her tongue around my dick in her mouth. She goes for three and then comes back to the tip than down taking another inch, she bobs her head like this until she takes me all in, the length hitting the back of her throat.

“Damn,” I arch my hips, now moving them with her head going deeper every thrust. I decide to get on my knees to make it a little easier for me to thrust in her mouth and put my hands on her head helping her to move her head faster as I move my hips faster. “Fuck!” I sputtered, “I’m going to cum!” She moves faster to get me even closer, till finally I bust in her mouth shooting such a load she had to recoil with cum dripping down her chin and onto her chest, I shoot more loads drenching her chest and abdomen.

“Sorry about that,” I say.

“It’s fine,” she says scooping up the cum on her face cleaning herself off, “You actually taste good.”

With both of us tired, we just kiss and cuddle until we fell asleep on the couch in each other’s arms.

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