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Subject: Pallette Pound (12) This is a fictional story about a great warehouse crew I had the pleasureof working with recently. All are hot. From. The crew to the super hot manager. It’s a fantasy to get banged by all of them. This of course does bot assume that any of these guys would partake of a gay experience. But it would be great. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Pallette Pound (12) ….. I stared at it. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. And he wasn’t even hard yet. There before me was a thick slab of almost mishapen meat as he was uncut. But the slab itself was thick by erect standards. He also had a heavy sack below. This dude surely was a bull hung guy if ever there was one. He moved in towards me and gives his dick at me. “Now suck. Mother fucker” he growled I gulped down a swallow of saliva. I really didn’t know what to do as his dick was just frightening. But as I didn’t want this mean dude to decide to lay down a beating on me, I did what he said I reached for his fat dick. Holding it up in hand. It was heavy, very heavy. I just gazed at the scary looking thing for a moment. That is until Lee barjed at me again to get on with it. So I licked my lips and opened my mouth, wide. I pulled his fat dick to my face and pushed it into my mouth. Lee grabbed my head and shoved. “Mmmrrff” i huffed as he tried to cram all his cock into my face “Take that cock fucker” he huffed “Gonna fucking wreck you” My head pondered endless thoughts of what this fucker planned to do to me. ‘Wreck me’ he said. ‘Shit’ was he planning on fucking me with his dick. It was already thicker than any dick I have ever had, hard. I feared bow much bigger it would get in an erect state. But as he shoved dick into my face, I tasted his. It was pretty damned good. But as I started to slobber on his cock, the thing began to grow. I felt as the guys dick swelled as I moved up and down the few inches I had in my mouth. “Feels good don’t it?” Dave asked Lee “Mmm hmm” he answered “Yeah. Does” “Gay guys suck cock better” Dave added “Mmm hmm” I grasped at his thick slab. Feeling as it throbbed in my grip. I started to move my mouth over the cock covering. Licking at the opening of ankara escort it. Tasting his goo as it started to leak. It was rich and thick. “Fuck yeah man. Suck it” he groaned “That’s starting to feel real fucking good” Lee began to hump at my face. More of his fat dick pushed into my mouth. And as it hardened it seemed an easier task. But he was still fucking huge and thick. His schlong didn’t get too much thicker than soft. But still swelled well beyond a normal guys thickness. Lee was soon near full mast as I continued to slurp and suck on his fat stem. I pulled from his dick to check my handy work. There before me was a dick that was about 8 and a half inches long. But probably as much around in girth. “Just keep sucking my cock fag boy” he growled “Gotta get it nice and hard” “Then I’m gonna rip uo that shitter hole” I again worried that his very big cock would shred me. I would be raped and then left there bleeding from the ass. That’s all I envisioned. But there was no denying that his big schlong was inviting nonetheless. So I continued to slobber on his huge dick. Dave looked at me as my mouth tried to swallow his buddies cock. “He sure has a talent for cock sucking though” he said to Lee “Don’t he Lee?” “Awee fuck. Yeah he does at that” Lee chimed “Most girls can’t swallow any of my cock” “Always bitching that I’m too fat there” Dave looked at the thick club of his friend. Seeing that it was quite thick indeed. Then he laughed as he responded to the comment “It’s cuz you are man” he laughed “Like a fucking tree stump” He slapped at Lee’s shoulder. Then the two men laughed together. I was still trying to swallow as much cock as I could. Gagging as my face would go down too far. I gripped at his heavy balls as I continued to suck him.he groaned even more as I tugged on them. “Yeah fucker. Pull em” he said “Milk my big balls faggot” “Cuz I got lots of cum for ya” Then he slapped my face. It stung as it wasn’t a soft tap. I closed my eyes as tears formed in them. But I stayed on his fat dick. He groaned as he pushed more cock down my face. I still could not get all if it. But I was pretty far down his dick now. “Get up bitch” he then growled at me Lee yanked his big dick from my mouth. Then shook it çukurambar escort there before me. Dave stared at the huge dick. Almost like he may want some himself. But I figured it was just awe at the sheer size of his buddies huge dick “Now get over here and bend that fucking pussy over that desk” Lee said “Want to see the hole I’m raping” I did as he demanded and bent myself over the desk. I had dropped my pants and bent over the desk. Lee was going to come up behind me, but Dave moved in first. “No way dude” he said aloud “Me first man ” “Besides after that huge dick slauthers his pussy” “He won’t even feel me in there” “So me first” Lee smiled at the comment on his cock. So he stepped back and stroked on his fat dick. Dave came up behind me. His cock was still hard as he had been stroking himself the whole time I was sucking on Lee. He moved up behind me. He slit on his hand. Then he brought his fingers to my hole. He rubbed at my ass hole a bit “Let’s see how tight this pussy is” he said Then he shoved two digits into me. I grunted as he pierced my hole with his fingers. But it felt good though. I wanted to say to him to give it to me. But dare not show my desire in front of Lee. I just groaned as he fucked my ass with them. “Ughnn. Fuckk. Awee fuckk” I moaned out “See man” Dave stated “The pussy boy licked it” “Yeah. Just like a fag would” Lee added Lee pushed his cock back into my face again. I swallowed half his fat dick again. He sighed as he felt my mouth in his cock once more “Just fuck him dude” he huffed at his friend “Show him what it like to have a man’s dick in that pussy” “Not some little fag boys dick” “Yeah man. ” Dave said back “Give you a real dick bitch” Then he yanked his fingers from me. Then Dave came up and pulled my ass to his crotch. He spit down on his bug dick. Then he slammed it into me. It hurt. For sure it hurt. I grimaced and cried out as he stabbed info me. “Fuck. Awee shiit man” I yelped “Nooo. Fuckk noo!” Lee laughed as he heard my cry. He grabbed my head and slapped my face. He looked at me with contempt as he watched his friend fuck me. “Yeah fucker” he growled “Dave is gonna make it hurt too” “That’s just the start. Shit hole” Then he spit dikmen escort on my face. I was then pushed against his crotch by a hard thrust from Dave. I cried out again. I grabbed onto the man’s thighs my face was buried to as Dave had his way with my ass. He grunted and shouted obscenities as he plowed my guts with his big dick. “Take this fucker. Take it” he laughed Lee chuckled with him as he held me to his crotch. Then he rubbed his big cock against my face. Telling me to suck in it again. “Go in fucker. Suck me” he growled “Eat up my fat cock while you get slammed” “Get me all fucking hard” “Cuz when good ole Dave is through with ya”. ” I’m. Gonna Plow that shitter” I looked at his huge dick. It was so much bigger and thicker than the one in my ass. I didn’t want it. But he again shoved my face to his cock. “Suck it bitch!” He growled again So I opened my mouth and Lee shoved that bfat dick back into it. I was pulled down his big thick dick too. Gagging as he cra!med as much cock into my mouth as possible. His big fat balls pushing closer to my chin. Dave shouted encouragement to me to suck. To take all that huge dick down. He smacked my mutt again and again as he continued to Plow me. His actions were a turn on though. Feeling his big cock slamming into my ass. “Yeah man. Such a great pussy hole” he chirped “Gonna bust a nut” “Awee fuckk!” Dave continued to slam my ass. Fucking me faster, harder. I could feel as his balls began to tap at me. Slapping harder as he fucked me harder. He was also grunting heavily now. Almost animal like as he punches my gut with his bug dick. “Ughhn fuckk man. Awee fuckk!” He yelled Then his grip tightened on me. That’s when he came. Then a deep hungry growl came out of him. Then a bellow. “Ughnn. Fuckkerr! He then yelled “Bustin it. Awee fuck me I’m bustin it!” “Yeah due. Do it!” Lee encouraged “Give thisnfaggot hole yer cum dude. Yeahh!!” But Dave needed no encouragement to blow up inside me. He just did “Hmf, hmf hmf ,hmf” he grunted as he blew. Then my ass received more than half a dozen blasts. Huffing and puffing as he blew. Then after he finished his cum dump I felt his hands loosen at my sides. Then he fell on my back. His hot breath in my kneck. How I would have loved it if he grabbed my face and kissed me. But I knew that would not happen. Male posturing and all. “Now me fucker” I heard Lee then say……. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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