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Freshman college coed apartment. “KC what do you mean you need a driver for spring break?” There are times that I really hate my twin sister. This is one of them. She wants me to drive her and a few friends to Las Vegas. “PJ you need to loosen up. You’ve had your head in a book since you were six years old.” Together we say, “How is it that we are twins?” We stare at each other for the longest time. Her cell phone rings. We continue staring. On the sixth ring KC breaks her stare and answers the phone. Sweetly she says, “Oh hi Daddy…” I storm off to my room. KC bursts into my room. I glare at her and then I ignore her. She rifles around my room. She grabs my arm and says, “OK PJ! Here is your bag! Here is the key to the car! You are coming!” I stare at her. She kneels beside me puts her head on my shoulder and sighs. With tears in her eyes she says, “PJ please, please, I need my brother. You know I’ll get into trouble unless you come.” This is true. The last time she went without me she lost all her clothes. Frustrated I say, “KC you are the most irresponsible sister ever.” KC pouts. Exasperated I say, “Fine I’ll drive. Go! Get my bag and shoo!” We get to the car where Emily and Xiu are waiting. Xiu was born on the same day that my sister and I were. Emily is a few months older. I say to Emily and Xiu, “Ladies.” Together Emily and Xiu sweetly say, “Hi PJ,” and giggle. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Girls have tiny bladders. I swear we stop at almanbahis şikayet every gas station. Emily and Xiu fondle, kiss and make out in the back seat. Xiu is for the most part naked. We stop at this service station. When the girls come back from the restroom KC gets in the backseat with Emily and Xiu gets in front with me. KC and Emily talk girl stuff. Xiu on the other hand strips off what little clothing she has on. Xiu slyly says to me, “I have noticed you looking at me.” I can’t find words and my mouth stumbles, “I, um, oh, I.” Xiu turns her back to the door. She spreads her legs wide open and starts touching her pussy. Xiu chimes with, “Do you like what you see?” She rubs a finger down her slit. Eighteen years as a nudist and I have never looked at the female genitalia. Sadly, I’ve only seen them in anatomy text books. She crawls across the seat and examines my shorts and says, “I see something hard here.” She finds my zipper and slowly lowers it. My cock jumps out and she says, “Oh, what is this?” She caresses my cock. She lightly runs her fingers over it. She bends down and licks the pre-cum off its tip. I have never been touched there. I cum. Xiu is quick and catches all my spunk in her mouth. Xiu purrs, “That is yummy. Drive.” She bent down and starts to get my cock hard again. By the time Emily and KC complain, about needing a rest stop, I had cum four times. Each one taking longer and longer. Emily and KC disappear into the restroom. I get out and head to the restroom. Xiu licks almanbahis canlı casino herself clean like a cat. When I return from the restroom I see Emily pumping gas. KC is in the front seat. Xiu has gone to the restroom. KC says, “You’ve been driving for hours. Take a break and get in back with Xiu.” I’m about to argue, but then I see Xiu returning. I get hard when I see her. She smiles sweetly. I get in the backseat. KC puts a CD in and loud headbanger rock blares through the speakers. KC and Emily laugh as Emily drives. Xiu gets undressed. I look at my sister, then Emily for support and finally I look at Xiu. She smiles so sweetly. Xiu takes her seat belt off. Turns her back to the door and turns to face me. She spreads her legs. She pats her bare thigh and says, “Please lay your head here.” This is the second time I have seen her genitalia. Xiu has no discernible tan-line. Her mons pubis is hairless. Her labia is best described as a credit card slot. No protrusions. Everything is tightly packed inside. I want to examine her closer. I rip my seat belt off. In my excitement I forget she’s real. I test the elasticity of her labia majora. I examine from her pubis to her perineum. I stretch, poke and prod at her outer lips. Moisture seeps from between her labia. It peaks my curiosity. Her outer lips do not part easily. Inside I find her labia minora are wet. Her scent is pungent. I trail my finger from her clitoris hood down to her fourchette. They are taunt. As I examine she became almanbahis casino more malleable. I open her inner lips to find her vaginal opening. Her muscular system pulls and relaxes as I examine. I place my index finger on her vaginal entrance. Her muscles pull my finger inside. She is warm, wet and tight. I am surprised and try to get my finger out. Her muscles pull it back in. I leave my finger there and concentrate on her clitoris. Her clitoris is about a fifth of an inch long and just over a tenth of an inch wide. Hers’ has a glans, foreskin and a tiny shaft. Underneath her clitoris I find her urethra a few millimeters away. I examine her clitoris with back-and-forth, up-and-down, round-and-round strokes, using my finger. Her muscles suck on my finger that is still inside her vagina. I move my hands in tandem. Xiu rocks her hips in time with my finger gyrations. I kiss the rosette birthmark on her left inner thigh. Suddenly, she slaps her hands down on mine and closes her legs, locking my head between them. She has convulsions. Her vaginal muscles spasm around my finger. My face gets covered in fluid that is expelled out of her urethra. A white, syrup type; fluid seeps from her vagina. I’m amazed at this. Like any scientific discovery I cannot draw a conclusion unless it is duplicated. The car jerks to a stop. I am tossed forward into the back of the front seat and I crash onto the floorboard. Emily and KC rush out of the car. I raise up to find that we’re at a gas station. In a daze Xiu brushes my cheek saying, “Lao gong yo meiyou yinlou” She’s thirsty. I get out of the car and head to the station. Halfway there I realize that she said ‘Lao gong.’ Lao gong is husband. My hands start shaking. Why husband? Emily and KC pass by me towards the car.

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