Roommates Pt. 03 – Sunday

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(Sarah and Kathy Wake up Sunday Morning)

Sarah and Kathy laid in bed. Sarah had become a changed woman. She was in love with her wife, and the events of last night and this morning seems to change something in her. She knew she loved Kathy, but seeing her with fresh eyes and a new realization of what they meant to each other, she was head over heels in love. This was her new life and she was excited to start it right now. Kathy was having similar thoughts. She was no longer waiting to start her life. She was living it right now. She wrapped her arms around Sarah, kissed the back of her neck.

Were they lesbians? They honestly didn’t know and didn’t care. They were just a married couple that promised to be bound to each other for better or for worse, like everyone else. They had to struggle to overcome their own preconceptions about what they expected out of their lives in order to see what was right in front of them. The labels didn’t matter, they were everything to each other and both of them knew it. The life they are going to live together was great but from time to time it may not be easy. They would be judged. Their families would be shocked. Their old friends wouldn’t believe it. Some of them would be happy for them, some would be confused, some would be angry, other would be hurt. It could have been much easier if they did what they were supposed too, get married to men, have children, and have a house in the suburbs. Love doesn’t care what you dream about, it only gives you the best possible life if you are willing to fight for it. Sarah and Kathy, together, we ready for that fight.

Sarah spoke first. “We have to get out of bed some time.”

Kathy responded, “yea, I know, but its just so perfect right now laying next to you.”

Sarah sighed, “It is, but I’m getting a little hungry. Want to go to brunch?”

Kathy responded, “One condition, we go to the gym first.”

Sarah found herself sighing again, she allowed herself to forget for a moment that Kathy was basically an insane gym nut. She knew that Kathy was training for her first Iron Man and she wanted to do it before she turned 30. She replied, “OK, but I’m just going to do the elliptical while you’re killing yourself.”

Kathy responded, “Fantastic! I’ll do my short workout.”

Sarah knew that Kathy’s “short workout” was at least an hour, she responded, “yea, ‘short’ workout, right.”

Kathy smiled. They got dressed and walked to the gym. Kathy, under her sweats, was in her super serious spandex workout gear, tight shorts and a tight crop top. Sarah was not a serious gym person, she had cotton shorts and a drab t-shirt. Sarah walked grudgingly toward the elliptical, she was going to be stuck on this thing until her nut-case of a wife was finished. She set the elliptical to medium fitness and resigned to do it until Kathy was done.

As Sarah did the elliptical, she was looking around the gym. She saw that Kathy had connected with some gym friends and were working out together. She spied on Kathy, Sarah was seriously crushing on her. Why had she never affected her like this? How could she not have felt this way before? She watched Kathy spot for one of the men in her group. Sarah thought with pride, she was clearly the stronger of the two. Sarah decided that when they got home, she was going to jump Kathy. She wanted Kathy between her legs in the worst way. Sarah laughed at herself, she suddenly understood what horny seventeen year old boys go through. Kathy noticed Sarah staring at her. She blew her a kiss and mouthed “I love you.” Sarah thought, “damn, busted.”

When they finished their workout, they each took a quick solitary shower, got dressed, and headed out. The gym was part of a larger shopping area and the married couple walked towards the restaurants looking for a good brunch place. They found a new place that had ferns and IPA on-tap. Sarah was starving, she was hungry before the workout, now she was famished. Kathy was hungry, but not as desperately as Sarah. When the waitress came by Sarah ordered the chorizo and egg burrito and a beer, Kathy ordered plain toast, an egg-white omelet, and coffee.

While they were waiting for the food, Sarah reached out to Kathy’s hand. Without thinking, Kathy moved her hand away. This stung Sarah, she asked “What’s the matter?”

Kathy, in a hushed voice, “Not here, everyone will see.”

Sarah responded, “So, who cares? I am not ashamed of being in love with you.”

Kathy answered, “I’m not ashamed, just a little embarrassed about being in public.”

Sarah wasn’t having it. “Honey, my love, that’s not going to work for me. We’re almost 30. I’m not going to hide my life and I’m not going to let you hide yours. So grab my hand and let the world see us.”

Kathy grabbed Sarah’s hands. She was right about this stuff, they had nothing to hide.

Sarah said, “Babe, if you have trouble holding my hand in public, you’re gonna have a terrible time being my lamaze coach.”

Kathy answer, “WHAT?”

Sarah smiled. “I was thinking, bilecik escort you should call your brother Josh to see if he wants to be a sperm donor. It’s perfect, you two are practically twins and our baby will look like both of us.”

Kathy groaned, “Ugg, that’s going to be so hard. I’m going to have to explain. I don’t even understand. How am I going to explain it to him? He’s going to ask questions. I never told you this, but he has a slight crush on you and calls you the ‘hot roommate.’ He keeps asking me to set you up with him.” Sighing, “OK, Sarah, if you think we’re ready for this, I trust you.”

Sarah grinning. “He is a handsome kid, kind of cute, but he’s way too young for me.”

With that, Kathy called her bother. The phone picked up. Josh answered “Hey sis, everything OK?”

Kathy responded, “Everything is great, actually, really great, surprisingly.”

Josh asked, “what’s up?”

Kathy answered, “I gotta ask you a hypothetical question, ‘If you had friends that couldn’t have kids, would you be a sperm donor for them? Would you have any problem doing that?”

Josh was suspicious about the question. “Why? Wait, is your hot roommate looking to have a kid? I’ll knock her up. I would love to.”

“Josh, don’t be a pig. Could you be a sperm donor for a couple?”

“To be honest, I never thought about it. I guess I would be OK with it if I trusted the people to be good parents. It doesn’t sound very hypothetical Kathy.” Josh said.

Kathy swallowed, this next part was going to be hard. “I got some news to tell you, but you can’t tell mom. I have to do that.”

Josh asked, “You didn’t do anything stupid or crazy did you?”

Kathy was unable to speak right away. After what seemed like a very long pause, she said “I’m married.”

Josh, almost in shock, “You got married? Why didn’t you tell me? Who’s the lucky guy? Wait, what does that have to do with me being a sperm donor?”

Yup, this was going to be awkward, Kathy, unable to think of how to say it tactfully, blurted out, “I married the hot roommate.”

Sarah look over at Kathy with a quizzically humorous look.

Josh was beside himself. “Wait, I’ve been trying to get you to set me up with Sarah and you nailed her for yourself? You bitch,” he joked.

“Josh, I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it myself. Mom’s going to flip. Seriously, it just happened and I’ve never felt better about myself or my life.”

Josh answered, “Wow sis. That’s a lot to take in.”

“Josh, you have no idea. I’m surprised as shit myself.”

“Kathy, yup, you’re right. Mom’s going to flip. Promise me that you’ll let me know when you tell her. I want to be there. Watching her face will be hysterical.”

Kathy laughed, “you’re such a jerk.”

Josh reassured, “So you and the hot roommate want kids? Count me in. It doesn’t look like I’ll be settling down any time soon, this will make mom happy and take the heat off me, assuming of course, she doesn’t die after you tell her that you are a lesbian.”

Kathy replied, “I’m not a lesbian.”

Josh didn’t quite understand, “Sis, I’m fine with anything you and your hot roommate tell yourselves, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck? Just saying, that’s all.”

Kathy replied. “I hate you. Hey, do you want to come over for dinner some night this week? You can get to know Sarah a little better and we can try to explain. Sarah and I may go to mom’s house next weekend and tell her the news.”

Sarah overheard that, “What!?!”

Josh said “Oh oh, you are in trouble now. I’ll call you later and you can tell me what we’re having for dinner. Bye.”

Kathy said, “bye.” and hung up.

Sarah asked, “What are we doing Saturday?”

Kathy, “We are going to visit my mom and tell her we’re married.”

Sarah was scared. “She’s not going to like it. Are you sure you want to do this now?”

Kathy turned Sarah’s words against her. “We’re not going to hide ourselves, right?”

Sarah, defeated, said “OK, you win. We’ll do your mother this weekend, but you have to promise we do my parents next weekend. It wouldn’t be right not telling my parents too.”

Kathy answered, “Promise.”

They started walking home, Sarah grabbed Kathy’s hand. Kathy consciously held Sarah’s hand and looked at her and smiled.

As they were walking, Sarah noticed an “Adult Bookstore.” She was excited, “Want to go in?” she asked.

Kathy looked at the place, it looked a little seedy. “Looks creepy, I think I’ll pass.”

Sarah asked “Do you mind if I check it out? I’ve been wanting to try something with you.”

Kathy answered, “Sure, have fun. There’s actually something I wanted to get too. Let’s meet up at the coffee shop in an hour?”

Sarah responded, “Perfect. See you then.” She then grabbed Kathy and gave her a “see you soon” kiss. “Love you,” and walked in to the store.

Kathy had an idea. She was going to the jewelry store. She was going to get Sarah a diamond ring and themselves escort bilecik two wedding bands. If they were going to tell her mother they were married, they better have rings. Besides Sarah was right, Kathy was not going to hide anymore. Kathy suddenly realized that she had been “hiding” her whole life without ever realizing it. Having a ring will make that impossible.

Kathy went in to the jewelry store. She had butterflies. She asked the sales clerk. “Do you have any engagement rings?” The clerk then asked Kathy a barrage of questions making it perfectly clear she had no idea what she was doing. Kathy answered, at first trying to be coy, then just just came out and said it. “My wife and I got married a few months ago and we never got rings. I want to buy my wife a nice engagement ring. Then we’ll need two wedding bands.”

The clerk responded in the most irritatingly chipper voice “You’re my first!! I’ve never done the rings for a gay couple before.”

Kathy didn’t have the energy to explain that they weren’t really gay and this was something totally different. Kathy was exhausted trying to clarify the details, she let it go this time.

The women said “Let me help you. What’s your budget?”

Kathy answered her question, but factored that she would try to “up sell” Kathy and said much less than she would actually be willing to spend on Sarah. The woman found a beautiful ½ carat engagement ring and two platinum wedding bands, of course they were more than Kathy said she could spend, but fell neatly into her actual budget. She had their names and the date of their wedding engraved on the inside of the rings.

Kathy met up with Sarah at the coffee shop. Sarah was beside herself with excitement. “We’re going to have so much fun when we get home!!”

Kathy, not to be out done, I have something nice for us too.

They both ordered a coffee and proceeded to walk home together. Kathy was getting very used to holding Sarah’s hand as they walked.

When they arrived home, Sarah attacked Kathy. She kissed her with everything she had. She reached into the bag she had and showed Kathy what she bought.

Kathy was surprised, “Is that a strap-on?”

Sarah was giddy. “Yup, I’ve been wanting to use one of these on you.”

Kathy was a bit reluctant. “Don’t you think that’s a bit over the top? Its kind of perverted.”

Sarah wanted this. “Are you denying me the right to fuck my wife?”

“You know I’ll do anything you want me to, but do you really think that is any good? Those things seem a bit gimmicky to me. They can’t take the place of the real thing, can they? What about you, how do you get off using that?” Kathy noticed she was asking way too many questions to feign disinterest.

Sarah showed her where the dildo part of the strap-on worked for her. It had a part that Sarah inserted into her vagina that was shaped to hit her g-spot and it had two little “rabbit ears” that cradled and stimulated her clit as she was using it. Kathy found it perverted but interesting and exciting.

Kathy kissed Sarah and said “Before we do that, I have something for you.”

Sarah asked “What?”

Kathy knelt in front of Sarah. Looked up at her and asked “Sarah, will you stay married to me?” holding out an elegant box with an engagement ring in it.

Sarah looked at the ring, it was beautiful, “I love you Kathy, I don’t need a diamond. Its so expensive. Can we afford it?”

Kathy answered. “I don’t care about the money. When we got married, we didn’t have rings. I want you to wear my ring and show everyone you are my wife.”

Sarah was touched, Kathy put the ring on her finger. Sarah said, “I will.” Sarah held out her hand and admired the ring. It was expensive. It was beautiful. Sarah was not really in to “things,” but this ring was from her wife and made her marriage to Kathy feel undeniably real. Kathy was legitimately her wife, Sarah thrilled at the thought.

Kathy then produced two wedding bands. She quickly put one ring on Sarah’s ring finger with the engagement ring and said “With this ring I, thee wed.”

She handed the other ring to Sarah who, in turn, put the ring on Kathy and said, “You are my wife.”

Kathy said, “Now that we are wearing wedding bands, you can fuck the bride.”

Sarah, taking charge, slowly disrobed Kathy. Kathy was quietly letting Sarah do what ever she wanted. Obviously, Kathy wasn’t helpless, but she was giving herself completely to Sarah. Sarah loved Kathy’s athletic body. She was getting carried away. She loved her shape, the feel of her skin, she loved how Kathy smelled. Sarah wanted nothing less than all of her.

When Kathy was fully naked in front of her, Sarah admired her wife. Kathy had the kind of female athletic body you only ever saw in sports magazines. She was greedy for her. She started slowly taking off her clothes in front of Kathy. Kathy watched Sarah. Over the last few days Kathy had gotten to know Sarah’s body and was getting turned on as she presented bilecik escort bayan herself to her willing wife.

Sarah was more conventionally sexy. She was about 5′ 5″ about 120 pounds, she had long dark almost black hair, brown eyes, nice breasts, and she she maintained a fashionable Brazilian. She wasn’t super lean like Kathy, she had a very feminine smoothness that exuded sexy.

Sarah turned around and inserted the dildo and attached the harness. She turned back around again to show Kathy. Seeing Sarah with a hard rubber penis was erotic and dirty. She looked with fascination as Sarah strutted around with it. There was no question that Kathy was going to let Sarah fuck her with it. She got on her knees and pulled the dildo in her mouth and sucked, getting it all wet with her saliva. Kathy was getting turned on with the lewdness of her own behavior. Sarah said, “that’s it Kathy, suck my cock.”

Sarah was getting a rush from the power. She pulled Kathy up and pushed her down on the bed. Kathy without thinking at all, opened her legs. Sarah got in position and slowly penetrated her wife. Sarah could feel the dildo put pressure on her clit and G-sport as she push into Kathy. Kathy could feel the fake penis slide into her. It felt really good. Sarah asked, “You like my girl cock in you, don’t you?”

Kathy was really enjoying it, she could barely utter a guttural “yes” She could feel Sarah starting to get into a slow rhythm. Sarah was taking her time. She was slowly pushing in and slowly pulling out. Kathy could feel Sarah’s “penis” moving inside her, the motion hit her g-spot every time. This was quickly building Kathy up. Sarah was also getting worked up with the dildo doing its thing fer her. She had never considered the male perspective. She was doing the fucking. Kathy was the slut being fucked. Sarah felt powerful and in charge. She looked at the woman she was fucking. Her eyes were closed, she was moving her hips to meet Sarah’s every thrust. Sarah was dominating and satisfying Kathy and building towards her own climax as well. She felt that she could imaging being a man.

As Sarah got closer, she started to pick up pace. She watch intently her wife’s expressions. Kathy would open her eyes from time to time and look at Sarah. She was seriously building toward orgasm. Both Kathy and Sarah ware so close to cumming. Sarah started going faster and harder, desperate to climax. Kathy met each thrust with her hips and a grunt, moan, or whimper. She wrapped her legs around Sarah’s waist. Kathy couldn’t take any more and came. Kathy’s legs clamped Sarah’s waist. With Kathy’s strength, Sarah could barely move. One or two thrusts later, Sarah came hard as well, being clamped by Kathy’s legs limited how much Sarah could move and made it so much more intense. They were both coming for what felt like minutes, wave after wave. When it all finally subsided, Sarah got off Kathy and laid down next to her. Kathy felt Sarah pull out and she immediately missed the feeling of Sarah inside her. They lay there exhausted and covered in each other’s sweat.

Kathy utterly and totally spent, said “OMG, I’ve never been fucked like that.”

Sarah was reliving the sex. “Kathy, I totally get why men like to fuck women. Its a power trip, its domination, its control, its amazing. How do you feel?”

Kathy thought about it, “I have to tell you, there must be something, because I want you, I mean, I really want you. You fucking owned me.”

Sarah asked. “Do you think you want to try it?”

Kathy thought about it. “Maybe, but, honestly, I love the feeling of “being fucked,” its like I’m giving myself to you. If I did that to you, I’d probably lose how I feel right now. Are you OK with that? Am I being selfish?”

Sarah understood perfectly. Kathy was a little parochial in the bedroom and Sarah was going to need to change that. “That’s OK, but you’ll have to promise to only let me fuck you.”

Kathy embraced Sarah. “Oh, I promise, You have to promise too, only me! Right?”

Sarah, “I promise, only you.”

Sarah and Kathy laid in bed for a while, exhausted. It had been an eventful afternoon. Alas, the two woman had to go to work tomorrow and the Sunday afternoon doldrums took over. They got up, did their chores around the apartment, and generally resumed the mundane tasks in life that seemed cruelly necessary. Kathy went out and did the food shopping. Sarah did the laundry.

When Sarah put the clothes in the washing machine, she noticed a glint on her left hand. She caught her breath thinking about the engagement ring. It may have been a Sunday afternoon, but this weekend felt like it had been the start of her life.

When Kathy came back with the food, Sarah would make dinner. While Sarah made dinner, Kathy would vacuum and dust. Its easy to forget how much of every day life is the simple mechanics of living.

When Kathy did came home, Sarah gave her a big kiss. She had missed Sarah for the hour and a half she was gone. Sarah felt exactly the same way.

That night they fell back in their old routines. They had dinner. Talked about what the week ahead was going to be for both of them. They both kind of welcomed just being themselves again. It was, after all, a regular average Sunday night. They stayed up and watched an old movie and decided to go to bed around 9:30.

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