Secret Lessons Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

Lisa is on her back staring at me through her blue eyes filled with desire. Her legs are spread wide as I press the head of my heavily lubed cock into her asshole. There is still some discomfort for her when I first force myself inside, but having anal on a daily basis means there is little actual pain anymore. I slowly force myself all the way inside and love the pressure on my dick. I press my lips to hers and she allows my tongue into mouth to dominate. Our tongues meet and explore as I slowly start to move my hips back and forth in a lovingly rhythmic manner.

This is the closest we can get to making love, since she refuses to allow me to wear a condom and neither of us wants her to get pregnant. Her hands move their way down my back to my ass, while mine move to her small tits. Each movement of my hips brings tremendous pleasure as my shaft is pressed hard from all angles. I let out a muffled moan as her fingers dig slightly into my cheeks, then starts to squeeze in rhythm with my forward thrusts. My fingers start to work her nipples, which causes a muffled moan of her own.

Once I am close to release, my rhythm increases greatly and her fingers continue to dig into my cheeks at just the right time. My fingers move from her nipples and I cup her tits with force as the first wave rocks my body. My dick is in her asshole as far as I can push it and my cum starts to fill her. She pulls her hands away from my cheeks and moves them to the back of my head, then pulls me down to kiss her even harder. My tongue presser her down as my body locks throughout the release.

The waves of pleasure that crash over my body is always intense whenever we have anal and this time is no different. I moan into her mouth several times as more of my cum is released inside of her wonderfully tight asshole. She moans softly as she feels my cum shoot out of the head of my dick. Once the final wave has passed and there is no twitching left from my cock, she releases my head and our lips part. I slowly withdraw my dick from her asshole and feel the pleasant pressure as I exit.

I move quickly to place my head between her legs and immediately go to work on her clit. Her hands once again find the back of my head and she starts to moan loudly. Sure, I’ve done this countless times with my wife, but my daughter’s clit is so much better in so many ways. It is a little firmer and tastes much better as I suck it into my mouth. Her hands tighten and pull me into her pussy as she starts to moan loudly.

After a long moan of pleasure, she says, “Eat my pussy, daddy. Fuck, your tongue feels wonderful on my clit. Keep eating me, daddy. Feels good. Keep eating me. Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK.”

The last two words were screamed out for all the world to hear. Her hips start to buck as I continue to work on her hard clit, since I know this will prolong her orgasm. I feel her release on my chin and am tempted to release her from my mouth to drink from her nectar. However, I hold back on the temptation and work her clit with a new ferocity and she continues to cum hard. Her hands start to loosen and her body relaxes, but I continue to work her clit. It just isn’t with as much force as before. I want to ensure her orgasm is completed before I stop. She gives one last minor buck and I release her clit from my mouth.

I slowly get up and work my way beside her as we both look into each others eyes. Our love for each other pours through them and neither of us care that this is supposed to be forbidden. I have never felt love like this before and anyone who thinks a father and daughter should not love each other this deeply can go to hell.

I smile as I say, “I love you.”

She smiles back at hearing me tell her those words, and says, “I love you.” A slight change comes across her face as she says, “Daddy, we should get married.”

My face is very serious as I say, “I wish we could, Lisa. More than anything in the world, I would love to marry you, but we can’t.”

She purses her lips and says, “Not until you divorce mom.”

A slight smile crosses my face as I ask, “What am I supposed latina fuck tour porno to tell her. Honey, I want a divorce so I can marry our daughter? Don’t think that will go over well.”

She scowls when she hears me call her mother honey, then says, “No, daddy. She left you. She left the country to do God knows what with her boss. That’s abandonment and you can file for divorce based on that alone.”

With a sincere voice, I ask, “Then what? We can’t legally marry.”

She shakes her head and says, “Not in this country, daddy, but there are plenty of other countries out there that don’t require any blood work and don’t ask a lot of questions.”

I’m taken back a little as she has clearly thought this through, as I ask, “And just how do you know anything about that, Lisa?”

She smiles and her blue eyes sparkle as she says, “Research, daddy. I’ve done a lot of research.”

I have no idea where anyone would even begin to search for something like that, so I ask in a very sincere voice, “How the hell do you research something like that? It isn’t like you can send an email to every country.”

She says, “Your right and not likely to get honest responses. No, daddy, I went to websites with chatrooms for people involved in incest.”

I say, “Guess that’s helpful.”

She shakes her head and says, “Not at first. Most of them were geared towards how to start. A lot of people that want to have an incestuous relationship, but no idea how to go about it. Others came across as bragging, but not likely real. Then I found one that was more of a support group for incest. They had a lot of information about how to get married, which included a few countries that don’t check anything too closely as long as there is a one hundred dollar bill on top of the license. A marriage in those countries are legally recognized here.”

I say, “You’ve definitely done your homework on this. Now tell me why you want to marry me?”

She grins and says, “Because, daddy, I want to have your children as your wife. I want you to make love to me, really make love, and then I want us to be able to hold our hands up together and stare at our rings.”

I say, “We could do all of that without legally being married.”

Her face gets very serious as she says, “That’s just the point, daddy. I want it to be legal. I want to be your lawfully wedded wife. And I want to take a sharp stick and poke it in the eye of the stupid laws that say we can’t be together.”

I smile at her as I say, “Fair enough, Lisa. But it takes time for a divorce to run its course.”

She grins widely and says, “I’m patient. Besides, it gives us a chance to figure out which county to get married in, where to go on our honeymoon, which state to move to.”

That last part catches my by surprise, so I ask, “Which state to move to? I happen to like where we live.”

She says, “So do I, but too many people know us as father and daughter. We have to go someplace where they only know us as husband and wife. Besides, daddy, you’ve been talking about starting your own business for a long time. Why not make everything about a fresh start?”

A say, “A fresh start sounds good, Lisa. And your right, I have talked about it long enough. I can definitely get paid a whole hell of a lot more and work from home. Sounds like a good plan all around. Just one problem?”

She purses her lips and asks, “What problem?”

I give her a reassuring smile as I say, “Your mom’s not exactly one to give up easily. She won’t sign any divorce papers without one hell of a fight.”

She frowns a little as she says, “Didn’t think of that, daddy. You’re right. She is going to fight signing any divorce papers.” A smile crosses her face, then says, “Guess I’ll just have to be a little more patient. That’s OK, daddy. I don’t mind waiting as long as it takes.”

Our lips meet as we caress each others bodies in a far more loving way than my wife and I ever have. My tongue forces its way inside of her mouth and our tongues start to dance. Our fingers start to explore each other in the lezbiyen porno way lovers are supposed to and every slight movement brings pleasure to us both.

The door bell causes me to wake and I carefully move my daughter’s blond head and hand off of my chest. I slide out of bed as quietly as I can as I listen to her softly snoring. I pull on a pair of boxers and throw a robe over my body as quietly as I can, then start to leave the room. I am worried that moving slowly to keep her from waking will cause the bell to be rung again and I don’t want to wake her. Just as I reach the hallway, the doorbell rings far too loudly than it should and I turn to see her still sleeping very soundly.

I move quickly to the front door and open just as a man is getting ready to push it again. He pulls his hand back and I see him wearing a courier uniform for some company I have never heard of. Alarm bells start going off in my head, since I have heard of people breaking into houses doing something just like this. He has a large envelope and a piece of paper attached to a clipboard.

The man drops his hands and looks at the paper, then asks, “Are you Victor Ansley?”

I nod and say, “Yes. What’s this about?”

He has a very straight face as he says, “I have a delivery for you. Will you sign here?” His finger points to a space on the paper next to my name.

Perplexed, I ask, “What am I signing for?”

The man maintains his rigid exterior as he says, “The envelope, sir. And its contents.”

I scowl and say, “I know it’s and envelope. No need to get an attitude. What’s in the envelope?”

He flatly says, “No idea, sir. But the return address is in London.”

I sign the paper and take the envelop from his hand. He starts to put up a hand for a tip, but I close the door quickly. I look out the window to ensure he is really leaving. Once the delivery van pulls away, I look at the envelope and see the return address is a law firm in England I’ve never heard of. This has all the signs of a scam, since no delivery driver would be that rude.

I open the envelope and pull out a few pages that all look very legal, but I am looking for an African Prince to tell me he wants to give me a lot of money, in exchange for a little help. I don’t see anything along those lines, but I do find a lot of legal jargon that makes no sense. I check the envelope to see if I missed any pages and find one stuck inside. Somehow the glue from the envelope attached itself to the paper and it is a chore to remove it without too much damage.

As I read the page that was supposed to be on top of the legal documents, I find myself pleasantly surprised. It turns out my wife wants a divorce and does not want anything in return. She is moving to London to live with her boss and they want this whole messy business of adultery behind them. All they want is my signature and initials on the forms and the divorce will be complete in two weeks. As an added bonus, her boss is offering ten thousand British pounds sterling for me not to cause trouble. I have no idea how much that is in American dollars, but more than enough to pay for a very special trip I will be taking with my daughter shortly.

It wasn’t all that long ago when divorce was the furthest thing from my mind, but a lot has changed. It isn’t just that I love my daughter far more than I every loved my wife, but it is a damned good reason in and of itself. It also has a lot to do with her putting work ahead of family, which has caused her to grow distant over the years. The simple fact is that we would end up divorced regardless of my feelings for my daughter.

I take the documents into my bedroom and sit on the edge of the bed next to her, then playfully squeeze her ass with my free hand. She continues to snore and I know I need to do something a little more drastic. My finger moves to her cum crusted asshole and I press my finger inside as far as I can without lubricant. She lets out a snort, then returns to snoring.

I say in a loud voice, “Lisa!”

The snoring stops quicklly, then she starts to mumble something liseli porno I cannot understand. She realizes that my finger is inside of her asshole and lets out a soft sigh. Her hands move back to her cheeks and she spreads them for me, which enables my finger to enter her a little more.

She glances at the clock and realizes it has not been long since I came inside of her ass, then asks, “Are you ready to make love to me already?”

I remove my finger as I say, “Not just yet, Lisa.”

She yawns as she says, “Then let me go back to sleep, daddy.”

I lightly slap one of her cheeks and say, “I want to celebrate.”

She turns over and sits up, which causes my eyes to look longingly at her nipples, then asks, “Celebrate what?”

I hold up the paperwork, then say, “Your mother wants a divorce.”

I look up at her face and see her blond hair crusted against her face. Her hair is covering her eyes a little, but I cannot miss the twinkle in them as the news is very pleasing to her. Her red lips are grinning widely as she attempts to find words, but no words escape her right away.

After several moment of trying to get something out, she finally asks, “A divorce? Are you sure, daddy?”

I grin and say, “Yes, Lisa, absolutely sure. She wants a quick one and her boss is willing to pay to get me to sign quickly.”

She cannot contain the excitement in her voice as she asks, “How much?”

I say, “Ten thousand British pounds.”

She gets a perplexed look on her face, then asks, “How much is that in American money?”

I shake my head a little and say, “Not really certain, but it’s going to be more than ten thousand dollars. Pound’s worth more than the dollar, but can’t tell you how much.”

Her face is glowing from the news and says, “Now that’s a good reason to celebrate.”

I say, “And we need to start planning a trip. If I don’t fight, which I won’t, the divorce will take two weeks. Then we get the money and get married. I think ten thousand British pounds will be more than enough for us to get married, go on a nice honeymoon and set up in another state. What do you think, Lisa?”

She smiles brightly as she says, “Couldn’t agree more. I’m going to make a much better wife for you than that adulterous bitch ever was.”

I smile a little as I say, “You seem pretty sure of yourself, Lisa.”

She gets a very serious look on her face and says, “I am, daddy. I’m going to continue to do all the things we are doing now. I will never say no to you, unlike her. I don’t want to give you just one child to drag around to functions, but a lot of children. Now get that robe off so we can celebrate properly.”

I start to remove my robe and boxers as I ask, “Don’t you want to go out to celebrate?”

She reaches out and starts to rub my flaccid cock, then says, “Plenty of time for going out once we’re married.”

As my boxers are kicked to the side and robe dropped on the floor, I lay down on my back and watch her lips swallow the head of my dick. She reaches for one of the bottles of anal lube and carefully coats her index and middle fingers. I feel her press against my asshole and enter with the expertise I have taught her. Her fingers feel wonderful inside of my asshole as she slowly moves them in and out. Her free hand starts to work my shaft and I start to get hard very quickly.

Once my dick is fully erect, she releases it, but her fingers remain inside of me. She uses her free hand to pour a liberal amount of lube on my dick, then her mouth is once again taking the head of my dick. She gags herself and keeps right on going until she has my entire shaft and I love the feeling of her throat pressed hard against me.

She slowly starts to move her head up and down, while her fingers work my asshole. I let out a moan to let her know this is appreciated. I am staring into her blond eyes and try to think about what the future might hold for us. As much as we both want to tell the civilized world to go to hell, we both know we must keep this a secret from everyone. Once we are married and move, neither of us can ever let anyone know that she will be both my daughter and my wife. I let out another moan as she holds her head down until she must stop to breath and let out another moan of pleasure. There is no way to truly prepare for what might lie ahead, but that is something we will work through together.

The End

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