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It’s kind of hard to explain how it all happened. I fell in love with my husband at a young age. I don’t think I was able to distinguish passion from love. We weren’t responsible, and I ended up getting pregnant before I graduated high school. Luckily, Mark was a hard worker and was set on proving that he could make a living for our family. Like everyone, the first few years were really tough as we scraped by and borrowed tons of money from anyone that was willing to lend a helping hand.

Mark worked as a life insurance agent and did well despite the high turnover rate. I’ve been working as a part-time tutor for the past two years, and I was able to bring in a small amount that helped with our debts. Ben turned 12, and we were comfortable. Slowly paying off our debts and saving money, it looked like things could only get better.

It was summer now, and Mark and I decided it was time that Ben experienced summer camp. With Ben gone at camp, my phone was ringing off the hook from anxious moms looking desperately for someone to get their kids into a university. I had an objective outlook and asked all my potential clients how much they would be willing to pay me. I created a spreadsheet that calculated how much I would make from each prospective client. All the offers were in the same ballpark. It was only a matter of randomly choosing which job to take up. I decided to go with the most polite woman that I talked with. She went by Mrs. Hensley and her son, Josh, was not only struggling with the standardized tests but school in general. We agreed upon meeting three times a week, weekends excluded, for 4 hours.

After having breakfast with Mark and kissing him goodbye, I hopped in the shower to prepare for my first day. As usual, I wore somewhat professional attire that consisted of a black and brown striped pantsuit with a matching blazer and a white blouse underneath. Even though the pants looked extremely tight around my rear and legs, it was comfortable to wear; they felt like sweats. On the other hand, the blazer was a mistake I was learning as I drove to Mrs. Hensley’s house.

I had to put the blazer back on when I arrived at Mrs. Hensley’s. I didn’t usually sweat, but it was definitely heating up. The house was a standard suburban home enclosed in a private neighborhood. I rang the doorbell, both nervous and excited.

“Come in, Mrs. Brae,” She dressed nicely, but her body was round and plump. She had very short, curly, brown hair, a big nose, and heavy black bags weighing under her eyes.

“Oh, please call me Shannon, Mrs. Hensley.”

“Thank you so much for tutoring my son on such short notice. I’ve hired plenty of tutors, but nothing seems to stick.” She seemed to backpedal from there, worried she’d scare me off. She sat me down in her living room after asking if I needed any refreshments. “Josh. Mrs. Brae is here.” She called out.

I heard his door open from the basement as he thumped up the stairs and then opened the door that connected to the living room. “Hello, Mrs. Brae.” He sat beside his mother slouched and looked down at the floor. He looked a lot like his mother. Poor kid. I could see why he would have trouble in school. He didn’t seem like he had very many friends and he was socially awkward. You could feel it if you were in the same room as him.

“Hi, Josh. You can call me Shannon by the way. I’m really looking forward to our time together. Just stick with me and we’ll be able to get you into any college that you want.” I offered my hand to him.

He got up and shook it and then sat back down. “Well now that you two are acquainted, it looks like I can go to work. Is it alright if we start this same time every day Mrs. Brae?”

“That’s fine with me. Don’t let us keep you from getting to work on time.”

“Feel free to help yourself to anything in the fridge. The study is upstairs or wherever you feel most comfortable Mrs. Brae.” She had a massive smile on her face. I think everyone was anticipating the small changes.

We had a short first day and covered a lot of ground. The only thing I had to complain about was how hot it was in the study. The sun was beaming through the large wall windows, intensifying the heat. There were more than several incidents where I caught Josh staring at my cleavage. It got awkward, but I didn’t say anything because I knew how high school boys were. Also, I was used to men staring at my oversized chest.

After finishing my session with Josh, I started cooking dinner for Mark and me. It seemed like an eternity since the last time we had time to ourselves. I called Ben to make sure everything was okay. Luckily for me, he was having the time of his life and made a lot of new friends. The summer camp kept us updated daily as they uploaded pictures to their facebook.

“Hey Shay, I’m home.” That was his nickname for me ever since high school.

“Dinner’s on the table. I’ll be down in a second.” Not having to cater to Ben had given me a slight anxiety as if I had lost something. In return, both Mark almanbahis and I had a lot more time to ourselves.

“So how was the kid? Is he weird?” Mark was smiling and enjoying his food.

“He’s a sweet kid. A little overweight, but very kind.”

“A porker huh? Remind you of anyone?” He was referring to himself. He was always amazed at how we ended up dating. Mark was the typical fat loner at school and he describes me as the bombshell.

“Actually, I caught him staring at me a couple of times,” I giggled.

Mark laughed back, “I guess it’s only natural. I mean look at you.” He got up from his seat and placed his hand on my breast. “Who wouldn’t want to feel these?” My body was flushed with raging hormones, must’ve been the heat, as he kissed me and continued to grope my breasts. Mark wasn’t usually so impulsive to do such things to me.

We couldn’t finish dinner and ended up having sex right there. I was surprised at how aggressive Mark was. We hadn’t had sex for over a month, but this time he was exceptional. If this was what summer would be like, I sure was looking forward to it.

I decided to go to the gym on my day off. I’d been going to the local gym a couple of years ago and was finally getting my high school figure back. My stomach flattened out and my butt was tight again. While I was on the treadmill I got a text message from Josh, “Shannon?”

“Yes?” I replied.

5 minutes had passed when he replied, “I think you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you Josh.” I didn’t think much of it as I was focused on running.

Another 10 minutes passed when he texted me again, “Can I get a picture of you right now?”

I stopped the treadmill a little weirded out now. “Why do you need my picture for Josh?”

He didn’t text back for the rest of the day. Weird kid.

The next day, when I arrived at Josh’s house, he apologized and profusely begged me not to tell his mom. “Josh I would’ve gladly sent you a picture, but I just wanted to know what you needed it for.”

His eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Let me give you a little tip about girls Josh. At your age, girls are still new to the dating scene. So rather than being uncomfortable with someone who has the same experience, girls tend to flock to the guys who act like they know what they’re doing. Do you understand what I’m getting at?”

“Girls like douchebags?” I was surprised. That was what I was trying to say.

“Not necessarily, but they do like confident guys. Be confident Josh. It’s a very wanted trait in all men.” He just shook his head thinking it over in his head.

“So… Can I take a picture with you Shannon?”

“Yes,” he was in disbelief, “see Josh? Sometimes you just have to ask.” After taking the picture, we pounded out a couple of books for the rest of the day.

I got home around 5 and since there was nothing to do I decided to check up on my facebook. I didn’t usually log into my facebook that much, maybe once a week, and I didn’t maintain it either, like how some people pollute their profiles with pictures. When I logged in I noticed a friend request and some new notifications. It was Josh. Josh had uploaded the picture we had taken and tagged me in it. I ‘liked’ the image. It was a pretty cute picture, but Josh couldn’t dilute that awkwardness that was him. I checked out his profile. To my surprise, he had over 500 friends.

Mark wasn’t into the whole online social network and never really asked about my facebook. We would sometimes check up on our high school friends and talk about how some have changed, but that was about it. I accepted Josh’s friend request and logged off my computer. When Mark came home he seemed more tired than usual. Our conversation was minimal and he went to bed straight after dinner.

After seeing Mark off in the morning I found myself yet again on facebook. I was bombarded with new notifications, 37 to be exact. Many people had ‘liked’ the picture that Josh had uploaded and then there were the comments. My friends were the worst when it came to being politically correct.

“Who’s the sexy babe Shannon?” (2 likes)

“Oh my, you’ve managed to build a time machine and find high school Mark!” (1 like)

“^ LOL! That is Mark!”

“What a lucky SOB” (5 likes)

Then there were comments made by Josh’s friends as well.

“No way that’s real. Josh you photoshopped this?” (2 likes)

“Just check the tag. That’s a real girl. Or should I say milf?” (6 likes)

“10/10 would smash.”

“Who is she Josh?” (8 Likes)

I was a bit embarrassed by the comments. I knew what the term MILF meant because some of my friends had been calling me that ever since I got pregnant. I decided not to comment on the picture and signed off.

As usual, I went to the gym on my day off. After finishing my rounds of cardio, I decided to sweat it out in the sauna. It was probably around noon and the gym was nearly empty. I listened to music on my phone when I got a text message.

“Hey Shannon,” it was Josh.

“Hi Josh,” almanbahis yeni giriş I replied.

“What are you doing?”

“Just at the gym. What about you? Studying hard?”

“Very hard! Can I get a picture of you?”

This was the third time he had asked for a picture of me this week. I started to get suspicious. “I don’t have any pictures on my phone right now sorry.” I was telling the truth.

“Well, can you take a picture of yourself right now?”

“I’m all sweaty. You don’t want a picture of me right now.”

“Please?” He was consistent, I’ll give him that.

“Tell you what. Since you want my picture so bad. If you score at least a 21 on your practice ACT tomorrow, I’ll give you a picture okay?”


“Yes. Really. Why do you want a picture of me anyway? I’m old and fat”

“Nooooooooooo! You are soo beautiful Shannon!!!”

His words were sweet, “Study hard Josh. We’re taking the test first thing when I get there tomorrow.”

On my way home, my mind wandered back to facebook. I was wondering if anyone else had commented on the picture that Josh had posted. As I pulled into the driveway, I saw Mark’s car.

“Mark?” I called out to the ceilings.

“Up here Shay.”

I walked upstairs wondering if something was wrong. Mark was laying in bed with the sheets covering everything except his face. He was sweating pretty badly and shivering at the same time. “Oh my god Mark! What happened? Are you alright? I’ll call 911.” I reached for the phone but he barked at me.

“Stop! You know we don’t have any health insurance. I couldn’t afford to go to the hospital even if I wanted. Besides, it’s just a fever. I’ll get over it within a few days.”

I wanted to help him desperately but he was right. Calling an ambulance and taking him to the emergency room would eliminate our savings. We managed with just home remedies and soup.

I had to change the bedsheets more than 4 times from the amount that Mark was sweating. I felt so bad for him. I bet it was because he was working so hard that the stress had finally started taking its toll.

“Honey, I don’t want you to worry about our family right now. Just focus on yourself getting better. I can pick up another client and work as a full time tutor.”

Mark couldn’t speak. He was shivering too much. He just nodded. For the rest of the night I sat by his side.

When I woke up in the morning Mark was gone. I quickly searched for the time, it was 9. Mark usually had to leave by 9, did he really go to work in his condition? I called out for him, “Mark!” I ran down the stairs calling his name over and over again. I heard the refrigerator door open.

“Stop yelling Shay. I’m fine.” He was still in his shorts and t-shirt, “Sorry I had you so worried last night,” he said sniffling from his runny nose.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes I’m fine. Don’t worry, I already took 3 days off in advance. By the way, aren’t you late for work?” He was right, I needed to get ready. I kissed him and ran upstairs to get ready.

“Call me if you need anything.” I said hurrying out the door.

I was so relieved that Mark was okay. It really seemed like he was about to die that night. All the years that we’ve been together, I never recalled him being sick. “Shannon?”

“What? Sorry, my husband was sick last night and I didn’t get much sleep.” I was bothered by my blouse. During the shuffle to get ready, I accidentally picked out a blouse that I had worn in high school. My bust size had increased significantly since the last time I had worn the blouse, causing the buttons to stretch out, particularly in the midsection. I left the top two buttons undone which didn’t reveal any cleavage unless I bent over.

“I just wanted to ask how we were going to take the test.”

I explained to him the various sections and how long he had to complete them. “Remember, if you don’t get at least a 21 then there’s no picture for you,” I teased.

“What if I get more than that? Do I get a bonus prize?”

“A bonus prize? What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t know. 21 is just such a high score. I mean I scored a 15 the first time I took it so shouldn’t I get something more if I get higher than a 21?” I guess his question was valid. He should have incentives to do better on the test.

“Okay. Let’s make the bonus at 25 then. If you get at least a 25 this time, you’ll get a bonus.”

“What is the bonus?”

“How about 2 pictures?” I said smiling. He didn’t smile back. In fact, he seemed disappointed. “What? That’s not a good enough bonus for you?”

“I got a better idea. How about a dinner date?” He did it again, he made it very awkward between the two of us. It wasn’t until a full minute passed before someone spoke again, “Just as friends of course.”

“Sure, I’ll buy you dinner if you get at least a 25. Deal?”

“Deal. But Shannon?”

“What is it?”

“What if I get even higher than that? Like say a 30?” Now he was just being silly. There almanbahis giriş was no way Josh could’ve improved his score by that much in just 5 days.

“Alright you want another prize if you get a 30?” I rolled my eyes playing along with his fantasy of accomplishing such a feat.

“I get a kiss from you.” I was shocked at what he said, but this was dragging on too long.

“Alright, that’s fine. If you manage to score more than 30 then I’ll give you a kiss.” I knew the odds of him getting a 31 was close to none. Anyway, if he somehow did manage to get a 31, I would just give him a kiss on the cheek. He never specified where he wanted it anyway.

So we started the series of tests. As hours passed and the different sections were completed, it was almost 3 when he finally finished. “All done?”

He stretched his arms out toward the ceiling, “Yup.”

“How do you feel about it?”

“Pretty good. I studied a lot!”

“We’ll see about that Josh.” I began tallying all his points. I couldn’t believe it. He scored a 31.

“So how’d I do?”

“That’s amazing Josh. You got a 31. I’m so proud of you.” It was astonishing witnessing such a significant change in a short amount of time. I guess that was the potential of kids.

He shot up in the air jumping up and down. “Yes! I did it! I can’t believe I did it.” He was so ecstatic he nearly slipped when he landed. We both laughed, “So that’s a total of 1 picture, 1 dinner, and 1 kiss!”

‘Crap,’ After sitting down and watching him take the test for nearly 4 hours, I had forgotten about our little wager. The kiss in particular had me hesitating. “Just tell me when you want those things, and I’ll give them to you. I’m a woman of my word.” I said proudly.

“Well if you don’t mind. Mom’s not coming home until much later and I’m sick of eating pizza. Do you think we can get dinner tonight?” I had a feeling that Josh was left neglected at times. He really was a tragic case.

“Let me call my husband and see if he needs anything first.” If Mark didn’t need anything, then Josh and I could just grab an early dinner. I didn’t want to drive home for 1 hr, then back to Josh’s.

“Mark? Is everything alright? What did you eat for lunch?”

“Hey Shay. Actually, I’m at my mom’s right now.”

“Oh… How is Martha?” I hated his mother-in-law with a passion. She blamed everything on me and even called me a whore in front of Mark. It still hurts me to this day that Mark didn’t defend me.

“She’s great. When I told her that I was sick… Well you know mom. She just keeps on bringing out the food.”

“Well honey, if you’ve got dinner, do you mind if I’m a little late tonight? I promised Josh that I’d buy him dinner if he did well on the ACTs.”

“Yeah that’s fine. How’d the little man do?”

“Pretty good.” I smiled at Josh, “he got a 31.”

“Wow that’s great if it’s still out of 36 back when we took it.”

“It is. Okay, I’ll see you later tonight then. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

“So does that mean we can go out for dinner?” I nodded at him. He jumped in the air praising every god known to man. His extensive knowledge of greek mythology surprised me. He seemed excited. Again, I felt sorry for him. When was the last time he had gone out with friends?

It was still too early for dinner, so we decided to head to the mall for Josh to pick up some things. We walked around pretty leisurely. I got plenty of weird and confused looks all the while Josh was looking down at the ground still too shy to face anyone. He picked up a few video games at one of the shops. I was shocked when I saw that he had a stack of 100’s in his wallet. I wanted to say something, but it was his money and it was very well his own business and not mine.

I got to know Josh a little better during our stroll. I found out that he didn’t like talking about his father. I had suspected before that he had either passed away or left his family some time ago. He didn’t think much of his mother since she was always busy working, which was understandable. All his friends on facebook were friends he had made through online gaming. He hated school because everyone isolated him. It only got worse as he opened up more. I think Josh needed a friend and that’s what I was doing.

I began to sympathize with him and decided to take things off all the bad things that were happening and things that he was more interested in. We somehow got onto the topic of his video games and he just couldn’t stop talking about it. He eventually ran out of things to talk about, rather I was completely lost and he had finally picked up on it, and we decided to eat.

It wasn’t special, but we settled for burgers in the mall. They had a restaurant set up inside. I guess we were at the worst of it because the place was packed. Luckily we were seated in a more isolated area, more like a corner, but I didn’t mind it. Since Josh was willing to share some of his story, I told him what had happened to me and how I had to drop out of highschool to raise a kid. It was a little too much for him to handle as he was speechless.

“What I’m trying to say is, don’t worry about all the kids in school right now.”

He rolled his eyes acting as if I couldn’t have possibly understood what he was going through.

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