Sharing the good times of my wife and I pt 2

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Sharing the good times of my wife and I pt 2We had to somehow come up with a way to to convince 4 of the church pastors to allow Cherry’s parents to attend and support our marriage. It was going to take something from left field and the plan I had was going to be all or nothing, maybe even cost me our relationship. But I had a hunch and was quietly confident that it could be done with no damage.Cherry and I had been fucking for several months now and in that time I learned that she not only did she have an insatiable appetite for cock but she also had what seemed to me, the most intense orgasms that I had ever encountered with any of my previous sexual partners. I was partly relying on these observations to persuade Cherry that my plan was going to work and that she was to play the main role. I had also observed through several church functions and social gatherings that almost all of the men in the congregation took the opportunity to look at Cherry’s body whenever they could, some more subtle than others but at the end of the day, men are men and who can resist a hot young blonde girl with killer looks that they had watched blossom. I noticed early on that Cherry was aware of the attention she got from guys and actually seemed to enjoy it. She made no attempts to hold her shirt close when leaning over, often showing a nice bit of cleavage to whoever was around. We had decided that we would get married in a registry office in 6 months time with no-one but a friend to attend as a witness. That gave me some time to put my plan into place in the hope that if all went well we still had time to plan bornova escort a bigger event that included family. I had mentioned to Cherry that I had seen guys looking down her top and checking out her ass and that it was a massive turn on for me. I had often though what it would be like to see my partner fucking someone else and had kept this little fantasy to myself until now. Cherry said that she could never do that and I jokingly said that it was just a fantasy and didn’t expect it to come true (that’s what makes it a fantasy right?). The following Saturday as we lay in bed planning the day ahead I said that I needed to go to the hardware store in town to get some bits and pieces and asked if she had any plans or was happy to come along. She said she would come for the ride since she had made no plans for the morning. I had a serious hard on while were discussing the morning plans and she playfully asked me what the reason was. I said that I had been thinking how horny it would be for her to wear one of my flannelette shirts with no bra to the hardware. My shirts were about 4 sizes to big for her and I was thinking what a great view someone would get of her tits in the right situation. When she actually agreed to do this I felt a deep surge in my groin which is hard to explain but is a great feeling. We got up and got dressed and I asked Cherry to bend over in front of me to see what sort of a view someone might get but she had buttoned the shirt right up so it wasn’t really the desired result, I pointed this out so she unbuttoned the top two and bent over revealing escort bornova a perfect view of half of each of her perky c cups, as she straightened up the shirt shifted slightly revealing almost all of her left tit with her pink little nipple standing out and easily seen….perfect.We got to the store and were walking around together and no opportunity had arisen where Cherry’s tits could of been seen. I asked her how she felt about being a bit more deliberate and she asked what I meant. There were two middle aged guys a couple of aisles over and I suggested that we separate and I would make my way into their aisle, she would follow shortly after and kneel down next to them looking at some stuff on a lower shelf while I remained behind them (I hoped I would see exactly what they could see). I headed off and got into position beside the guys and shortly after Cherry approached from the other end of the aisle and started looking along the shelves as if she hadn’t notices anyone else there. When she reached the guys she knelt down on one knee right beside them and started moving things around on the shelf which drew there attention. From my position I could see exactly what they could.Cherry was slightly side on and kneeling to the right of the guys about two feet away. Her shirt had opened as planned but because of her kneeling position it had ballooned much more than I hoped revealing her entire right breast and her nipple was fully hardened. (I don’t know if it was due to the coolness of the morning or if was turning her on). One of the guys elbowed his mate and I heard bornova escort bayan him say “Are you seeing what I am seeing” Her was an 18 year old knock out two feet from them with her full breast and nipple exposed, and me standing behind them enjoying the whole scene.Cherry lingered like this for a couple of minutes and then stood up and nonchalantly moved away to another aisle. The second of the guys said “Wholly fuck, what a fucking view that was” I made my way to the checkout and met Cherry where we paid for items and left the store to head home. On the trip home I told Cherry about what we could see and how horny it made me and she said that it also turned her on. When we got home we went to the bedroom and she started to take the shirt off but I asked her to leave it on for a minute. I stood behind her and reached up under the shirt and started playing with her tits and gently rubbing her nipples between my fingers. She was responding by rubbing her ass against my herd cock. I couldn’t wait any longer so I removed her pant’s and asked her to kneel on the edge of the bed in front of me, when she was in position I knelt down and and put my tongue to her shaved pussy and ran it up and down along her slit until she was wet enough and then stood and plunged my cock inside her as far as i cold go. I left it deep inside her as I ground myself against her until I could see the familiar red hue of blood flow around her upper body which indicated an orgasm was imminent. I them pulled back until just the head of my cock was inside herand as she tried to push back against me I held her away with my hands on her ass. I held this for about twenty seconds and then let her slide back taking my cock all the way in again which bought her to her climax and also finished me off.What a great way to spend a Saturday morning, and it got my mind ticking over again as to what was next in plan.

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