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Compel. A young gay shape-shifter has a run in with a member from the local pack. “Hey.” I glance up from my desk and see a tall guy standing in front of me. He looks like a movie star, with his dark blonde hair, green eyes and tan skin. “Can I help you?” I ask, going back to my drawing. It’s a swan, gliding on the lake surface, but I can’t get the feathers right. “Are you Hayden Grant?” His voice is deep and smooth. “Yes.” I look up, now. He has my interest, since I’ve never met him and he knows my name. “Well, I guess you’re who I’m looking for, then.” He sits at the picnic table across from me. “You’re a member of my pack now.” He says, picking up one of my copic markers and twirling it in his hand. “Your pack?” I raise an eyebrow. “Every shifter in Los Angeles is a member of my pack.” He says, setting down my marker. I sigh. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” I brush a strand of my curly black hair out of my face and start packing up my markers. I’m lying, of course, I know exactly what he’s talking about. Shifters. Shape-shifters. I can change form at will. Not into a wolf or anything, that would be super-corny. I can turn into a blue-jay. I’ve met others, and I’ve been in packs before, but it never ends well. Packs fight with each other a lot -territory wars and power hungry shifters warring with each other, it’s not my cup of tea. “Yes, you do.” He grabs my wrist and pulls me back down. I sit reluctantly. “You’ve never been in a pack longer than a month have you?” He shrugs. “How do you survive?” I duck my head. “I was born into a Nevada pack. We lived in the desert, like animals. Most of us were either coyotes or birds – I’m a blue-jay- but we got in a turf war with a bunch of reptiles and wolves. They won. My mother died, and I flew away.” I meet his green eyes and Pendik Escort see my own blue irises reflected in his pupils. “I’ve joined three packs before – when I’m lonely or in trouble, groups can help. But I prefer to be by myself.” I stand and grab my sketch book and shove it in my bag. “Thanks for the offer, but I’ll be out of the city by tomorrow.” “Wait!” He jogs after me. “If you’re leaving anyway, at least come clubbing with us.” He hands me a scrap of paper and theirs an address on it. “You go clubbing, like, your entire pack goes clubbing?” “Well, no not all of us, but a few, yeah.” He smiles at me. “Please come, meet a few of us, have fun – reconsider.” I shake my head and tuck the paper into my pocket. “Fine, but, um, what are you?” He laughs. “You aren’t the only one that can fly. join the pack and you might see.” “I never got your name.” I tell him. “Alex Saunders.” We shake hands. “See you tonight, maybe.” I say. I turn and shift before he can reply, and I fly away, my blue and white wings trailing out on either side of my body. Flying feels amazing. ________________________________________________ I glance down at my outfit, wondering if I look any good. I thought about wearing something black, but combined with my black hair and pale skin, I thought it would make me look like a ghost. I decided on a blue T-shirt that matches my eyes and a pair of white skinny jeans and blue converse. I get in without trouble, the bouncer doesn’t even ask for an I. D. As soon as I’m in Alex is there, grabbing my arm and pulling me across the huge club, under the blaring rainbow lights to a secluded area, behind a gauzy curtain. The area is filled with three couches, which are occupied by four teenagers. “You’re all so young.” I observe. “The older members Pendik Escort Bayan of the pack usually stick to headquarters, or they stay home – they’re no fun.” A tall girl with long blonde hair stands and shakes me hand. “I’m candy, and I’m a hoarse.” She looks too pretty to be a hoarse, but I smile and shake her hand. “I’m Hayden, I’m a blue-jay.” “Megan, I’m a cat.” A Hispanic girl with cropped pink hair smiles at me from her seat. I wave. “Harry, and I’m a bull.” A massive guy with broad shoulders glances at me before looking back down at his iphone. “Never met a bull before, I raise an eyebrow. “They’re rare.” Megan explains. ” I’m Rob , just a rabbit, I’m afraid.” I smile. “I love rabbits!” I realize what I’ve just said and blush, but Alex just laughs and pats me on the back. “Everyone loves Rabbits.” He says with a grin. “Now, since you’ve met everybody, let’s dance!” He holds out a hand to me, and I blush. I wasn’t aware until now that Alex likes boys, and I’m not entirely sure how he knows that I do. But I’m not complaining- he’s hot, and I’ll be gone tomorrow anyway, what can a dance or two hurt? ___________________________________________________ As we dance the DJ plays a song with a great beat, I’m not exactly sure what the chick singing is saying- it’s hard to here in the club with people shouting, but I hear the words swag, bad reputation and Joan-jett. We start off dancing normally, I’m facing away from him, curving and swaying and just having a good time dancing. And then Alex puts his hand on my waist and literally pulls me against him. I don’t pull away. Alex lets his hands drift, rubbing up and down my sides while I grind on him. After grinding for a while I can feel his erection rubbing against my hip. “how old are you?” Escort Pendik He whispers. “I turned eighteen throw weeks ago. You?” “Twenty-one.” He wraps his arms around me, his hands rubbing down my hips. “I’m glad you’re eighteen.” He tells me. “Why?” I let me head rest against his chest. “Because, I’m gong to do some things to you, that would be illegal if you were a few years younger.” I turn and wrap my hands around his neck as a slightly slower song comes on. “Are you?” I let my lips brush his throat. “I am.” His hands travel down to cup my ass cheeks. “You’re mine.” He chews on my ear-lobe lightly. “Not yet.” I pull away and wrap a hand around his wrist. “Come on.” I drag him to the bar and tell him to surprise me. He leans over and whispers something to the bartender, who, in turn place two shot glasses on the bar and fills them from an unmarked bottle. I reach over and grab a drink. “On three?” I nod. It burns. It burns a lot. And it’s good, and bitter and I ask for another. It doesn’t burn as much the second time. “I’m tired, come with me?” He grabs my wrist and pulls me closer to him, so our bodies are rubbing together again. His erection grounds against mine and I let loose a small whimper. “Yes.” Our eyes lock and he grins. _____________________________________________________ Alex is a hawk. We shifted to get to his apartment, where he had left the balcony doors open, so he could fly right in. It’s a good thing we’re both birds-public transportation sucks. As soon as we get in we shift again. Alex’s blonde hair is a mess and I’m sure mine is too, but in this moment, he’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, and I know it isn’t the alcohol talking. Alex grabs me around the waist and pulls me to him. It takes mere seconds for his lips to find mine, and then we’re crashing together in bliss. I slip my lounge into his mouth and he returns thefavour. His hands grasp my ass and I moan lightly as he pulls me even closer. I wrap my arms around his neck and whisper in his ear. “Take me.” He shoves me onto the bed, and I watch in pure want as he rips off his shirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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