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Slave StoryThe slave knelt naked to the waist in the center of the room. Her hands were bound behind her back, forcing her chest outwards, offering her full naked breasts in supplication. Her dark nipples were stiff and pointy, erect from the thrillingly cool air…or was it the anticipation of her master’s touch?Long blonde hair fell in cascades around the slave’s head and across her shoulders while a deep blue silk scarf covered her eyes, the knot hidden beneath her hair. Black nylon stockings covered her legs and stopped at mid-thigh, the garters holding the straining fabric against her supple thighs. A very small bit of black lace d****d down the firm swell of both hips and between the cleft of her buttocks – a shamefully small piece of underwear that barely hid her sex.The slave’s name was Shani and she did not know how long she had been kneeling, alone, in this room. She had been brought in by another woman – an ugly, old crone that wore nondescript clothing that had forcefully undressed the younger woman, bound her hands and covered her eyes. There were soft pillows filling the room and Shani could remember that they were of deep, plush burgundy material, sumptuously soft and sparing her knees the agony of kneeling for so long on a bare floor. But still the room was cool and the tension of the wait, kneeling bare, vulnerable, and weak left her shivering.A swish of fabric danced across Shani’s skin, forcing a gasp of surprise and pleasure from her throat. A sharp crack of leather stung her taught buttocks and a husky voice hissed in admonition of her exclamation. “You may not make a sound.”The voice was deep, threatening, and powerful. As if to reinforce the sting on her buttocks and the force in that voice, the edge of leather traced the contours of her buttocks – first from the outside of one delicious orb in to her cleft and then from the outside of the other in. Shani nodded her understanding and shivered, struggling to remain still and silent.The fabric…silk, she realized…returned to trace across her smooth shoulders. It moved slowly, tantalizingly across her skin, tracing over her shoulders, down her arms, and across the swell of her breasts. The silk continued to rub agonizingly softly against her skin, focusing more and more on her breasts, focusing all of Shani’s attention of the firm mounds of delicious flesh that protruded from her chest. She could feel them swelling with blood just as her sex swelled and moistened beneath the tiny lace fabric. As the sensation in her breasts heightened, her sex turned into a swampy morass of lubricant and excited sweat. The fabric was gone and Shani shivered. Her nipples throbbed and she adjusted slightly, parting her thighs so that her swollen labia lefkoşa escort could open and the collected moisture of her sex dripping down the insides of her thighs. Shani started when a quick metallic click sounded behind her and she felt the colt strength of a steel blade touching the small of her back. The cutting edge of the blade did not touch her but the metal slipped beneath the waistband of the tiny lace panties and with a slight twist, she felt the material part and slip from one hip. The blade moved to her opposite hip and repeated, deftly slicing the material and causing the panties to fall silently to the pillows beneath her. Hands began caressing her buttocks, a hand firmly pressing between her shoulder blades, forcing her forward, and bending at the waist. Shani bent and pressed her cheek to the pillows before her, her taut nipples rubbing gloriously against the plush fabric, her plump behind uplifted and bare for her master. She gasped when she felt his tongue tracing between her buttocks and winced as it was withdrawn almost instantly and the leather riding crop applied liberally to both buttocks. The leather stung her flesh and raised red, angry welts on her white skin. Beneath the blindfold, a tear soaked into the soft fabric.Shani knelt bent forward quietly, concentrating on remaining quiet. In time the tongue returned and licked the length of her soaking slit – from the small of her back, down over her pulsing anus, into her gaping, sodden sex, between her swollen lips, and over her clit that stood proud, pulsating, from beneath its hood of flesh. Shivers tore through her as her master continued to lick her. IN time, focus concentrated on her ass, licking and teasing her opening and heightening her excitement. Though her master was no longer touching her soaking sex, it still pulsated with longing, desire, and wet heat.As her anal ring relaxed, Shani’s master began to gently massage her ass with his fingers. Slick with his saliva, one finger entered her. She shivered but remained silent, her ass yielding to the pressure of him entering her. He worked his finger gently in a circular motion, expanding outward, further relaxing her and, as she knew, preparing her for a larger penetration to come. It was not long before his finger slipped from inside her and his saliva was replaced with a thick, viscous gel. This gel allowed first one, then a second and a third to enter her ass with ease and her sex dripped with excitement as they penetrated her. But again, in time, the fingers were removed and something more solid, unyielding, was pressed against the opening of her ass. She felt the muscle expand, whimpered silently in pain as her lüleburgaz escort ass expanded to a thickness much greater than the fingers but this sensation passed quickly as the device slipped deeper into her with the help of the gel and a narrower neck to the device. Her ass was full with a thick, hard butt plug and she clenched deliciously on it, pushing out with her muscles and pulling back in, gently fucking herself with the plug.”Up,” Shani’s master commanded. She raised her face from the pillow and with his help she returned to kneeling upright. The plug in her ass felt much larger now as her buttocks clenched against it. But her attention was quickly diverted as sharp pinches stung both nipples at almost the same time. Shani yelped and again felt the sting of the leather – once, twice, three times on the buttocks and then on the plug, tapping it suddenly deeper into her. The thick base past the neck prevented it from being lost in her insides. Against, Shani was forced to waist in tortured silence.Pain.Hot, blinding, sudden pain lanced across her breast. It was there for but a moment and then gone. Her nipple throbbed in a combination of pain and pleasure. A soft hand was holding her breast and she knew the pain meant more than a clamp on her nipple. The hot hint of moisture through the pain told Shani that her nipple had been pierced. It was something she had always considered but never done. And now, one nipple had been pierced and a piece of metal stuck through the tight flesh parallel with the pillows below. The pain quickly faded and Shani was filled with an intense erotic feeling. Her nipple throbbed more; pain and pleasure, and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. The soft hand moved to her other breast and Shani held her breath as she knew the needle would pierce her other nipple in a moment. When it did, an orgasm tore through her body, the fluids oozing from her sex and down her thighs to soak the pillows below. Had the hands not held her up, she was sure she would have collapsed from the power of the sensation. As she caught her breath, soft lips pressed against hers and Shani could taste apricot. These were not her master’s lips but those of another woman. The hands remained on her breasts, gently massaging them and twisting the metal set through her nipples.”You like, slave?” asked the woman in a lusty voice. Shani nodded, shivering with delight as the hand cupped her breasts and lifted them slightly. “You may speak.””Yes!” Shani replied breathlessly. Her mind was focusing on two things…the sensation in her nipples and the fullness in her ass from the plug. She could not believe the delicious depravity of it.”Good. biga escort But we are not through…” came the woman’s voice again. Hot breath grazed Shani’s ear and she heard the tinkle of chains. There was a slight tug on the plug in her ass and moments later she felt metal dr****g over her shoulders and down across her breasts. In moments, her nipples were connected to the plug in her ass through two small silver chains that d****d over her shoulders, down along her spine, and between her taut buttocks.”Stand.”It was her master this time and Shani struggled to stand. The woman’s hands helped her to her feet. Shani stood, shaking, her breasts and nipples pulled upwards as her body stretched and the chains connecting her nipples with her butt plug stretched to their limits. The pain and pleasure was sinful and Shani self-consciously rubbed her slick thighs together, trying to adjust to the twin feeling of pulling pain on her nipples and straining stress on her ass. She loved the sensation.”You look beautiful,” her master said and Shani whimpered in love and relief. “Today was a fitting day, my love. When your piercings heal fully, you will be fitted with rings through your nipples that will connect by chains to a smaller plug that you will wear in your ass whenever you come to me.”Shani nodded. She could imagine the erotic sensation of showering and preparing her body for her master…inserting the plug, connecting the chains to her nipples, and driving to him with the pull and straining of the contraption. “You may wear this only when you come to see me. No matter how much you may enjoy it, you may never wear it at any other time. And only I will ever remove it when we are together. You may remove it on your own when you return home if I do not remove it for you during our time together.”Shani nodded again. She felt her master’s hands on her body and his lips pressing firmly and lustily against hers. She felt his hands all over her body before they reached behind her and unbound her hands. She could not take her hands from his body now that they were free and she could feel his powerful erection pressing against her stomach. His hands undid her blindfold and she opened her eyes, blinking at the bright light.”Look at yourself,” he said, turning her to look at a mirror. Her body looked delicious, her breasts lifted by her nipples thanks to the chains and the piercings. Her thighs glistening slickly and her lipstick was smeared from where the other woman had kissed her. She shivered with delight as her master stood behind her and lifted her breasts gently. His hands gently undid the chains and they slithered down across her back to hang obscenely to the floor, still attached to the plug in her ass.”Come with me and we shall tend to that other thing, make sure you are clean and unharmed.”Shani nodded and her master led her by the hand from the room, the chain tinkling softly on the floor behind her. This exquisite torture was only the beginning of a long night of intense pleasure at the loving and powerful hands and body of her master…

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