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Just a week into my first year of college, I had already settled into my sister’s two bedroom apartment. She was in her second year, and had agreed to let me stay with her if we split all of the bills and I didn’t bother her.

One night, after going to a party with some friends, I come home to find her already asleep in her room. She looks like an angel; the light from the living room illuminating her beautiful face, rich brown hair, and rosy red lips.

I walk over to the side of her bed and softly kiss her warm cheek, gently brushing the hair from her face with my hand. I lightly lick her moist lips, the taste of her sweet in my mouth, the aroma of her perfume filling me with lust. I couldn’t help myself: I slowly pull her blankets off to unveil her heavenly body, wearing only a white T-shirt with no bra, vibrant pink panties, and little white ankle-high socks.

I run my hands up and down her smooth, lightly tanned legs, my little one bulging in my pants. She moves her right arm to rest on her stomach, startling me.

I regain my composure and kneel at the end of her bed, cautiously pulling off her socks and placing them on the floor. I admire the smooth skin of her angelic feet with my hands, her perfect arches, her lovely teen porno toes painted dark red. I repeatedly lick her heels up her arches to her toes, being careful not to tickle her. I unzip my pants and pull them off quietly, tossing them on the floor and kneeling down again. I slowly stroke my throbbing cock with my hand, sucking on her gorgeous toes and holding her foot with my left hand.

I stand up and hold the sides of her feet, putting my hard shaft in between her arches before pushing her feet together. I slowly pump my swollen member between her feet, being careful not to move her, my dick enjoying her silky smooth skin. I was so turned on I was reaching orgasm exceptionally quick.

I carefully bend her knees slightly upward, placing her feet flat on the bed, holding her legs in place with my left hand. I rapidly stroke my engorged member, biting my lip as a tingling sensation flows through my body. I squeeze the base of my cock as I shoot warm cum on the tops of her precious feet, tilting back slightly to get some on her toes. I rub my semen all over her feet with the tip of my penis until the swelling subsides.

I straighten out her legs and sneak off to the bathroom, returning with a small towel. I gently wipe my travesti pornp juice from her feet, placing the towel down beside the bed before I slip her socks back on.

I stand beside the bed and slowly pull her panties down to her knees, marveling at her magnificent vagina. I tenderly stroke her neatly trimmed pubic hair with my fingers, then lightly touch the inside of her thighs. I lean over and lovingly kiss her sexy pussy lips, feeling her twitch slightly. I run my tongue along her vagina up through her short brown hair, savoring the sweet taste.

I move her arm to the side and lift her shirt up past her chest, revealing her unbelievable breasts, the perfect size and shape. I gently touch both of her boobs, her soft skin heaven in my hands. I cover her tits in short kisses, licking her petit points as my penis grows erect. Her nipples stand to attention, either due to arousal or being cold. I tenderly suck on them, mindful of not using my teeth or sucking too hard.

I stand up and rub the tip of my cock in circles on her left nipple, holding her limp hand by her hip. I eagerly stroke my shaft, feeling her supple breasts in my palm.

I turn her head toward me, running my fingers through her hair as I rub the tricky masseur tip of my dick on her plump lips, her warm breath tickling the head of my cock. I gently open her mouth wide, putting my right hand under her cheek as I slowly put the head of my penis in her mouth. Her tongue feels amazing on my dick as I carefully move my cock around in her mouth, brushing up against her teeth and the inside of her cheek. I stroke my shaft, my head still in her mouth, growing closer and closer to orgasm.

I pull out and move beside her chest, my mushroom glistening with her saliva. I grab her left hand, holding her palm as I suck on her pretty fingers. I wrap her hand around my cock, holding her fingers tight with my left hand while I hold her wrist, slowly moving it back and forth down my shaft, struggling to stop myself from making noise. I squeeze her hand around my shaft, my cock spasming in her warm hand as I ejaculate onto her left tit, the euphoria of orgasm taking my breath away. I go limp in her hand before letting go, placing her arm at her side.

I grab the towel and carefully wipe off her breast, pulling her shirt back down. I passionately kiss her pussy lips before slipping her panties back up, and gently putting the blankets back over her. I grab my pants and put them back on, then I give her a nice kiss on her forehead.

“I love you Kayli,” I whisper in her ear before I leave her room. I throw the towel in the laundry basket and go to bed, smiling as I fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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