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Mon enfant, ma soeur,
Songe à la douceur
D’aller là-bas vivre ensemble !
Aimer à loisir,
Aimer et mourir
Au pays qui te ressemble !
Les soleils mouillés
De ces ciels brouillés
Pour mon esprit ont les charmes
Si mystérieux
De tes traîtres yeux,
Brillant à travers leurs larmes.
Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté.

– From “L’Invitation au Voyage” by Charles Baudelaire

My name is Sandy. As this story begins, I am a twenty-five year old woman who works as an assistant manager at an upscale restaurant/bar in north San Antonio. I was raised by my single mother in a suburb of Dallas. My father divorced her when I was an infant and he moved back to New York. I never had a relationship with him but I did visit him in New York three years ago. He’s actually quite nice and gregarious. He could have been a good father to me but, except for some of his genes and the Italian surname he gave me, I was raised without him and my background is all Texas – urban/suburban Texas, but still Texas. My mother worked hard as a secretary while raising me and my little brother Don, who now is in college at North Texas in Denton (and having way too much fun). My mother still lives in Dallas with her current boyfriend. Even though she never remarried my mom always had a man in her life. There were a fair number of them as I remember but never one that she settled on.

I am told that I am fairly attractive – sometimes described as “cute” or even “pretty,” but not to be confused with “beautiful.” I’m 5’8″, a slim 115 pounds, with a flat chest (32 a -cup). My long well-turned legs are my best feature – I’m sometimes described as “leggy.” I have a round tight ass, if I do say so myself, which men seem to find nice-looking. I work on keeping fit. I have dark brown shoulder-length hair, a very fair complexion and big facial features, sometimes described as “Gallic” – big brown eyes, full mouth and lips, and a nose that is “not dainty.”

I went to college at what is now called Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. I met Jeff, my husband, in Austin at a bar during my college years. He was in law school at the University of Texas. Jeff and I married right after I graduated from college and he from law school. That was four years ago. Jeff was a lot of fun during our early relationship, but since settling into his career our relationship has become strained. At the beginning of the story I relate here, he is an associate at a good law firm in downtown San Antonio.

Jeff works too hard, drinks and eats too much. He can be good looking when tries but he has gotten a little heavy since law school (the result of my good home cooking – not!). He has become very conservative politically (argh! I’m basically a communist) and is increasingly opinionated. Even though we are not churchgoers Jeff’s Baptist upbringing is important to him. He loves spectator sports – Texas Longhorn football, Spurs basketball, and any other sport that can be seen on television. He wants a big traditional house (we’re leasing the house were in at present) and lots of kids. He doesn’t read novels, he doesn’t like to travel, he doesn’t like to dance, and he’s not interested in art or music. A big weekend for Jeff is to go to a Longhorn game, get halfway drunk with his friends before and after the game, and eat at Chili’s. After that, he’ll watch more sports on television. You may be sensing some negativity here. I’m not a deep thinker but I love to read novels (anything from mysteries to classics) and some biographies and poetry. I’m interested in progressive politics. I’m interested in eastern religions – Zen Buddhism and Yoga – and in religions of ‘nature.’ Pantheism appeals to me. I am not a Christian. I love contemporary design and modernism. I hate the huge Victorian, Georgian or Tudor houses that are being built in every city in Texas and elsewhere. I’m not ready for kids of my own. I love visual arts and music (rock n’ roll, jazz, classical, folk). I love to travel even though I don’t get much opportunity. I love to dance. (Men, a secret of success with women – learn to dance.) I don’t care for spectator sports although I enjoy outdoor activities of all kinds including jogging, biking, hiking, camping, and skiing.

My sex life with Jeff has waned as our differences have become more apparent to both of us. Earlier in our relationship we were relatively adventurous in our sex play – spontaneously fucking each other in ‘risky’ places or spending an entire day fucking repeatedly. We just don’t have much in common and as a result our affection for each other has cooled to the point of being lifeless, mundane, and routine. Still, I had been completely faithful to Jeff up until the events I’m going to relate.

This is the story of my sexual awakening. In many ways I believe it is the story of my spiritual awakening as well. It didn’t start gradually with me. It was as if a switch was thrown or like a sudden thunderclap, a thunderclap on a clear, sunny day.

* * * * *

Chapter One: The Embarkation

The sea is awash with roses O they blow
Upon the canlı bahis land
The still hills fill with their scent
O the hills flow on their sweetness
As on God’s hand
O love, it is so little we know of pleasure
Pleasure that lasts as the snow
But the sea is awash with roses O they blow
Upon the land

– “The Sea Is Awash With Roses” by Kenneth Patchen

Over Memorial Day my husband, Jeff, and I joined two other couples at a beach house, near Corpus Christi for the long weekend. I had rented the house from an ad in the paper and it was just what I wanted – a somewhat tattered but serviceable house right on the beach with a bottom floor consisting of a dank concrete sleeping porch, laundry room and carport and a second story consisting of a small kitchen, three bedrooms, one bath with a feeble shower, and a living room with a screened and covered deck overlooking the sand and waves. It had ancient window air conditioners that helped cool the bedrooms for sleeping. During the day, the large ceiling fans in the main room and above the deck kept the air moving. Actually, with the breeze from the ocean and with the windows open and with minimal clothing it was quite comfortable even in the middle of the day. The owners had put up some tacky beach-themed decorations – netting and fake seaweed on the walls. There were a few decrepit appliances in the kitchen and, in the main room, a black and white television with rabbit ears wrapped in aluminum foil. A moldy collection of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books was tumbled on the bookshelf, along with old shells, driftwood, and cutesy bric-a-brac covered in dust. On the exterior, dirt-daubers’ mud nests decorated the eaves and the old paneling was beginning to shed its latest coat of whitewash. On one side of the house there was an outdoor cold shower with grimy bars of soap and half-empty bottles of shampoo strewn about. Jeff promptly declared it to be a ‘dump.’ I love the beach, the majesty of the ocean and the huge sky just feeds my soul. I didn’t want the luxury of an antiseptic condo separating me from the sand and wind and water. I thought we could tolerate, even enjoy, a little funk.

After arriving late Friday night and stumbling to bed in the unfamiliar house we got up early on Saturday morning and bought some fresh shrimp right off the boat at the nearby dock. I started cleaning them and one of the guys, Tom, Jeff’s best friend, began helping me. The others went out on the deck and drank Bloody Marys. Tom was a pleasant guy. He was in marketing for an oil and gas company. He and Jeff had been friends even before they went to college together. Tom was well-mannered and quiet – not shy – but rather, self-absorbed. I’d never known him to engage in any kind of philosophical, political or literary discussion. He seemed to be totally concerned with his appearance, his job, his car, his house, and his wife Debbie, in that order.

I had been around Tom a lot of times before and had never felt any desire for him sexually, but as I worked shucking and de-veining the shrimp I became increasingly conscious of his physical presence next to me. He was bare-chested and only wearing swim trunks. I was feeling cute and sexy in my yellow two-piece swimsuit and I was in a ‘party mood’ – upbeat about the holiday ahead of us. The earthy nature of cleaning the shrimp and the funky ambience of the beach house combined with my physical proximity to a tall, tanned, handsome guy with a hairy chest and a flat tummy, dressed only in a swimsuit, was arousing to me. We glanced at each other a couple of times as we engaged in chit chat – jobs, houses, gossip about mutual friends. I noticed him checking out my body in my swimsuit and this pleased me. I looked at him again and in a conscious flirting gesture let my gaze linger; he met my look and I smiled and crinkled my eyes at him. Tom, sensing his opportunity expertly, dropped the shrimp he was handling, and, to my astonishment, bent towards me, and kissed me with an open mouth as he put his hands on my little breasts. In spite of my surprise at his sudden move, I kissed him back, lolling my tongue against his for several seconds while I ran my hands through his short reddish brown hair. Then, almost without thinking, my right hand covered the bulge in the front of his swimsuit. I could feel his hard cock. I squeezed it and slipped my hand into his swim trunks and tightened my fingers around his dick. It felt warm and eager. With the other hand I pulled the trunks down enough to reveal his cock in my hand. I began stroking his dick slow and hard while he kissed my face and chest. As we engaged in this play I realized how much I had been missing the intimacy and happiness of sex recently. Jeff and I had settled into a very ‘sexless’ relationship that was robbing me of one of the great joys of life. I determined to regain some of that pleasure.

“Watch the others,” I said motioning towards the deck with my head. He nodded. A small window on the side of the kitchen looked out on the deck. The group on the deck was sitting several yards away from the window and at an angle to it. We could see them through bahis siteleri the dirty panes of glass but viewing into the relatively dark house from the sunlit deck from that distance and angle was virtually impossible.

Even though I was literally quivering in shock at my own actions, I knelt down and pulled Tom’s trunks to his ankles. I let my eyes fixate on his long dick and took it in my hand. His hard dick was at least seven inches long and an inch and a half across. The head was purplish-red when excited and the rim, where the foreskin had been removed, was enticingly gnarly and irregular. A thick blue vein snaked up the shaft. Not a pretty cock but its size and rugged look beckoned to me. Focusing on his dick rather then on me calmed my nerves. His cock was throbbing noticeably and his excitement made his dick even more inviting. My mouth was actually watering in expectation. I kissed the shaft and licked his balls dangling in his large baggy scrotum. I pulled the skin back taut on his shaft so that the head was fully exposed and prominent. I opened my mouth wider, extended my tongue and inclined forward positioning the head of his dick on my tongue. He put his hands on the top of my head. I pushed my head forward a little more letting his dick glide further into my mouth. I closed my lips and began to suck. I rocked my head forward and back so my lips moved to the base of his dick and then up to the head, increasing the suction as I went. He gripped a knot of my hair in one hand and pulled my face into his body while he propelled his hips forward. The yanking of my hair hurt but I liked feeling his grip on me. The yanking and thrusting caused his cock to go deeper than I intended to take him. I gagged, but his assertion of control excited me. He relaxed his grip and I began energetically going back and forth on him taking his dick as deep as I could each time. As I continued bobbing my head back and forth on his stiff cock a feeling of joy, of living life to its fullest, spread over me. It dawned on me that I had already made another fateful decision; I was going to swallow his load, something I had never done before. I don’t recall making the decision, but the recognition that swallowing was my intention made my face flush hotly. I grabbed his ass and forced his cock again deep into my throat. This time there was no gag. I pulled back allowing my lips to come all the way back to the head of his cock. I could feel and taste the first ooze of his sperm. This agitated me even more. My desire for his cum astonished me as I had never wanted a man’s cum in my mouth before. I was elated by the salty, fresh taste of it. I sucked hard again with my lips just part way down the shaft. His body shook and I felt a strong pulse in his dick. He exploded his ejaculate in a quick burst that hit against the roof of my mouth and settled on my tongue. I pulled back from his dick holding it in my hand while I dealt with his large wad of sperm in my mouth. I looked at him – he had a glazed look of contentment. His cum was warm and creamy, almost comforting, in my mouth. I swallowed the load in a large gulp and focused again on his dick from which his sperm was still slowly welling and dripping. I licked the head with the full length of my tongue and received another measure of cum – warm, salty, fresh and nasty. I gulped this down too.

“Watch out,” he said looking out at the deck. I understood and jumped up wiping my lips with my hand while he pulled up his bathing suit. I turned to the sink and grabbed a couple of shrimp. My husband walked in.

“I need another drink,” Jeff said as he casually walked by us.

“I need one too,” I said, “This makes me thirsty.” Tom smirked. Jeff made me a drink and joined us at the sink to help us finish cleaning the shrimp, never noticing the drops of milky fluid on my thighs, hands, and on the floor.

I was in a daze over the blowjob I had given Tom. I felt a euphoric sense of well-being. It was totally outside my experience and I was having a hard time understanding why I had done it. I had never swallowed semen before, although, I had sucked dick a few times. When I was in college I had received a man’s semen in my mouth on two occasions but spit it out both times. I had never sucked off Jeff, although, I had stimulated him with my mouth on occasion. I was overjoyed with the satisfaction the blowjob had given me and how exciting it had been. How fun it had been to suck Tom’s cock and how much I had enjoyed his semen! I regretted that we had no time to linger after and savor the moment together. It would have been pleasant to bask in his happiness for a while after he had cum in my mouth. The interruption of Jeff coming into the kitchen had made that impossible and now, having snapped back so quickly into our normal roles, acting like it never happened, made the blowjob seem like something I had just thought up, a fantasy. However, sitting on the deck next to my husband I could feel the effect of Tom’s sperm in my belly and the sensation was delicious. I imagined thousands of his little sperm swimming in my belly. I slowly sipped the Bloody Mary Jeff had made for me bahis şirketleri letting it dissipate the strong taste of semen that his best friend had left in my mouth. I never expected to be so delighted at cheating on Jeff, and having done it by sucking off another man right under his nose, his best friend at that, made it all the more wicked and enjoyable. When Tom’s wife, Debbie, brought around the cooked shrimp I complained that I wasn’t hungry. Debbie asked if my stomach was upset.

“Yes, I must have eaten something that I shouldn’t have.” Tom smirked again and looked down at the ground. I appreciated the mild nausea I felt as a continuing reminder that I was a vessel for his sperm.

We spent the rest of the day sunbathing, occasionally cooling off in the surf, eating shrimp, drinking Bloody Marys, margaritas and beer, smoking a little pot I had brought and generally relaxing. I kept trying to read but found my thoughts drifting off into idylls of cock-sucking. Musing on the blowjob, I began to realize that my frustrations with Jeff and the lack of sufficient sexual activity in our relationship were pushing me to seek physical satisfaction elsewhere. No real surprise there, but, beyond that, my sense that I had wasted precious time with the unexciting relationship with Jeff and that I was missing out on experiencing the full measure of joy that intense sexual contact can bring was encouraging me to be more adventurous in my sexual practices. It was time to see what the world offered in carnal delights.

Tom and I avoided any flirting around the others so as not to arouse suspicions. In the evening the whole group had dinner and then more drinks and pot on the deck. By 10 pm Jeff was soused – nodding in his chair. Debbie and the other couple – Javier and Gloria were sleepy too. I put Jeff to bed and announced quietly to the others that I was going to take a walk on the beach. Tom and Debbie went to their room as did Javier and Gloria. When Debbie wasn’t looking Tom gave me a long look and motioned with his finger towards the floor. I wasn’t sure what he meant. I went out of the house and strolled to the beach, hoping that Tom would join me. But after fifteen minutes of walking around I was still by myself so I headed back. Tom was waiting for me in the carport.

“Hey you, come here,” he said. I went to him and put my hands on his waist. He put his hands on my tits. We kissed and slowly hunched each other, grinding ourselves together with increasing intensity. I could tell that he had a fine hard-on.

“Won’t Debbie be looking for you?”

“She’s out, don’t worry about her.” He stepped back slightly and his hand went down the front of my swimsuit bottom and he began rubbing my pussy.

“I’ve never sucked off a guy like I did you today,” I said, I wanted him to acknowledge how extraordinary my actions had been and perhaps tell me what a good blowjob I had given him.

“Really?” He said distractedly – he was preoccupied with my pussy and my blowjob was just one of many in his memory bank by now.

“I’d never swallowed cum before.”

“Oh, well, glad I was there for the first,” he chuckled lamely. He slipped one finger and then a second inside me. I was already moist from excitement. “You’re neatly trimmed I see.”

“Just for your pleasure,” I said, giving up on my efforts to extract a compliment from him.

He smiled and gently grabbed my suit bottom with his other hand and pulled it down my legs. I lifted one leg and then the other to allow him to remove it altogether. I pulled his trunks down kneeling to the ground as I went. I stared at his rising dick and took it in my hand. I sucked the head of it gently slipping my moistened lips over the rim of the head several times and then I stood up holding his stiffening cock against me. I moved my legs apart and pulled his cock towards my drippy wet pussy. He moved towards me squatting just a bit to get his dick at a good angle to me. The head of his dick penetrated my labia and I felt him lifting me from the waist with his strong arms as he moved underneath me and stood erect. Pinning me against the wall of the carport with the pressure from his body against mine, he let me down so my pussy enveloped his stiff long dick. I let out a low moan as I settled on his cock and he began to pump me with his rocking thighs.

My head was bumping audibly against the wall as we fucked. I wondered if anyone upstairs could hear the bumping over the grinding noise of the old window units. Not likely. Tom was very deep in me. His dick was longer than Jeff’s. I clung to his shoulders while he repeatedly slammed his pelvis hard against my pussy, his dick reaching deeper in me than Jeff had ever been. He continued pumping me hard for several satisfying minutes – his body swaying when he thrust into me so that his cock moved around in my pussy exciting my clitoris. I began to cum. High pitched little moans and squeaks escaped from me with every thrust. I tried to keep them from getting too loud but I couldn’t stifle them altogether. I dug my nails into the back of his shoulders. He let out a deep growl and I felt his thighs quiver. I knew he had shot his wad in me and I shook with the final spasm of my own orgasm. We had achieved well timed mutual fulfillment. He let me down and we leaned against each other, happily exhausted from fucking hard.

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