Sonja takes me to a Black Club…

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Sonja takes me to a Black Club…Friday evening, I was home alone and my slutty girlfriend Sonja invited me to join her and go to a dance club. She told me that I would have a wonderful time. My hubby had flown away from town for few days and I was feeling very lonely; so I really needed to get laid. It did not matter with whom; I just wanted a nice hard cock just for me to fuck…Sonja did not tell me we would go to a club where mostly black men hung out. I decided to wear a sexy mini skirt with a white satin blouse. No bra, but a very tiny black thong to cover my shaven mound and I completed my outfit with a pair of sexy stilettos…The skirt was really very short, with a slit down one side.Once we got there, Sonja told me that most black men there were pretty hung and, if I was lucky enough, I could find one for tonight.I then felt that I was in the mood for black cock that night…We went in and found the place was full with many people dancing. The music was loud and was pretty good.Sonja and I went directly to the bar and got some drinks.Before I would even know, I had taken too many margarita shots…I was feeling kadıköy escort really good and sensed my pussy was getting very wet thinking about what might happen there, with so many black men around.Soon, a huge black guy moved over us and he invited me to dance. He was pretty handsome and muscled; so I accepted his invite.He grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. The first song we danced finished and next one was a slow one. The black man held me tight against his crotch, putting his both hands on my firm buttocks. He pulled me tight and I could feel his growing cock as I was grinding my hips on him. I got even wetter, thinking he would take me any place to get laid; but he instead led me to his table and introduced me to his friends.They were two huge black guys as my dancing partner. I sat down with them and had a very nice moment, sipping some other margaritas. My first dance friend was called Big John. He was sitting close to me and soon I felt his huge hand over my thigh.He started rubbing my bare üsküdar escort skin and I spread my thighs wider, so he could touch me as he pleased. His hand then moved up to my thong and his fingers began rubbing my mound through my thong.I let him do it, as I stared at his eyes. He smiled and grabbed my hand, to put it on his hard cock. I began rubbing it through his loose trousers and I gasped as I felt that it was really a very huge thing.Big John hissed in my ear that he could take his cock out if I wanted to. And I really wanted to. So I unzipped his fly and grabbed that tremendous piece of hard shaft between my long fingers.I felt really aroused when I felt that veiny hard dick in my little hand.I pulled his cock out and slowly jacked him off. He had pre cum on the tip and I picked it up with a finger and sucked it in my mouth.Big John looked even hornier than me. He pulled me close to him and made me on my knees under the table I took the thick cockhead into my wet mouth and slowly began to suck on it. I sucked him hard as I stroked that hard rod with tuzla escort one hand.His cock soon started swelling and he filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed it as I could and I milked his cock as he finished. One of his friends pulled me over and he had his cock ready for me. I took this new cockhead into my mouth and began sucking on.He came in my mouth and I moved to the third guy, to give him same oral treatment.As I tasted cum from the three guys in my mouth, I sat back in my chair and told all of them that I needed to be properly fucked. Big John then led me to the men’s room and he pushed me into a stall there. He pulled my tiny thong down to my knees and made me bend over the toilet seat. He pushed his hard cock in my wet cunt and began fucking me very slowly, with long strokes. The second guy suddenly came into the stall with us and I sucked his hard dick.A while later, the third guy also joined us.I came several times, as they all took turns fucking my pussy and mouth. A couple hours later, I finally met Sonja again. She looked at me and knew I had been truly fucked by some black cocks. I asked about her and she giggled, saying her tight ass was sore now, after letting a couple guys use and abuse if her rear…We laughed and enjoyed some more margaritas before leaving.Next day I felt my cunt a bit sore, since it had been stretched out to the limits.But I had still another couple days to heal before my beloved hubby would come back home and fuck me as I deserved…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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